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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  March 23, 2021 3:30am-4:01am GMT

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killed in a shooting at a supermarket in boulder. among the victims is a local police officer, eric talley — who was the first responder on the scene. one man is in custody — police describe him as a person of interest — and they say there is no continuing threat to the public. several western countries have announced sanctions against officials in china — over human rights abuses against the uighur population in xinshang prvince. the sanctions were announced as part of a coordinated effort by the european union, uk, canada and the us. now on bbc news...
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this week, i look back at some of our top trips to thailand. henry is rolling with the punches. look at his abs. mike gets stuck in. i am knee deep and still sinking further. carmen tries a technical solution to pollution. i am cleaning the beach. hello and welcome to the travel show. it is hard to believe it has been around a whole year
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since life changed for everyone in the uk thanks to the covid pandemic. the vaccination scheme is giving everyone hope that we will soon be able to travel. in the meantime stay with us for some escape, inspiration and tips before we hit the road again. this week, we are focusing on that tried and true traveller favourite, thailand. we kick off, literally in the thai capital of bangkok, where back in 2017, we convinced henry to train like a champion and try his hand at the country's national sport. muay thai is said to have been developed by thai warriors on the battlefields of the 14th century. it became known as the art of eight limbs because our hands, shins, elbows and knees are all used
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as points of contact. really quite high octane. these fighters are astonishing, watching up close and personal. but some bright spark at the travel show decided it was a good thing for me to try it out first hand. so tomorrow morning i'm heading over to an actual muay thai camp that trains muay thai fighters from all over thailand. ijust hope that i come out the other end not too bruised and banged up. i head 45 minutes to the north of bngkok to the gym for some of the country's top champions live and train. tourists who want to get fit can stay at camps like this throughout thailand. but this place is known as the toughest. how is the experience been so far? good. really, really tough.
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they are the best. i am training two hours a day, and that is supposed to be
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they are determined to make me sweat even more. it is all about balance. you always think of leaning into a punch. actually, in muay thai, you have to stay pretty much dead centre, keep your weight evenly distributed. it is weird. it is like breaking habits. children here start learning from a very young age. it takes years to master the practice. i'm about to step in the ring with someone who is a top
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contender for muay thai in japan. he looks really mean. look at his abs. i've got a fair way to go yet. practice. basics. whistle. thank you. i think i'm going to have to call it a day. these guys are finely tuned athletes. i have had the tiniest of training here. it has been absolutely amazing but my time here is done. greatjob from henry there,
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channelling his inner warrior. next, a local community battling to save its wildlife. back in 2019 we sent mike to the coast where conservationists have found an ingenious, though rather muddy, solution to an ongoing conservation challenge. few international travellers venture here but in recent years the amazing transformation of its ecosystem has began to draw people like me. it might not be one of the most beautiful ecosystems it's actually quite full of life. crocodiles, crabs, birds,
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all kinds of wildlife here. there a monkey right here. with a crab in its mouth. this place is quite an experience. the shellfish, shrimps and crabs which thrive in this environment were almost at the brink of collapse just a few decades ago because of the dramatic loss of one simple thing. mangroves. industrial shrimp farming left the mangrove forest decimated and with it the fragile ecosystem which the villagers depended on to survive. but the local people began to fight back.
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this man helped bring hundreds of people from nearby villages to replant the mangroves. eventually their work began to pay off and it caught the attention of royalty. when i knew i was going to be planting mangroves i thought these will give good traction, they are waterproof. apparently this is not the right choice.
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i wear these. i put these on my feet, and we go almost waist deep in mud and plant mangroves. i am ready. three, two, one. this is really... i am knee deep and still sinking further. how does it work? one. i've got one. you plant it in just like a normal tree. over 32 years since the replanting began, the mangrove forest has regained a third of what was lost. 0k. one fact about the mangrove tree. they are shaped this way like a torpedo, because they fall from the trees. they go. they are supposed to stick in the ground. they basically plant
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themselves. there we go. mangrove forest, one step bigger. high five. and of course, there is more than one way to get clean after a day exploring the mangroves. i am told that years ago local kids found another use for these boards. it is great to give something back when you are a traveller. but, it is even better if you can have a little fun along the way. mike getting good and messy there on the thai coast. won't it be nice when we get to have adventures like that again? followed by a nice warm shower of course. do stay with us because we have got more great memories coming up.
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this is a feast. it is only once a day. but it is a good feast. time now to head to thailand's famous sandy beaches. it has beautiful coastline which makes it a huge draw for tourists. that is not always good news for the environment. in 2019 we sent carmen, not to catch rays, but to join a clean—up mission. cleaning up thailand's beaches has become a priority for a network of volunteers called trash heroes. the group operates in 25 cities across the country. cleaning the beaches of trash and tiny pieces of cigarettes seems a never—ending task. but the trash heroes
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here could soon have some help. why do we need a beach robot here? because of the trash. so many tourists come to the beach. if the beach gets dirty they will not want to come. how does it work? the robot is digging in the sand, checking to separate the sand out. how much rubbish do you collect? four kilograms of trash from 80 metres. i am dying to have a go.
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that is forward and backwards? left and right. this controls the speed. if you push this down, this will dig in the sand. this is great. i am cleaning the beach. the team is working on a second prototype that will also take the shales out of the trash. sought—after spying —— so satisfying. there is a focus on getting the next generation to think differently about how they treat the beaches, to protect this landscape for the future. carmen doing her bit there on the beach. now to dig deep into the travel show archives, back to 2014.
