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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 22, 2021 3:00am-3:31am BST

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this is bbc news — i'm reged ahmad with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. desperate to escape — us troops fire tear gas in kabul, to try to push back thousands attempting to flee the taliban. translation: we've got a legal visa. - many people who are coming here don't have the right documents, but we've got the visa and they won't let us through. a state of emergency is declared in parts of new york state ahead of the forecast arrival of hurricane henri. hello and welcome.
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"don't go to kabul airport". that's what americans hoping to leave afghanistan have been advised — unless instructed to do so. the state department said it wanted to avoid creating large crowds — and us defence officials have expressed concern about the possibility of attacks by islamic state militants. a week after the taliban seized power, their co—founder, mullah abdul ghani baradar, is in the capital for talks on forming a new government. our security correspondent, frank gardner reports. crowds, chaos, confusion. the scene at kabul airport grows ever more volatile as thousands of afghans clamour to leave the country. gunfire. taliban fighters are guarding the outside of the perimeter, but even some people with valid travel documents are not getting through. translation: we've got a legal visa. - many people who are coming here don't have the right documents, but we've got the visa and they won't let us through. britain's ambassador,
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sir laurie bristow, has been helping to process applications. he says the evacuation is the biggest challenge he's ever faced. but a pentagon briefing said the taliban had so far not prevented the evacuation. we've had no hostile interactions, no attack and no threat by the taliban. we remain vigilant. we have also not experienced any additional security incidents. elsewhere in kabul, normal life is slowly returning, but banks have been shut and cash machines empty. there have also been reports of hospitals struggling without enough women turning up for work. taliban fighters, so long part of a violent insurgency, are in control, seen everywhere on the streets. the group's co—founder and political chief, mullah abdul ghani baradar, has arrived in kabul. he is expected to form part of the new taliban—dominated government. he spent the last few
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years leading the taliban delegation at peace talks with the us in qatar. the taliban don't yet control the entire country. the panjshir valley, north of kabul, is once more a centre of resistance to their rule. anti—taliban forces claim to have retaken three districts in the north. back at the airport, time is running out for the evacuation. once it ends and the world's attention shifts elsewhere, many fear that life under the taliban is going to get a lot harder. frank gardner, bbc news. our correspondent, secunder kermani is in kabul has been speaking to the afghans who hope to be evacuated. he says the situation at the airport still seems extremely tense. well, it's still very chaotic. i was just speaking earlier to one young afghan whose father worked for the american embassy for 20 years, they had been told to go to the airport to be evacuated, tried for two days straight,
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but were unable to get past the crowd, they have simply given up, they've decided at the situation at the airport is even more dangerous than the prospect of life under taliban rule. we're also getting reports tonight in the us media that there are concerns amongst us defence officials about the possibility of an attack by the islamic state group on the airport. it's sent a panic that many there who are camped out are feeling — it's really fuelled by the fact that international troops will be pulled out by the end of this month. that's when the evacuation process, it seems at the moment, at least, will end. and after that, many fear it'll be extremely difficult to fly out of the country. so time, they feel, is really running out for them. talking about people trying to
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flee afghanistan. president biden�*s government has told us commercial airlines that they could soon be ordered to help transport people who've been evacuated from afghanistan following the taliban takeover. it's understood, if used, the civilian aircraft would not fly into afghanistan, but instead ferry evacuees from air bases in the middle east and germany. let's get some of the day's other news... greece has defended building a 25 mile fence and surveillance system on its border with turkey because of its concerns about a surge of migrants from afghanistan. the government said it could not "wait passively" for the possible consequences. israel has carried out air strikes in gaza in response to what it calls riots instigated by the hamas organisation. the israeli army said its aircraft hit four hamas weapons and storage manufacturing sites. palestinian media spoke of explosions near a power station and close to a refugee camp in central gaza. the air strikes followed a protest on the border
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during which palestinian sources said israeli troops shot and wounded more than 20 palestinians. as funeral�*s are held in haiti for the victims of last week's devastating earthquake, tensions are rising over a lack of aid reaching remote areas, hardest hit by the disaster. humanitatian organistations say the poorest country in the americas is in urgent need of medical, food and sanitation assistance, while many haitians who lost their homes said they were unsure how to even start rebuilding. hurricane grace has torn through eastern mexico after making landfall for a second time, and has killed at least eight people. the deaths and the worst damage were in veracruz state, where the storm came ashore early on saturday. the hurricane weakened to a tropical storm as it moved inland north of mexico city, but high winds and downpours were reported to be causing more flooding. a state of emergency has been declared in parts of new york state ahead
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of the forecast arrival of hurricane henri. new york's governor, andrew cuomo said he had spoken to president biden who agreed to the declaration, which will release funds before the hurricane makes landfall on sunday. mr cuomo said heavy rain, flooding and power cuts should be expected. i'm going to declare a state emergency declaration for long island, new york city, westchester, hudson valley, and the capital district region. we're working with the power companies. i have told them clearly and convincingly, in my opinion, that this is what we pay the power companies to do — to be ready for storms. we've seen this movie before. we don't pay power companies to be ready to prepare power for sunny days. we pay them to prepare power when it's hard and to recover we don't pay power companies to be ready to prepare power for sunny days. we pay them to prepare power when it's hard and to recover quickly after a storm.
