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ofthe of the idea of to give up because of the idea of having to bring forward the whole table in order to get results out. let's put exam results to one side. there will be watch more tomorrow. i want to take you to the financial time again, because as all nations come out of covid restrictions, we've had people working from home —— the financial times. they've got a leader on how to return workers to the office. what does it say? so, the office. what does it say? so, the ft is the office. what does it say? �*fvf the ft is highlighting the office. what does it say? fish, the ft is highlighting the fact the office. what does it say? s5 the ft is highlighting the fact that because the cost saying has suggested that perhaps people who didn't come into the office might actually have to have a pay cut. that's not a particularly good business practice, so what the ft is
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saying, you need to think more, have a more sophisticated approach in order to entice your colleagues and peers back into the office. one of the things they're highlighting is that rishi sunak himself has talked about the positive benefits of being backin about the positive benefits of being back in the office. the fact that you learn from mentors, you learn from your peers, and you have perhaps even a different environment because the morejunior perhaps even a different environment because the more junior you are perhaps even a different environment because the morejunior you are in the pecking order of a company, the chances are you've got a less attractive home environment in which to do all your multi zooms, and you could actually... might be more compelling. i think what the ft is really drawing attention to, notwithstanding that we in the uk do seem to be more reluctant to go back into office and some other countries at the moment, so this does seem to
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be a moment where the ft is saying come on, if we're going to make this work and reinvigorate the towns and cities as well, then it's got to be thought through much more carefully. in the way you would you would —— if you are devising a business strategy for your company. you are devising a business strategy foryour company. jae. you are devising a business strategy for your company-— for your company. joe, can we “ust no to the for your company. joe, can we “ust go to the back fl for your company. joe, can we “ust go to the back page i for your company. joe, can we “ust go to the back page offl for your company. joe, can we “ust go to the back page of the i for your company. joe, can we just go to the back page of the metro? | go to the back page of the metro? it's got this joyous homecoming of olympic stars, lovely big photograph of the boxing champion. it has been two weeks of glorious sport, and very uplifting. are you suffering from olympics withdrawal symptom? i am to a certain extent, but i consistently suffer from olympics withdrawal symptoms for the entire timo _ withdrawal symptoms for the entire timo as_ withdrawal symptoms for the entire timo as a — withdrawal symptoms for the entire time. as a massive olympics man, i'm
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delighted _ time. as a massive olympics man, i'm delighted once again, and it's so great _ delighted once again, and it's so great to— delighted once again, and it's so great to see many of these photos on the newspapers today. champions and other competitors return home. i hope _ other competitors return home. i houe they— other competitors return home. i hope they do receive the plaudits and success they so deserve. hopefully one or two owners in the queen's— hopefully one or two owners in the queen's birthday. we hopefully one or two owners in the queen's birthday.— queen's birthday. we shall wait to see. for queen's birthday. we shall wait to see- for the _ queen's birthday. we shall wait to see. for the time _ queen's birthday. we shall wait to see. for the time being, - queen's birthday. we shall wait to see. for the time being, joe - queen's birthday. we shall wait to see. for the time being, joe and l see. for the time being, joe and lucy, thank you both very much. lucy and joe willl be back in just over half an hour to look at more of the stories being covered by newspapers and websites here. sport is next. goodbye for now. good evening. i'm marco edwards with your sport. jack grealish has been officially introduced as a manchester city player. hejoined the premier league champions last week from aston villa, in a deal worth £100 million.
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that makes him the most expensive british player in history and the sixth biggest fee of all time. he came on as a substitute in city's community shield defeat to leicester on saturday, but was presented to fans outside the ethiad this evening. grealish is expected to make his premier league debut at tottenham on sunday. i felt like it was time for me to move on. obviously, i always said how much i wanted to play champions league football, and i have a football club that has got so much potential. yeah, i felt like it yeah, ifelt like it was yeah, i felt like it was the yeah, ifelt like it was the right time. meanwhile, chelsea are closing in on the signing of striker romelu lu ka ku. the inter milan forward has had a medical in italy today, ahead of a £97.5 million move to stamford bridge. lukaku's already played for chelsea, leaving the club in 2014 afterjust
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15 appearances in three years. but since then, he's gone on to become one of the most prolific strikers in europe, with 2a goals for inter last season, helping them to their first italian title in 11 years. and the speculation around where lionel messi will play next season continues. the record six—time ballon d'or winner said that french side paris saint germain is just one possibility, after ending his 21—year association with barcelona, who cannot afford to keep him. well, fans in paris think they have their man. hundreds of them waited outside an airport in paris yesterday, hoping messi would arrive. there's been no sign of him yet, but plenty think he's on his way. the queen has congratulated team gb as the final olympians arrived back to heathrow, after the tokyo games came to a close yesterday. team gb enjoyed one of their most successful games with 22 golds and 65 medals in total, matching the achievement of london 2012. laura kenney, who won a gold and a silver, and also carried the flag in the closing ceremony,
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led the team off the plane with her husband, jason, now britain's most decorated olympian after his gold in the men's. well, inside the terminal, one of the biggest receptions was afforded to boxer galal yafai, who won gold in the flyweight division. and as you heard, his friends and family were in fine voice. his fellow boxer lauren price won britain's 22nd and final gold of the games yesterday morning. she's already looking ahead to paris in three years time. looking at the likes of obviously nicola adams and katie taylor, they inspired a lot of people after london 2012, when women's boxing was introduced, and from there, i think it has come on leaps and bounds, so itjust keeps getting bigger and better all the time. and hopefully, like myself and a lot of the others have inspired the next generation, and, yeah, forfemale boxing, it keeps getting bigger and i'm looking forward for the next three years in paris, and hopefully they introduce more weights as well.
