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this is bbc news with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. donald trump and joe biden campaign in the midwest — where polls suggest several us states could still go either way. i'm live in the battleground state of wisconsin where joe biden is due to arrive any minute now. asa number of as a number of coronavirus surpasses millions in the us we have a special report which has been devastated by the pandemic. it was a hard time for me. knowing that those
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people were laying there and they're here because of covid. it was heartbreaking. experts warn coronavirus is spreading significantly faster through england and even the governments own worst case scenario. a powerful earthquake hits turkey and greece — the devastation leaves at least 17 dead and hundreds injured. it's a race to find survivors — as rescue teams work through the night. tributes and needs for the victims of the terror attack. the country is at war with islamist ideology. hello and welcome to bbc news.
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we're heading into the final weekend of campaigning in the us presidential election. both candidates are in the midwest which is being seen as the decisive battle ground — it has a lower rate of early voting than the us national average — meaning more votes are still up for grabs. let's take a quick look at the latest polls which put joe biden nine points ahead of donald trump. but that's based on national polling and it's the results in key swing states that will decide the result. the coronavirus pandemic is at the forefront of this election. in the last few hours the us has surpassed nine million cases. at each rally, both trump and biden have been taking swipes at each other over their strategies. joe biden is promising a long, dark, painful winter.
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did anyone see the debate by any chance? no, he said long, dark, winter. that's great. that's wonderful. that's just what our country needs is a long dark winter and a leader that talks about it. meanwhile, joe biden accused president trump of giving up n controlling the pandemic. the debate last week with donald trump, he said we are rounding the corner. it is going away. and all he could say was we are learning to live with it. i remember, itold him, we are not learning to live with that we are learning to have to die with it because of you! donald trump has waved the white flag. he surrendered to this virus. our north america editorjon sopel is in washington with more on how this election is looking across the us. everyone is now kind of it's groundhog day deja vu all over again.
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these are the there stump speeches these are their attacks they were making day in, day out. i think you've got to stand back from the noise and what they are given their supporters some of which will feed through to cable television. and the broader picture that is happening. donald trump had some very good economic news yesterday with the growth figures, he would love to be concentrating on the economy. that said, the dowjones has just closed and it's had its worst week since march. the president follows the rise and fall of the dowjones the markets very closely. he sees that as a barometer of us economic health. and the fact that you've got the worst week since march, and you've also got terrible coronavirus figures, i don't think that's what he would have scripted ideally going into the final few days of this election. so once they're done with the midwest, what next on the agenda for both gentlemen? they are going to be
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going to the same states that they all go to. they are going to be in the midwest, which is where donald trump push through to victory or years ago in wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania. but the map is wider than that. they will be in arizona, florida, north carolina, possibly iowa as well. these are the states that they think are up for grabs come next tuesday. so you're just going to see a repeat, hitting those same targets again and again. a lot of people are saying, don't write president trump off yet. no matter what the polls are telling us, is that the general feeling there in the united states? the polls give you some indication of what is going on. but polls can be wrong as we know. in the polls can be wrong that donald trump wins on tuesday,
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the polls could be wrong in the opposite direction and it could be a very big joe biden victory. we simply don't know at this stage. there's been a huge amount of early voting, the one prediction i would make is that turn up will be up both donald trump and joe biden have been there and at thejoe biden campaign event and it's actually been a record turnout of voting across the united states. i had a polling day. what is a situation like exactly what you are? here in wisconsin it's the state that third worst affected in the whole country when it comes to coronavirus. it had thousands of cases on a daily basis in the past week. hospitalizations are going up as our deaths. they've even opened up a field hospital because of the spill over from the actual hospital. the situation here in terms of
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coronavirus is incredibly bad. people are concerned. we are seeing more mask wearing that we thought inside restaurants, cafes. it's mandated by the state and the state governor. perhaps that's one of the reasons why there is low voter turnout. certainly both sides of the campaigns will tell you that they've been speaking to voters, when we speak to the democratic side they say that they've been here a sense 2017 campaigning. and they've got a huge budget here or the campaign. of course that was sort of pushed back when the pandemic started. the republicans having not been more active in terms of door—to—door knocking. we've heard from the republican campaign that 2.3 million dollars was stolen from their campaign budget through hackers. some kind of manipulation with invoices. there aren't really accurate
