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tv   BBC News  BBC News  December 8, 2020 10:45pm-11:00pm GMT

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with the the press release saying with the headline figures were for the efficacy of the vaccine. and now because it's been published the scientist everybody else to go through in more detail to see exactly what lies behind that headline. and actually the news seems to be pretty good. they're still the concern with all of these vaccines because the process of clearing them has been accelerated. there's no question marks about all of them, and one of those is of course whether or not you may be protected as a result of taking the vaccine but are you still capable of harbouring of the virus and passing on? as with the question of whether or not masks might still be necessary. so there will be ongoing examination of many of the people who have received the vaccine to see exactly how they respond to it. and the research work into the broader spectrum of exactly what freedom
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these vaccines allow us to have is still going on. onto the other big story for the rest of this month, guardian pm —— is to brussels with brexit very slim. i suppose it will start raising fish and things over the creme brulee. four and a half yea rs the creme brulee. four and a half years now since the referendum and the fate of the relationship of the year really does hang in the balance of this dinner tomorrow night between boris johnson. of this dinner tomorrow night between borisjohnson. basically an admission that the technical negotiations which have gone for months, led by lord frost on the uk side and michelle barnier on the eu side and michelle barnier on the eu side have really reached an impasse and it needs to be this injection of political momentum of the 11th hour to see if a deal can be thrashed out on trade, security and fishing rights. we know the idea is 98%
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there but the three main sticking points process. they are, of course, to ensure fair competition by a level playing field, the dispute mechanisms for any deal and you access to british waters for fishing. it just access to british waters for fishing. itjust depends on who you listen to, really. just looking at the objects, going for dinner, a deal is struck, think it is for that. the council can get together on thursday and friday, and i'll think of this it's all over, what do you think? we have not seen the whole deal obviously but it's fair to say something like 98% there. i think that this happens absolutely every time with these kinds of negotiations. the brexit one is a bigger one than the eu has ever had to confront before, but there's always at the last minute and the need for some sort of political intervention to get the deal over
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the line. if you are like me and opted —— optimist. and believe it's going to be struck you expect this is the choreography that will happen. despite the dire warnings of it being on a wafer thin edge of this way or that and whether there will be a deal or not i think that almost certainly there will be. it does take a little bit of extra political clout to make it happen. and it was always going to go right up and it was always going to go right up to the wire. not least because i think borisjohnson up to the wire. not least because i think boris johnson wants to do this, let's remember what he did a year ago with the withdrawal agreement or it looks as if it might collapse or we were told it might collapse or we were told it might collapse and that the last minute he did a deal politician to politician with the prime minister of ireland, and made a massive concession. but he rushed all through and set up billing at all was, and everyone patted him on the back. he will be
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hoping that's going to happen again. he's already upset the dup, maybe we will come onto that and a bit more detail at our next luck. let's just charge on the other story in the front page of the guardian. about by front page of the guardian. about rug by stars front page of the guardian. about rugby starsjoining front page of the guardian. about rugby stars joining a legal case over dementia. they are threatening this at the moment but it could be a rather big. almost like the nfl in the states. a thread, steve thompson who won the rugby world cup in 2003, he is, is proposing along with seven other players who have all been diagnosed with early onset dementia to launch these legal proceedings against world rugby, the governing
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body for the sport. 0ver against world rugby, the governing body for the sport. over the alleged failure to protect them for the risks of concussion. all eight players have had the same diagnosis of dementia with probable encephalopathy. this promises to be a landmark legal case proceeding. saying the rfq has no legal approach this matter but implements latest treatments based on the latest research. may he come back to you in 40 research. may he come back to you in a0 minutes to talk to about that? wa nted a0 minutes to talk to about that? wanted to pick up one small story on the front page of the telegraph. not everest goes up in our estimation. when the first measurements were done about 200 years ago they were not far out. is not a small story, even taller story than we thought it was. we all learn that mount everest is 86 cm taller than we thought. and
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the government of nepal and china, both of whom share mount everest have argued in the past about exactly how tall it was. it seems that the nepalese were closer to it but actually the world pulse or tallest mountain is taller than we thought. when mathematicians work it out 200 years ago there were almost there which is shows the old style can still get it almost right. we are going to have to stop here for the first look but thank you very much indeed. see you in about a0 minutes' time with another look at the papers. good evening. we start at the champions league in paris where psg and istanbul baskashier walked off the pitch after the turkish side accused the fourth official of using a racist term to one of their support staff. assistant coach pierre webo
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was shown a red card in an exchange on the touchline. his club say that official used a racist word. istanbul players came off in protest with psg players following. the incident happened just ia minutes into the champions league group h tie, which was still goalless. psg will go through regardless of whether the game is completed. manchester united are out of the champions league after losing 3—2 at rb leipzig. it was a manchester city player angelino, on loan at the german side, who scored the opener inside two minutes. a second was added just over ten minutes later, amadou haidara coming in unmarked from the right hand side to make it 2—0. united had been 5—0 winners when the sides met at old trafford in october but it was leipzig who added another, justin kluivert putting the home side three up. a glimmer of hope came with a bruno fernandes penalty. and then there was real hope when paul pogba headed onto harry maguire and another
