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tv   BBC News  BBC News  December 18, 2020 8:00pm-8:46pm GMT

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this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak, with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. this is bbc world news, the headlines. the us vice president, mike pence gets his coronavirus us vice president mike pence gets his vaccine on live tv vaccine shot on live tv, to encourage others to encourage people to have the injection. to have the shot, as more than 3,000 americans die of covid—19 every day. it's confirmed that president—electjoe biden will receive his vaccination on monday. with cases raising across the country, with hospitalisations rising across the country, the spread of covid—19 is accelerating in the uk with the crucial r number now back above one. we have a ways to go. health leaders are warning of significant pressure on the health service in the lead the spread of covid—19 is up to christmas. more than 300 schoolboys abducted in northern nigeria a week accelerating in the uk, with the ago are expected to be reunited with their families within hours after their release — crucial r number on the rise. others still remain missing after the attack in doctors are bring about capacity and the town of kankara. health services. to add a third as talks continue the eu's chief
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spike onto it, a post—christmas negotiator tells the european parliament time is running out surge, potentially is very serious. to reach a brexit trade agreement. michel barnier says it is "the moment of truth" for both more than 300 schoolboys freed from their kidnapping ordeal sides to agree on a deal. in nigeria are expected to be reunited with their families soon. you are watching bbc news. after bugs, glitches and crashes, plans by the government to test more one of the year's biggest video than five million school pupils in england for coronavirus games, cyberpunk 2077, is pulled when they return from the christmas break injanuary has been branded undeliverable. from both the playstation and the comments come from teaching unions, school governors, microsoft store. the church of england and colleges. ministers announced the plans yesterday along with a staggered return to the classroom. hello. but schools says it will be the us vice president, mike pence, impossible to recruit and train the thousands of people needed has become the first senior figure to carry out tests in the trump administration to get in the next two weeks. a coronavirus vaccine, which he called "a medical miracle". 0ur education editor and he did so in a very bra nwen jefferys reports. public way, in front of cameras at the white house, think about what has gone well, along with his wife first of all, this term. and the us surgeon general. the last lessons before christmas, but not all pupils will be back the move comes as officials at the start of term.
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are mounting campaigns to quash scepticism about the record—fast well, we made it. development of the vaccine. can you believe where mr pence said he wanted to assure we started back in september? the american people that while they'd cut red tape, doing his best to be cheerful in assembly, but the head expects to work they'd cut no corners. through christmas and testing. i feel absolutely physically and emotionally exhausted after what has definitely been history will record that this week the toughest term ever in 20 years in teaching. was the beginning of the end of the coronavirus pandemic, but with cases rising when i heard this news two days ago, i actually felt rather broken, across the country, with hospitalisations because i just thought, rising across the country, how are we going to get all of this we have a ways to go, done in the time frames and i want to ensure the american that we have been given? it just feels overwhelming. people that we are going to continue to make sure that our health care providers have all the support to set up school testing and resources they need means finding a large, to meet this moment. well—ventilated room. but vigilance and the vaccine separate swabbing is our way through, and building and processing areas. confidence for the vaccine staff to test, process, is what brings us here this morning. record and clean. these could be volunteers mike pence there. or agency staff. 0nline training before testing starts. 0ur correspondent nomia iqbal has more from washington. and getting consent from parents. the vice president wants to build up confidence amongst american people who might be sceptical it's a massive logistical exercise. of the vaccine. that's why he was there
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alongside his wife, the second lady, we are testing, as i said, 5.5 karen pence, who also took the vaccine. million secondary school students. also there was the surgeon general, this is a very good news story. it's all about making sure we can jerome adams, and he explictly made keep the school open. the point of how he's a black man. this afternoon, the government was warned it might not be possible. school governors, teaching unions, the church of england and colleges, all saying this is rushed as an african—american, he wanted to appeal to ethnic and chaotic, and telling schools minorities in particular, that if they can't manage it, who have scepticism in vaccines. they don't have to have testing polls suggest about a third of african—america ns say in place for the beginning of term. they wouldn't take the vaccine. but as you say, yes, president trump is notable in his absence. when the pfizer vaccine parents now face some teenagers being at home, not in school, when term starts. was rolled out last weekend, it was sprung on us yesterday, so it is childcare in the new year if both of them go back, or if only one of them goes back. he did tweet at the time we don't know yet. saying that he would take it goodbye, chaps. when it was appropriate. happy christmas. and he's been tweeting again today, and he mentioned how term is over, but not the moderna vaccine, the second vaccine, for all teachers. had been authorised, but it hasn't so far. government advice on testing is due we are waiting for the fda to approve that, after it was to arrive just before christmas. recommended to do so by an outside branwen jeffreys, bbc news. adviser body yesterday. and just to add — the speaker
