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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  July 11, 2021 8:30pm-8:46pm BST

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luke shaw on the eve of his 26 birthday scoring that goal. two minutes in and he puts england 1—0 ahead and that remains a score as we approach half—time. england fans went wild as the goal went in and the country got one step closer to a football trophy for the first time since 1966. kieran trippier started to england with arsenal's buckeye osako drop to the bench and phil foden is most disappointed player of all, not making the squad because of foot injury. in other news, the uk's vaccine minister says the government is confident that plans to lift a range of covid restrictions will go ahead onjuly the 19th in england. but he also said masks are still expected to be worn indoors. the fortification of the vaccination programme has allowed us to cautiously move to step four,
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and the pm will say more about this. a sixth wimbedon title! and at wimbledon, it's game, set and match for novak djokovic as he beats matteo berrettini by three sets to one to take his sixth grass court title. the serb is now level pegging with federer and nadal on 20 grand slam wins. lift off for branson — the billionaire virgin galactic founder has flown to the edge of space on the company's first—ever passenger flight, before gliding back to earth safely. now on bbc news, the film review. hello, and welcome to the film review with me, mark kermode, rounding up the best
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new movies available for viewing in cinemas and at home. one of the most intriguing releases of the week is tove, a finnish biopic about moomins creator tove jansson. alma poysti plays the swedo—finnish author, painter, novelist and illustrator, in zaida bergroth�*s intelligent film which was finland's entry for best international feature at the recent 93rd academy awards. i'm extremely happy... 0h! well, pardon me. are you all right? i thought finland was a quiet place. it's always like this. having failed to gain recognition for the paintings which she believes define her, sculptor�*s daughter jansson turns rather reluctantly
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to the strange doodles and secret languages of the moomins to earn a living. meanwhile, her personal passions are inflamed by theatre director vivica bandler, played with fiery relish by krista kosonen, with whom she falls head over heels in love, while political philosopher atos wirtanen offers more steadfast if less thrilling affections. sensibly written by eeva putro, tove offers an engrossing portrait of a rebellious spirit whose unconventional outsider status ironically enabled her to connect with generations of readers. having first created her strangely hippo—like characters as a distraction from the horrors of world war ii, jansson�*s moomins would become internationalfairytale icons, gracing books, stage shows, tv series, theme parks and more.
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handsomely lensed by linda wassberg and focusing on the formative post—war decade, tove benefits from an electrifying performance by poysti, who dances her way through the ups and downs of her character's life, which she describes as a wonderful adventure which one should explore in all its twists and turns. that's something this movie does with aplomb. you can find it in cinemas now. british actor david oyelowo has long been a commanding screen presence in films such as queen of katwe and selma, in which he played dr martin luther king. now he proves himself a dab hand behind the camera on netflix�*s fantasy—inflected drama the water man, from a script by emma needell. if you had to choose between a short life with a lot of love in it, and a very long life with no—one there to love,
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which one would you choose? i would take a short life with your mom in it. then a long one without her. along with directing and producing, oyelowo co—stars as amos boone. amos�* wife mary, played by rosario dawson, has fallen ill, to the horror of their son gunner, a budding graphic artist played by lonnie chavis. enraptured by stories of a mythical "water man" who somehow managed to cheat death and now lives by a remote lake, endlessly searching for his lost wife, gunner embarks on a dangerous journey with a local girl who claims to have met and escaped from this mythical creature. i'm going to find the water man. come into my office. inspired by the spirit of classic �*80s movies like bt and the goonies, but also nodding its head towards such diverse inspirations as the shawshank redemption and candyman, the water man
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is a surprisingly effective mix of down—to—earth family drama and out—of—this—world fantasy. there is a genuinely eerie and powerfully emotional magical realist edge to the drama, as gunner's hopes and fears are visualised on screen like scenes and characters from his own artistic creations. it's an effective device that tells us much of this is happening in gunner's imagination, but also leaves us wondering just how much is real. an enjoyably eccentric supporting performance from alfred molino, as the local figure who accidentally inspires this incredible journey, adds to the film's offbeat charms. i just want to know if the water man's real. of course he's real. i went in knowing, and perhaps expecting, little, and came out very pleasantly surprised by what turned out to be a real treat for all the family. it's on netflix now.
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back in 1979, director franc roddam helmed the film quadrophenia, an impressively gritty adaptation of the who's 1973 rock opera, which has gone on to become something of a british cult movie classic. with an impressive ensemble cast and including upcoming talents like phil daniels, ray winstone and phil davis, alongside the likes of tori wilcox and sting, quadrophenia painted a brilliant portrait of timeless teen angst set against the mid—60s backdrop of warring mods and rockers. fast forward several decades to peter meadows�* book to be someone, the cover of which boldly declared that "jimmy's story continues," although as disappointed quadrophenia fans discovered, there's actually precious little connection between the two. nevertheless, we now have to be someone the movie, a film which joins the recent bowie—inspired stardust and the morrisey—approved trainwreck shoplifters of the world in the great pantheon of terrible modern pop movies. so why are you so jumpy?