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ricochet sent it into the goal to make it 3—2. and they almost had another stroke of luck, but the leipzig defender had his goalkeeper to thank for preventing an own goal. the defeat sends 0le gunnar solskjaer‘s side out of the competition and into the europa league instead. chelsea were already through to the knockout stages. they went behind against russian side krasnador. ex—newcastle winger remy cabella got the goal. but, the lead didn't last long, jorghino levelled from the penalty spot and it finished that way. lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo renewed old rivalries. barcelona and juventus were just playing for top spot in their group. two penalties from ronaldo gave the italians a 3—0 win and put them above barca. in the championship where milwall hosted queens park rangers just days after fans at the den booed players
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for taking the knee in support of black lives matter. there was no repeat this time. milwall players chose to stand arm in arm as a show of solidarity for football's fight against discrimination while the club's regular shirt sponsor has been replaced with the logo of anti—discrimination body kick it out and some of the qpr players chose to to take the knee. all were applauded by the supporters at the game. and when qpr went 1—0 up they made the point again in front of the home fans, not as warmly received this time. it finished i—i, all the details from the championship are on the bbc sport website. world cup winner steve thompson is one of eight former professionals who claim the sport has left them with permanent brain damage and they are ready to start legal action against rugby union authorities for negligence. they have all been diagnosed with early signs of dementia. the law firm representing them say they are working with over a hundred other players as well. thompson, who is a2, was capped 73 times by england, but struggles to recall his greatest moment in 2003. i cannot remember being
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in australia at all. i cannot remember the whole situation of the world cup, i've never watched all of those games, so i sat down to watch them and like i was watching a game for england, england playing, i could see myself there but i was not there. people talk about stories and since the world cup, talked about the people there and picked up stories and you can talk about it, but that was not me being there because, ijust cannot remember any of the games whatsoever. anything that happens in those games. his was to be such a big thing in my life and it's just not there. so, what is it like, is there way can simply experience it? it's like somebody or take the time to make film out, it's like there are other times we are mine might‘ve gotten a bit better, so the film goes back in, and he get another one there and then it's only missing and that is what happens, it'sjust like i'm not there. in an rfu statement they say...
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the 13 barbarians players that breached covid protocols causing the cancellation of their twickenham test against england in october have been hit with a range of bans and fines and also ordered to complete community work. the former england captain chris robshaw was one of the party that left the team hotel in london over the course of two evenings and also lied about their whereabouts. he's been suspended for a weeks, fined two weeks wages and given 50 hours of community work. and sale shark‘s director of rugby, steve diamond, has quit with immediate effectjust three games into the domestic season.
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he'd been in charge for 10 years and says he's taken the decision to ‘step away from the business' for personal reasons. skills coach paul deacon will take over first team duties. and that's all the sport for now. hello there. there was some sunshine earlier today through the midlands, southeast england and east anglia, still quite a cold day up an awful lot colder the fog persisted here and there. wasn't too much around this afternoon but a few hours thickening up. good day to have an umbrella handy with the rain tumbling down, it's been quite wet across the northwest of england, north wales and showers in scotland, for a while in northern ireland and that what or whether moving southwards into the midlands. heading towards the southeast where ahead of that rain with god some fog
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and east anglia in the southeast of england. but that will tend to lift as that rain comes in, washing things away, the rain could be quite heavy for a while. showers then do follow on behind, but we will get some clearer skies for northern ireland, wales and the southwest. maybe a few pockets of frost, but generally speaking, it should be frost—free by the end of the night. the wetter weather from earlier in the night will move away from east anglia, and then we will have a few showers, but those showers will be diminishing, and for many, it will be brightening up, there will be some sunshine, but we will see the cloud increasing in northern ireland, wales and the southwest and through the afternoon, we will start to see some rain marching in as well. ahead of that, though, it is still quite cold air, the winds will be fairly light and temperatures at sixes and sevens. that wetter weather coming into the western side of the uk probably won't reach eastern parts because the main driver of the rain is going to push the wet weather down into france and the weather front sort of breaks off into two. so here is some overnight rain to clear away, and then we are left with this patchy rain in western
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scotland, it could turn wintry as it reaches the highlands. a few pockets of drizzle here and there to the east, but even if it does brighten up, it's quite cold here, temperatures 5 degrees in eastern scotland, northeast england. those temperatures beginning to rise out to the west with the next band of rain arriving in northern ireland by the end of the day. this will be accompanied by some stronger winds overnight, pushing the rain eastwards. again, the heaviest of the rain will head its way southwards into france. we are left with some light and patchy rain and drizzle for the most part, a lot of cloud, mind you, on friday, may well brighten up across northern ireland, wales and the southwest later, as we start to see if you showers. signs of some milder air here, 11 degrees in plymouth, but ahead of that in the east, it's still around six or seven.
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this is bbc news with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. thousands of people in the uk are injected against covid—i9 on the first day of a mass immunisation programme — the first for a fully tested vaccine. the mammoth operation to distribute vaccines across the globe, and the obstacles it's already facing. in yet another final attempt to unlock post—brexit trade talks — borisjohnson goes to brussels for dinner on wednesday with the european commission president. why did the players walk off the pitch during a champions league game in paris? we'll have all the details.


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