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tv   Click - Short Edition  BBC News  July 31, 2021 12:45pm-1:01pm BST

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where the earth is literally splitting apart. this is iceland, home to so much amazing scenery, created by the superheated rock that lurks just below the surface. as recently as march this year, a new volcano's been erupting and attracting tourists and scientists alike to watch and learn as it rewrites the geography once again. and, later in the programme, we will be there to see how — as long as you're careful — volcanoes and drones can mix. now, iceland is putting all of this heat to good use. it drives the geothermal power stations which provide clean, cheap electricity, and that means that now, nearly half of all of the cars here are electric. the country is second only
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to norway in its adoption. but while things are moving at a pretty fast pace here in iceland, the uk is still trying to increase the number of publicly available charging points to help with the switch to electric there, and that means that home charging points are a must—have for early adopters. but here's a question i bet you've never asked yourself — how secure is your charger? weird question, i know, but dan simmons has been investigating how your charging point could be turned against you. ready to plug in. well, the porsche does get thirsty and as many electric car owners will testify, having a charger at home is almost a necessity to make sure you can go places tomorrow. beep. but all is not as it seems. because this smart charger has mysteriously switched off.
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beep. next day, our man is off to an important meeting, no doubt, and to show off his flashy new motor. but he's going nowhere because his tican can't — its battery is still flat. his car's 0k — it's the wallbox charger that's been hacked and turned off. and it gets worse. because hackers can access the firmware of this second charger, the project ev, they can disable this permanently. both chargers have been approved for sale in the uk by the government's department for transport. so how can this happen? well, thankfully, the good guys have found the problems first. the number of so—called �*white hat�* hackers is growing fast — these are the people who test systems and products to find flaws before anyone else does.
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vangelis is the hacker who found the security failures. so on wallbox, you could take full control of the charger. it could gain full access and remove the usual owner's access on the charger. it could stop them from charging their own vehicles and provide free charging to an attacker vehicle. and for the project ev, it's way worse because you can sideload finware, you can make it — you can brick it, you can make it to be part a modnet and you could also make attack other servers. the problem in both cases is the lack of proper authentication between the mobile app on our smartphones often used to control these chargers and the computer servers that relay instructions to the boxes.
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do you think it's an easy hack to do? could anyone do it? yes. well, the word "anyone" is quite broad, but anyone who understands apis could easily do it, yes. ken munro heads up pen test partners. after a quick charge—up, we went back to his place where he showed me something else particularly worrying. if you've got one of these chargers at home, then you might be surprised to find this inside. ken and his team found a 2015 raspberry pi — more of an educational piece of hardware rather than something that you may want to rely on to store your details securely. get hold of one of these and because this is connected to your home by wi—fi, well then, you can get straight onto the home network. could let you do all sorts of things.
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shall we change the channel? click theme plays. mum? spencer: hey, welcome to click. it's more educational! if you've got the project ev charger, you can do it without even having access to the box. you can do it remotely. so once you're onto someone's home network, if you haven't changed that router admin password, you can send all the traffic to the hacker. that means they can do things like set up sites that look like the real deal but steal your passwords and then your real bank account, for example, has been compromised. so there's all sorts of things you can do. anything you log into, you can potentially intercept that traffic or grab it and then reuse it, so everything you do online is potentially exposed. and with many of us now working from home, confidential commercial information might also incentivise an attacker. if you're a small business and you've got one of these charges
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and it's connected to your business network, you've potentially created a back door onto your network, access to potentially all of your data, and that's going to put you in a whole lot of pain. and new sharing schemes promise to make security even more important as owners of charges are encouraged to let other ev users pull onto their driveways and charge up. thousands of these two chargers have been sold in the uk, so both pen test partners and click contacted the firms to first give them the chance to fix the problems. and we got two different responses. project ev imports chargers from a company based in china called atess. it told us:
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wallbox, based in spain, didn't reply to us, but they did tell ken's team that they had fixed the online problems. time to see if the units are safe. retesting took place this week and suggests most of the problems in both chargers have been fixed, but ken says owners still need to take action. check for updates, solve the problem. the wallbox charger uses hardware that isn't secure enough. there's really nothing you can do to make it completely secure. so unless wallbox have found a way of fixing that, which would be beyond me, i'd suggest perhaps supergluing the box cover in so hackers can't take the top off. and what of the approval they had to be sold in the uk by the department for transport and the government grants handed out to help sell them? the department did not comment on the security issues
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we raised, but said: it's worth noting that all smart home chargers will still be usable if you just want to plug your car in. but when it comes to security when using them with a phone app or home wi—fi, it seems some are smarter than others. my name is christopher hamilton, i am an associate professor at the university of arizona and a planetary volcanologist. we're here in geldingadalir, which is a new volcanic eruption that has occurred in southern iceland in reykjanes. iceland provides an ideal test—bed for being able to test different kinds of drones for mars because the wonderful characteristics of the environment are actually very similar to what we would expect on mars.
