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tv   Our World  BBC News  May 8, 2021 4:30am-5:01am BST

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this is bbc news, the headlines: nearly 200 palestinians have been injured in clashes injerusalem as tensions rise over the potential eviction of palestinian families from land claimed by israeli settlers. most were wounded at the al—aqsa mosque compound when israeli police opened fire with rubber bullets as crowds threw stones and bottles. the american vice—president says the us and mexico must tackle the root causes of regional migration together, by addressing violence and corruption in central america. kamala harris made the comment during virtual immigration talks with the mexican president. protesters have gathered outside a police headquarters in rio dejaneiro in brazil following a security operation in which twenty five people were killed, including one police officer.
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dozens of people had to be rescued from a tower block in east london on friday morning after a fire broke out and spread over three floors. the flats are partially covered in cladding similar to the type used at grenfell tower. more than 30 people needed medical treatment for smoke inhalation. our home affairs correspondent tom symonds reports. for people in flats with fire safety issues, this is the nightmare. open the door! it's open, it's open. but at nine this morning, it's what confronted residents. as i opened the door to leave my flat, that's when i bumped into one of the security guards running up, screaming that "there's a fire, "there's a fire, get out," and he was sweating and i could clearly tell that this was serious, it wasn't a drill. 120 firefighters tackled the flames and rescued residents, some suffering from the effects of the smoke. we recognise this has got cladding that is very similar to grenfell.
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we have got our fire investigation teams and our fire safety teams looking at this building and the procedures that have been put in place. the fire spread three floors of a building which has silver cladding, identified as a risk. experts believe it is likely to be combustible, and work to start removing it was due to begin in the coming weeks. but that's after a delay of more than three—and—a—half years since it was first identified as a problem. this could happen again. we need to get this cladding off buildings as soon as possible, not waiting around for finance, not waiting round for new bills to go through government. get it off, keep us all safe — there are hundreds and thousands of people affected by this. the building's owner, ballymore, said the cladding didn't play a part in today's fire, but the government has accused a subsidiary of the company of consistently failing to take action to remove it. £8 million from the government's building safety fund has been allocated
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to speed things up, but flat owners will have to find the rest — that's £3.5 million. tom symonds, bbc news, east london. now on bbc news more than 700 people have been killed by the myanmar military since they seized power three months ago. our world follows a brother and sister now fighting for their future. disturbing. myanmar is in the grips of an uprising, triggered by a military coup. protesters are demanding a return to democracy they are met with brutal force.
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borders are closed, the internet is blocked. the military doesn't want the world to see that. iii military doesn't want the world to see that-— to see that. if someone arrested _ to see that. if someone arrested by _ to see that. if someone arrested by police - to see that. if someone arrested by police nowl to see that. if someone - arrested by police now there is arrested by police now there is a really very small chance to come back home. we a really very small chance to come back home.— a really very small chance to come back home. we follow a brother and _ come back home. we follow a brother and sister _ come back home. we follow a brother and sister who - come back home. we follow a brother and sister who are - come back home. we follow a | brother and sister who are part of a generation that briefly experienced democracy and are now fighting for their future. yangon stopping's biggest city was opening up after decades of oppressive military rule. phone and his sister cindy lived through a brief period of
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democracy stopping the military recently has been sharing power with aung san suu kyi's parties. all that changed on the first of february, when general min aung hlaing aged eight to. since then, they have beenjoining daily eight to. since then, they have been joining daily protest. eight to. since then, they have beenjoining daily protest. —— when general min aung hlaing staged a coup. he voted for the first time in november last year. aung san
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suu kyi's party won that election by a landslide, but general min aung hlaing contested the results, seized power, detained aung san suu kyiand power, detained aung san suu kyi and other elected leaders.
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(gunshots) this was phone's world before the coup. he is a musician, inspired by american trap music.
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he was planning to release his first album this year. his sister returned home from years abroad. the military coup on the first of february crushed those dreams.
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now they channel their creativity into the resistance, painting the name of this uprising, the spring caveat revolution, at the end of the street. cindy grew up under military rule and remembers the repression in the economic hardship that came with it. aafew a a few weeks after the coup,
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then neighbourhood now resembles a battlefield. phone is documenting their resistance. a local night watch is set up. a few days later, they take to the streets again. when security forces arrived, residents offer them shelter.
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their revolution is powered by social media. they hope the world will act. a video is being shared. troops with heavy artillery are descending on yangon. the next day, phone decides not to go out, but watches on social media what happens.