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of the house, nancy pelosi, the latest government has received a vaccination as well today, and the president—elect, figures on coronavirus show joe biden, is expected to take it next week. there were 28,507 new cases nomia iqbal. in the latest 24—hour period — the average number of new cases to the uk now — and roughly one in every 100 people in england, scotland and wales had coronvirus reported per day in the last last week with the number of cases now rising significantly. the prime minister says he's hoping to avoid a third national week is 23,959. lockdown in england. the number of people being admitted but borisjohnson said rates of infection had increased at lot, to hospital is rising too — and there are fears they'll increase further after the relaxing of the rules over christmas. 1,707 on average each day between now and last sunday. here's our health editor hugh pym. 489 deaths were reported for the last 24 hours, that's people who died within 28 days of a positive covid—19 test. routine operations were going ahead at this hospital on average in the past week in the south of england today, but increasingly nhs managers there were 434 deaths per day. across the system are having the total number of uk to consider postponements. deaths is now 66,541. more covid patients are coming in and it is more of a challenge to find enough beds. medical leaders say a serious scotland's public health minister problem could be looming. we are now at a really has been sacked after figures dangerous point, released earlier this week showed where we could tip into finding it the number of people dying from drug
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incredibly difficult to manage. misuse in scotland had now we have got crowded departments with reached record levels. covid as the additional burden, which is a really scary and challenging place to be. labour and the liberal democrats had been demanding joe fitzpatrick‘s resignation and were preparing and you can see this, a vote of no confidence as we are increasingly in him at holyrood. getting ambulances queueing. first minister nicola sturgeon has thanked mr fitzpatrick for his work and insisted the scottish government is determined to tackle the drugs crisis. there were more than one—thousand—250 drug related deaths last year, and the prime minister, on a visit to the north west, didn't rule out the worst such rate in europe. the possibility of england following northern ireland and wales the chief constable into a post—christmas lockdown. of greater manchester police has obviously, we are hoping very much we will be able resigned after the force was placed to avoid anything like that, but the reality is that the rates into special measures. of infection have increased very ian hopkins, who is on sick leave, said he would step down much in the last few weeks. with immediate effect. here where i am in the north west, in bolton, they have done the force, the second largest a fantasticjob in bringing it down. in england was found to have failed to record 80,000 crimes in a year and the data shows that case numbers are rising in most but not by inspectors, who said its service to victims all parts of the uk. was a "serious cause of concern". the latest survey of community here's the mayor of greater infections by the office manchester andy burnham for national statistics suggests i do not run greater manchester that in england, one in 95 people had the virus last week, police on a day—to—day basis.
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with an increase in case rates. instead it is myjob to hold the notably in london, the south east, chief constable to account and by the east and the east midlands. extension the force for the services there were declines in other areas. provided to our residents. in wales, with one in 90, at times this essential task has been made to and scotland, with one in 100, difficult by an overly defensive culture within gmp. there were also increases. this needs to change if gmp in northern ireland, one in 215 had the virus, is to develop the open with case rates no longer decreasing. some of those infected learning culture that will allow will become seriously ill the failures identified by hmic and need hospital treatment, to be properly addressed. and that is what is putting pressure on the nhs front line. there have been warnings today about the impact of staff. the government's furlough scheme has people are still kept millions of people in work. traumatised and fatigued, not only from physical tiredness but there are concerns the system could be open to fraud. but the psychological impact of dealing with covid. the government has received almost twenty thousand reports now we are looking down from the public about abuse the barrel of what looks of the system and says it has prevented thousands like a third wave, so, you know, of cases from happening. we are very concerned, and but there are fears that billions the impact of five days over of pounds of taxpayers money has christmas is something we are very concerned about as well. already been lost because of fraud most hospitals across london and errors as angus and the south east are crawford reports. under increasing strain.