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reasons as to why people aren't voting and turning out as much as the rest of the state. as you say, the rest of the country. its record turnout across the rest of the united states was up 85 million people. here in wisconsin 1.5 million people have either voted by mailing or early voting. and we are expecting as the campaigning continues to see former president barack 0bama as well besidejoe biden. when is not likely to take place? there is only four days left until the end of this campaign. and they are crisscrossing the midwest. we are still getting details of when barack 0bama mayjoinjoe biden. certainly he is going to be here tonight. he's arriving any minute now. we are just outside the airport now and he is... i'm just here for my team that he has already arrived. he's going to be inside the
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hangar behind me. we are seeing supporters ofjoe biden and kamala harris outside of theirs hangar and airport. there are alsojump hangar and airport. there are also jump supporters here. hangar and airport. there are alsojump supporters here. far more trump supporters than the joe biden supporters. they are at the moment crisscrossing the midwest which is actually crucial. we are also hearing that president trump will be back here in wisconsin on monday. there really is a desperate push in these last days. you will be watching events for us. thank you very much. in the uk, coronavirus is now spreading faster through england than the government's own worst case scenario. that's according to a report by the scientific advisory group for emergencies, or sage, which says there are around four times as many people catching covid19 than it was prepared for. 0ur health editor hugh pym reports. tracking the virus. mr palmer, it's rachel. hello, rachel! testing of more than 150,000
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people with and without symptoms gives the office for national statistics a feel for how widespread the virus is in local communities and the data from the most recent week's survey suggests it's still increasing. the uk's national statistician gave me his assessment of where things now stand with covid—19. i've got to be fairly gloomy and i do believe that we are continuing to increase. i think we need to be absolutely tireless in everybody across the country following the rules, because if not, then i fear that the virus is going to exponentially increase. the 0ns estimates how many people in the community had the virus in the period leading up to october 23. the most — relative to the local population — were in northern ireland, the least in scotland, but there were big variations
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in england, with many more in the north—west relative to the population than in the south—east of england. the 0ns did say that in the north—east of england, there was evidence of a slow down and slight reduction in case numbers and a bigger gap with the north west and yorkshire and the humber region. but officials say overall, things are going in the wrong direction, and minutes of meetings of the government's sage advisory committee reveal a pessimistic mood. a paper on 0ctober14 from a group tracking the spread of the virus says that in england, the number of daily deaths is now in line with the levels in the reasonable worst—case and is almost certain to exceed this within the next two weeks. that worst—case scenario is 85,000 covid deaths over the winter, though officials say government interventions can reduce that. policymakers around the uk are under increasing pressure to come up with a plan to allow families to meet at christmas, and the first minister in wales
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had a message for downing street. we need to share that information, we need to share ideas and, wherever we can, particularly around that christmas period, i would like to see as common an approach as we can craft together while recognising that the state of the virus and the response that's being made does differ from one part of the uk to another. in parts of scotland, face coverings will be required for teachers and older pupils in classrooms from monday, described by ministers as strengthened guidance produced in the light of updated health and scientific advice. in various newspapers are reporting that england could be entering a national lockdown is well as wednesday. what exactly do we know, paul? the time, the
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mail, express all reporting from tomorrow that boris johnson will announce a national lockdown in england from wednesday. he's going to hold a press conference on monday and effectively the uk, its approach to coronavirus at a regional at the moment it's going to follow france and germany and go into a full national lockdown from wednesday for top the only difference with this lockdown compared to the one earlier in the air is that educational settings things like universities, schools, nurseries they would stay open. in the papers are reporting that this lockdown could remain in place until the start of december. apparently boris johnson held a meeting with cabinet ministers today. they've been talking about this new nhs data. it shows our hospitals are overwhelmed. jonathan van dam the deputy chief medical officer quoted on thursday morning that coronavirus is out of control.
