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tv   Our World Hong Kong - Jimmy...  BBC News  April 17, 2021 9:30pm-10:00pm BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines... the queen leads mourners at the duke of edinburgh's funeral service, where only 30 people were allowed because of covid restrictions. prince philip's coffin travelled to the service on a specially adapted landrover that he helped design. walking together after the service, the two brothers, princes william and harry, who have been at odds in recent months. worldwide deaths from the coronavirus pandemic reach three million with india facing a new surge in cases. and president biden is under pressure after he tries to keep donald trump's cap on refugees. now on bbc news, our world — hong kong: jimmy lai's last stand — a warning: this film contains images of flash photography. jimmy lai — billionaire,
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activist and a staunch critic of beijing. he is the owner of apple daily, the only opposition newspaper in hong kong. he has never been afraid of speaking out. i am a born rebel. i am a rebellious character. he has been charged with breaking hong kong's new national security law, but he has been out on bail. ever since, he has given us unprecedented access. jimmy lai and his reporters fear they are living on borrowed time. i am afraid that the police will come here again tomorrow, maybe tonight. china is tightening its grip on the city. fear is the most inexpensive and convenient way of ruling people and controlling people. you must fear some things — foryourfamily, hong kong,
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for your loved ones. hong kong last summer. 200 police officers are raiding the newsroom of apple daily. they have arrested its owner, jimmy lai, under suspicion of breaching hong kong's new national security law. beijing is sending a message to hong kong. the new law is silencing the protest movement. but, days later, small crowds are starting to gather outside a police station in hong kong.
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they are hoping to see jimmy lai's release, the icon of the pro—democracy movement. jimmy lai's supporters are not the only ones here — so are the press and the police. six hours on and there is still no sign ofjimmy lai, and there are fears that he could be sent to a prison in mainland china tonight. finally he is released on bail. a moment of open protest, then the police moved in.
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since the introduction of the new national security law anyone could be investigated by the authorities — critics, protesters, even journalists like me. come here, come here! i am investigating you. i have been reporting in hong kong since 2016. the city has seen a dramatic change. in 2019, a controversial extradition bill brought thousands onto the streets in opposition to greater control from beijing. it sparked an often violent protest movement. the authorities condemned the protests. violence is not a solution
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to any problem. violence will only breed more violence, and at the end of the day, the whole of hong kong and the people will suffer as a result of the loss of law and order in hong kong. the bill was eventually withdrawn, but in 2020 beijing imposed a national security law on hong kong that criminalises state subversion and colluding with foreign powers. the most high—profile arrest under it so far isjimmy lai. a month after he was released on bail, we met him at his house in kowloon. critics say thatjimmy lai is a traitor, an enemy of china.
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they say he is one of the masterminds of the 2019 protest movement and deserves to go to prison. do you think about the contrast between this and the prospect of living... in prison? this is just living my life peacefully. but if i am injail, i am living a life meaningfully. jimmy lai was born in mainland china but was smuggled into hong kong as a child. he started working in a sweatshop aged 12. by his 20s he had built a fashion empire, becoming one of hong kong's richest tycoons. i come here with $1 and i have got everything i have. because of this place. my family — they are very supportive. a good business, a good life. i have really had a wonderful life, and all this place
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gave to me. if this is the payback time, this is my redemption. and to be in the redemption, redeeming yourself, is such a great feeling. and where do you see your role? where is mrjimmy lai's role in this? i am a born rebel. i am a rebellious character. that prompts me to react to things that i think are not right. you must fear some things — for yourfamily, for hong kong, for your loved ones. yes, i do have fear. you're right. in 1989, jimmy lai watched
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from hong kong as china cracked down on the student—led protest movement in beijing. within a year he had moved into the media industry and eventually set up apple daily, a brash tabloid critical of the chinese communist party. this woman is a reporter on the features desk of apple daily. like others, she has asked us not to use her real name. she started working at the paper because of its independent culture. apple daily is one of the very few media that do not kowtow to the beijing authority. she is the youngest at the paper, having onlyjust graduated from university. her first taste of journalism was reporting on the protest movement for the student paper. i was taking video.