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henry, before he became a hollywood star, everything was going just fine, then he got lost. this barefoot explorer survival expert dave. for years he has been teaching trekkers basic survival skills that can mean the difference between life and death. i am lost. i need your help. what is the first thing i can do? you cannot be that loss. i have one bar on my mobile phone. do i use that now or save it? i would wait. the chances of as getting rescued now are slim. you have got a night in the jungle to spend. tomorrow we will walk around just a little bit.
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dave's most important tip is to keep hydrated. without water at the body and brain soon going to shut down. that is what we need to sort out first. we are hoping to find water in the bamboo. even in the dry season there is water and bamboo. it tends to be cool, temperature wise. there could be this much water in here, there could be this much.
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we can cut up in here. there we go. let us have a taste. that is good. that is very refreshing. dave originally worked in the shipyards of virginia. when the work they are dried up he decided to head to asia, his home ever since. how did you get involved in these survival techniques? i have been interested in plants all my life. back in america, there were dozens of plants. here, there are dozens of plants in my yard. i had to sort out where i was going to sleep for the night. why is it so important to build a shelter. at certain times of the year, only a few degrees colder than body temperature, that can literally suck the life out of you. also, creepy crawlies, they can keep you from sleeping and annoy you.
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tie everything is many times as you can and make it as tight as you can. that is stable? all we've got to do is put some across and then we are done. holding my breath. that is reasonably comfortable. you might want to take your knife off. what about a pillow? there we go. there is your pillow. that is extremely comfortable. henry, getting some tips from dave, who is still out there, teaching survival skills.
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to finish the show, time for something more relaxing. across the world thailand is known for buddhist monasteries, where people spend their life in contemplation and meditation. back in 2014... the first duty of the new d is collecting alms, food from the local community. there is a number of routes from this monastery,
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the monks go into small groups. as i am soon to find out, this is not the only source of sustenance for the monks. there you go. this is a feast. it is only once a day, but it is a good feast. next, one of my daily duties. you might have noticed that the task of sweeping app is given to the most enlightened person in the monastery. that is why i am doing it. and now, a chance to meet some of the foreign monks as they finish theirjobs.
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some of them have had rather colourful previous lives. i used to be a photographer. what kind of pictures? fashion. successful? yes. successful enough. turns out that michael was also the manager of model claudia schiffer. mostly my family thinks, i should have a family, make lots of money. no more health insurance. nothing at all. no safety net. it is quite simple. you train yourself, seven, eight, nine hours. your mind becomes peaceful. this experience is much better than all the
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money that you have. michael has not completely forsaken his old life. he is still curious about english premiership scores, arsenal especially. and he thinks the abbot is a secret liverpool fan. monks have to observe 227 strict presets or rules. my efforts were rather pathetic. in truth, as i left, i realise i did gain something out of the experience. in that short period i appreciated the routine, the simplicity, and the absence of empty choices you frequently have to make in the outside world.
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the point though is that most of us live in that world. taking some time to find himself back in 2014. that is all we have time for on this programme. next week, we head underground in edinburgh, to find out how one iconic st dealt with epidemics almost 400 years ago. and mike is in zanzibar, to visit the showpiece zanzibar —— of the showpiece palace that tragically collapsed in december. from me, goodbye, see you next time.
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hello there. many of us started the week dry with some spring sunshine. but things are going to change over the next few days. it is already turning cloudier. it will turn wetter and windier, and briefly for the end of the week, it'll turn quite a bit colder. now, on the satellite picture, you can see a lot of cloud out west. this cloud being brought in our direction by a south—westerly breeze. as that breeze sets in, it is laden with moisture. so, that is going to deliver a lot of cloud through tuesday, especially across western parts of the uk, where the cloud will squeeze out some spots of light rain and drizzle. and we'll see some more persistent rain pushing into northern ireland and western scotland later in the day, where it will also be turning quite windy. breezy elsewhere, the best of any sunshine across north east scotland, central and eastern parts of england, but generally speaking, it will be cloudier
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than it was on monday. top temperatures for most between 9—13 degrees. now, through tuesday night, this band of cloud and rain will push south—eastwards out of scotland and northern ireland down into england and wales. clearer spells and some showers following on behind. our band of cloud and patchy rain comes courtesy of a weather front, and this weather front is developing something of a wave. you can see this kink on the weather front here. so, instead of clearing through quickly, the front hangs back across england and wales for a time. cloud and patchy rain, which will only slowly slide south—eastwards. brightening up for wales and northern england through the day. northern ireland and scotland will see sunshine and a scattering of heavy showers, perhaps becoming more widespread late in the day. temperatures between 10—13 degrees in most places. now, thursday is a sunshine and showers day. some of the showers will be heavy, possibly thundery, most plentiful across northern and western areas, where we could see them joining together to give a spell of more persistent rain later in the day. again, those temperatures around 10—13, maybe 14 degrees. but those temperatures are set to fall. this cold front pushing
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through as we head into friday, and behind it, you can see showers which could well start to turn wintry over high ground because there'll be some much colder air digging its way in. it's not going to last too long, but friday is going to be a chilly—feeling day. some spells of sunshine, but some showers which could be heavy and wintry over high ground in the north and the west. and those temperatures quite a bit lower, 7—10 degrees.
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this is bbc news. welcome if you're watching here in the uk or around the globe. i'm mike embley. our top stories... ten people including a police officer have killed at a mass shooting in boulder, colorado. we now have ten fatalities at the scene. including one of our own boulder pd officers. several western governments impose sanctions on china because of alleged human rights abuses against ethnic uighurs in xinjiang. and the dispute over covid vaccine supplies continues, as the uk is warned the sharp rise in european cases means it will not escape the effects of a third wave.
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a huge fire sweeps through a rohingya refugee


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