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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 6, 2020 7:45pm-8:01pm GMT

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when luke bulldozed his way over. at 19—all it was into extra time and sudden death. owen farrell with a chance to win it, but somehow it stayed out. how close was that? when his second opportunity came, this time, he held his nerve. not a vintage performance from england, but the automations cup was theirs in the most extraordinary fashion. well, what a remarkable finish that was, and what a welcome back for these fans. if they've been missing a bit of nail—biting drama, well, england certainly gave them plenty today. andy swiss, bbc news, twickenham. tottenham have gone back to the top of the premier league after a 2—0 win in the north london derby against arsenal. and it was the league's most prolific combination that brought both goals — first harry kane set up son heung—min who hit a brilliant shot into the top corner, and then son repaid the favourjust before half—time as kane became the highest
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goalscorer in north london derbies. the win puts tottenham two points clear of chelsea at the top whilst arsenal are languishing in 15th. we've gone match after match, we are enjoying the situation, of course, very much. i believe that the public and the ones at home in front of the screen, the tottenham fans, they are also enjoying the moment and for one more week, we are going to be top of the league, so it's good fun. we have a lot of situations, we have the chances, we have the crutches, but we didn't have the improvement to wina but we didn't have the improvement to win a full— blown match. they had a situation, a score from 30 yards, i applaud them, it's a world—class goal, the second one we had a man down, one minute to go, we had this situation for against three. and from that, someone got injured, he
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cannot carry on and we leave a massive gap there, and they take advantage of it. leicester city beat sheffield united 2—1 at bramall lane. with the game level at one a piece it was jamie vardy who provided the moment of magic in the 90th minute to give them the victory. he was then booked for that celebration. and at the hawthornes, crystal palace were run away winners against west bromwich albion — 5—1 the final score.. after a run of defeats, crystal palace look to the turn took not return of wilfrid following his covi—i9 absence for a much—needed lift, and when he broke away from his marker, the forward became an instant danger. darnell trying to keep this out and ended up steering it into his own goal. later he was helped with this well—deserved leveler, then this incident came which changed the face of the game entirely. were a man down and soon
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a moment of controversy from matias meant west brom were a man down and soon to be a goal down as zohar reminded palace by his presence had been so mist. the other side werejust enjoying themselves now. roy hudonson‘s side were just enjoying themselves now. dancing around defenders, even getting on the scoresheet for the first time since july. not once, but twice. it seems the flood gate opened after the sending off, making it the first time in top—flight history that pallas making it the first time in top—flight history that palace scored five goals on the road. meanwhile, west brom chances were wrecked by climbing out meanwhile, west brom chances were wrecked for climbing out of the relegation zone. rhia chohan, bbc news. and the final match of the day is under way at anfield... liverpool have gone i—o up against wolves... mohamed salah with the goal. rangers are 13 points clear at the top of the scottish premiership, after celtic played could only manage a 1—1 draw against stjohnstone this afternoon.. rangers, though, won four—nil away at ross county.
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three of the goals came in the second half, this was james tavernier‘s 16th of the season. // there was also a milestone forjermaine defoe. there was also a milestone forjermaine defoe. he'd come on as a substitute to make his 800th appearance for club or country, and scored in the last minute. 38 years old there. it's been a disappointing race for britain's george russell after he sat in for lewis hamilton in the sakhur grand prix. russell was driving hamilton's mercedes, after the world champion tested positive for covid 19 last week. russell took an early lead on the first lap before the race came to an early end for max verstappen‘s red bull and the ferrari of charles le clerc. but a puncture on the 79th lap effectively ended russell's hopes of a podium place. also of pit mix up as well. that left sergio perez of racing point relatively unchallenged to win his first formula one race. esta ban ocon's renault was second, with perez‘ team—mate lance stroll, third. lets take a quick look at the other sports stories making the headlines this evening... sam kerr scored a hattrick as chelsea set a new record of 12
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successive wsl home victories. they beat west ham infront of 700 fans — the first to return to the wsl. it's very tight in the final of the uk snooker championship, between world number onejudd trump and australia's neil robertson. trump won the last frame of the afternoon to make it four frames all, and he'sjust gone 5—4 up. there's live coverage of the evening session on bbc two right now — first to ten wins. welsh driver elfyn evans missed out in his bid to become the first british world rally champion for 19 years, he finished 26th at rally monza after crashing in the snow yesterday. to secure his seventh world rally drivers championship. in rugby union's premiership sale won 21—13 at london irish. with the score tied at 13 all at the break, akker van der merwe‘s second half try condemned irish to a first defeat at their new home in brentford. harlequins beat
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gloucester by 3a points to 2a at kingsholme. alex donmbrandt scored two of their tries. england's opening one—day international against south africa has been abandoned,with two members of the touring party returning "unconfirmed" positive tests for covid—i9. the start had been delayed after two members of the team hotel staff tested positive but it was then abandoned altogether. it had already been postponed by two days when a south africa player tested positive. well, tomorrow's match has also now been called off. i will be very very surprised if it continues now. i imagine the players would want to come home. i know they are off would want to come home. i know they a re off pretty would want to come home. i know they are off pretty quickly, the 2nd of january to sri lanka to play a test series. the last thing they'll want to do his a0 days of isolation, but you know, unfortunately, that might happen, but they all want to come