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there are reports that some are cancelling all non—urgent work into the new year, as they wait as the country shut down, in anticipation of another surge furlough came to the rescue. in covid patient numbers. hugh pym, bbc the scheme has now paid the wages of 9.9 million workers at a cost of £46 billion. that report by hugh pym. it is hideous, and i think about it now, and i still get upset. austria will enter its third but some companies claimed the money coronavirus lockdown from december 26th, tilljanuary 24th, as the country fights to bring and then forced staff, down its coronavirus infection rate. for the first three weeks, who were meant to be at home, nonessential stores will close, back to work, meaning the firms as will services such as hairdressers. a planned series of mass testing were committing fraud. workers like john, sacked will be carried out next month, when he complained. we're all in this together, and from january 18th, stores and restaurants will open everyone's suffering. again for those who test negative. but it was the companies taking bethany bell is in vienna. large sums of money out there were the winners, you know. the losers are all of us that and bethany, was this expected? what are having to pay the tax back, and they have just lost theirjobs. sort of reaction has received? butjohn's is not an isolated case. austria's second hard lockdown ended leicester, home to the uk's just 11 days ago. and the result of clothing industry. behind these windows, scores of small manufacturers. that hard lockdown was that they did manage to bring down the infected it was an open secret
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here during the first national lockdown that many factories fingers quite a lot, from 9000 or so were still turning out clothes, but what we now know is that some in november to about 300,000 at the of them were also claiming money from the government furlough scheme. moment, but there are concerns that in fact, an audit of 44 is too high —— 3000 at the moment. manufacturers found that 37 were breaking there is pressure on hospitals here. the furlough scheme rules. but not this company. and hers but a lot of expectation here that some thing like this would happen. now, the government has said it follows the rules, there will be another hard lockdown pays workers fairly, but its owner knows many of his rivals have been from boxing day onwards and it is going to be coupled with these mass using furlough money to undercut him and boost their profits. tests, and they are trying to i'd say it's a bombshell, incentivize people to take the mass at the end of the day. it's something big. it needs to be looked at. tests three weeks into january, and the bottom line is from the taxpayer, and you're taking also they have got plans to money away from people that regularly test teachers, people like really need it. it's there for a purpose. it's not there to be. hairdressers, anybody who works it's not an atm machine! closely with other people will, in so the doors came down? yeah, yeah, yeah. january be tested very regularly 0ne former worker at a different from now on. the chancellor, factory stops us to talk, but doesn't want to be identified. austria's leader, has said that he they stayed and worked? hopes life can return to something and the money from the government? like normal by the summer, but he
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warned that there were hard months ahead. yes, bethany, i understand that went into the boss' pocket? the last mass testing was not particularly well received, so as this isn't just a problem in leicester. you said, and incentive. a lot of talk about austria's skiing season the government spending watchdog as well. yes. austria is allowing says furlough fraud and mistakes could cost the taxpayer more than £4 billion. the slopes and the ski lifts to open john, now back at work, warns on christmas eve, but there are a about the true cost of furlough. it's billions of pounds. lot of tough restrictions around them, and basically... and they're that's going to have to come also quarantines for back from somewhere, them, and basically... and they're also quara ntines for anybody them, and basically... and they're also quarantines for anybody coming from abroad, so basically skiing and it's coming back from taxes. will really only be possible for it's ugly. people who are local or who live it's an ugly part of our history. angus crawford, bbc news. close enough to go for a day trip to six months after a court ruled the slopes. the hotels will remain the practice unlawful, shut until the 18th of january, a bbc investigation has found that tens of thousands of adverts restau ra nts shut until the 18th of january, restaurants will stay shut, so there for rental properties are putting is no way for people to stay. if you a blanket ban on accepting people who receive benefits. the vast majority of places are coming from abroad, you would on websites such as spareroom have to quarantine for ten days, so really skiing is something very much and 0penrent said recipients of housing benefit need not for locals over christmas and local bid for the property. michael buchanan reports.