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don't forget there's lots more on all the stories we're covering on our website — just head to bbc—dot—com—slash—news and follow the links. or download the bbc news app. so as we were hearing there mullah abdul ghani baradar, has arrived in kabul for talks on forming a government. but who is he — and why is his arrival so significant? he's among the few dozen original members of the taliban. in his early 50s, he co—founded the taliban group and is one of the best—known. reported to have been one of mullah omar's most trusted commanders, he fled to pakistan after the us invasion in 2001 and was arrested in 2010 by security forces in an operation then considered to have dealt a fatal blow to the movement. mullah baradar was released in 2018 and moved to qatar — at the request of the us — to help bolster support for talks with them, acting as the taliban's chief ambassador.
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at one point, he spoke to president trump on the phone. he's been part of the taliban negotiating team in doha where he oversaw the signing of the withdrawal agreement with the americans. sherjan ahmadzai is the director of the center for afghanistan studies at the university of nebraska omaha, earlier i asked him what he thought mullah abdul ghani baradar plans for the future afghan government i believe his vision is what the taliban is about. i don't think he's going to ask for his own personal vision for the country of the government system. the taliban movement, they have a supreme leader, that will be very effective in making a decision and who will be the next leader or what he thinks. i'm sure he's done many consultations with his own fellow members from the taliban movement, and that's why he is in talks with other leaders. what can we expect the taliban
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government to look like? we think it's going to be in emirate, but are we going to see governmental leaders? are we going to see government minister is rather in the same way that we might see in other countries?— countries? the cabinet may be the same- _ countries? the cabinet may be the same. however, _ countries? the cabinet may be the same. however, the - countries? the cabinet may be the same. however, the seat. countries? the cabinet may be. the same. however, the seat of power might be different. there are speculations and discussions among taliban leaders that they might not come with in emirate but come just like the one in iran that well—controlled the whole government itself. it will be semi—dealing with the administration of the government. let's remind ourselves that the international community has not agreed with the and wrecked being established in afghanistan, nor did the afghan people except that because they had tasted and democracy, they know what election means and how the country works in a democratic society. i think taliban do understand that public sentiment is against in emirate. they can push for and right, there might be some
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resistance, including that people who they want to bring into their inclusive government.- into their inclusive covernment. ., ., government. how united are the taliban as _ government. how united are the taliban as a _ government. how united are the taliban as a group _ government. how united are the taliban as a group then - government. how united are the taliban as a group then because | taliban as a group then because mike you have extremes, different factions within the group, or do they tend to have a very shared sense of what the country should look like?- country should look like? well, on the surface, _ country should look like? well, on the surface, it _ country should look like? well, on the surface, it looks - country should look like? well, on the surface, it looks like - country should look like? well, on the surface, it looks like a l on the surface, it looks like a very united group, however, there are divisions amongst them. there are a few commanders who fight the afghans before a week ago who got killed and were wounded. their view of the next government is that we want to swear and we have the right to mandate to rule however we want, however, the political leadership might be inclined to accommodate different political sects and views. there are divisions. we have yet to see how those definitions are or how those definitions are or how deep they would be after consultations emerge, meaningful consultation.
