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tv   Our World  BBC News  May 9, 2021 3:30am-4:01am BST

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this is bbc news, the headlines: more than 50 palestinians have been injured in clashes with israeli forces injerusalem. they follow similar unrest on friday when 200 people needed medical treatment. tensions have been rising for weeks over proposals to evict palestinian families from their homes in a neighbourhood where israeli settlers are laying claim to the land. 30 people — many of them young girls — have been killed in a militant attack at a school in the afghan capital, kabul. reports say there were multiple blasts as they were leaving their school. the neighbourhood is home to the hazara minority, who are shia muslims. remnants of a large chinese space rocket are set to plunge back through the atmosphere in the next few hours. tracking monitors say the chances of damage from a ground impact are low and china says it expects the debris to burn
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up during re—entry. major disruption on some of the uk's busiest rail lines will continue today after cracks were found in some of the high—speed trains. it's thought 180 trains made by hitachi had to be taken out of service. great western railway and london north eastern railway have advised passengers not to travel on sunday and they've warned that disruption could continue through the week. katy austin's report contains flashing images. these high—speed hitachi 800 series trains weren't running this morning — they needed to be kept back for inspections after thin cracks were found in some, as the boss of hitachi rail told me. it's actually on the metal on the body where the passengers sit, with the underside of the train, which is what it actually runs on. and so that area is critical for the operation of the train,
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and so just to make sure that we are very safe, we took that decision to withdraw the trains while we just made sure that we fully understood the situation and that it is actually safe for the trains to run with passengers on them. that led to major disruption on great western railway, lner, transpennine and hull trains. it's a disaster for because i'm actually going for my vaccine in cardiff. my appointment is at 3pm. i was going to go back to uni, to exeter, and i can't go back, which is so annoying. these are fairly new. they have only been on uk railways for a few years. since last night's discovery, checks have revealed similar cracks in other trains, although hitachi will not say the trains are all the same design, and so that is the primary focus right now — to look at that design and to ensure we fully understand the cause, and also to make sure that we can, as quickly as possible, fix them
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and make them available back into traffic again. today, some have been cleared for use and put back into service, but lner has advised customers against travel tomorrow. great western railway expects disruption into next week. hitachi has apologised to passengers and rail operators. it's not clear yet when all the trains will be ready for use again. katy austin, bbc news. now on bbc news, more than 700 people have been killed by the myanmar military since they seized power three months ago. our world follows a brother and sister now fighting for their future. this film contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing. myanmar is in the grips of an uprising, triggered by a military coup. protesters are demanding a return to democracy. they are met with brutal force.
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borders are closed, the internet is blocked. to see this. we follow a brother and sister who are part of a generation that briefly experienced democracy. they are now fighting for their future. yangon. myanmar�*s biggest city was opening up after decades of oppressive military rule.
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bhone and his sister cindy lived through a brief period of democracy. for the last five years, the military has been sharing power with aung san suu kyi's party. all that changed on the first of february, when general min aung hlaing staged a coup. since then, they have been joining daily protest.
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he voted for the first time in november last year. aung san suu kyi's party won that election by a landslide, but army chief, general min aung hlaing, contested the results, seized power, detained suu kyi and other elected leaders.
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gunshots. this was bhone�*s world before the coup. he's a musician,
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inspired by american trap music. he was planning to release his first album this year. his sister cindy recently returned home from years abroad. the military coup on the first of february crushed those dreams.
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now they channel their creativity into the resistance, painting the name of this uprising, the spring revolution, at the end of their street. cindy grew up under military rule and remembers the repression and the economic hardship that came with it.
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a few weeks after the coup, their neighbourhood now resembles a battlefield. bhone is documenting their resistance. a local night watch is set up. a few days later, they take
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to the streets again. when security forces arrive, residents offer them shelter. their revolution is powered by social media. they hope the world will act. a video is being shared. troops with heavy artillery are descending on yangon. the next day, bhone decides not to go out, but watches on social media what happens.
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gunshots. shouting. this man was one of nearly a0 people killed that day. it was the bloodiest since the coup so far. he was killed not far from where bhone and cindy live. they decide to collect some money for his family. they have come to visit his widow.