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home for christmas. i imagine they will be on that flight on thursday with no more cricket and just staying in their rooms, u nfortu nately. the bbc commentator peter alliss, who became known as the voice of golf, has died. he was 89. he won more than twenty tournaments during his career as a golfer, and played on eight ryder cup teams before becoming a commentator. katherine downes looks back at his life. his was the voice that brought the game of golf to life for millions. for a sport defined by its quirks and characters, peter alice was the perfect match. hello, what have you been doing? what a day i've had. the people and the noise, i've never had a moment to sit down. golf was in his blood, his father percy had been a professional and under his guidance, young peter flourished. even when he was still playing, he had begun to make the move behind the microphone. i think this course is in wonderful condition at this time of year. his warmth and wit made him a
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regular on british television where he said the key to commentary was never to take it too seriously. it has enormous rewards, great sadness, great joy, great stupidity. great nonsense, you know. and it's really not all that serious. for all his fans, he did have his critics. might be a bit of a handful, those three. to some, he was the epitome of old—fashioned attitudes in a game in need of modernisation. i try to be an observer. you get into trouble sometimes if you don't say the right things to the right people. but there was never any debate about his expertise. he's played it boldly. that could be magical. when the world's greatest golfers produced their greatest moments, alliss was the perfect guide. thank you. he was a great man in many respects. for his commentary, he came and took over from henry longhurst who was regarded as the doyenne of commentary. but peter took the mantle over and, to be honest, no one got near him.
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only last month he was commentating for the bbc on the masters, broadcasting from home due to the pandemic. that is ok. lovely feeling, five ahead, umpteen putts for victory, glory be. his excitement was undimmed, even after almost 60 years as golf‘s master storyteller. so, a rather strange masters has come to an end. it is not what we expected but it was still a good one. well done to everybody, and here's to next april when we'll do it all again. peter aliss, who has died at the age of 89. that's all for me in the sports team. there is lots more on the bbc website. but for me and the team, good night.
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well, it's quiet on the weather front, so not an awful lot of change on the way for tomorrow. as far as the week is concerned, it is going to stay on the chilly side, but there are signs that as we head towards the end of the week, it's going to turn a little less cold. so this is the satellite picture. we are in between weather systems, you can see clouds out in the atlantic also in central parts of europe. we are in this sort of clearer slot here, so there has actually been some sunshine around, some of us have been stuck underneath the fog. but the cold air is with us, notjust across the uk but many parts of western and also central europe. so the pattern remains the same for tonight and into monday, clear skies, so frost forming here and there, and of course, you've got the fog in some areas as well where it's already lingered all through the day, all through sunday. city centre temperatures overnight falling to around freezing, outside of town, it will be around three degrees colder than that in rural spots.
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so the fog tomorrow in the south and southeast, but actually, for many of us, a lot of bright weather, certainly around the irish sea, belfast, glasgow, though western isles, once again, some sunshine there. four, five, six degrees, then we're watching this weather front in the north sea. that's going to reach the north coast of england and also scotland through the evening. there will be a bit of mountain snow here, but notice that in the south of the country overnight into tuesday, it actually stays clear. so it's low pressure, it will anchor itself across scotland during the course of tuesday. so the weather is going to be unsettled here, often cloudy, not the sunshine that we've had in the last day or so. you can see the low, the winds spiralling around it, and also some very strong winds, possibly up to gale force around some of these coasts. to the south of that, the weather will be better, drier, brighter, less windy, it will feel more pleasant. but it's going to be fairly chilly, temperatures a, 5, 6 degrees, wherever you are, really. just that little bit milder eight or 9 degrees. now, on wednesday, we are ahead
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of a weather system here, actually, it should be fairly quiet. not much happening on the weather front through the middle part of the week. but towards the end of the week, there is just a hint that those temperatures will start to recover, so it's going to be a good deal milder, but you will notice it possibly up to around double figures on the south coast and in southwestern parts of the uk. that's it from me.
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this is bbc news. the headlines at eight. the uk's chief negotiator is back in brussels to resume brexit talks, with time running out to do a deal. we are going to see what happens in negotiations today and we will be looking forward to meeting our european colleagues later on this afternoon. croydon university hospital becomes one of the first to take delivery of the coronavirus vaccine in the uk — with the firstjabs set to be given on tuesday. obviously, i can't hold them in my hands because they are minus 70 degrees but you know they are here and we are amongst the first in the country to receive the vaccine and therefore the first in the world, i am so therefore the first in the world, i am so proud. overcrowding on its opening day forces nottingham's christmas market to close early.


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