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i'mjumpy, tommy, because we've got problems. we've got mad mike, we've got the yardies, and we've got bent coppers. and i think we have to get rid of them. get them off our backs for good, agreed? set in some weirdly non—specific future retro world and boasting appearances by quadrophenia stalwarts like leslie ash, gary shale and toyah, to be someone, which takes its name from a song by the jam, stars sam gittens as danny, a club—running scooter enthusiast who unexpectedly finds himself in the middle of a zany, leery, drugs and geezers caper, that combines the hackneyed cockney shtick of a naff guy ritchie film with a plot that the creators of scooby doo would have rejected on the grounds that it was a bit implausible. i think i've got a way to get those pills off the island. we're using scooters. are you serious? from the cringily cliched character names — step up mad mike and sharp steve — to the ear—scraping dialogue, pantomime performances
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and ray burdis�* sub—trainspotting directorial tics, not one note of this ill—conceived botch job rings true. told you, mate! it's worth noting that when news of a film version of to be someone first broke a few years ago, quadrophenia producer bill curbishley issued a curt statement dismissing the prospect of some "totally ridiculous karaoke sequel," and declaring that "quadrophenia is a significant and influentialfilm based on the who's music, of the who, not some carry on franchise". clearly the makers of to be someone never got the message. it's in selected cinemas now, then on dvd and digital from august 9th. for something altogether more nourishing, let me direct you towards the wonderful documentary the truffle hunters. carlo!
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set amidst the hilly woodlands of the piedmont region of italy, this beautifully low—key affair, whose numerous executive producers include call me by your name director luca guadagnino, leads us into a secretive world far removed from the bustle of modern technology. here we meet a disparate group of men whose closest relationship seems to be with their dogs, as they hunt for the prized white truffles that embody their disappearing way of life. there's the octogenarian aurelio, who lives alone but shares a bond with his beloved birba as deep as any family ties. meanwhile, sergio bathes and blowdries his dogs between bouts of cathartic rock drumming. while carlo's disapproving wife thinks he's too old to be scouring the woods by night with his blessed companion tutino.
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intercut with these scenes from the truffle hunters�* hand—to—mouth lives are contrasting views of the truffle trade, with prized tubers changing hands for large amounts of money — sniffed, prodded and sold. while much of the fixed camera footage has a distinctly painterly edge, codirectors gregory kershaw and michael dweck also mount tiny cameras on the heads of the dogs to capture the thrill of the chase, with energetic results. you can sample the delights of the truffle hunters in cinemas now. i�*ll leave you with news of black widow, the latest instalment in the ever—expanding marvel cinematic universe. scarlettjoha nsson stars as natasha romanoff, a role she�*s previously played in umpteen marvel movies before finally getting her own belated stand—alone outing.
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ok, you got a plan or should i just say duck and cover? my plan was to drive us away. well, your plan sucks. florence pugh is natasha�*s adoptive sisterjelena, with rachel weisz and david harbour as mother and father in the russian sleeper cell family whom we meet in �*90s ohio. years later, a showdown with ray winstone�*s evil drakov is on the cards as our heroines go head—to—head with his red room operation, determined to free the zombie—like army of widows he�*s created. directed by cate shortland, whose resume includes such character—rich dramas as somersault and berlin syndrome, black widow is at its best when dealing with the dysfunctional family interactions between its central foursome, whether it�*s the mid—chase bickering
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betweenjohansson and pugh, both of whom are terrific, or the pathos—laden comedy of harbour�*s dejected superhero, an embarrassing dad who longs to be as celebrated as captain america. on the downside, ray winstone�*s russian accent can become distractingly experimental, and the need for standard marvel action spectacle means nuance gives way to smashy—crashy pyrotechnics. but for the most part, this is an entertaining origin story which givesjohansson a chance to breathe real life into the title character. i�*m done running from my past. black widow opened in uk cinemas earlier this week and is now available on disney+ with premier access. that�*s it for this week. thanks for watching the film review. stay safe, and i�*ll see you next week. there�*s a note in here. it�*s about the water man. is this a prank?
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where are your friends, huh? where are they hiding? where are your buddies with the cameras? mart calm out there with the film breaking news from wembley stadium, this is from the security team at wembley and they confirm we brought you some reports are suggesting there had been some scuffles as people have been trying to get into wembley who didn�*t have tickets. it turns out a number of them did indeed successfully get through security, got into the stadium. at the security staff, this was a statement issued at 8:34pm, said
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there is no indication about how many people, it is described as a small group as people — how you define a small group is obviously a relative term — a small group of people might be 50 people in a state that large is or it might be half a dozen, it�*s not clear. anyway, at least some of them are still at large in the stadium. the authorities are saying, if you don�*t have a ticket you will be a ticket you will be objected short of stopping everyone and mounting people show their tickets, obviously, everyone should be in their seats at this time, because at half time, there will be a certain amount of movement, although it is restricted at the moment. you could just be going to the toilet, say, i let my ticket with my partner, whatever. it is obviously a headache for officials. this is the scene in
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rome, the italian


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