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gunshots. shouting. this was one of nearly a0 people killed that day. it was the bloodiest since the two so far. he was killed not farfrom where phone and cindy live. they decide to collect some money for his family. they have come to visit.
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two days later, despite the increasing risks, phone and cindy prepared to take to the streets again. they always stick together.
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they meet up with their friends. this time, bhone is on the frontline. they are wearing cameras to capture what
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happens. cindy has lost her brother. security forces are closing in.
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this time, bhone is safe. he calls his sister. by by mid—march, nearly 200 people have been killed. every note, the visuals are held across the country, including on bhone and cindy's street. pots are banged in anger.
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he goes searching for guidance amid a generation that has experienced this before.
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bobo is one of the renowned 88 generation, among aung san suu kyi, who pushed for democracy and an end to military rule in 1988. the thousands who demonstrate against burma's military ruler is taking a calculated risk, a risk that the army will open fire on them. and on this occasion, it does. it fire on them. and on this occasion, it does.- fire on them. and on this occasion, it does. it was one ofthe occasion, it does. it was one of the defining _ occasion, it does. it was one of the defining moments - occasion, it does. it was one of the defining moments of. occasion, it does. it was one - of the defining moments of my's more than history. —— modern history. more than 3000 people were killed. bobo spent 11 years behind bars. and is now watching it happen again.
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he also loves music. he fears he will be arrested again but meets bhone in a safe place.
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bhone wants his advice. by by now, bhone and his sister are starting to realise this is
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going to be a long battle.
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they watch on state tv, general meeting on my celebrating armed forces day. —— general min aung hlaing. they take to the streets again, staying closer to home. later that evening, they watch videos from the day. 0ver they watch videos from the day. over a 750 people have now been killed since the military coup. they are now too scared to go out. soldiers are everywhere.
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each night, state tv announces who will be arrested next. bhone and cindy decide to leave yangon. like many, they go to the countryside to decide what to do next. it's getting harder to do next. it's getting harder to get online now. they find et shop to send one last video. ——
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a tea shop.
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hello again. friday was all about sunshine and showers. the best of the drier weather and sunshine was across western areas of the uk. but across northern and eastern scotland, eastern areas of england, we did have widespread showers, and some of them really pokey with some hail mixed in as well. at the same time, over the last 2a hours, trouble's been brewing out in the atlantic. look at this area of cloud and how it's rapidly developed into what is quite a beautiful looking area of low pressure. however, this area of low pressure is a loitering low pressure system, a particularly slow moving system that's going to be with us for the next five days or so, bringing rain and showers our way. so, an unsettled spell of weather. the rain is beginning to arrive at the moment and will continue to work its way in across parts of england, wales and northern ireland over the next few hours. but as the rain starts falling, the mild air starts moving in,
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so temperatures 10 degrees by dawn across the south—west. cold with a patchy frost in scotland, but at least there'll be a bright start here. it's in wales where the rain is going to be at its heaviest and particularly across the high ground of the brecon beacons. here, through the weekend, we could see over 100mm of rain, and that could cause some localised flooding issues. after a bright start in scotland, the rain is going to be working in here as we go through the afternoon, but at the same time, the rain should ease off towards south—east england and perhaps northern ireland as well. temperatures higher than they've been for quite a while — 17 degrees or so in london, but it's still cold in scotland. 7 or 8 degrees for many here with that persistent rain, and it'll be windy for many of us as well. indeed, through saturday night, there will be further bursts of rain coming and going, but it will be turning increasingly mild through the night as well. temperatures are staying at around 12 or 13 degrees
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across england and wales, and a frost—free night, something we really haven't seen much of over the last month or so. the low pressure still with us for the second half of the weekend, arguably the better of the two days. it's a day of sunshine and showers, but those showers slightly to merge together to give some lengthier outbreaks of rain across western areas. we do have some showers pushing their way eastwards across england from a weak cold front, and that front separates really very mild air across eastern areas. with the fresher atlantic air, we have most parts around 15—17 degrees. that area of the pressure is loitering, no surprise to see rain and showers for most of the days next week as well. that's your weather.
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this is bbc news with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. i'm tim willcox. more bitter clashes injerusalem, the us calls for calm as nearly 200 people are injured in violence between israeli police and palestinian protesters. a far—right israeli mp in the centre of this melee, palestinians deeply unhappy about the settlement of this street that has been here for many years. itjust takes a spark to make these things ignite. in a video call with the mexican president, kamala harris says both countries must tackle the root causes of migration in the americas together. we follow the story of one young man's role in the ongoing resistance in myanmar.


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