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tv   Click  BBC News  October 31, 2020 12:30pm-1:01pm GMT

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he found it a bit of a nightmare. he was body—building at a mr universe contest which led to early acting work, but it was far from overnight success. work, but it was far from overnight success. he had manyjobs, milkman, lifeguard, model, coffin polisher. one of his first film roles was in a disney musical. i love the ground she walked upon... my darling irish girl. and while he made powerful films such as the hill during his bond years, he was glad to move on from 007. there were successes. we have been all over india, her cities, jungles and jails. and we have decided she isn't big enough. but bond cast a long shadow. the 80s saw a revival of his box office power. he won an oscar for the untouchables. he pulls a knife, you
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pull a gun. he sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. that is the way. the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. that is the waylj suddenly remembered my charlemagne. the birds in the sky... indiana jones the hunt for red october, he was a true hollywood star with a home in spain, and i high—profile supporter of the snp. tell me, mr trench, do you play any other games? and while he proved there were roles after bond, it is the one which made him a star, and the one against others would have to be measured. my name is pudsey galore. sean connery, the formerjames bond actor who began and defined the role, has very sadly died aged 90. we will bring you much more on his life and
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amazing career in the coming hours. first, click. halloween is here and this week, we have robotic tricks... ..sailing treats... ..eerie earbuds... ..and... ..a presidential election! welcome to click. i hope you're ok. listen, halloween might not be happening outdoors this year, but i tell you what — it's certainly happening indoors here, at least. let's cross to lara's haunted house and see what horrors await.
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wow, you've got lots of halloween there! yeah. turns out i do. do you think i've overdone it slightly? oh, no, i love it! you have gone stylishly minimalist as always, i see. yeah, all i could find was this skeleton in my closet. i don't really have anything else to decorate the house with. do you know, i've never been trick—or—treating. have you not? well, look, many of us won't be trick—or—treating this year but there are some people who try to make it as safe as possible for the kids who do pass by. trick—or—treat! this is luke key from austin, texas and he's out to save halloween. he's been finding ways to dispense sweets from a distance. he's experimented with dropping them from a drone and even firing them from an air cannon. but i think his star creation is this, artie the robot. after eight years of tinkering, its latest skill is distributing socially distant sweets.
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it runs on arduino microcomputers, weighs in at about 140 kilograms, and has been shrunk down to avoid scaring the kids. goodbye, guys. just readjusting the lighting to something more sensible because straight after halloween, there is another american horror story. never mind who wins, the run—up to the us presidential elections has been a political nightmare for many. two candidates yelling at each other, misinformation completely clouding the very real issues that the country is having to deal with, and of course the debate over whether masks are too scary to wear. now, for a long time there have been attempts to try and engage younger voters and also to make voting more accessible for people with disabilities. in the us, a few states have been running small trials to see
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whether technology can play a part, and james clayton has been to one of those states to see it in action. america is about to hold an election that feels like a crossroads for the country and already, tens of millions of people have already voted either by postal voting or voting early in places like this. but is there a simpler or technologically advanced way of voting? you can do your banking, even your tax returns online. so, why can't you vote digitally? well, you might not know this but in some states, you actually can. this is terra from west virginia. she's been disabled since the age of two. it was very simple. i mean, literally in less than 15 minutes, i had gone online, entered the information, got my ballot, voted, signed it, and sent it off. several companies are trialling mobile voting in this presidential election in a very limited way.
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those who are eligible are members of the armed forces and people with disabilities. one called voatz does it by mobile. another called democracy live uses web browser. so, how does it work? when finished filling out your ballot, select continue at the bottom of the page to move on to the final step where you will sign your ballot and review your ballot packet. well, every state is different but all of the pilots need some kind of verification that it's actually you. that could be facial id or a photo of your id or a signature. then, it acts very much like a postal vote. that's until you send it off. voatz uses block chain to store your vote. democracy live keeps the data in amazon's cloud. a copy of your ballot is also printed out. the voatz app is being trialled in a county in utah. democracy live in west virginia, injurisdictions in oregon and south carolina.
