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tv   The Exiles  BBC News  February 17, 2021 1:30am-2:01am GMT

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prisoner by her father. the bbc has obtained video in which she says she's being kept in solitary confinement. sheikh mohammed bin rashid al maktoum says princess latifa is safe in the care of the family. donald trump has heavily criticised the leader of the republican party in the us senate, mitch mcconnell, saying the party would never again be strong with leaders like him. just days after his acquittal in his second impeachment trial, the former president described mr mcconnell as dour and sullen. in myanmar, the trial of the detained civilian leader aung san suu kyi has begun behind closed doors. ms suu kyi faces a new charge of violating the country's natural disaster law and an initial charge of possessing illegal communications. protests against the military coup have continued across myanmar.
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the radio 2 presenter jo whiley says she is living "a nightmare" after her 53—year—old sister who has learning disabilities and diabetes, tested positive for coronavirus after an outbreak in her care home. jo whiley revealed that she has been offered a vaccine before her younger sister, frances, possibly she thinks because she is a carer for her sister. and she said she wanted to speak up for the people who have been overlooked. she's been speaking to our disability correspondent, nikki fox. she's my younger sister, she's got red hair, and she's got the flaming temper that goes with it. she gives really good hugs. she forms very, very close attachments with people. jo's sister, frances, lives in supported living alongside other people with learning disabilities. she's still not had her vaccine, butjo has been offered hers. it doesn't make complete sense to me why i would get the vaccine, and my sister who has learning disabilities, who has diabetes, and is vulnerable, would not get the vaccine. what measures have you and your
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family gone to to try and get frances the vaccine? for weeks now we have done everything we possibly can, i cannot tell you. i have sent e—mails, my mum has sent e—mails, the care home have sent e—mails, and in the end you just give up. that is what we had to do. after weeks of concern, todayjo found out that frances has tested positive for coronavirus. please, please, please, can nothing happen to her, can she be ok, can she be one of the lucky ones who gets through this without being seriously ill? the thought of her having to go to hospital without my mum by her side and frances being terrified and confused and having to go through something like this on her own is just not something i want to think about, to be honest. it is important that they get vaccinated to help to protect them and save them from maybe having to go to hospital where they will
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get stressed out and you know that they can't have people with them who understand them. of course, some people with disabilities in certain areas are getting the vaccine. how do you feel that frances has not got hers yet? the fact that it comes down to being a postcode lottery, i have one coming to me and my sister is not going to be able to have one for a really long time, it isjust so unfair. so unfair. now on bbc news, the exiles: hong kong at a crossroads. after months of increasingly violent protests in hong kong, beijing imposed a sweeping national security law. many activists now face an agonising choice, to stay, or to go.
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at the age of 25, h is leaving home for the first time going overseas alone, fleeing hong kong.
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after months of increasingly violent protests, beijing imposed a sweeping national security law injune 2020
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vowing to bring back stability to hong kong. under the law, the maximum punishment for offences like secession and subversion is life imprisonment. the next day britain, the colonial ruler of hong kong for over 150 years, responded. if china continue down this path, we would introduce a new route for those with british national overseas status to enter the uk, granting them limited to leave to remain with the ability to live and work in the uk. a move met with anger from beijing. an estimated nearly 5.5 million hong kongers, including h and ah ching, now have the right to move to the uk.
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the latest trigger in a long—running battle over greater autonomy from mainland china was a move to introduce a extradition bill that could see people accused of certain serious offences be tried on the mainland. it turned into a larger more confrontational movement against china's growing influence.
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h joined a group on the encrypted app telegram, created by a 30—year—old man we're calling ah ching. they call each other sau zuks, which can be loosely translated as "comrades".
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when britain handed back hong kong to china in 1997, it was agreed that the city would continue to enjoy certain rights unavailable and the rest of china. now, hong kong people are to run hong kong. that is the promise, and that is the unshakeable destiny. archive: it was then the skies | exploded with noise and colour. the last rites of imperialism finished with, the departing power staged a carnival of light. the generation who will grow to adulthood as chinese citizens looked on in wonder.
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a lot of people thinking about leaving hong kong and h was one of them, and i told him, "mate, i'm here. "if you come to the uk, i can help you settle down."
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i met h when we were in school — wow, it must�*ve been like ten years now. so, basically, like since like the first year we've met we have been like best friends. he is more like a sibling to me more than friend.
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i do feel a bit guilty for the fact that like i wasn't there for him last year, but i'm glad that he come to the uk. so, at least, like, he won't be in danger anymore.
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shouting. the national security law combined with the current affairs pandemic brought the protest to a halt. but in september 2020 on the date the government postponed the hong kong parliamentary elections, a rare demonstration took place, and ah ching took to the streets again.
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chanting. martin, another member of their group, went to look for him.
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martin wasn't there when ah ching walked out, released on bail after being detained for more than 2a hours. police didn't press charges against him.
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hello there. we can expect more mild weather through the rest of this week, but with that, there will be more outbreaks of rain. through wednesday, yes, it will be mild but also windy, some outbreaks of rain at times. quite a wet start to the day, actually, thanks to this frontal system pushing its way eastwards. now, that rain will clear from many areas quite quickly, but you can see this frontjust dangling down towards the south. that means the rain is going to linger across southern counties of england for a good part of the day. in fact, pushing back northwards into parts of south wales, the midlands and east anglia through the afternoon. elsewhere, it's a sunshine and showers day. some particularly heavy showers towards the northwest where it will also be windy. gusts of 70 mph in exposed spots in western scotland. but as you can see,
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it's quite a blustery day for all parts of the uk. temperatures ranging from 7 celsius there in stornoway to a high of 12 celsius in london. now, as we move through wednesday night, we see more wet weather ploughing its way northwards, particularly heavy bursts of rain across the west. the winds coming up from the south, it's going to be a pretty mild start to thursday morning, but, we will see this rain pushed eastwards as we go through the day — pushed eastwards by a weather front, a cold front, and so behind our rain band, we will start to feel the effects of some slightly colder air. you can see the rain pushing eastwards quite quickly through the day. sunny spells and showers following on behind. more persistent rain bending back into northwest scotland. but temperatures actually falling away as the day goes by. these are the values you can expect at 3 o'clock on thursday afternoon. feeling quite chilly, actually, across the west, but that's only a temporary shift to something cooler, because by friday, the winds will be hurtling back up from the southwest again. with that, we will see some
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outbreaks of very heavy rain, maybe some flooding in some western areas, but those temperatures beginning to climb upwards. well, this weather fronts is going to be quite troublesome because it will be wriggling around, bringing pulses of rain. some uncertainty about exactly where the wet weather will end up, but to the southeast of these weather fronts, we will continue to tap into some pretty warm air wafting up from the south. so, temperatures could get as high as 15 or 16 celsius in southern areas, but there will also be some outbreaks of rain at times.
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welcome to bbc news, my name is mike embley. our top stories: secret recordings of princess latifah, daughter of the ruler of dubai, are released exclusively to the bbc. she says she's being held captive by her family. i'm a i'm a hostage and this villa has been converted into a jail, all the windows are barred shut, i cannot open any window. president biden arrives in wisconsin for a televised debate on his $1.9 trillion covid rescue package. more protests against myanmar�*s military coup, ousted leader aung san suu kyi faces new charges. and once in a generation snowfalls across the southern us. texas bears the brunt of freezing conditions.


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