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tv   The Exiles Hong Kong at a...  BBC News  February 13, 2021 2:30pm-3:00pm GMT

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hello, this is bbc news. the headlines. the government launches a final push to vaccinate the most vulnerable, as it closes in on its target of 15 millionjabs.
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if you're one of those groups and you got your shot in the next couple of days can obviously do it but if you haven't been contacted yet, our message today is please make sure you get in contact. meanwhile, leading british scientists warn vaccines must be made available to poorer countries in order to bring the pandemic under control. former president donald trump is expected to be acquitted when senators vote on his second impeachment trial later today. protests in myanmar enter their eighth day, as the un passes a resolution denouncing the military coup and calling for the release of aung san suu kyi. now on bbc news, the exiles: hong kong at a crossroads. after months of increasingly violent protests in hong kong, beijing imposed a sweeping national security law. many activists now face an agonising choice — to stay, or to go.
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at the age of 25, h is leaving home for the first time
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going overseas alone, fleeing hong kong.
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after months of increasingly violent protests, beijing imposed a sweeping national security law injune 2020 vowing to bring back stability to hong kong. under the law, the maximum punishment for offences like secession and subversion is life imprisonment. the next day britain, the colonial ruler of hong kong for over 150 years, responded. if china continue down this path, we would introduce a new route for those with british national overseas status to enter the uk, granting them limited to leave to remain with the ability to live and work in the uk. a move met with angerfrom beijing.
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an estimated nearly 5.5 million hong kongers, including h and ah ching, now have the right to move to the uk. the latest trigger in a long—running battle over greater autonomy from mainland china was a move to introduce a extradition bill that could see people accused of certain serious offences be tried on the mainland. it turned into a larger more confrontational movement against china's growing influence.
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h joined a group on the encrypted app telegram, created by a 30—year—old man we're calling ah ching. they call each other sau zuks, which can be loosely translated as "comrades".
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when britain handed back hong kong to china in 1997, it was agreed that the city would continue to enjoy certain rights unavailable and the rest of china. now, hong kong people are to run hong kong. that is the promise, and that is the unshakeable destiny. archive: it was then the skies | exploded with noise and colour. the last rites of imperialism finished with, the departing power staged a carnival of light. the generation who will grow
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to adulthood as chinese citizens looked on in wonder.
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a lot of people thinking about leaving hong kong and h was one of them, and i told him, "mate, i'm here. "if you come to the uk, i can help you settle down." i met h when we were in school — wow, it must�*ve been like ten years now.
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so, basically, like since like the first year we've met we have been like best friends. he is more like a sibling to me more than friend. i do feel a bit guilty for the fact that like i wasn't there for him last year, but i'm glad that he come to the uk. so, at least, like, he won't be in danger anymore.
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shouting. the national security law combined with the current affairs pandemic brought the protest to a halt.
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but in september 2020 on the date the government postponed the hong kong parliamentary elections, a rare demonstration took place, and ah ching took to the streets again. chanting. martin, another member of their group, went to look for him.
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martin wasn't there when ah ching walked out, released on bail after being detained for more than 2a hours. police didn't press charges against him.
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hello there. our weather is set to turn milder next week but before we get there we could see some problems developing overnight with a widespread frost around and a risk of some ice, particularly into scotland and northern england. we have seen quite a bit of snow around around western areas at its heaviest in northern ireland but it has been affecting parts of west scotland, western parts of england and wales as well. this weather front will
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continue to lose its umph so the snow will turn lighter and accumulations become limited and patchy. what happens later on is we will start to see some of the snow turned rain across parts of scotland and northern england. notjust normal rain but something we call freezing rain. for the first part of the night there will be a widespread frost in place but it is this freezing rain that could cause some problems later in the night heading into the first part of sunday across scotland and northern england. what is freezing rain? it is liquid drain that has got a temperature below 0 degrees and as soon as it touches services it turns to ice so the reds could become very dangerous. as well as that, with ice building up on tree branches, they can be brought down by the weight of the ice and the same is true of power lines. we could see some localised power cuts. it could be quite a dangerous stuck
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to the day on sunday but through the day bans of rain push eastwards and windy with gusts of 60—70 miles an hour and stronger in the hebrides. it will be turning milder from the west with temperatures up to 12 in belfast. east scotland, central and eastern parts of england still on the cool side with temperature is about 4—6. we will see rain clearing eastwards through sunday night and into monday quite a bit of cloud around with showers particularly across western areas. some bright or sunny spells but it is very mild compared with the weather we've seen over recent days. temperatures, northern ireland, england and wales 11-13, northern ireland, england and wales 11—13, scotland 8—9. if anything in the week ahead it gets even milder. indeed this time next weekend in london we could see temperatures as high as 16. it will feel like spring has sprung.
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this is bbc news, broadcasting in the uk and around the world. i'm samantha simmonds. our top stories... the us senate reconvenes for the fifth and potentially final day of donald trump's second impeachment trial. republicans are expected to acquit the former president on the charge of inciting insurrection. iam gary i am gary o'donoghue, live on capitol hill, where the republican leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell, has made it clear he will vote to acquit dahlstrom. —— donald trump. this is the scene live outside the senate chamber, where the trial is set to resume shortly. we'll take you to it here on bbc world news, as soon as it gets underway.


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