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joe choong created history by becoming the first british man to win modern pentathlon gold. after a long time away from his family, with various covid restrictions over the last few months, he was looking forward to the simple things. oh, it feels absolutely amazing. i haven't seen my family in nearly four months now, so i'm just really looking forward to getting home, getting my mum to cook something and just sitting in front of the tv and relaxing. i didn't expect there to be such a huge reception. obviously, i was looking forward to seeing my family, but i don't think i understood how much it would mean to me seeing them again after so long. so, ijust don't think i could be happier right now. following on from his success in tokyo, tom pidcock has been selected to race at the vuelta a espana for ineos grenadiers. the 22—year—old won gold in the men's cross—country mountain bike at the olympics, but the all—terrain rider will now switch his focus to the road and feature in the the first grand tour of his career, which starts on saturday.
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the youngest and oldest player in the men's hundred combined to sensational effect as birmingham phoenix went top of the table courtesy of an emphatic 93—run victory over welsh fire at edgbaston. moeen ali made a blistering 28—ball 59, which included three successive sixes. but even the captain was outshone by the baby of the competition. will smeed is tearing up the hundred atjust 19 years of age, and he smoked an unbeaten 65 off 38 balls as phoenix smashed their way to the highest score in the tournament, 181i. so, from the youngest to the eldest statesman in the hundred — imran tahir, ageing like the finest of wines at 42, took the tournament's first hat—trick to finish with figures of 5—25, with the fire skittled forjust 91 runs. in the women's fixture, it was another brilliant performance from india's teenage superstar shafali verma, who scored 76 as birmingham phoenix stormed to a 10—wicket win over welsh fire in the women's hundred.
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welsh fire collapsed from 75—1to127—9, including losing their last six wickets for 23 runs in a 21—ball spell. chasing 128 to win, verma smashed an unbeaten 76 off 42 balls, after bringing her up her 50 withjust 22 balls, the 17—year—old hitting nine fours and two sixes. and andy murray has been added to the main draw for the us open after former champion stan wawrinka withdrew. murray pulled out of the men's singles at the tokyo olympics last month with a thigh strain, but was able to play in the doubles alongsidejoe salisbury, where they reached the quarterfinals. murray won the us open back in 2012. and that's all the sport for now. from me and the rest of the team, bye—bye. well, many of us have had to endure
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days of torrential showers, the grass has sodded. what has happened to august, we wonder? i've got some good news — tuesday is looking sunnier and warmer than of late across most of the uk, not absolutely everywhere. we still have a few showers in the forecast in the short term. here's the unsettled weather recently. you can see the clouds spiralling across the uk, but we've got a gap in the weather. it's called a ridge of high pressure. there's a low which is heading our way, as well, but this ridge is going to settle things down on tuesday. so, what's tuesday, 6 in the morning looking like? a lot of fine, bright, if not already sunny weather across the uk. 13 degrees in london, 10 degrees in glasgow, just the stray shower here and there. how about the rest of the morning into the afternoon? so, lots of sunshine, especially across england and wales. in scotland, we are anticipating downpours and thunderstorms to form over the highlands, and they'll probably drift
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towards the east coast, and there's a chance of a few scattered showers just close to the north sea coasts and maybe one or two other areas. but other than that, it is going to be a predominantly sunny day with scattered fairweather clouds, light winds, and very pleasant temperatures. i suspect they will probably hit around 2a celsius in one or two spots on tuesday. now, here's a look at wednesday's weather map. a low is approaching with its weather front — here's the low out there. the weather front is approaching western areas of the uk, so the weather will go downhill. out towards the west on wednesday, you can see the rain sweeping in — this is the morning in northern ireland, western parts of scotland, and other western extremities also getting the cloud and rain, and a bit of a breeze, too. but eastern areas in the southeast should, at the very least, stay bright and actually quite warm in norwich, up to 2a — that's because, ahead of weather fronts, we quite often have a southerly wind that's strengthening the breeze — not strong, just a light summer breeze keeping those temperatures high enough. now, the weather front moves
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through the uk on thursday, but notice there's hardly any rain on the weather front, it's literallyjust a line of cloud. that will introduce just slightly fresher conditions to western areas here, but staying warm in the southeast, up to around 2li—25 celsius. but in the northwest, closer to the centre of the low pressure, it will stay wet and, at times, windy.
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welcome to newsday. reporting live from singapore, i'm karishma vaswani. the headlines... a code red for humanity — the un warns in a landmark report that human activity is changing the climate in unprecedented and sometimes irreversible ways. the world listened, but didn't hear. the world listened, but it didn't act strongly enough and as a result of climate change, its a problem that is here now. nobody is safe and it's getting worse and faster. raging wildfires in greece — one of many countries already feeling the impact, the flames fanned by strong winds and rising temperatures. documents obtained by the bbc suggest former uk
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prime minister david cameron made around £7 million


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