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tv   BBC News  BBC News  December 22, 2020 6:45pm-7:00pm GMT

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-- how exciting a everything to me. -- how exciting a prospect is it for you as a fighter now? we share this gem in 2010. we have a great history, he spoke highly of me, he is a great talent. especially in its current climate, you have two of the best heavyweights in the world, for me and him, it's massive. but for the world and for the world to now see the importance of grassroots boxing, it is bigger than me and him. it is the worlds eyes on boxing, the government's eyes on boxing, especially in this time, to say that these kids have come through the grassroots, through the olympic system, to the professional, to bring on a boxing show that will be one of the biggest events since the world cup. it will boost the economy, the morale of the people. let's get behind boxing. talking of getting behind boxing, joshua also said he's giving a six
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figure sum to fund amateur boxing clubs in england, scotland and wales. the sport's been badly hit this year with clubs forced to close their doors because of the pandemic. last month the government announced a £300 million bail—out plan for 11 british sports to fight coronavirus, but that didn't include amateur boxing. i can't raise 300 million in the short space of time. but what i can do is come up with a sustainable solution for the long term and in the meantime, is make sure that there is something substantial enough to continue with the lights being turned on and see them through this tough period. also, most importantly, i feel it should bring attention to private investors, sponsored, supporting the kids in the community, that will make a big difference. if you could us raise awareness as well, i think that will be the main thing. anthony joshua speaking earlier.
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now its expected to be a season like no other when the nba returns later. the defending champions — the la lakers — are one of the teams in action in the states as they face the la clippers. and, as the players get ready to go again in a few hours, our reporter nesta mcgregorjoins us to look ahead to the season. nesta, it's hard to believe tonight's games take place just 72 days since the lakers lifted that championship trophy at disney world. who are the favourites this time around? that 72 days you mentioned equates to the shortest pre—season in us professional sporting history. there has even been those that have questioned whether the players have adequate time to recover, especially those with bodies, let's say further into their careers. the la lakers, they start as favourites to retain their title, led by lebrunjames in what it hit bay his 18th season in the league. the main rivals, look no further than the other team in los angeles, the la clippers. they performed last season and have a
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point to prove. also the return of kevin durant. it's been 18 months since he stepped a court after an achilles tendon injury. pair with another star, he is anything close to its former self, expecting to go far. also in with a shout. they are fronted by kostas antetokounmpo. last week, he signed the biggest contract in history, he will be having a good christmas and finally, we can't forget about the golden staple... bay also play tonight in a depleted team since winning three of the last six titles. they still have steph curry, the greatest distance shooter they've ever seen. it's our first regular—season game, so a lot of excitement being back in action. it's all up for grabs so it's going to bea it's all up for grabs so it's going to be a great story lines and headers every week about who is
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showing up and surprising us. we are ina showing up and surprising us. we are in a period where very few things are guaranteed. like most sports, i would imagine the nba is holding it's breath? last season was concluded in a bubble with everyone staying at disneyland. this time, everyone is backin disneyland. this time, everyone is back in their own arenas, apart from the toronto raptors, they've had to go to florida because of the restrictions in canada where they are based on the united states. only the first type of fixtures have been released, with the nba hoping that fa ns released, with the nba hoping that fans might be allowed back at some point. to try to limit the risk of covert cases —— covid cases, therefore spending less time in the airand on the therefore spending less time in the air and on the road as well. some arenas will have fans and others won't, worth remembering that america has the most reported coronavirus cases in the world. not surprisingly, there is lots of concern about the safety surrounding
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the upcoming season. we are going to go forward as we are. we have a fair degree of confidence in it but i wa nt degree of confidence in it but i want to make sure that everyone understands that the safety and health of our players are a number one priority. if we feel that that has beenjeopardised, one priority. if we feel that that has been jeopardised, we one priority. if we feel that that has beenjeopardised, we will stop. the nba commissioner adam silver there. so, uncertainty but excitement as it gets under way. thank you. let's take a look at some of the other sports news stories making the headlines today. organisers of the delayed tokyo olympic and paralympic games will spend nearly £700 million on measures to stop the spread of coronavirus at next year's events. it could make the tokyo games the most expensive summer olympics in history. fifa have lodged a criminal complaint against former president sepp blatter over the finances of a museum in switzerland. they say blatter‘s previous administration cost them £420 million to renovate "a building that the organisation doesn't own".