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eight in the country. although these reports stressing that no final decisions have been made. basically this is in response to those all—importa nt basically this is in response to those all—important figures. yeah, if we look at the rolling seven day average the latest figures show that the number of confirmed cases in the uk, 22,678. you can see from the graph the numbers have been rising across the uk. and especially so in england. we should add for those watching abroad the health just talking about england. his skull and iron look after her health and their own regions was up scientist confidence according to the reports that more than 50,000 new cases of coronavirus now occurring every day in england. dez could potentially hit 500 per day within weeks. and borisjohnson hit 500 per day within weeks. and boris johnson until hit 500 per day within weeks. and borisjohnson until now did have the option for a two week national circuit breaker. scientists were pushing him to
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go for that. a two week national lockdown saying they're that reproduction of they're that reproduction of the virus is so high that really a two week lockdown wouldn't be enough and really the government should go for a month. that's what the papers are reporting for tomorrow. just to emphasise that this is not been confirmed this is a report that is made the national papers indeed, this is what is being reported widely. thank you very much for that. do you stay with us here on bbc news because still to come america's coronavirus killing fields and four days before the us election. we report from arizona's worst hit communities. navajo nation. music indira gandhi, ruler of the world's largest democracy, died today. 0nly yesterday, she'd spoken of dying in the service of her country and said, "i would be proud of it.
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"every drop of my blood will contribute to the "growth of this nation." after 46 years of unhappiness, these two countries have concluded a chapter of history. no more suspicion, no more fear, no more uncertainty of what each day might bring. booster ignition and lift—off of discovery with a crew of six astronaut heroes and one american legend. enjoying the show is right, this is beautiful. a milestone in human history. born today, this girl in india is the 7 billionth person on the planet. this is bbc news, the latest headlines... with four days to go before the us election donald trump and joe biden campaign
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in the us midwest — where polls suggest several states could still go either way. experts could still go either way. warn that coronavirus is experts warn that coronavirus is spreading faster in england than even the governments worst case scenario. rescue teams in the digging through concrete blocks in the darkness looking for survivors of the earthquake that struck in the aegean sea on friday. 20 people have been confirmed dead. and at least 700 injured. amateur video captured the awful power of the quake. this multi—storey building disintegrated into dust.
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0n the streets of izmir, there was fear and panic. shouting i saw people crying, trying to reach out to their loved ones. everyone was shocked and it was a very chaotic moment. about 20 buildings were brought down. the quake was felt as far away as istanbul and athens. turkey is crisscrossed by active fault lines, the danger always lying beneath. rescuers picked their way carefully through the rubble. here, finding a survivor and gently cradling his head. the man was brought out alive, like dozens of others. and, for some, emotional reunions. social distancing swept away by the chaos and the relief.
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izmir bore the brunt of this earthquake that two teenagers died in the greek islands. and in the midst of loss, there's been a rare display of solidarity between two nations that are deeply divided. turkey's president, recep tayyip erdogan, thanked greece for offering its help and said turkey was standing with its neighbour in difficult times. this is a glimpse of one mother's terror today. she sprints to the next room for her only child, an 18—month—old, asleep in his cot. she gets him away to safety. but danger also came surging from the aegean sea, sea levels
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rising because of a mini tsunami and there have been about 100 after—shocks. tonight, the rescue effort is continuing, searching for life under layers of crushed concrete. in turkey, there is grief and shock and the gnawing fear of when the next big one is coming. 0rla guerin, bbc news, istanbul. another man is been arrested during a knife attack and needs in which three people died. two men are thought to have had contact with the 21—year—old tea m contact with the 21—year—old team easy and suspect who was shot by police and remains in hospital. 0ne shot by police and remains in hospital. one of the three victims had lived in france for 30 years. the french government has warned that its citizens across the world are under threat. prosecutors are treating the incident as an act of islamic terrorism. 0ther news now for you tens of thousands of pro—choice demonstrators have taken to the
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streets of the polish capital warsaw for the ninth consecutive day. they are protesting against an impending ban on almost all abortions. police used stun grenades to arrest around a dozen football hooligans who threw fireworks at the protesters. at least nine people are dead after eight landslide in el salvador. heavy rains swept down the slopes of the san salvador volcano burying around 130 homes near the capital. army search and rescue dogs are currently hunting for around 35 people who are still missing. the coronavirus pandemic is the issue that is dominated the us presidential race. america has suffered more dust by far than any other country in the world. and last of his special on the election we look at how covid—19 has devastated long community in the crucial state
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of arizona. and how the virus could decide who wins the white house. decide who wins the white house. in our culture, as a navajo, as a native american, it's something we're not even supposed to do, to deal with death. but dealing with death is michael begay‘s calling, in the worst corner of the worst country for covid—19. with covid patients, we normally don't embalm. we usually just keep them in the body bag. an undertaker, he prepares bodies for burial on the navajo lands of northern arizona. living in the largest of the native american territories, the navajo have suffered more coronavirus deaths per head of population than any of the 50 states of the union.