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two days later, despite the increasing risks, bhone and cindy prepared to take to the streets again.
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they always stick together. they meet up with their friends. this time, bhone is on the frontline.
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they are wearing cameras to capture what happens. cindy has lost her brother. security forces are closing in.
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this time, bhone is safe. he calls his sister. by mid—march, nearly 200 people have been killed. every night, the vigils are held across the country — including on bhone and cindy's street. pots are banged in anger.
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he goes searching for guidance from that older generation that's experienced this before.
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bobo is one of the renowned 88 generation, a group of young activists — including aung san suu kyi — who pushed for democracy and an end to military rule in 1988. archive: the thousands | who demonstrate against burma's military rulers take a calculated risk, a risk that the army will open fire on them. and on this occasion, it does. gunfire. it was one of the defining moments
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of myanmar�*s modern history. more than 3,000 people were killed. bobo spent 11 years behind bars. and is now watching it happen again. he also loves music. he fears he will be arrested again, but meets bhone in a safe place.
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bhone wants his advice.
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by now, bhone and his sister are starting to realise this is going to be a long battle.
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they watch on state tv general min aung hlaing celebrating armed forces day. they take to the streets again, staying closer to home. later that evening, they watch videos from the day. over 750 people have now been killed since the military coup.
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they are now too scared to go out. soldiers are everywhere. each night, state tv announces who will be arrested next. bhone and cindy decide to leave yangon. like many, they go to the countryside to decide what to do next.
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it's getting harder to get online now. they find a tea shop to send one last video.
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hello. after saturday's cloud and rain, somewhat brighter skies around during sunday but there's every chance you're going to see some wet weather at some stage of the day, really due to the proximity of this area of low pressure, so either showers close to that or, indeed, along this weather front with still the chance for seeing some outbreaks of rain. certainly more cloud than there will be elsewhere if you're close to that. we're still drawing in some warmer air from the south, so if you do get to see a bit of sunshine, it will actually feel quite pleasant, particularly across south east england and east anglia, which will see the higher temperatures. but this is where we're starting the day.
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it's a much milder start than we've had recently, and particularly across england and wales. now, along the weather front i pointed out, some cloud from south west england, south east wales, the midlands and on towards yorkshire. just edging a little bit further east with the chance of a few spots of rain — it doesn't look like much more than that for much of the day. close to the low pressure, northern ireland and scotland will see some quite heavy showers, thundery possibly too. quite blustery, particularly in northern ireland — these are average wind speeds but gusts here could be over 40mph or so. and as for temperatures, it will feel a little bit warmer if you do get to see a bit of sunshine during the day, mainly 14—17, but a few spots in east anglia, south east england mayjust get above 20 degrees, just depending on how much sunshine there is, but be aware as we get into the evening, there could be some quite heavy and thundery downpours moving through here, whereas elsewhere overnight and into monday, we will continue with a few showers, particularly across western areas. and just to reinforce the fact that it's a bit warmer by day and it is overnight as well, these are the temperatures
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to start things off on monday morning, so there won't be any frost around. that area of low pressure is still, though, close by on monday — in fact, as it will be for the week ahead — and so that's going to mean that there'll be plenty of showers, and this is where we're expecting them to be during monday. some heavy with hail and thunder, particularly towards the west and north. and though while some will reach across to eastern areas, it may well be there'll be quite few showers here around, at least during the afternoon, for the midlands, east anglia and south east england. temperatures are fairly close to average for the time of year. it will feel a bit warmer than it has done over the past week if you're in some of that sunshine. there will still be these heavy downpours around but very noticeably overnight, it's not going to be as cold. it will be largely frost—free in the week ahead.
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this is bbc news. i'm lewis vaughan jones. our top stories: more than 50 palestinians have been injured in clashes with israeli forces injerusalem. it follows similar unrest on friday. at least 30 people have been killed — many of them schoolgirls — in a militant attack in the afghan capital, kabul. sadiq khan wins a second term as london mayor in a result much closer than predicted. europe's leaders resist calls by india to waive patents for vaccines, despite the country's worsening covid crisis. and, bits of a chinese space rocket are expected to plunge back to earth in the next few hours, so should we be worried?


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