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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 25, 2020 7:45pm-8:00pm GMT

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i think he will be remembered as the first grand prix driver who has been willing to stand up and speak about matters outside motor racing. thousands were they are to watch hamilton win. only one of them really mattered. now the top of the world. it all began with just him and his dad. joe wilson, bbc news. he took his first race win in canada back in 2007, he's come along way since then. and when you consider the driver's he stands above on this list. and at 35, he's promising there's more to come. ifeel like i'm still going up, so, yeah. i never thought i would but i am and i hope that that continues to hopefully show people that no matter what people say to you, just keep believing, keep pushing and stay focused, don't let up.
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someone who didn't let up from the beginning until the end, cyclist tao geoghegan hart. he started the giro d'italia as a support rider for team leader geraint thomas. he ends as champion, just the second british rider to win the race. it was set up to be a dramatic final day with the british rider tied for the lead heading into the final stage, today's times trial, as drew savage reports. british cycling's latest golden boy. he started the giro three weeks ago as a team—mate for geraint thomas, not even thinking about lifting the trophy. tao geoghegan hart's reward for three weeks of hard riding, but what finished in milan today, started on the mall in london in 2010 when dave brailsford launched a british road cycling team built around olympic track stars like bradley wiggins. a 14—year—old geoghegan hart bunked off school to ride with them. ten years later, what was team sky is now the ineos grenadiers and geoghegan hart was starting the 21st and final stage of italy's grand tour in second place.
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he just needed to beat australia's jai hindley, the man in the leader's pinkjersey, in a final ten—mile time trial. the 25—year—old from east london had stepped up after his team leader geraint thomas crashed out on stage 3, racing his way into contetion, picking up two stage wins and here he was, outpacing the man in the maglia rosa tojoin wiggins, thomas, chris froome and simon yates in the history books — the five british riders who've won cycling's grand tours. so, how does it feel? yeah, not in my wildest dreams did i imagine that this would be possible when we started almost a month ago in sicily. ten years and thousands of miles of hard work have paid off — geoghegan hart has earned his place next to sir dave brailsford. the latest chapter of british cycling success. drew savage, bbc news.
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tao geoghegan hart has earned his success. and after that success, i spoke to tao geoghegan hart a few moments ago. it's been an incredible three weeks here with the team. started down in sicily 21 days ago and here we are 110w sicily 21 days ago and here we are now in milan. what a year to spin and to finish like this is unbelievable and quite unexpected. and to finish like this is unbelievable and quite unexpectedlj can imagine because as we know, you came into the team as a support ride for the right, is this year. obviously, with his crash, it opened the door. what point in the race did you start to believe you mightjust win it? probably about 3.5 minutes after i finished today, when i definitely knew i had one. we knew we we re definitely knew i had one. we knew we were in with a sniff today, it
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was a good individual time trials are made. and we came in on the same time as jaya hendley. that's why so many fans of the sport across the world. my smackjust many fans of the sport across the world. my smack just the second british man to win this race and only five british men have won the grand tour. can you believe you've put your names in record books? not at all. i don't know if this will sink in but it certainly hasn't yet. ijust sink in but it certainly hasn't yet. i just feel honoured sink in but it certainly hasn't yet. ijust feel honoured to be here with this team and incredibly privileged to be in this position with the support of these people and to race my bike for a living is a dream come true, so i am enjoying every moment of it and enjoying today especially. ican imagine. of it and enjoying today especially. i can imagine. it must be great to be part of such a well established
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tea m be part of such a well established team and we know about the catalogue of great riders that they have there. we know it was formally team sky and there has been some great talk, talk us through this, because a p pa re ntly talk, talk us through this, because apparently back in 2010, when of course team sky were established, we have been hearing a story about how you skipped school back then so that you skipped school back then so that you could join some of those riders on that day. is that how the story goes? yes, the team, like you say, was launched, it was freezing cold january morning and we were in central london and there was a competition to ride with the team andi competition to ride with the team and i was 14—year—olds kids who just got into cycling and was working part—time at condor cycles in central london, learning about the sport as much as i could and i jumped at the opportunity to miss my maths lesson and go and ride with the team and here we are in a decade later, i've been on the team a few
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yea rs later, i've been on the team a few years now which has been a dream come true and i love myjob, i love waking up every day, riding my bike, exploring the outdoors and trying to inspire people on the way. so it was incredible to win this and i'm grateful to everyone for the support. that was tao geoghegan hart speaking to me a few moments ago and i think we'll be seeing and hearing plenty more of him over the coming days and months. and there's been more for ineos grenadiers to celebrate over in spain at the vuelta a espana where richard carapaz has taken the overall lead. spain's yon iza—girre won stage 6, but further back carapaz managed spain's ion izagirre won stage 6, but further back carapaz managed to get away from defending champion primoz roglic who'd lead the race from the beginning. carapaz now has an eight second lead over britain's hugh carthy. in the premier league, there was a first league defeat of the season for everton. manager carlo ancelotti questioning
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the integrity of the officials after defender lucas digne was sent off as southampton ran out 2—0 winners. how to explain a season so far of sometime puzzling scorelines? the reasons for everton's brilliant start are simple to distinguish. dominic calvert—lewin is one of england's in—form strikers, and james rodrigues the driving force in midfield behind him. but james ward—prowse highlighted with ease theirjust as obvious shotcomings at the back. jordan pickford's decision—making in the everton goal has been in the spotlight recently, but there was little he could do about southampton's second from che adams. deflection rather than power getting the better of him this time. aspirations of a comeback for the visitors were over when they were reduced to ten men. referee kevin friend judging this from lucas digne on kyle walker—peters a straight red. so everton's unbeaten start to the season is at an end, with their influential forward barely touching the ball all match. the explanation for this scoreline, then, perhaps easier to pinpoint.
