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tv   Our World  BBC News  May 11, 2021 2:30am-3:01am BST

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the health ministry in gaza says 20 people, including nine children, have been killed in israeli air strikes. the strikes were retaliation after a barrage of rockets was fired from the territory towards jerusalem. israel says it killed three militants. us regulators say they will allow children as young as 12 to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. those between 12 and 15 will be offered the pfizer—biontech jab. it had previously been limited to those aged 16 and over. the us television network, nbc, says it will not broadcast the golden globes ceremony next year, joining a growing wave of criticism about the organisers�* lack of diversity and ethical stance. the hollywood foreign press association has come under pressure after it emerged that there were no black members.
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a minke whale that has been stranded in the river thames near richmond has had to be put down. rescuers say it was in poor health and was too young to survive on its own in the sea. the whale was first spotted on sunday and drew large crowds after it got stuck at richmond lock. tim muffett reports. a sad end to what has been an extraordinary day at teddington lock in south—west london. the minke whale that had become stranded in the river thames was euthanised this evening. animal welfare experts say it was the only way to avoid any more unnecessary suffering. the whale was first seen late yesterday afternoon. it had become stranded on a concrete ramp on richmond lock, around two miles along the river. and a seven—hour rescue operation began. during the night, the whale was towed away so that vets could try and carry out a health check.
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but it swam free from its harness. today, crowds gathered in teddington, along with the rspca and the rnli, after it was spotted again. for a while, the whale captivated onlookers as it swam by the lock gates. but at around 2:30pm this afternoon, it found itself unable to leave shallow waters by the riverbank. so the whale has become stranded yet again in the shallow waters here and now all efforts are under way to try and set it free. those efforts unfortunately were not enough to free the whale. this evening many are wondering how an animal typically found in the north atlantic and pacific oceans could have swum so far up the river thames. it could been ill, it could be sick, separated from its mum. wouldn't have been feeding. if it was weaned, then maybe it has had a problem actually feeding for itself.
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but something has happened. we won't know what that is, but the pathologist, the vat pathologist at london zoo will do an autopsy and they will work out the history of the animal. a captivating site for many over the past 2a hours, but sadly this minke whale was unable to return to the open sea. tim muffett, bbc news. now on bbc news, more than 700 people have been killed by the myanmar military since they seized power three months ago. our world follows a brother and sister now fighting for their future. myanmar is in the grips of an uprising, triggered by a military coup. protesters are demanding a return to democracy. they are met with brutal force. borders are closed, the internet is blocked.
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the military doesn't want the world to see this. we follow a brother and sister who are part of a generation that briefly experienced democracy. they are now fighting for their future. yangon. myanmar�*s biggest city was opening up after decades of oppressive military rule. bhone and his sister cindy lived through a brief period of democracy. for the last five years, the military has been sharing
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power with aung san suu kyi's party. all that changed on the first of february, when general min aung hlaing staged a coup. since then, they have been joining daily protest. he voted for the first time in november last year. aung san suu kyi's
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party won that election by a landslide, but army chief, general min aung hlaing, contested the results, seized power, detained suu kyi and other elected leaders.
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gunshots. this was bhone�*s world before the coup. he's a musician, inspired by american trap music.
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he was planning to release his first album this year. his sister cindy recently returned home from years abroad. the military coup on the first of february crushed those dreams.
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now they channel their creativity into the resistance, painting the name of this uprising, the spring revolution, at the end of their street. cindy grew up under military rule and remembers the repression and the economic hardship that came with it. a few weeks after the coup, their neighbourhood now resembles a battlefield.
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bhone is documenting their resistance. a local night watch is set up. a few days later, they take to the streets again. when security forces arrive, residents offer them shelter. their revolution is
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powered by social media. they hope the world will act. a video is being shared. troops with heavy artillery are descending on yangon. the next day, bhone decides not to go out, but watches on social media what happens. gunshots.
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shouting. this man was one of nearly a0 people killed that day. it was the bloodiest since the coup so far. he was killed not far from where bhone and cindy live. they decide to collect some money for his family. they have come to visit his widow.
