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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  January 10, 2021 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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well avoided using the trade back. well avoided using the trade name. the other thing that might be attractive to lots people is the new year, new resolutions, trying to lose those christmas pounds that we have all put on. sojoe probably has a new audience. most definitely. and i'm sure many people up and in the country will be partaking in the work—out and i'm sure there are many other people online as well on different platforms that can tune into this who can get a free work—out. so there is a chance for everyone to try and keep going because goodness knows we need to do it considering how many steps or how much less active we are now that we are trapped in our homes. we have got no excuse basically. plenty people out there prepared to put us through our paces. lovely to see you both. don't know when it will be impersonal but nice to have you down the line. thank you forjoining us tonight. that's it for the papers. dubai paper in the morning or
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subscribe to one. next, the film review. good night. hello, and welcome to the film review with me, anna smith. i'm filling in for mark kermode to review this week's home viewing releases. by the time wonder woman 1984 came out in mid—december, only a fraction of uk cinemas were actually open. but i have good news. everyone will be able to watch it at home from wednesday.
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the sequel from pattyjenkins begins with a flashback to the utopian world of themyscira, before jumping into the 19805. diana prince, played by gal gadot, is now living in washington, dc. she's leading a double life, working for the smithsonian and occasionally leaping into superhero mode to thwart robbers and joyriders and the like. she then meets a more complex foe in would—be oil baron max lord, who's played by the mandalorian's pedro pascal. i take what i want in return. in terms of tone, this feels deliciously 19805. there are shades of everything from ghostbusters to back to the future to big. there's also an air of vintage dc films like superman and batman returns. i'm ready to go. i think we can do better. political and feminist messages are here if you choose to look for them, which i certainly do,
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but the tone is a little lighter than the first film. we won't be doing that today. bridesmaids star kristin wiig is a standout as diana's colleague barbara minerva. her journey from clumsy, mild—mannered scientist to the supervillain cheetah is immensely enjoyable and aided by terrific work from costume designer lindy hemming. barbara, what did you do? meanwhile, steve, played by chris pine, makes a return in somewhat dubious circumstances. it's not the only preposterous plot point, but i was still swept away by this film's action, breezy nostalgia and positive spirit. wonder woman 1984 will be on premium video on—demand from wednesday the 13th of january. now to a documentary about a unique actor and comedian, the late robin williams. he was always able to power through it. and he'd become this guy that you knew, remembered and loved.
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the way that he was able to battle the inner turmoils, he was a freaking warrior. it no longer feels loyal to be silent about it, but maybe more loyal to share. when williams took his own life in 2014, the media speculated about the reasons. an autopsy laterfound he had previously undiagnosed lewy body dementia. nearly every region of his brain was under attack. he experienced himself disintegrating. robin's wish probes into his final months and suggests that the neurodegenerative disorder was behind his suicide. these lewy bodies were in nearly every region of his brain. the actor's widow gives a detailed testimony, and an interview with shawn levy, director of night at the museum 3, is equally poignant. i remember him saying to me, "i don't know what's going on, i'm not me anymore." not all the interviews in the film work so well.
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chats with neighbours feel a bit like filler and lectures from medical experts have a defensive tone, as if straining to set the record straight. it does at least succeed in doing that and in raising awareness about a debilitating disease. but its focus remains unclear. this is neither a scientific documentary nor a satisfying biography. it only covers parts of williams' career and private life. but there's enough archived footage and heartfelt tribute in robin's wish to remind you of a funny, kind and fiercely intelligent man. the thing that matters are others. that's what life is about. it's out on digital and on—demand now. what if we could eliminate everything from the stage except the stuff we care about the most? without cables or wires, what would be left? well, it would be us and you...
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and that's with the show is. now to the world of music and david byrne‘s american utopia. spike lee directs this concert film of byrne‘s live broadway production, which features songs from the band talking heads as well as his solo work. the concert is engagingly simple and technically brilliant. byrne and musicians perform with wireless instruments. they're meticulously choreographed and sartorially coordinated, yet each exudes individual charisma. music. it's an energetic show that preaches hope amid political turmoil. a cover of the janelle monae protest song hell you talmbout is particularly powerful. i was lucky enough to see byrne on his american utopia tour, and this comes pretty close to capturing the magic of that live experience.
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it's on digital now and available on dvd from monday the 11th of january. listen. listen! do you hear that? it's really strong. it's great. she sounds really good. hi, baby. now a new film that's just come to netflix, pieces of a woman, starring vanessa kirby. the crown actress puts in a phenomenal performance as martha, a woman who tragically loses her newborn child. the film opens with a detailed depiction of her agonising labour. i found it incredibly tough to watch, but it's a rare and a very important perspective to see in cinema. this comes from real life partners director komel mundruczo and writer kata weber. they gradually shift the tone from an exploration of grief to a courtroom drama. we need somejustice here!
