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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 6, 2020 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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the tribute looks at how times have changed, but yet, how much has stayed the same. we've probably relied on one another to sort of help us through the difficult, you know, phases like they're going through presently. i'm sure they need time to, sort of, discuss things and support one another through the difficult times. my heart goes out to them. i think it's very difficult for them. i can't imagine the pressure that they're under because it's so continuous and so long. it's my beloved nhs, it's an amazing institution, it's the best in the world and we've got to look after it and protect it and i've been proud to serve it and i'm going to miss it. most of all, the message is, if you can be anything, just be kind. emma baugh, bbc news.
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time for a look at the weather with stav da naos. hello, there. it's been a cold day today with very light winds, and we've seen some mist and fog which has been stubborn to clear. the reason for the light winds is, as you can see on the pressure chart, barely any isobars and that stagnant air continues into the start of next week as well. now, we start to see those showers fading away and becoming confined to coastal areas. most places will be dry tonight and we'll start to see a return to some dense fog around, some frost and also a risk of some ice in places as temperatures for many of us hover around freezing, and a few places below freezing. so it's a cold start to monday, rather grey with some dense fog around which could be slow to clear, and where the fog lingers it's going to stay pretty cold. start to see some showers and stronger winds moving into the east coast of scotland and north—east england, a few showers also affecting the channel area. otherwise it's a dry and a chilly day with limited brightness, temperatures three to six degrees. looks like we start to see some unsettled weather across the north
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of the uk as we move into tuesday, but for most of us, though, it's staying cold. hello this is bbc news with reeta chakrabarti. the headlines... the uk's chief negotiator is back in brussels to resume brexit talks —— with time running out to do a deal we're going to see what happens in negotiations today and we will be looking forward to meeting our european colleagues
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later on this afternoon. croydon university hospital becomes one of the first to take delivery of the coronavirus vaccine in the uk — with the firstjabs set to be given on tuesday. obviously, i can't hold them in my hands because they are —70 degrees, but to know that they are here and we are amongst the first in the country to actually receive the vaccine and therefore the first in the world is just amazing. i'm so proud. he's played it boldly up there. that could be, that could be magical. peter alliss there, the voice of golf, who's died aged 89. and — coronavirus stops play — as positive tests in england's hotel mean the one—day series in south africa will face further delays now on bbc news it's time for sportsday.
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hello and welcome to sportsday. one kick to win it — owen farrell's boot claims the autumn nations cup for england in extra time. fans are back at the north london derby, and spurs are back at the top of the table after beating arsenal. and remembering the voice of golf — commentator peter alliss has died at the age of 89. good evening — it took extra time and a high pressure penalty, but england are the autumn nations cup winners, beating france 22—19. not the straightforward victory many were expecting —
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france had fielded a second string side, due to an agreement with domestic clubs about which players to put out — but what they lacked in experience, they more than made up for in effort. andy swiss was at twickenham: at last, they were back. the fans might have rather trickled into twickenham, but amid the facemasks and temperature checks, the anticipation was clear. among the select few, 400 nhs workers had been invited, including this pair with seats in the royal box. it is tremendously exciting into be representing nhs workers and west hospital. isa hospital. is a final as well, so it's a clincher, so it's the best one to be out. it's amazing. twickenham normally holds 80,000 fans, but with 2000 and their best to make an atmosphere as they began against the hot favourites against france. drama they got. bruce gave the underdogs
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an early lead. it was a lead they held until the very final minutes when luke bulldozed his way over. at 19 all it was into extra time and sudden death. owen farrell with a chance to win it, but somehow it stayed out to. how close was that? when his second opportunity came, this time, he held his nerve. not a vintage performance from england, but the automations cup was theirs in the most extraordinary fashion. well, what a remarkable finish that was, and what a welcome back for these fans. if they've been missing a bit of nail—biting drama, well, england certainly gave them plenty today. andy swiss, bbc news, twickenham. tottenham have gone back to the top of the premier league after a 2—0 win in the north london derby against arsenal. leicester city beat sheffield united 2—1 at bramall lane. first harry kane set up who hits a brilliant shot into the top coronary. then he repaid the favour
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just before half—time, cain became the highest goal—scorer in north london derby. the win puts tottenham two points clear of chelsea at the top while arsenal are now languishing down in 15th. leicester city beat sheffield united 2—1 at bramall lane. with the game level at one a piece it was jamie vardy who provided the moment of magic in the 90th minute to give them the victory. and at the hawthornes, crystal palace were run away winners against west bromwich albion — 5—1 the final score. rhia chohan has the details. after a run of defeats, crystal palace look to the turn took not return of wilfrid following his cove na nt return of wilfrid following his covenant absence for a much—needed lift, and when he broke away from his marker, the forward became in insta nt his marker, the forward became in instant danger. darnell trying to keep this out and ended up steering it into his own goal. later he was helped with this well—deserved leveler, then this incident came which changed the face of the game
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entirely. a modern of controversy from mattea cement west were a man down and soon to be a goal down as zohar reminded palace by his presence had been so mist. the other side werejust enjoying presence had been so mist. the other side were just enjoying themselves 110w. side were just enjoying themselves now. dancing around defenders, even getting on the scoresheet for the first time since july. getting on the scoresheet for the first time sincejuly. not once, but twice. it seems the flood gate opened after the sending off, making it the first time in top—flight history that pallas scored five goals on the road. meanwhile, west brom chances were wrecked by climbing out of the relegation zone. andy —— rhia chohan, bbc news. rangers are 13 points clear at the top of the scottish premiership, after celtic played could only manage a 1—1 draw against stjohnstone this afternoon. rangers, though, won four—nil away at ross county. three of the goals came in the second half, this was james tavernier‘s 16th of the season. there was also a milestone forjermaine defoe. he'd come on as a substitute
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to make his 800th appearance for club or country, and scored in the last minute. lets take a quick look at the other sports stories making the headlines this evening. sam kerr scored a hattrick as chelsea set a new record of 12 successive wsl home victories. they beat west ham infront of 700 fans — the first to return to the wsl. it's all to play for in the final of the uk snooker championship. a break of 128 from world number one judd trump squared the match at four frames all, against australia's neil robertson. there's live coverage of the evening session on bbc two — first to ten wins. welsh driver elfyn evans missed out in his bid to become the first british world rally champion for 19 years, he finished 26th at rally monza after crashing in the snow yesterday. his toyota team—mate sebastien ogier won the race, to secure his seventh world rally drivers championship. in rugby union's premiership sale won 21—13 at london irish.