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areas will have the option to open oi’ areas will have the option to open or close those areas as they feel this is the kitchen, the living room like. bethany bell, thank you very and my bedroom all in one. so there is a little bathroom much. more than 300 schoolboys — and then my son's room. abducted in northern nigeria a week ago — it is small and uncomfortable, are expected to be reunited but despite her best efforts, with theirfamilies. emma can't find a new home. officials in katsina state said for two years, the teaching the boys were found in a forest assistant has tried to move herself in neighbouring zamfara, where they'd been left and charlie to somewhere bigger. by their kidnappers. victoria uwonkunda reports. charlie, eat your dinner, please. but she has been repeatedly refused a new place these schoolboys were taken by bus because she is on benefits. to the state capital, katsina. some were still wearing their school if i have got references to show that i pay my rent uniforms, others clutched blankets and some looked clearly every month on time, and i have done that for seven years, there shouldn't be any reason distressed and confused. why someone isn't renting to me and the fact that they will still the boys were flanked by use housing benefit. armed police as they walked to meet the governor. you know, it is very clear stigmatisation. it is a very clear 0ne told reporters that discriminatory measure. the kidnappers had barely fed them. at a news conference, the state bbc analysis of these popular websites shows that tens of thousands of properties governor thanked security forces. are being denied to benefit claimants, despite a court injuly i also use this opportunity ruling such blanket bans to praise and thank the efforts made are unlawful and discriminatory. by the entire security apparatus
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on both spareroom and 0penrent, over of the state, of the country, 80% of ads say they won't accept tenants on housing benefit. and if you are a landlord with a place to rent, the websites will allow you to explicitly say that you don't want anybody on benefits. for what they did. more than 340 schoolboys the charity shelter has campaigned for years to end housing discrimination and instigated were kidnapped on the 11th a court action this summer. i think people like 0penrent and spareroom really need to wake up to this. this is unlawful. of december after an attack on the school in kankara town. they need to be refusing to carry the islamist militant group adverts that are badged as "no dss" boko haram claimed responsibility. however, authorities say bandits on their websites and that is it. were behind the attack. the government insists no ransom there's no excuses for it. was paid, but that the boys theyjust need to clean were released after negotiations with the kidnappers. up their act now. security has been an issue in northeastern in a statement, 0penrent say nigeria in recent years. and the recent kidnapping that they let more than 25,000 properties to people on benefits this year, and are trying to combat has echoes of the attack prejudice by educating its users. on a school in chibok in 2014, where almost 300 schoolgirls spareroom told us it was in were abducted by boko haram. the process of removing the option while many questions remain for landlords to list properties and the circumstances of as being unavailable the boys' release is still unclear, to benefit claimants.
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their immediate ordeal is over. for emma and charlie, the long search for a new home has the next step — reunion brought stress and frustration, with their parents and families. victoria uwonkunda, bbc news. with seemingly no end in sight. it is very demoralising and dehumanising. i will go through phases of trying to kind of find let's get more on this. somewhere and then obviously, i will stop trying because i will beverly 0chieng is from feel upset about the whole thing. bbc monitoring in nairobi. you know, it is a massive rejection, hello there, beverly. there is a lot like, a rejection of your whole self of discussion about who was and who and position in society. was not responsible for this the law is clearly on their side. kidnapping. just talk us through it. the authorities have been saying theyjust need a landlord who is willing to give them a chance. michael buchanan, bbc news. that bandits are responsible for the if you're having to wait longer kidnapping and bandits have regally been linked to growing attacks in than usual for your post, the northwestern state of katsina, royal mail says that's because of an unprecedented increase where the president hails from. in the number of parcels it's having to process this christmas. 0ften, where the president hails from. there's been a hugejump often, these attacks occur through in the amount of online shopping we're now doing, kidnapping of prominent local as emma simpson reports. officials for ransom... but in the a parcel mountain at a royal mail past year, there has been an uptick sorting office in bristol. stacks of mail ready to be in these so—called banded tax, sorted here in manchester, too, and parcels to be