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it's not a huge trial. at most, a few thousand will vote this way. the pilots are all being funded by this man, bradley tusk. an early investor in uber, he's got deep pockets and big ambitions. you know, i'm not doing thisjust because i want to make it easier for military to vote or people with disabilities to vote but because i want to radically increase turnout overall so that we move things into the centre, right? and so that everybody votes, and that means having technology that can handle millions of votes. so, why aren't we all e—voting? why aren't we all voting on our mobile phones? well, it's because there are a lot of people who are very sceptical of the technology and some believe there are some serious security flaws with some of these apps. i caught up with michael — he's reverse engineered these two electronic voting systems and says he's found security flaws in both. i'm definitely surprised
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that it was as easy as it was. i think there's a lot of things they could have done to make it much harder. but overall, those sorts of problems are not necessarily solvable in using the current technology, which is one of the reasons why we wanted to take a look at the system in the first place. here is the example he gives. remember the online banking comparison? well, this is why he thinks that's not a fair parallel. when you bank online, you can actually see a transcript of how you spent your money. you can say, "hey, this transaction says that i spent $500 in the uk but i live in boston and have never been to the uk. therefore this is obviously fraudulent, right? " you can't do the same thing with funny because if you can prove
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the way that you voted, if you can have this transcript, someone else can get a hold of it. i put some of these criticisms to both of these companies. first, democracy live. at some point, we can't hold back the tide, right? next—generation voters are going to demand next—generation voting technologies. we're going to learn lessons, right? that's why we're starting small and responsibly with voters that would be otherwise disenfranchised. we don't have all the answers right now. the academic community and the security community don't have all the answers. that's why you do smaller responsible testing, learn the lessons, and then build from there. and that's what we're trying to do right now. and we're starting with groups that are today who would be otherwise disenfranchised. i put those same questions to the founder of voatz. obviously, it's new so there will be criticisms. so, we welcome the scrutiny but at the same time, a lot of that is hypercritical. ——a lot of that is hypothetical. just by looking at one piece
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of the system without actually transacting with the system in any meaningful way often would lead you to incorrect or incomplete assumptions. so what did terra think of her expensive voting online? ——so what did terra think of her experience of voting online? i like it for people with disabilities because it gives us options and we need options. because some of us just can't get out. some of us require special tools in order to write or speak. and i think that it's a good option for people like that. but i am not necessarily an advocate of electronic voting without a lot more security around. both types of voting have been used before in local elections and both companies say they've never been successfully hacked. is e—voting the future? are voting stations like this the past? not so fast because even
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the advocates of this technology say that technology is not quite there yet, which does rather beg the question why is it being tried in a us election? but perhaps these small trials may help to one day offer another safe and secure form of voting in america — just maybe not quite yet. james clayton there. of course, this isn'tjust a debate limited just to the us. the pandemic has played havoc with elections around the world and the arguments for and against online voting systems have been given new life. but in one country, it has been a reality now for well over a decade. way back in 2005, digitally—savvy estonia became the first country to allow online voting in elections. skip forward to their 2019 general election and 44% of voters filled out their ballots online.
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and there have been other examples of positive engagement with internet voting across the world. leader in an online ballot in which a 70% of its 550,000 members voted. this way of voting makes a lot of sense, it is less expensive than the traditional in—person system and for many it is just easy. this way of voting makes a lot of sense — it's less expensive than the traditional in—person system and for many it is just easy. and could internet voting be the way to engage a younger generation? as time goes on, online voting will become more and more important for young people. because society will become increasingly digital, increasingly online. whilst at the same time our voting system will look exactly the same as those that existed in the 1800s. therefore you are going to have a big divide between democracy and the way that people live their lives. we can have elections but there are still thousands
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of people who can't physically vote and therefore we have elections but we're not a full democracy. however, many claim that online voting is still too vulnerable to cyber attacks and security breaches. malware could tamper with votes before they reach government servers and hackers could create mirror versions of an election portal, steal voter credentials, or even attack the computers that count the ballots. but in estonia, there have been no serious security issues. however, crucially, online voting is linked to the country's state—of—the—art electronic id cards, which estonians use for everything from paying taxes to accessing health records and not every country has such a solid digital infrastructure in place. and some countries just don't want to take the risk. after years of testing, for example, switzerland was hoping to push forward with online voting. but in 2019 decided to end trials after flaws were uncovered in the proposed system. regardless of whether you are for
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or against internet voting, all would agree that the stakes could not be higher than in major elections where there can be zero doubt cast on the outcome. so we may have to settle for waiting in line at the ballot box for a little while yet. hello, and welcome to the week in tech and it was the week that harley—davidson revealed its electric bicycle, the serial—one will go on sale next month. the ceos of google, facebook face hours of questioning on censorship and misinformation on their founders, and alibaba's founder's new online payment group and details plans for a stock market next month, it is said to be the world's largest ever. it was also the week that spacex satellite internet service started recruiting beta testers with low expectations to test its broadband.
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for a fairly steep $1199 a tester will get a router and terminal to connect to the satellites, giving access to what an e—mail that describes as "better than nothing" internet service. the release of the highly—anticipated game cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed again to december the 10th. a letter from the developers project red apologised for further delays and say they knew the announcement would raise emotions and questions. spot the boston dynamics robot dog was sent to chernobyl to help sniff out radiation. 3a years on from the disaster, 200 tonnes of radioactive fuel is still thought to be the area. we met another robot named spot who is also wanting to behave. a team from johns hopkins university are training this robot using dog training tech of positive reinforcement.