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briefly, their prices holding out against the taliban, there is still fighting, there is still resistance. who is the resistance at the moment afghanistan?— resistance at the moment afuhanistan? ~ _, ., afghanistan? welcome to the resistance — afghanistan? welcome to the resistance is _ afghanistan? welcome to the resistance is led _ afghanistan? welcome to the resistance is led by _ afghanistan? welcome to the resistance is led by the - afghanistan? welcome to the resistance is led by the first l resistance is led by the first vice president of afghanistan and the son of... however, i would like to comment on that. the international community does not have an appetite for another conflict in afghanistan needed to the afghans. i think they will probably end up at they will probably end up at the sort of accommodation are that will give them moral rights to what they want at the moment, and that is why that president taft consultations at than yesterday. there are talks going on. he worked with the government for the former afghan president. while thousands of people try to board flights out of afghanistan, many afghan refugees are also flocking to neighbouring countries, and a key destination is iran. while iran has welcomed the us exit, their relationship with the taliban is a strategic — but complicated one.
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with me to discuss is the bbc�*s azadeh moshiri. can you give us a sense, historically, what the relationship between iran and the taliban has been and what it is now?— it is now? it's a complicated one mainly _ it is now? it's a complicated one mainly because - it is now? it's a complicated - one mainly because afghanistan is so important to iran strategically in terms of economy, there is a lot of trade because i'm between those two countries, but there are also muslim communities in afghanistan, and many afghans in iran as well. now, when it comes to the taliban extremely important to understand the history between detail. i ready, there is a religious divide. in terms of the history, they have also been open and bitter enemies. there was a key event in 1998 in that town where that taliban
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assassinated 11 iranian diplomat and a journalist, and it almost led to a war between the taliban and iran. instead, iran decided to cooperate with the united states in order to topple the taliban. that calculation changed once the us invaded afghanistan. the us even accuses iran of having supplied weapons and money to the taliban, something the iranians dude deny, but they haven't been shy about showing their cooperation. their line has always been that they wanted various political factions in afghanistan to cooperate, so much so that they openly hosted injuly, as recently as july, top afghan officials as well as taliban representatives to try and negotiate some cooperation. so it's better entity in the past, but now i sort of tacit cooperation while iran sees how that taliban treats the muslim communities. it that taliban treats the muslim communities.— communities. it is a complex icture. communities. it is a complex picture- of— communities. it is a complex picture. of course, _ communities. it is a complex picture. of course, iran - communities. it is a complex picture. of course, iran and l picture. of course, iran and
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afghanistan share a border. there are refugees leaving afghanistan into iran. will they be welcome to? i will iran deal with that?— they be welcome to? i will iran deal with that? there has been mixed messaging _ deal with that? there has been mixed messaging there. - deal with that? there has been mixed messaging there. they i mixed messaging there. they have set up temporary housing across three provinces on the afghanistan border, and state tv has been quoting officials that are saying they are going to welcome afghans with open arms, but there has been some mixed messaging from the interior ministry and what will happen to these refugees but they will be turned back eventually, and part of that is because there are some real challenges within a run domestically. they already have is 2 million afghan refugees. they've also got more than 600,000 afghan passport holders according to the un, there is already quite a big community there, and they've also got some real domestic problems. iran is in the midst of a fifth wave of the covid—19 pandemic. it's facing that that the very end. soaring record debts and a
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flailing vaccine programme. more than 500 deaths a day. on top of that can it's grappling with its economy which is still crippled by us sanctions. so the appetite to deal with an influx of refugees like this, it's a mixed picture. 50 influx of refugees like this, it's a mixed picture.- it's a mixed picture. so a strategic _ it's a mixed picture. so a strategic relationship, i it's a mixed picture. so a| strategic relationship, but also what's happening in afghanistan does have a ripple effect in iran in terms of refugees. thank you so much for taking us through that. this is bbc news, our main headline. the united states has asked its citizens to avoid going to kabul airport where thousands of people continue to gather in an attempt to flee afghanistan. a state of emergency has been declared in parts of new york state ahead of the forecast arrival of hurricane henri. the taliban is currently on a media offensive to present themselves as a viable, legitimate government. but does their rhetoric match what's happening on the ground? the bbc monitoring team takes a look at what afghan people
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are seeing on their tv screens.