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devastating continued security dispatched in essex. la pses devastating continued security 0n the road, the vans are full, lapses of the boko haram claim of kidnapping has raised concerns, that a glimpse of how posties it is expanding from the northeast are grappling with an unprecedented increase in parcels this year. it has meant some and threatened to destabilise the delays for customers. last week, i managed general northern regions. to send some christmas and threatened to destabilise the general northern regionslj and threatened to destabilise the general northern regions. i suppose you have to look at the motivations, presents abroad to ireland, and a few to my partner's don't you? these bandits tend to family in kent. kidnapped for ransom, where's boko haram kidnap to swell their ranks, so haram kidnap to swell their ranks, so there was a lot of concern there. yes, there is that, is the fact that both haven't arrived, banded attacks are targeted toward despite me putting a first class ransom, boko haram has every despite me putting a first—class ideological string towards attacks stamp and sticker on it. so it has been quite worrying, stop when it made the claim, it particularly because we are so close to christmas and i want them settles because the school was to arrive on time. offering western education. in the it would be an absolute disaster if they didn't. the union representing postal workers says its members are doing their very best. case of chibok in 2014, there was a there's no doubt we could not possibly have anticipated this level similar argument made. a local newspaper, suggesting, boko haram of packages and parcels. it seems to be intensifying every day, and that, coupled with the arrangements that have got to be in place to keep people, key workers safe because of covid, and the spread of covid and the figures going up again, could... the bandits could be at the
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behest of boko haram to raise money all of those are complicating what is already a strategical for the bendy group. the group has nightmare, really. all our big couriers are up against it right now. expanded into other countries. the royal mail has taken on around 33,000 seasonal workers to help out, way more than normal. unlike the other general groups like in a statement, royal mail said some al-qaeda, it is unclear where boko areas were experiencing a reduction haram secures its funds, so this in service levels due could be one theory. very quickly, to covid—related absences and social distancing measures, beverly, like you say, it is that expansion into new areas and we but that the majority of the network understand that the leader of boko was now running as usual haram is now looking for loyalty for this time of year. the pressure is now on — from a lot of these gangs, these a business that's flat out trying bandits. yes, there is that, there to deliver christmas mail as quickly was a feeling that as we go through as it can. emma simpson, bbc news. the christmas period and it keeps now it's time for newswatch. launching attacks that it is going to reach out to other groups as a way of expanding its activities, to create a more destabilise the situation in the north. we have seen that with some propaganda video hello and welcome to newswatch, suggesting it has had some presence in the middle belt, but this is with me, samira ahmed. something that is still evolving and yet to be clearly understood. different nations different tiers.
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beverly 0chieng, thank you so much is bbc news keeping all parts of the uk equally for that. informed about covid—19 borisjohnson has said that things are looking difficult in the talks infections and restrictions? about a trade deal due to take effect once the brexit or is it making too much transition period ends. the eu's chief negotiator, of a deal of when england — michel barnier, has said both sides and specifically london — are at "a moment of truth", go into higher tiers, causing resentment and confusion elsewhere? with just a few hours left. let's speak to rob watson. the pandemic has had different impacts in different parts a few hours left — what does that of the uk, and with devolved govenrments in scotland, wales and northern ireland, mean? that's scary, isn't it? one that's meant different rules cannot help thinking that they said in different places, whatever is decided by the national last weekend and maybe we can before government in westminster. but it's also made life difficult that and even before that that there for broadcasters such as the bbc. we re that and even before that that there were lines in the sand, that they take the announcement reported we re were lines in the sand, that they were taking things up to the wire, so were taking things up to the wire, so the clock is ticking down but i guess the view you might want to on monday's lunchtime news. ta ke guess the view you might want to take is that until the transition of britain's exit from the european as coronavirus cases 01’ as coronavirus cases or london faces union definitely ends on the 31st of a move to tier 3. england's highest december, anything can happen right level of restriction. with ministers up and officials said to be deeply december, anything can happen right up until that point. december, anything can happen right up untilthat point. ok, rob, thank you very much indeed. you are of concerned while pubs bars and restau ra nts concerned while pubs bars and restaurants could close. concerned while pubs bars
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and restaurants could close. course watching bbc news. still to the extent of coverage on monday prompted deborah barker to record this video for us. come on the programme... 0ne i live in the north in a tier 3 area. we were in tier 2 to start course watching bbc news. still to come on the programme... one of the yea r‘s come on the programme... one of the year's biggest video games is pulled with and now we've moved into tier from both the playstation and 3. there are lots of other towns and microsoft store. we will speak to a cities around which are also in tier 3. gamer. plans by the uk government to test more than five million school pupils in england for coronavirus when they return from the christmas break injanuary has been branded undeliverable. the comments come from teaching unions, school governors, the church of england and colleges. ministers announced the plans on thursday along with a staggered return to the classroom. years 11 and 13 would return in the first week of january — other year groups would work online from home until week two. but schools says it will be impossible to recruit and train the thousands of people needed to carry out tests in the next two weeks.