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when it performs a task well, it gets a treat. researchers say it can achieve in two days what would usually take a month in training. the headphone market is seriously overcrowded so companies have had to get a little bit more creative today. take a look at this — it looks like one speaker and it is in this form, you call this party mode but you can also separate them into two and paste them up to 22 feet apart to create stereo sound. plus take a look inside and you've got a pair of true wireless earbuds. each part of the speaker has six hours battery life and the buds can be recharged when they're sitting in the speaker. i've had a bit of a problem with getting earbuds to fit and stay in my ears. as i've said before, it may be because i have strange ears, but these ones actually fit very well. so they are great for strange ears?
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this isn't the most amazing audio i've ever heard but for something so versatile at this price point, i don't think i complain. and now something for a quieter life. cocoon relax are claimed to be the world's first sleep aid headphones so they hope to help you get a better night's sleep but they could also give you a little bit of relaxation during the day. i can't really do it here, can i? yes, i got to rest on the job again. they use cognitive behaviour therapy methods to provide relaxation as well as being full of biometric sensors. the device's eeg sensor aims to track brave waves along with monitoring motion and heartrate, combining them with info on the user's environment. this allows them to personalise the programme. for example, change the audio when you have fallen asleep or if there is some background sound, then add some white noise. you do of course have to buy into the idea that you would want to sleep in a pair of headphones.
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admittedly, they are extremely comfortable, it is just that if you try to move away from your back, it is quite hard to keep them in place. also i do sleep pretty well and to be honest i don't really have much desire to relax — which maybe means i actually need to — so i'm not sure i'm really their target market but the thing i can see them being useful for would be on an aeroplane, not that i'm actually travelling anywhere right now. an earbud version is coming soon too and there are plenty of other wearable sleep devices out there, including other earbuds aiming to help you get the best out of your slumber. here, i have the quiet on sleep earbuds. one of the things they can do is use noise cancelling to get rid of any snoring. hopefully they can do that for my own. i tried them on the show floor, but now i can test them in bed. with ten hours better at, budget time for good night sleep
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but the cancelling did a greatjob of dampening down low—frequency sound and they were surprising and comfortable. but the one on the site i was sleeping kept falling out by the money which is clearly a problem. although maybe my strange years are to blame again! yes they do a betterjob than foam earplugs but they do so with a pretty hefty price tag. but if you simply want a bit of silence, or at least some of the time, then these prototype earplugs are an interesting proposition. the idea is you place them deep inside your ears — as absurd as it sounds i actually had to watch the video to find out exactly how to do it because it is not at all instinctive — but once you place them inside, further than i thought anything could actually fit in my ear, i using this dial at the site, you could reduce the volume around you by between five and 38 decibels was up to put that into context, the company claims that is losing around 80% of household is quiet. and if you keep it on its lowest it
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barely makes a difference and the reason that would be useful is the company's premises is that you would wear them all day. you simply adjust them as to whether you want turn up or down the volume of actual life. these are the prototype and i wasn't really sold on the idea that i would want to keep them in all day. but if you do with no battery and having been sitting in the depths of your ear canal, then you may be pleased to know that they can be washed in soapy water. wow, they look like they go right in, did they touch your brain? yes, i think so — it felt like it! 0k! now, you may remember a few weeks ago we took a look at the america's cup, a sailing race at the cutting—edge of design tech. of a round—the—world race with a twist. all of the sailors have to do it completely alone. travelling 27,000 miles, it takes competitors 80 days of constant sailing. they can only pause for 30—minute bursts of sleep. so, naturally, this can impact their mental health. and one competitor is taking on some tech that she hopes
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can come to the rescue. zoe kleinman has been to the south coast of england to find out more. this is pip hare. she's taking part in this year's vendee globe race. i don't think there's another sporting event on the planet that asks so much of human beings. pip's trying to beat the world record set 15 years ago by dame ellen macarthur. the challenge is physically tough both on the sailor and on the boat. but something that can be overlooked is the mental health strain of being completely alone at sea for weeks on end. it is why pip's team is going to keep a eye on her well—being. pip's boat is kitted out with every gadget you'd expect on the 21st—century craft. autopilot, gps, led flares, but what sets it apart is that
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mental health tech is also part of the package. i'm really interested in how you're going to cope with being completely on your own for such a long period of time. so, it is a long time at sea but i'm really not alone, i'm well—connected. i have two satellite systems, i can upload video, i can whatsapp chats... and this connection to shore is where this 20—year—old yacht truly becomes cutting—edge. pip's team plans to use artificial intelligence to understand how she's really feeling from the videos she shares during her voyage. it's looking at the text that's been transcribed from anything anybody says, and it's giving us a sentiment about positive, neutral, or negative, about what is being said. and then it is also looking at your facial expressions as you are talking to identify emotions. anything from joy to effortful
