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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  August 8, 2021 11:45pm-12:00am BST

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-- week have a lovely we and head. —— week ahead. i won't be back. there will be another presenter with you shortly but from all of us, good night. hello and welcome to the film review with me, anna smith. i'm filling in for mark kermode to review this week's cinema releases. i got you something.
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ah... hey, hey, hey, look inside. what's this for? respect. first up, a crime comedy based on a twitter thread that went viral. zola is inspired by the 148—tweet rant by a'ziah �*zola' king, who is played here by taylour paige. zola is working in a detroit diner when she meets and flirts with a customer called stefani, played by riley keough. stefani is an exotic dancer and invites zola to join her for a fun and lucrative weekend in florida. it turns out that stefani is not only bringing her hapless boyfriend along for the ride but her pimp, too. this is messy, you are messy. your brain is broke. what follows is a wild and witty tale of reckless and manipulative behaviour that will have yourjaw on the floor.
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zola is often laugh out loud funny, mixing the hilarity and hedonism of the wolf of wall street with the edgy anarchy of spring breakers, but it also functions as a frank expose of the sex industry. writer—directorjanicza bravo weaves in disturbing details about the commodification of women, showing how stefani's pimp exploits and threatens the girls with a chillingly casual air. the director also makes a statement by the way she shoots the sex scenes. it's a far cry from your typical hollywood hooker story. it's easy to compare this to thej—lo starred hustlers which was based on an article about strippers and was also helmed by a woman. but i think zola is an even better film than hustlers, partly because it's based directly on the words of its brazen heroine and partly because it so smartly paced, scripted and performed. rising star taylour paige follows up her turn in ma rainey�*s black bottom with another sparky performance. and american honey's star riley keough,
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who incidentally is the daughter of lisa marie presley, is an absolute riot. oh, god! like, why you on my twitter? why are you on my facebook, why are you on my... why are you damming me? sis, why are you tagging me in photos? let me know. yes, sis! but you're innocent, - so we've got to keep fighting. it doesn't matter that i'm innocent, dad. it's not about justice. it's about finding peace. from the station agent to spotlight, director tom mccarthy always delivers great character—based dramas. his new film stillwater is more of a hybrid of drama and thriller.
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i loved her. i know you did. but everybody thinks that i killed her. we have exhausted every possible legal action. is a lawyer not helping you? i'm doing it myself, for now. matt damon stars as bill, a gruff, old—fashioned oil worker from stillwater, oklahoma, who checks into a hotel in marseille. it transpires that his daughter alison, played by abigail breslin, is in prison in france, convicted of the murder of her classmate and partner, lina. alison is convinced that a new lead could get her out ofjail and bill decides to investigate himself, with the help of a local that he meets at the hotel. virginie is a liberal bohemian actress portrayed by call my agent's camille cottin. she also happens to have a cute little daughter who bonds with bill. and so an odd couple friendship plays out alongside the drama of a father trying to clear the name of his incarcerated daughter. both are involving but they're
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an odd juxtaposition. on the one hand, there is an arthouse character piece about a culture clash relationship. on the other, a crime drama. when this plunges headlong into thriller territory it's a bit of a jolt. but damon and cottin are great together and this has something to say about personal politics, the media and prejudice. while it's not mccarthy's best work, stillwater is eminently watchable. what did you do? you just have to trust me. you have the perfect life. the rich, handsome - husband who adores you... deaero'hare, there's neverenough time. - never enough of you. dear mrs stirling, know that you hold my hopes, my heart in your hands.
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features? it's rory from archive. i think i've found something you'd want to come and take a look at. uh, is that gum? mm—hm. we don't allow gum in the reading rooms. i swallowed it. great. now to a romance set both in the 19605 and the present — the last letter from your lover. felicityjones stars as ellie, a journalist who finds old love letters in the archives of the newspaper where she works. aided by mild—mannered archivist, rory, played by nabhaan rizwan, she investigates a romance from the past. as they discover more clues, flashbacks reveal the star—crossed letter writers. a married amnesic socialite called jennifer, who is played by shailene woodley, and callum turner's charming journalist, anthony. at least, i think he's meant to be charming. there's very little chemistry or credibility in the �*60s scenes, despite decent costumes, props and production design. a muttering woodley seems uncomfortable with the dialogue, perhaps with good reason. the banter between the pair
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feels artificial and the attraction too sudden. this is the kind of film where you only know the characters love each other because they say so repeatedly. the last letter from your lover is based on a novel byjojo moyes, whose adaptations have had some success on the big screen. me before you was a big hit with audiences and like that film, this has plenty of melodrama to tug on the heartstrings. but the dual timelines hamper the tension, and i would've been happierjust watching the excellent felicityjones as ellie. she's the best thing in this film, though it's a sad reflection on the industry when you can just tell an actress is pregnant in real life simply because they don't dress her in figure—hugging clothes. the thing is, if you're going to elope probablyjust send a text. "hey, babes, meet me at the station if you're interested, #comewith if you want to change your life forever, smiley face, aubergine, road sign, sausage."