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i feel absolutely physically and emotionally exhausted after what has definitely been the toughest term everin definitely been the toughest term ever in 20 years in teaching. when i heard this news two days ago, i actually felt rather broken, because ijust thought, actually felt rather broken, because i just thought, how are we going actually felt rather broken, because ijust thought, how are we going to get all of this done in the time prims we have been given? and it just feels overwhelming. this is bbc news. the headlines: us vice president mike pence gets his vaccine on live tv to encourage others to have the shot, as more than 3,000 americans die of covid—19 every day. the world health organization says it has now secured two billion doses of coronavirus vaccine for poorer countries. it says deliveries will begin in the first three months of next year. the agency's covax initiative aims to ensure fair and equitable access to covid—19
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vaccines worldwide. markjit is professor of vaccine epidemiology at the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine. hejoins us now from central london. thank you forjoining us here on bbc news. first off, there are a lot of countries, arts there, within the covax group? 2 million vaccines, thatis covax group? 2 million vaccines, that is not much. asked, almost every country in the road is part of the covax initiative, it is a real coming together —— yes, almost every country in the world. this will be essential. they will be used for the highest risk people around the world, but it won't be enough to vaccinate everybody in the world. can you remind us which vaccine are in this portfolio? there are a few well—known names not in there. in this portfolio? there are a few well-known names not in there. most of the more advanced vaccine, for example the astrazeneca 0xford
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vaccine, is part of covax, the johnson &johnson vaccine, is part of covax, the johnson & johnson is vaccine, is part of covax, the johnson &johnson is in the initiative. the vaccine were giving in the uk, the pfizer vaccine, is currently not pa rt in the uk, the pfizer vaccine, is currently not part of covax yet. ok, we are hearing, i do not know if you are aware of this, but something very similar to what we have seen in the united kingdom, south africa has announced that they have spotted, identified, a new variant called 501 version two, the source code —— the sars—covid2. how worrying is that? this is a worrying development, but we have to closely for we have just been able to genetically detect that it is different from the previous train, and we have to find out more about how fast it spreads, whether people
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who are immune to existing rotavirus continue to be immune to it, and so i would say it is worrying, but we have to watch closely —— existing coronavirus. ok, and the main challenge for a lot of these lower and dylan come countries in covax is actually delivering, rolling out that vaccine —— middle income. actually delivering, rolling out that vaccine -- middle income. this is the challenge for these countries because they will begin the two groups that are not normally vaccinated like all the people. these countries vaccinate young children, but they will have to really mobilise their entire health ca re really mobilise their entire health care workforce to deliver it to these other groups in time. and very quickly, we have seen problems with nationalism, vaccine nationalism, but fantastic news from countries like canada. they secured enough to
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vaccinate their country four times over. how important is moves like this that they are going to donate? first of all, there are countries that are trying to secure as much as they can for themselves, which is good news for those countries. it is great that we already have a vaccine that has been given to people in the uk, the people who needed them most, but there are many countries in the world who cannot afford to have all these bilateral deals with companies, so this initiative, covax, is going to be so important to make sure the vaccine gets to the countries that really cannot afford it, the countries that can only afforded because there is this mechanism to buy you vaccines at very low prices and bring them to every country in the world. professor markjit, it's been a pleasure. thank you very much. sony has halted the worldwide sale of one of the most highly—anticipated video games of all timejust days after its release.
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customers complained that cyberpunk 2077 — which broke sales records with more than eight million pre—orders — kept crashing and freezing, despite developers spending almost ten years working on it. in the past few hours, microsoft has announced it is offering refunds to anyone who bought the game, though it's not pulled it from its xbox stores. here's what the game is about — as explained by actor keanu reeves, talking to bbc sounds. motion capture, baby!