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it was a tragedy, happening again and again and again. a lot of people got hurt and they got shot by rubber bullets. you can see that in some ways apple daily is much more than just a newspaper. you can see how closely associated it is with the protest movement. amy has asked not to show her face. she is an investigative reporter who wants to show us what life is like as an apple dailyjournalist. you are not afraid of being filmed? i am afraid, so i am wearing a mask. also because of covid—19, but also i'm afraid. being an investigative journalist at apple daily means sometimes taking some risks, but like her colleagues, she is worried about the reach of the new law. some topics we do, not only the investigation team but also other colleagues�* stories,
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may be very sensitive — maybe involve some political problems. so all of us in apple daily, we need courage. maybe you saw me lock my door, because i am afraid that the police will come here again tomorrow — maybe tonight. they can just find my information or my documents, whatever they want. so i have to lock up my drawer every time i leave, to be safe. we do not publish our byline in the reports, so i am afraid i am not ok to reveal what i am doing. i have to keep it a secret. i have to protect myself. journalists are under increasing pressure in hong kong. i am joining apple daily
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photographer kt on china's national day. this time last year, hong kong saw some of the most violent demonstrations since the protest movement began. there have been calls for protest again today, but with the new national security law, it is unclear if anyone will come out. it seems that it is quite peaceful right now. as there are a lot of police here, it seems that it's not possible for people to take any action. activists start to appear. it is critical to urge the world to keep focused on what is happening in hong kong. but every time a confrontation emerges, the police raise the blue flag. it is a warning to say
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they are about to use force. the heavy police presence means that people are having to find creative ways to show their anger at beijing's growing control over hong kong. some have even brought the apple daily newspaper. but it is difficult to know what will be interpreted as a breach of the new law. there are multiple arrests. some seem arbitrary. the police say protesters are inciting others to violate the national security law. you can use your eyes. look at them. i don't believe they are protesters. among those detained are a family with young children. it is very sad to take a picture like this, you know? they don't look
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like protesters. they're just normal citizens, and it's a public holiday. it is totally unreasonable. the police search anyone they suspect of being a protester, especially the young. another young boy was just stopped. but they also target the press. so you can see that we're now stuck in the middle. we have police at two sides and we simply don't know why we're trapped here.
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by the end of the day around 100 people have been arrested. it is fewer than last year, but now the stakes are much higher. it is thursday morning, and on the ground floor of apple daily newsroom, jimmy lai is preparing for his weekly live stream. hey, good morning, everybody. this is a very nice day in hong kong today. he is still on bail, yetjimmy lai is speaking to prominent political figures on a weekly basis. yeah, i think the freedom of speech is in danger here in hong kong. it is a risky move, given that the vague wording of the national security law. it is unclear if talking to foreign politicians could land him in prison.
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forjimmy lai, the fate of hong kong rests on the west's approach to china. he praises trump's hardline stance against the ccp, the chinese communist party. thank you. woman's voice: thank you. bye— bye. 0k. with the presidential elections just a few weeks away, apple daily is sending kt to cover the story. tonight he is reflecting on his year of covering the protests. it is very important that everyone, if they have a chance to look at these kind of pictures, they have to ask themselves why these youngsters have to go into the streets, why they have to do this, why they were there,
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what they are doing. do you feel it is possible, when you come back from america, apple daily might not even exist? yeah, this could actually happen. so ijust try to do myjob every day, treating it as the last day of working in apple daily. it is the day of the american presidential election. the results are coming in. jimmy lai is watching carefully. he believes the outcome of the election will have an impact on hong kong. if biden is like 0bama, we are screwed. it is nerve cracking. it is so close. but as the day unfolds, the results don't move in trump's favour. i'm more nervous than in the morning, because it has changed a lot.
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but as the election drama is playing out, there is news of another blow against press freedom in hong kong. among the wave of arrests is miss choy, a television producer who was investigating alleged collusion between criminal gangs and the police. it has struck a chord with amy, a fellow investigative journalist. i am really shocked and i am scared. and, um, yeah, iwas just — break down. because i believe in what i am doing. i do it not for myself... they are just trying to suppress us, i think, so it is really frustrating and really angry. and i believe they are just trying to suppress the press in hong kong.
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morning. morning, hey. how are you? we go out there, for breakfast. we have had a tipoff that jimmy lai might be detained by the police later today, so we return to kowloon to meet him. how are you feeling, mr lai? i'm pretty good, i'm pretty good. i just finished exercise and took a rest. you can come in. have a seat. he suspects he may be kept in overnight and is dressed accordingly. that is why i dress like this today, it is more convenient. i do not even have the shoes with shoestring because they take it all off. i do not have a belt. you know, just prepare for it.