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with the score tied at 13—all at the break, akker van der merwe's second half try condemned irish to a first defeat at their new home in brentford. harlequins beat gloucester by 34 points to 24 at kingsholme. alex donmbrandt scored two of their tries. england's opening one—day international against south africa has been abandoned,with two members of the touring party returning "unconfirmed" positive tests for covid—19. the start had been delayed after two members of the team hotel staff tested positive but it was then abandoned altogether. it had already been postponed by two days when a south africa player tested positive. the whole series now in doubt. there will be a decision about the other two matches in the coming days. we're going to spend some time at the end of the programme tonight reflecting on the life of peter alliss — the golfer who became the voice of his sport.
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the commentator has died aged 89 — after almost 60 years behind the microphone, and a successful career on the course before that. lets take a look at some of the tributes that have been paid to him today. 6 time major winner nick faldo said.. former european ryder cup captain thomas bjorn says... and paul lawrie — a former open champion... well, lets speak to our golf correspondent iain carter — you worked with him, what was he like as a colleague? been there and done that, didn't always get it right.
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you worked with him obviously at some point during those 60 years he spent behind the microphone. what was he like as a colleague? i imagine he's very generous? yes, he very was. he was very supportive. he was always very interested in what you are doing and what was going on in the sport. i was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours with him shortly before locked down at his house and we just sat and chatted about the open for a couple of hours, and his recollections were as vivid as ever, and his enthusiasm for the game of golf was as strong as ever. it really was a privilege just to sit there and listen to him talk about the old days. also about the current days. as i say, he remained very very interested. he remained very very interested. he remained across it all, and of course you know, his career ended only a couple of weeks ago when he was commentating on the match won by justin dawes dan. are markable to think thatjust a justin dawes dan. are markable to think that just a month justin dawes dan. are markable to
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think thatjust a month ago he was still working. as you say, his excitement and enthusiasm for the sport never dimmed. and his expertise just shone through, because he'd been there and done at all, hadn't he? yes, he had. he was a fantastic player in his day, probably the best in europe not to win an open championship in the 1960s. he won three times the pga championship, 20 odd professional victories that were of real notes, and across the world as well, winning events such as the italian open, the spanish open, winning in portugal, winning in brazil. he was a fine player, wonderful swinger of the golf club. his putting would let him down, that was his achilles' heel in the end, but he played in the ryder cup, he was on the winning team in 1957. and all of that just gave was on the winning team in 1957. and all of thatjust gave him this huge gravitas which was then supplemented in broadcasting terms by his wit and his wisdom and that wonderful voice of his. he became the perfect
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accompaniment of the sports for millions of television viewers, not just in the united kingdom, but across the world. he was very popular in the united states, for example. he didn't always get it right, one or two notable gaffes, but as you say, you know, a legacy that will last a long time. what do you think his legacy will be as the kind of epitome of old—fashioned values of a fairly stuffy sport. that's what his critics call him, or the voice of golf, a man that transcended his sports? how do you thank you will be remembered? welcome he will be remembered as someone who was very much into the traditions of the game, and some of the peculiarities that feel a little bit outdated these days, but can be found in golf club houses in certain quarters. yes, there was that aspect to him, but i think over and above all of that, just simply that perfect accompaniment, the man who could come up with exactly the right words, turn of phrase to accompany
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some of the greatest sporting moments that we've ever witnessed. it should be remembered that you know, in his heyday, and golf‘s a day if you like, he was notjust a sports commentator. he was one of the biggest celebrities out there, and he will be remembered, i think i'm in honestly fondly by millions of people, as i say. ian, thanks so much for sharing your memories, sharing the glittering golfing career and of course a commentary career and of course a commentary career of peter bbc‘s off commentator who died this weekend at the age of 89. fondly remembered by millions across the world. that's all the sport for now — don't forget you can follow all the action from the sakhir grand prix in bahrain on our website. now here in bbc news, special programme, poverty and the pandemic. burnley‘s front line. thanks for watching.


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