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two days later, despite the increasing risks, bhone and cindy prepared to take to the streets again. they always stick together.
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they meet up with their friends. this time, bhone is on the frontline. they are wearing cameras to capture what happens.
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cindy has lost her brother. security forces are closing in.
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this time, bhone is safe. he calls his sister. by mid—march, nearly 200 people have been killed. every night, the vigils are held across the country — including on bhone and cindy's street. pots are banged in anger.
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he goes searching for guidance from that older generation that's experienced this before.
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bobo is one of the renowned 88 generation, a group of young activists — including aung san suu kyi — who pushed for democracy and an end to military rule in 1988. archive: the thousands - who demonstrate against burma's military rulers take a calculated risk, a risk that the army will open fire on them. and on this occasion, it does. gunfire. it was one of the defining moments of myanmar�*s modern history. more than 3,000 people were killed. bobo spent 11 years behind bars. and is now watching it happen again.
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he also loves music. he fears he will be arrested again, but meets bhone in a safe place.
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bhone wants his advice. by now, bhone and his sister are starting to realise this is going to be a long battle.
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they watch on state tv general min aung hlaing celebrating armed forces day. they take to the streets again, staying closer to home. later that evening, they watch videos from the day. over 750 people have now been killed since the military coup. they are now too scared to go out. soldiers are everywhere.
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each night, state tv announces who will be arrested next. bhone and cindy decide to leave yangon. like many, they go to the countryside to decide what to do next. it's getting harder to get online now. they find a tea shop to send one last video.
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hello. as yesterday, today is shaping up to be a day of sunny spells and showers. the devil is going to be in the detail, though, for the next few days. those showers circulating this large area of low pressure, with still fairly tightly packed isobars today. but as the week goes on, the low pressure remains with us, just slowly meandering southwards, but the winds become lighter, so the showers will become slow—moving. lengthier spells of rain even as we pick up another area of low pressure within our main one. so that means most of us will have some wetter weather as we go through this week, in the form of showers. but you can see those rainfall totals are going to be totting up. for the day ahead, as i say, best of the sunshine will be through this morning
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but as yesterday those showers will be pretty intense as we go into the afternoon, with thunderstorms around. and we've got more persistent rain. across the north—west of scotland, still further showers to come. they're not easing away everywhere, and it will be a coolish night but largely frost free. a few showers will come into southern and western parts of england, possibly wales as well, towards dawn. any bits of mist and low cloud first thing will meander out of the way. plenty of sunshine to come, as you can see, through the morning hours but won't be long before that strong may sunshine gets to work, bubbling up the cloud, showers develop more widely. still a fairly brisk wind, as i say, in southern and western areas. 0ur rain slow to clear but gradually clearing for but a real rash of showers following behind, with hail, thunder, squally winds. in between, 16 and 17, feeling quite pleasant, but clearly, in those downpours, there could be quite a lot of localised standing water. and they continue well through the evening and overnight. once again, temperatures falling back into single figures, but largely frost free.
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and then we're really chasing those showers. the devil really will be in the detail this week, with showers. it might be that we've still got that more persistent rain hanging around in the north—west of scotland, possibly more meandering into western areas. possibly even with a low pressure pushing into the far south of england. but what we do know is there will be heavy downpours around becoming more slow—moving by wednesday. still 15s and 16s between the showers but some lengthy spells of rain when they do come along, with hail and thunder. and as i say, it's a pretty showery picture for much of the rest of the week. as ever, there is more on the website.
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welcome to bbc news, i'm david eades, ourtop stories: 20 people have been killed in israeli air strikes on gaza say local health authorities, after rockets were fired from the territory towards jerusalem. injerusalem, israeli security forces fired stun grenades and rubber bullets during clashes with palestinians in which hundreds were injured. us regulators have authorized the pfizer vaccine for use in children as young as 12 years old. and are the movie awards losing their lustre? tom cruise returns his three golden globes, following growing outrage over the organization's lack of diversity.


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