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we have obviously reduced music shows and the pop types of variety shows that tend to be provocative with the taliban.
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what i can assure you is that we will continue, whether in the _ country are outside the country, and i think it's very important for us. media has been a beacon of hope for many afghans, and that role will become more important going forward. a sense of what afghan people there had been seeing on their tvs. let's get some other news now. the metropolitan police are hunting for a 49 year—old man — wanted in connection to a double murder in the lisson grove area of central london.
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the bodies were found in separate properties within a short walk of each other. tolu adayo sent this report from the area. this is the man the police want to speak to in connection with two violent deaths. met detectives say 49—year—old lee peacock should not be approached and anyone with information about his whereabouts should call 999. it was on thursday night that officers were called to a property here close to regent's park. a 45—year—old woman was pronounced dead at the scene, then, a few hours later, just after 2am on friday morning, the body of a 59—year—old man was found in nearby jerome crescent. both victims were stabbed. at this early stage we are retaining an open mind a concerning motive but we are treating these crimes as linked. i know this will cause concern amongst the community. last week there was an unrelated shooting incident near to the area. four people were treated in hospital. with a double investigation now under way here the police have sought to reassure the local
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community that it is safe. extra patrols are under way across the area and a dedicated team has been tasked with finding mr peacock. lee lived locally in the area and we have a number of lines of enquiry but this time his whereabouts are unknown. at this stage i would say that both of the victims were known to lee. we are not treating these as random attacks. officers say it is vital anyone with information comes forward, and their thoughts are with the victims�* families. they're big, clunky, and the picture quality isnt great. you'd think that in the age of streaming services there's not a lot to love about old—style vhs tapes. but there are people
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who want to rewind to the days of the video tape. andyjohnson is one of them. he runs what he claims is the country's last video shop. ian haslam went to take a look. # you're the best # the best # nothing's going to ever keep you down...# video 0dyssey in liverpool couldn't be more retro if it tried, and it seems people can't get enough. it's the same as vinyl, really, where they were considered obsolete, they were broken, warm, fuzzy, things went wrong with them, but then after a while people liked that nostalgic feel, the physical connection to touching it, putting it in the machine and playing it, you know? right now business is brisk. it does give me a little bit of nostalgia, just holding them and whatnot, and seeing them. the goonies, for example, and jurassic park, - all family favourites. the goonies! yes! you're really chuffed - with this one, aren't you? can i introduce youi to this one as well? stillwater trout angler. does that float your boat? we do get a constant stream of twentysomethings coming into the shop and saying, "wow, this is amazing, it is "like a bit of time travel." and then, you know, they pick up things and go, "oh, look,
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there is harry potter!" and many more besides. of course, the old potential pitfalls still apply. my friend found a blue movie in the woods, watched it on his video recorder and because it had been in the woods it chewed up and he had to dismantle his whole video recorder. very embarrassing in many ways. it is still a concern with people, is it? well, it is. i mean, iwould recommend not putting tapes that you find in the woods straight into a player. no. but, you know, one in 100, one in 1000 might chew up your machine, but that is part of the adventure and the journey. you never know, do you? look at this, rocky iv. of course, the whole process of watching a video is a bit fiddly compared to how it is today, so you've got to whack that in. it has gone in all right, press play. there you go. and then... oh, look at that! can we sort this picture out, andy? i think that might be one the ones from the woods, mate. ah. earlier this week, andy's stock was boosted significantly when he took delivery of a huge video haulfrom a garden shed in scotland that was bound for landfill. and this is what i came back with.