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alijones is a reporter for gamesradar and has been covering cyberpunk‘s development for the last few years. hejoins me now. thank you forjoining us here on bbc news. will they be forgiven is not this is a huge mistake, is in its? this is a difficult question to answer. the product developer of cyberpunk 2077 has built up a lot of goodwill over the last five or so yea rs goodwill over the last five or so years and so over the last seven days, we seen an awful lot of that goodwill evaporate, basically. days, we seen an awful lot of that goodwill evaporate, basicallym days, we seen an awful lot of that goodwill evaporate, basically. it is interesting they have admitted they did not pay enough attention, bit of transparency there, because they did not actually show the game on the last generation consuls. no. review copies did not go out for ps for an xbox one until late, that is generally not a good sign —— ps four. the lush and region consuls
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we re four. the lush and region consuls were the issues —— last generation consuls... the ps4 and xbox one suffer from issues that do not make it unplayable but hurts the expectations the audience and developers had. what would you say in terms of why they rusted out? was it the money members of the developers? what sort of pressures are companies like sony under? sony in this case is not so much under the same kind of pressure as the developer, sony is a platform that is helping distribute the game, to those players taking part in playstation. cd projekt red will put themselves under a lot of pressure. the game has been under development for several years and creating a game like this take hundreds of staff many years, extremely complicated, extremely expensive.
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but they are not pulling it entirely. could you clear some thing up entirely. could you clear some thing upfor us? the entirely. could you clear some thing up for us? the refunds are on digital versions, are they?” believe in the last few hours, yes, the playstation versions are only for digital, i am the playstation versions are only for digital, iam not100% the playstation versions are only for digital, i am not 100% aware of the situation with microsoft, but cd projekt red says able expend out—of—pocket to provide refunds to also as a go copies of the game as well. ok, ali jones, we are going to leave it there for now, reporter with gamesradar. and just very quickly. the patches cannot in the new year. that is correct. thank you. that is ali jones with gamesradar. a hospital in yemen's capital sanaa has said two newborn conjoined twin boys are in "critical condition" and need treatment abroad. the hospital says it has low capacity and the doctors are limited in detecting which organs are connected between the two babies.
8:26 pm
the conflict in yemen between iran—backed houthi rebels and a saudi—led military coalition has devastated health service. hello there. it's been a mild, wet and windy day today. some parts of the country have been very wet, and we have seen the number of flood warnings increasing, river levels rising across parts of southwest england and into wales as well. this band of cloud hasjust been sat across the uk, bringing the wetter weather across scotland, northern england, wales and western parts of england. the heaviest of rain, though, where we still have this amber rain warning from the met office across southwest and southwest englund, more flooding from a more travel disruption. and by the end of the day, there could be as much as 100 mm, four inches of rain having fallen over dartmoor and also the brecon beacons. that wetter weather is still around at the moment, but gradually,
8:27 pm
overnight, that band of rain, heavy for a while, will push its way more towards eastern parts of england — allowing clear spells and showers to follow notjust to northern ireland, but further into scotland, wales and western england. it will still be windy overnight, so it's going to be a mild start to the weekend with temperatures of 8—10 celsius. the weekend will probably look a little different, actually, with sunny spells and some scattered showers. that very mild but wet weather that we've seen today is getting pushed away out towards the east, allowing those showers to roll in around that area of low pressure and draw in some cooler weather as the weekend goes on. start of the weekend, though, we have still got some rain affecting easternmost parts of england, that will clear away by mid—morning, and then these bands of showers come packing in fairly quickly, actually. more frequent and heavier showers, perhaps thundery, across more western parts of uk. there will be some sunshine in between the showers, but we have still got the strong and gusty south—south—westerly wind that will blow those showers further east and further inland. it's going to be a windy day, but it will still be a mild day, not quite as mild as today, but 9—12 celsius. it does turn cooler as the weekend goes on, and early on sunday,
8:28 pm
temperatures in rural areas could be as low as 4—5 celsius. we've still got some sunshine and some showers on sunday. most of the wet and windy weather will be towards the northwest of scotland, the showers elsewhere, fewer, more in the way of sunshine and gradually, the winds will ease down a bit as well. temperatures will be a shade lower, around 8—10 celsius. signs of cloud and rain arriving in the southwest by the end of the day. and for the first few days of next week, actually, it's going to be wet and windy at times, threatening some more flooding, but it will be drier and colderjust 00:28:33,775 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 in time for christmas.
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