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no, you need. that is what you want, that is what you need! that is your way, that is not my way! that is what you need! shia labeouf, recently the subject of a lawsuit himself, plays martha's partner, while ellen burstyn is tremendous as her mother. who cares about what they think? this is about me. this is about my life. pieces of a woman is on netflix now. next up, a documentary set in a monastery in the himalayas. music. sing me a song is the follow—up to thomas balmes's happiness, about an eight—year—old monk in the village of leah.
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this picks up on the same child ten years later, when he'sjuggling monastery life with a more worldly ritual — social media. as he meets a prospective girlfriend on wechat, the film cuts to her life as a singer in the city of timpu. sing me a song is an intriguing portrait of a changing community, but it raises more questions than it answers. it's available on—demand now. hello! you'rejust in time for the not party. we're not having fun in celebration of not closing. onto a blend of documentary and drama, bloody nose, empty pockets is a film set on the last night of a vegas dive bar. anybody want a drink, a shot?
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tell a story? as a series of characters roll—up for a long session, it's easy to believe that this is a fly—on—the—wall reality show. but bloody nose, empty pockets is actually filmed in new orleans, with a hired cast playing versions of themselves or whatever they feel like doing as the booze flows. what kind of a party is it if an australian guy doesn't take his pants off? i've been saying that for years. in a casting process that sounds a lot of fun, film—maker brothers bill and turner ross scoured late—night dives to find drinkers with stories to tell and got them used to having cameras around. the result is a staged, but evocative evening with effecting moments of truth. many punters talk about what led them to the bar scene. pam says that her childhood ambition was to be immature and she loves that it's thanksgiving every day. the mood can be maudlin, but it's more bittersweet than depression as these folks find community with virtual strangers.
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if you're missing your local boozer, then bloody nose, empty pockets is on—demand now. finally, to a film that is definitely pure fiction — vanguard, starring jackie chan. the actor's seventh collaboration with director stanley tong casts him as tang, the boss of an international security firm called vanguard. they're protecting a chinese accountant who's fallen foul of the mob. and his daughter has equally foolishly advertised her exact whereabouts on instagram. after a face—off in london's chinatown, tang and his team of attractive, quick—thinking operatives head to africa to protect this innocent influencer. they find her frolicking with computer—generated lions, unaware that a team of surly thugs are out to kidnap her.
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much like the plot, the action scenes are completely over the top. at one point, a truck made out of gold smashes into a shopping mall in dubai. the dialogue is a mixture of mandarin, english and arabic, but either way, the script feels like a combination of bad b—movies and scooby—doo cartoons. gurning baddies refer to meddling brats and plant ticking bombs. vanguard is so absurd it's occasionally entertaining. but whether it's worth your hard—earned cash is another matter. it's available on—demand now. thanks for watching the film review with me, anna smith. mark kermode will be back next week. meantime, stay safe. hello there. the temperatures on sunday were a few degrees higher than they have been over recent days, but it was still on the chilly side. just four degrees in manchester,
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seven in edinburgh. but the weather is turning milder, and as we head into monday afternoon, we're looking at highs between 8—10 degrees celsius pretty widely across the country. that milder air is working in at the moment. with that, a lot of cloud, some damp weather around as well. persistent rain in scotland, and the rain here combining with snowmelt to bring a risk of some flooding. most areas will be frost—free as we head into the first part of monday morning. the exception, really, is shetland, where it's going to continue to be cold and frosty, and there'll be some snow showers here as well. monday's forecast, then, wet weather across northern and western areas of the country. the driest and brightest weather towards the south east. as these cold winds feed into the weather front, we'll see some of the rain turn to snow for a time across the high ground in the highlands and also into the grampians. but for most of us, it's mild. temperatures, 8—10 degrees.
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this is bbc news. i'm james reynolds with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. a senior democrat lays out the possible timeline for impeaching donald trump, after at least 200 democrats give their support to a draft article of impeachment. indonesian authorities locate the flight recorders of the passenger plane that crashed into the sea on saturday, minutes after ta ke—off from jakarta. fresh warnings that the nhs could soon be overwhelmed by coronavirus cases. the uk health secretary is not ruling ourfurther restrictions — amid concerns about whether enough people are complying. with less than 200 days to the olympics, japan has declared a state of emergency for the nation's capital tokyo. disruption to supermarket supplies in northern ireland, as food shipments from great britain become more complex after brexit.


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