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screaming a man struggles to make a film about his alcoholic father in the venezuelan doc, el father plays himself. a documentary about the making of a feature film, this comes from mo scarpelli, the partner of the director at the centre of the story. her fella, jorge thielen armand, is tearing his hair out as he tries to direct his own father, who is — as the title suggests — playing himself. making a film in the amazonian jungle is enough of a challenge, and it proves even harder to stop
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dad from sinking a bottle of rum every time his back is turned. el father is certainly a character, with his wild eyes and colourful past. but you need to actually watch the film that this is about to find out more about that past. viewed on its own, el father plays himself is frustratingly enigmatic. you're best off catching this in a double bill with the original film, la fortaleza, and that's happening at london's ica this weekend.
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some things are older than science. older than god. the earth has its own secrets... and if you get close enough, you'll hear it. finally, an irish horror that owes a debt to everything from an american werewolf in london to shaun of the dead. boys from county hell centres around an irish town you might typically call sleepy, but when construction work disturbs a legendary ancient vampire,
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a group of survivors wake up fast. forced to admit that the stories they've been telling tourists are actually true, eugene, played byjack rowan, and his father francie, played by nigel o'neill, battle to survive the night and outwit an ancient bloodthirsty foe. a low—budget horror from writer—director chris baugh, this has some puzzling editing decisions and while it's spin on the vampire myth is original, it's not desperately engaging. this is at its best when going for the comedyjugular and there are some amusing moments, thanks to sarcastic humour and judicious use of very strong language. boys from county hell may not be up there with the best blokey rural comedy horrors but better than 2009's atrocious lesbian vampire killers, in which james corden and matthew horne faced a village of sapphic bloodsuckers.
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oh, come on, like, whatare we supposed to do about this? thanks for watching the film review with me, anna smith. i will be back next week. in the meantime, stay safe. good evening. once again, there's been some pretty intense showers and thunderstorms around today. but there is some slightly better news in the forecast for the week ahead. fewer showers around, a little bit more sunshine and for some of you, after a rather cool spell, it will start to turn a bit warmer too. to get there, we need to get rid of this area of low pressure and it's still with us into the night and into tomorrow. still some showers around, a little weather system pushing across southern counties of england and south wales. so, some wetter weather here to take us through the night and the showers keep going across parts of scotland, england and northern ireland and also into orkney and shetland. in between those areas with clear skies, temperatures could drop into the single figures for one or two spots, particularly across the highlands.
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but most double figures, if not early teen temperatures to start monday morning. a bit of a damp start to east anglia and the south—east and those outbreaks of rain will clear away but showers get going across the south. and once again, cluster of low pressure further north. showers and thunderstorms will blossom and become more numerous through the day and the worst of those most likely to be across the eastern half of scotland, temperatures though in the sunshine should actually start to feel a bit more pleasant. a few more places above 20 degrees. monday evening sees the showers and thunderstorms continue for a time and they do start to fade and that's because low pressures is on the move, pushing towards scandinavia and allowing this little ridge of high pressure to build in. don't get too excited, it doesn't mean it will be blue skies across the board and there will still be one or two showers around on tuesday. but, more places will be dry and your greatest chance of some heavy showers, thunderstorms likely across parts of central and northern scotland. notice with more dry weather around, light winds and temperatures start to climb close to where you want for this time of year. as you go into the midweek, the high pressure starts to build
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in across the south—east and a low pressure pushing in from the west and as this weather front pushes in, it brings some rain across northern ireland and western scotland, it does help to induce a subtle airflow bringing in slightly more warmth across the eastern half of the country in particular. where we have got the best of the sunshine on wednesday, east anglia with central and eastern areas, sunshine turning hazy from the west, outbreaks of rain for northern ireland and spreading into western scotland, we really do need the rain in the highlands and islands, so it is on the way here. that could be welcome news for you. but in the sunshine, the south and east, we could hit 2a or 25 degrees. some of that warmth will continue across the south and east through the rest of the week into the weekend, also rain at times in the north and west but overall drier than now.
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�*welcome to newsday, reporting live from singapore, i'm karishma vaswani. the headlines. three afghan cities fall to the taliban in just one day — including strategically important kunduz. farewell to one of the most controversial summer olympics ever — as tokyo hands over to the next host city — paris. residents and holidaymakers, try to escape. burn out of control. just a few miles from here there are bright blue skies, but here the air is full of smoke and ash. and is making it harder for people to breathe. lionel messi says goodbye to barcelona — we look


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