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20,000 video tapes! whoa! i don't think we will ever get offered a collection that big again, so ijust couldn't say no to it, really, you know? neither can vhs fans. to get some popcorn, have a nice time with my family, my siblings, watching old movies. i think it is great. i can't stand looking. for a video on internet, but then going into the shop is a whole other experience. rewinding time might just be the future. ian haslam, bbc news. museums and archaeological sites across greece have stayed open late into the night for people to enjoy august's full �*sturgeon' moon. the full moon first appeared on saturday but for anyone who didn't have time to appreciate it fully it will reach what scientists call peak illumination on sunday night. moons are often given their names by native american tribes and the sturgeon moon is named after sturgeon caught in the us great
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lakes in late august. and finally, images have been released after an afghan mother was assisted off a us air force plane, after she delivered a baby on board. the mother went into labor and began experiencing complications during an evacuation flight from a base in the middle east. upon landing at ramstein air base in germany, a medical crew boarded the aircraft and helped deliver the baby in the cargo bay. and i'm pleased to let you know the mother and her baby girl are doing well. a reminder of our top story — as crowds continue to besiege kabul airport, the united states is trying to find ways of getting people out of afghanistan safely and quickly. americans hoping to leave following the taliban takeover a week ago have been advised not to travel to the airport unless instructed. defence officials have warned of possible attacks by a local offshoot of the islamic state group — who are hostile to the taliban.
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stay with us here on bbc news. hello again. saturday was always going to be the slightly dodgy day of the weekend in terms of weather, and we have a lot of cloud. most of us saw some fairly heavy rain as well. that was the grey skies that we had in wales, for a time, with the rain coming down. a bit misty over the hills, as well. since then, the rain band has been progressing its way northwards and eastwards, and it will continue to do so over the next few hours, as well. that said, i reckon it will stay pretty wet across parts of eastern scotland, down the eastern side of england for the next few hours, with some heavy rain coming in across northern england, east midlands, east anglia. we've still got some more rain to come, as well across parts of the south east. but all the while, it will turn a little bit drier across western areas. 13—15 celsius as you start the day. there will be some mist and fog
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patches to watch out for. eastern scotland, probably over the pennines, eastern areas of england, as well. now, sunday morning, we'll probably have some fairly thick cloud running in across parts of east anglia, south east england, still with some patches of rain expected here. into the afternoon, the skies brighten up and there will be some showers. some of them quite heavy for central and eastern scotland, central and eastern england. dry with sunshine for south—west england and wales, northern ireland and western areas of scotland. then, into next week, it looks like high pressure is going to be with us, and it's going to be bringing the air from scandinavia. so no heatwave in the forecast, but it will be a pleasant spell of weather. it's going to be largely dry with some sunshine to look forward to. so that settling down process really gets under way on monday, with most of us having a dry day with some sunny spells. in the sunshine, it's august, it's going to feel warm in that sunshine with temperatures widely climbing into the low 20s, peeking around 22 celsius in glasgow, birmingham, and cardiff, as well. into tuesday's forecast, and again it's another largely fine day. you could find a view
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mist and fog patches for the early risers, but otherwise looking fine with spells of sunshine. the wind is coming onshore around parts of east anglia and kent, keeping temperatures here on the coastal strip probably around 19—20 celsius. the highest temperatures across western areas. 2a perhaps in glasgow. that really would feel pleasantly warm. and as we look at the forecast through the rest of the week, you can see the weather does stay dry. temperatures stay in the low 20s. there may be a tendency though for it to turn a bit cloudier across the north and east of scotland and eastern england towards the end of the week.
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this is bbc news, the headlines crowds continue to gather outside kabul airport, amid reports of chaotic scenes — as the us advises its citizens not to travel there until they are asked, because of security threats outside the gates. pentagon officials described the situation around the airport gates as fluid and dynamic.
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the taliban say they are making progress in forming a government in afghanistan. the group's co—founder and head of its political wing, mullah abdul ghani baradar, is in kabulfor talks, which are expected to include militant commanders, former government leaders and religious scholars. hurricane henri is making its way towards the us, prompting the authorities in new york to declare a state of emergency. it's expected to hit the country's northeastern coast later on sunday, and could be the first hurricane to reach new england in thirty years. now on bbc news: afghanistan — back to the future. this is precious. i love this sweet. and ijust ate half of it and kept another half because i thought i will never, ever have them again.


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