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so this has been a really exciting year for mars exploration. the drone ingenuity has demonstrated flight on mars for the very first time, being able to operate in a very thin atmosphere, about i% of what the earth's atmosphere is. is it still giving you that warning? no. the other drone we are using has a larger payload, has a number of different cameras and zoom functions, really beautiful, but also a lidar instrument. so lidar uses light to be able to range the distance between the sensor that is emitting a set of photons and a surface. it's a world first to be able to use a drone—based lidar to image the lava flow and develop a time series topography which we can use to inform the thickness of lava, the volume, and ultimately, the amount of lava that's coming out of a volcano at a particular time. today we're mainly trying a thermal infrared camera which measures the temperature of the lava, which is a first for us to be able to do from the air with this system.
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even though we don't see it with our eyes we can actually map out regions that are hot and potentially having lava flowing underneath the crust. we are also testing a series of things like grippers, basically a claw that can be used to pick up loose examples, but also drills that can actually core a sample using the drill and bring it back to a lander or even a rover forfurther analysis. the different drones, the different instruments, the different mission concepts we're putting together will enable new exploration of the red planet and to see parts of the planet we have never seen before, and i hope we'll have an opportunity, perhaps in the coming decade, to send a drone dedicated to exploring mars' volcanoes and for the first time see if potentially they're harbouring evidence of life. past or present. are we alone in the universe, but also where did we begin, and potentially, what is the world like in the future that we will come to inhabit as well? that was christopher hamilton.
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how spectacular was that? and that's it for the short cut of this week's click. the full—length version is waiting for you right now on iplayer and we are waiting for you on social media — on youtube, facebook, instagram and twitter at @bbcclick. thanks for watching and we'll see you soon. hello, there. storm evert yesterday brought some damage and disruption across southern parts of the country. it brought almost autumnal weather rather than mid—summer weather to our shores. this weekend, though, it's looking a bit better. it's going to be a little bit quieter. we'll have sunshine and showers in the forecast, but it will remain on the cool side for the time of year. that's because we've got northerly winds running down across the uk. that area of low is what was storm evert.
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we've got showers in the forecast, mainly across england and wales through the day. some showers also across eastern scotland, north—east england. this will tend to turn heavier into the afternoon, but it's part of wales, the midlands, southern england which will see the heaviest of the showers. hitand miss. some places will stay dry. we could see quite a bit of dry weather for scotland and northern ireland, albeit rather cloudy. the winds are going to be lighter today than what they were yesterday, particularly across england and wales. it's not going to feel particularly warm for the time of year, particularly across the north of the country, 15 to 19 degrees here, but we could make 21 or 22 across the south—east. the winds will be lighter and, given the sunshine is pretty strong this time of year, it shouldn't feel too bad. as we head through this evening and overnight, most of the showers die away, but a few will linger here and there. most places will be dry, variable cloud and clear spells. temperatures in double figures for england and wales, but some chillier spots across scotland and northern ireland. so into sunday, we've got this very weak weather front spreading south across the country. that's going to introduce the cooler air.
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maybe a bit more cloud for england and wales as we head on into the afternoon. so it's going to be one of sunshine and showers again. most of them for england and wales closer to that weather front. again, into the afternoon, it could turn out to be heavy and thundery in places. the odd shower, as well, for the north and east of scotland. we will hold on to a bit more breeze here. otherwise, the winds will be light so any showers will tend to be fairly slow moving. so that cooler air will push its way southwards, so i think highs of 20, maybe 21 degrees in the south, around the mid to upper—teens celsius further north. as we head on into the start of next week, this bump, this ridge of high pressure noses in from the south—west. that will settle things down a bit. there will still be a few showers around, but a more active jet stream later in the week will fire low pressure systems towards our shores. so the general thinking is next week we start off generally fine and settled with some sunshine before it turns a lot more unsettled towards the end of the week.
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hello, this is bbc news. the headlines at one o'clock.... ahead of the women's 100 metres final this hour — heartbreakfor team gb�*s dina asher—smith — who failed to qualify. she's now been forced to pull out of the 200 metres due to a hamstring injury. i'm a i'm a competitor... ye have seen me p0p my i'm a competitor... ye have seen me pop my hamstring when i was younger, in the 200 i would do it... that is the kind of athlete i am. but he is wiser than me. but there's gold elsewhere. a �*super saturday�* at the tokyo 0lympics for team gb so far. gold — and a world record — in the li—by—ioo—metres mixed medley relay. team work makes the dream work — another gold in the triathlon
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mixed relay event — where jonny brownlee


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