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blatter resigned from his post in 2015 amid a corruption scandal and denies any wrongdoing. pakistan avoided a t20 series cleansweep against new zealand in a thrilling match. iftikhar ahmed hit a six to win withjust two balls remaining. the sides will now play a two—match test series starting on boxing day. and finally, yesterday on sportsday, we told you that david martindale would take interim charge of livingston until the end of the season after he presided over four games and four wins. well done him, you might say, but when you hear what he's gone through, it's actually an incredible achievement. 1a years ago, martindale was convicted and sentenced to six years in prision, serving four. since then he's turned his life around, getting a university degree, his uefa b licence and now the top job at the scottish premiership club. i spoke to him earlier and asked
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if he was incredibly proud. i don't know if incredibly proud is the correct word. i've worked extremely hard to get where i am and iam extremely hard to get where i am and i am pretty humble about it, to be honest, because i know how quick it can all change. the plan is to try and take livingston as high up the table as possible. we are in a league cup semifinal at hamden, it would be fantastic to take that into a final at hamden and better to lift a final at hamden and better to lift a trophy. you are in interim charge until the end of the season. you have to pass the fit and proper test by the scottish fa. there is some application about that. —— my apprehension about that.|j application about that. —— my apprehension about that. i was arrested in 2004 and what i was imprisoned in 2006. i was released in 2010. so i have to pass the scottish football association is fit and proper test. they've come out
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recently and said, i think late last week, about inclusion and diversity and opportunity, so i hope that will stand me in good stead going forward. i think that's the key word, isn't it? because not everybody gets given the same opportunities and i think for you, you didn't realise that there could bea you didn't realise that there could be a different life from the one that you had when you are growing up. i grew up and i was that busy growing up in the scheme with my pals that i didn't really, i kind of stopped going to school, i never finished my education, i didn't realise how important education was to you as an individual. so, it wasn't until later in life that i realise that education was the path to better things, so to speak, and a better way of life. people often say, i fell better way of life. people often say, ifell in better way of life. people often say, i fell in with the wrong crowd, but you have been very mature about taking responsibility for your actions and saying that, actually,
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that's just what i was used to doing. it wasjust that's just what i was used to doing. it was just what i was used to doing but, to be honest, i was in the wrong crowd, i was part of that crowd. so i think you have to take the responsibility and you have to ta ke the responsibility and you have to take it on the chin and it's the only way you can move forward is to deal with your past, so to speak. and i would imagine that you probably want to be that example of it. it's almost a cliche, but rehabilitation done how it works, because you made that decision that you didn't want to go back to prison. i made that decision in 2004 when i realise the impact of my actions. i'm just lucky that i have landed at the door of livingston football clu b landed at the door of livingston football club where the people at the top of been very open—minded. this they have welcomed me with open arms and they have been very supportive of me over the last 67 yea rs. supportive of me over the last 67 years. and also your friends and family as well a bit supportive as
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well. yes, my wife has been incredibly supportive and i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my partner. what an incredibly inspirational story, isn't it? wishing him the best of luck against hamilton tomorrow. we talked about coronavirus impacting sport at the top of the show — and some big rugby union news to bring you before we go. leicester tigers match against newcastle falcons in the premiership has been called off. it was due to take place on boxing day, but there's been a small number of positive tests in the tigers squad with a large number now self isolating. and an update on the league cup quarter final between brentford and newcastle — after 66 minutes it's1—0 to brentford, josh de silva with the goal on 65 minutes. newcastle went close early on but brentford came back into it.
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and you can keep up to date with all the goals from tonight's games with 5 live final score on the iplayer, bbc sport app or the red button now. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. good evening. we'll all be in chilly air by the time we head to christmas, but for the time being tonight, bit of a north—south split continuing. where we saw the best of the brightness today across parts of scotland, northern ireland, this is where we'll see a frost developed for a while. further south, with grey skies we saw in southern parts of england and wales, the cloudy conditions develop more widely, bringing rain. and it's rain which could become a problem again over the next 36 hours, particularly for england and wales, and in these areas marked in darker blue in our rainfall accumulation charts, maybe 40—70 mm of rain possible falling
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on saturated ground. river levels high. keep up—to—date with latest flood and weather warnings on our website. and the rain will be hit and miss tonight for england and wales. certainly a lot of cloud could fringe into the borders and southeast of northern ireland, but much of scotland and northern ireland will be dry, partly clear skies and the chance of a frost. frost free for england and wales and a mild night the further south you are. but the rain we see on wednesday will come courtesy of this area of low pressure. that's going to intensify the rain for some and make it more persistent for others. light winds to begin with across england and wales, rain coming and going, heavier bursts developing through the day. the odd rumble of thunder, too, but there will be gaps in the rain, as you can see, even a little bit of brightness at times. 13 degrees possible with that around the english channel. scotland, northern ireland by comparison, hazy sunshine to begin with. going to turn a bit sunnier through the day, but a cold day here. winds not too much of an issue to begin with across the country, but they will start to pick up across northern england, wales, the southwest, and it's here where we could see gales developing ahead into the evening and overnight as that
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rain gradually start to clear its way eastwards as that low pressure departs towards the east of us. as it does, follow the isobars back. they'll be coming down from the north. it's northerly winds which will then introduce much colder air for christmas eve and christmas day. now, we will even see a bit of snow, particularly on christmas eve, mixed in with some showers, they'll be very much hit and miss. snow mainly over the hills, a lot of dry and bright weather. big improvement for england and wales as far as sunshine's concerned on thursday, but down those eastern coasts, 4 degrees, gale force winds. it's going to feel subzero, a really raw feeling day down the eastern half of the country. and then, to take us into christmas morning, a bit of sparkle of a widespread frost rather than snow on the ground. a lot of dry and bright weather to come, too, early showers and eastern england clearing, lots of sunshine. bright start in northern ireland and scotland, but wet and windy weather arriving in the northwest later. see you soon.
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hello, i'm ros atkins. this is outside source. nearly 3,000 lorries are still stuck near the uk port of dover over fears a new variant of coronavirus might spread to europe. ifi if i knew one day before, hey guys, but they were closed in one day, i would never come here. america's top diseases expert gets the coronavirus vaccine live on television and tells the bbc he's not reccomending a travel ban from the uk, but extra measures should be looked at. i think we should seriously consider the possibility of requiring preflight testing. and scientists say the new variant of the virus in the uk demands even tougher restrictions.


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