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so do you think it is possible that you are not released on bail? anything is possible now in hong kong. i just do not want to think about it because your imagination can carry you to really some hopeless situation. fear is the most inexpensive and convenient way of ruling people and controlling people. if they can induce fear in you, that is the easiest way to control you, that's the cheapest to control you and the most effective way. and they know it and they are very good at it. hours after we finished filming,
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jimmy lai is charged with fraud and colluding with foreign powers, and is denied bail. this isjimmy lai's last interview as a free man. there's going to be a lot of press today so it is better to get started right now. kt is back from covering the us elections and has been assigned to cover the trial ofjimmy lai. his first task is to get a shot of him leaving the detention centre. you have to climb over the trees. how does it feel being back in hong kong? it is great, it is great. though the news every day is a very sad,
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so it is a kind of a mixture of feeling. it seems like a totally different city right now. it is not the hong kong we are used to seeing. jimmy is taken to the prison van, surrounded by guards. he's in handcuffs. you know, by looking at this picture, he looks like he's really committing some really serious crime. you get all the chains, handcuffed him, and the chains around his waist — it is like a murderer. we suppose we have the human rights protected under the basic law in hong kong but practically you don't feel you're protected. practically you feel paranoid, you are frightened, you are so scared of
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getting to jail any time. amy is tasked with documenting everyone arrested under the new law. because you have so many charged, i have to create more rows for him. apple daily will be closed very soon. jimmy lai, he will be injail for the rest of his life, so it is quite sad to me. and also i think it is the price he takes and the burden he has taken for us and, actually, i am a bit guilty about it. according to beijing, the charges against jimmy lai are equal to treason and the prosecutor has compared
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the seriousness of his crimes with murder. he now faces potential life in prison. in the last few days, jimmy lai has released an open letter to his journalists, telling them to stand tall.
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april policy month are known errors but so far this april many of us have seen little or no significant rain. through the week and beyond the forecast is set to be dry for the forecast is set to be dry for the majority of the uk to stop high pressure at the moment extends across as from scandinavia. this plant will try to come into play for sunday. it will bring some rain through the small hours into northern ireland and scotland. elsewhere, clear skies, a fine story and quite a widespread frost across england and wales, southern and eastern scotland. here, a lot of sunshine to take us through the day on sunday. towards the west, the front sees the rain for so quickly. a legacy of cloud for northern ireland and scotland into the
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afternoon. will hope temperatures back issued. to the south, highs of 14 back issued. to the south, highs of 1a or 15 degrees. high—pressure retreats a little eastwards, allowing a southerly airstream into the uk. so i will e—mail the air from the continent, frost overnight into monday will be rather more limited. some pockets across england and wales. monday, dating, that southerly air flow will see our daytime highs one or 2 degrees up. perhaps 16 somewhere in england and wales. a little more rain for northern ireland, courtesy of the weather front here. northern ireland, courtesy of the weatherfront here. probably northern ireland, courtesy of the weather front here. probably the most significant wet weather through the week ahead. the southerly airstream means monday into tuesday is relatively mild. we should see very limited frost. tuesday dating, a bit more cloud across the uk, is what is left of the weather front tries to work its way across us. some slightly chilly air coming in behind it to northern scotland, some
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sunshine to end the day here. still sunny, temperatures in the mid teens for the south of the uk. that weather front is a marker, it does not produce much rain, but it is a markerfor a cold arctic not produce much rain, but it is a marker for a cold arctic air trying to tuck back in to the north of the uk through the middle part of the week. the tail end of the weather front may produce enough cloud and instability in the atmosphere to give a few showers across england and wales on wednesday, but they will be fairly hit and mist. many places will stay dry. it looks dry per scotland and northern ireland. there will be a lot of sunshine around here. behind that front, we all start to shift into some chillier air once again and pick up a northerly breeze. for the end of the week, we will start to i think lose some feeling of spring warmth. by lose some feeling of spring warmth. by night, the frost becomes more widespread, wednesday and thursday, and by day, the sunshine has some strength now, so if you're in the direct sunshine, you could feel
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pleasantly warm. in the shade, it will be arctic air bringing hl. the end of the week sees us keeping a very similar setup —— bringing the chill. into the week ahead, so much so that the lack of significant rainfall may well become a story for us. the end of next week, another area of high pressure. the scandinavian one has moved out of the way but we see high—pressure moving on from the atlantic. that is a stubborn beast. pressures try to run into the south—west, bringing rain at times, but that high at the moment well when out as we look further ahead with our forecast. ——win out.
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this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. our top story. the queen leads mourners at the duke of edinburgh's funeral service, where only 30 people were allowed because of covid restrictions. prince philip's coffin travelled to the service on a specially adapted landrover — its design had been overseen by him. the duke's children and grandchildrenjoined the solemn procession. the buglers of the royal marines sounded the last post — after the duke was laid to rest in the royal vault.


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