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thought to emphasis as well as things like contempt and disgust. so, when pip uploads a video, say something like this... it's my last day in port today. it ends up in a system that looks a little like this, which picks up all of the different emotions that she's experiencing. this then allows her team to work out how they might be able to help her. it's really do...we sense that pip isn't asjoyful as she has been over the past week and do we want to have another phone call that really tries to lift her spirits? but to give it a fair trial, i thought i'd have a go, too. and i don't think i'll be needing a pep talk anytime soon, i seem pretty chipper. back on land, this technology is used to do market research, analysing video uploads from customers. it basically replaces the focus group and medallia claims that lets companies monitor emotional responses to their products. but when it comes to this race, i'll be interested to see
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just how useful it is. the team is still limited in what support it can provide remotely. looking after pip's mental health includes helping her make good decisions especially when she is tired. it is not always easy to understand how well my cognitive function, how it might be impaired or how well it is functioning. so i am working with a company who specialises in monitoring rare health conditions for patient management. and they have written me an app that will help me assess my own cognitive ability while i am out there. for me if i am about to make a big decision, maybe i might decide to have a bit of a sleep before i make the decision. this app called oxygen gives her regular promise to complete basic maths challenges, a bit like brain training
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and the speed and accuracy of her answers indicates how good she is. i get a notification through my whereabouts ——i get a notification through my wearable so there is a forward memory task where i recall the numbers in a list going forwards. there is a backwards memory task, same again just a little bit harder. without the app i would just do it through mental arithmetic tasks but the app gives a bit of regularity to what i am doing and then we're also collecting the data so that we can learn from it when i get back. it is crazy to think that the next time i come back i will have sailed around the world. that was zoe kleinman with pip hare. we wish pip all the very best of luck for the race. that's it for click this week at halloween. lara, what on earth?! well, you clearly didn't think i was making enough effort so i'm now mixing you up at something and my cauldron. anyway, you can keep up
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with the team throughout the week, won't that be fun, on youtube, instagram, facebook, and twitter. @bbcclick thanks for watching, and we'll see you soon. echoing: bye! hello. the weather's of any been a little bit wild in places across the uk so far today and there's more to come across the weekend, more in the way of heavy rain at times and the risk of bales. a flooding risk, some travel disruption possible to. to date is all about storm aiden, named yesterday by the irish weather
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service. on the southern edge of thatis service. on the southern edge of that is that where you have got the strongest of the winds. it does help to clear the vein for western parts of england and wales, bright afternoon here, strong gusty winds accompany some pretty intense areas of rain across eastern half of england which again showed clear by the end of the afternoon. a little bit more sunshine this afternoon to the end of scotland but today we will see more widespread gales, strongest of the wins this afternoon across northern ireland with gusts of 70, may 80 knots per hour. on the face of it awhile they were given the fact you have got wind and rain it will temper the feeling somewhat. main this evening, because the west of scotla nd main this evening, because the west of scotland backs up into showers, many places actually dry for a time with slightly lighter winds tonight but later in the night mcleod, wind and rain arrives. temperatures could drop down to six or 7 degrees for a while during the middle part of the night before arriving later on is that cloud and rain spills its way in. another area of low pressure, this one contains the remnants of hurricane zita, a little bit further
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away from us compared with storm aiden. something a little bit brighter developing in the middle pa rt brighter developing in the middle part of the day in scotland and northern ireland after early vein. staying cloudy and pretty darn through many parts of england and wales. rain at times heaviest across the west without ongoing risk of some flooding in hills. the wind is strongest later in the day across the north—west of scotland. the western isles could see the north—west going into the evening and touches 70, maybe 80 mph yet again. by the full day, milder further south, there is going to saturday night are mild in either england and wales, that will ease the early morning and afternoon through the south—east on monday, brighter skies develop, a few showers in the west and from there on the pressure starts to building which means after a stormy weekend thing should turn drier, little bit colder with some overnight frost fog.
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good afternoon. the prime minister will be holding a press briefing later this afternoon, as the government is considering a new "stay—at—home" order across england. schools, colleges and universities could be exempt. it comes as documents seen by the bbc suggest the uk is on course for a daily coronavirus death toll of more than 4,000 unless further restrictions are introduced, much higher


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