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many hundreds of people. there was that point when i went into our storage unit and i just saw all those bodies laying there. and i knew two of them. it was a hard time for me, you know, knowing that those people are laying there, people that i've known, and they're here because of covid. it was heartbreaking. navajo nation is one of the poorest parts of america. and mask mandates and curfews were introduced early in the pandemic. but the virus had already taken hold. and with few health care facilities, many were left at covid's mercy. this is tent city in phoenix — thousands homeless, some
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losing theirjobs due to the pandemic and now losing their lives. this pandemic is instant death. meet james wright. he's 62. if you look to your right, they have a big—ass medical centre but when you got covid—19 so bad ain't nothing that can help you, its death, man. social distancing is tough in tent city. # macho, macho man... # it's tough here too at this trump rally. but why? what a crowd! but in this deeply polarised country, wearing or not wearing a face covering has become a political statement. this is chris and his family. but the pandemic is still out there. that didn't worry you, being with all those people yesterday? no. it didn't bother me one bit. do you think it's un—american to be forced to wear a mask? i do. i think it's un—american to force anybody to do something that there's no medical reason if you're not sick.
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individualism versus collective responsibility. it's part of our culture to take care of one another. it's always the natives that are wearing masks. and you see that, and a lot of non—natives are not that diligent, but we as a people are. so, this is really the start of covid. they opened this area here. in navajo nation, they had to build a new cemetery to take all the dead. the presidential election is above all a referendum on donald trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. whoever wins must guide this country out of the darkness to a better shore reachable from here. don't forget i am on twitter.
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hello. by midweek next week, our weather will finally have turned drier and calmer, but for the weekend, it is far from it. and for saturday, storm aiden — as named by the irish weather service for impacts there, but even across the uk — will be very windy and, at times, very wet. here's that area of low pressure passing to the north west of scotland. another will come along on sunday, as it stays windy and there will be more rain. now, saturday begins already with some outbreaks of heavy rain towards the west in particular and, for a time, clearing north across scotland, but then further heavy, even torrential bursts of rain sweep east across the uk with very gusty, squally winds, although for many of us, that will clear to some sunshine. it is in the west where we'll
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see the strongest gusts of wind — 50, 60 miles an hour — but closer to 70 on exposed coasts and hills. but even elsewhere, as this torrential rain moves on through, could well see some gusts of 50—60 mph. it's going to be a mild start to the weekend. many of us see the rain clear to sunshine, but there will be further rain or northern ireland into western scotland in the afternoon. and still very strong winds. parts of western scotland could for a time gust in excess of 70 mph. the winds ease a touch overnight and into sunday morning, as more rain comes on through from the west. now, sunday will be a very windy day. this area of low pressure contains the remnants of what was once hurricane zeta. so, yes, closer to that, we'll see the strongest winds, but all parts will have another windy day. and after some early rain clears through, some will brighten up in scotland and northern ireland. further outbreaks of rain in england and wales. some of that mayjust push for the north as we go on through the day. those winds still very gusty, particularly in northwest scotland.
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the chance of seeing some gusts above 70 mph for a time, and sunday is still looking mild. now, it does turn colder next week, but that's part and parcel of a significant change in the weather. still some rain or showers around to start the week, still quite windy. but from midweek, it's drier, it's calmer, yes, it's colder, and there could be frost and fog overnight. but for the weekend, a focus on very wet and windy weather. if there are some problems because of the weather, bbc local radio can keep you updated, and do check out the latest met office weather warnings online.
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this is bbc news. the headlines: with just four days until the us election, donald trump and joe biden are both campaigning in the midwest — a decisive battle ground which has a lower rate of early voting than the us national average, meaning more votes are still upforgrabs. scientific experts are warning that coronavirus is spreading "significantly" faster through england, than even the government's own "worst case" scenario. various british newspapers are reporting england could be entering a national lockdown as early as wednesday, but as yet, it hasn't been confirmed. at least 20 people have been killed by a major earthquake that has hit turkey and greece. rescue teams are searching for survivors in the turkish city of izmir, where at least 20 buildings collapsed. the magnitude seven earthquake also caused damage on the nearby greek island of samos.


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