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maz farookhi, bbc news. and manager carlo ancellotti called that red card a joke and suggested the officials were making amends for not sending offjordan pickford in the merseyside derby last weekend. that's a red card was a joke, i think that, i don't know why, i don't know why. maybe the fact that there were a lot of talk about pickford, richarlison, i guess liverpool affected the decision because i think everyone knows that it was not a red card. but we are going to appeal. i think to lose a player like lucas digne for this for three games is not fair. in the second game of the day in the premier league newcastle rescued a late point, drawing 1—1 with wolves. after a largely forgettable first half, rauljimenez put wolves ahead with a terrific strike. thats his second in
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consecutive matches. it looked like that would be the winner until with two minutes remaining jacob murphy sneaked in a free kick for an equaliser. arsenal and leicester are the late game. kicked off at quarter past seven. the latest from the emirates, it is goalless at the moment. there was huge drama in the scottish premiership as champions celtic were held to a 3—3 draw at aberdeen. a penalty in injury time securing a point for the home side. as adam wild reports. planning and plotting at pittodrie, celtic desperate to avoid a third consecutive defeat. and whilst they dominated early, it was aberdeen who led at half—time. lewis ferguson with a penalty. neil lennon's side struggling to see the bright side. still, the chances would inevitably come. a terrific run from callum mcgregor, a super finish and celtic deservedly level. but it's at the back where the champions appear
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uncharacteristically fragile. shane duffy's error gave the dons another chance, eventually bundled in by ryan hedges. time for reinforcements, leigh griffiths summoned from the bench and within moments, he had another equaliser, another excellent celtic goal. the game looked or turned decisively when just two minutes later, ryan christie put celtic ahead for the first time. with seconds of the games to go, a careless celtic foot and yet another penalty, lewis ferguson making it 3—3. the sides meet again in the cup next week. if there's half the drama, there'll be plenty to look to. adam wild, bbc news. rangers have extended their lead at the top to six points with victory over livingstone this afternoon. jermain defoe with one of their goals in a 2—0 win. scotland staged a remarkable fightback to salvage a draw against france in the women's six nations. a result which hands england the championship with one round of matches still to play. they were 13—3 down at one stage before this late try from rachael shankland helped them
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to a draw. france needed a win to take the title to the final weekend, england now six points clear and cant be caught ehading into their final match with italy next sunday. we started with british success and we're ending with some as well. never to be outdone, ben stokes was back to his brilliant best in the indian premier league. the england all—rounder made a superb unbeaten century, as his side — the rajasthan royals — beat the mumbai indians in abu dhabi. his team matejofra archer also picked up two wickets. the tournament is being held in the uae this year due to the high number of coronavirus cases in india. great date for the brits all round. lewis hamilton of course setting the new record and tao geoghegan hart winning. that is all on this edition of sports day. goodbye.
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hello. yesterday's heavy and persistent rain was replaced by a mix of sunshine and showers today. pretty wet weekend overall and it stays very unsettled through the coming week. there will be some brisk winds, more heavy rains at time. the risk of some localised flooding, but it should turn milder later in the week. through this evening and tonight, plenty more showers, especially in the west, there could be some flashes of lightning, rumbles of thunder, not 3s many showers across eastern areas, that's where we will have the lowest temperatures, a few spots down to two or three degrees. tomorrow, another day of sunshine and showers, some of the showers again will be heavy, some of the will shift eastward so. further west, northern ireland, wales, if you showers through the afternoon and some spells of sunshine. windy in the south, the wind is easing across scotland, temperatures
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between ten and 1a degrees. we will see heavy rain pushing eastwards during tuesday, is in blustery showers on wednesday, but it will turn milder for the end of the week.
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this is bbc news. the headlines at 8pm... a special forces team is now involved in an ongoing incident aboard a tanker near the coast of the isle of wight. more pressure on the government, as thousands of doctors back the footballer marcus rashford's campaign for free school meals during the school holidays. after a public backlash, the welsh government says it will review its ban on supermarkets selling non—essential items during the country's two week lockdown. spain's government announces a new state of emergency as it tackles the virus — a national curfew from from 11pm until 6 in the morning is due to come in from sunday.


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