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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 5, 2021 7:45pm-8:01pm BST

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qualifier, an opportunity forjohnson to seize. almost. so it came down to their top scorer again. gareth bale on the spot. 2-2. still, a long way to go forjust one point. so in stoppage time... gareth bale, it is in! reaching qatar next year does not feel maybe quite so far away after all. ben croucher, bbc news. late drama there for wales, less so for england on their first return to wembley since the euros final. they were comfortable 4—0 winners over andorra. gareth southgates side stay top of the group thanks to goals from jesse lingaard who opened the scoring in the first half. they added a second after the break, captain harry kane coming on as a substitute to score from the penalty spot. lingaard then got his second of the match, an excellent effort from the edge of the box.
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before bukayo saka marked his birthday with a head for england's fourth. elsewhere, northern ireland beat estonia 1—0 in a friendly in tallinn. rotherham's shane ferguson with this belter to win the game. that belter to win the game. was enough to win the gar northern that was enough to win the game for northern ireland. now, it's been a gripping opening weekend of the women's super league season and it culminated today with two matches, and there was a thriller at the emirates. last season's champions and european finalists chelsea beaten by arsenal. 3—2 it finished and jess softley was watching. if there was ever a match to showcase women's football, this was it. over 8000 fans came to the emirates and what a show they got. spurred on by a lively home crowd, did not take long for arsenal to take the lead. clinical, precise. chelsea had plenty of chances, but struggled to find the equaliser
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until cuthbert�*s strike on the stroke of half—time had them level. success breeds confidence and arsenal were full of it. beth mead and needing no assistance with this one. there is no var in wsl, lucky fur mead. chelsea stunned but only for a moment. cuthbert perfectly picked out harder. chelsea had a last glimmer of hope as they held on for the win. that is what it means, beating the champions in the first match, not a bad way to start the season. the final game of the opening weekend saw brighton beat west ham 2—0. also games in the scottish women's premier league. last season's champions glasgow city
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started their campaign with a 6—0 thrashing of motherwell. what a final day we have to look forward to in the fourth test between england and india. england are pursuing a record run chase of 368 and they've made a good start with haseeb hameed and rory birds taking the home side to 77—0 at the close. india had piled on the runs earlier in the day. joe wilson reports. england of course had their plans, any team does, before play. in a word, wickets. chris wakes delivered. a dismissed lbw with india's leader to below 200. virat kohli was determined to enhance his team has micro position with the kind of innings that captains aren't supposed to play. you got to 1m. gorgeous shot. == supposed to play. you got to 44. gorgeous shot.— supposed to play. you got to 44. gorgeous shot. -- are supposed to -la . at gorgeous shot. -- are supposed to play- at lunch _ gorgeous shot. -- are supposed to play. at lunch england _ gorgeous shot. -- are supposed to play. at lunch england would - gorgeous shot. -- are supposed to play. at lunch england would have| play. at lunch england would have felt optimistic, by t they were joined. partly that was to do with the exerted control, but a
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difference was really made once again. that is what he did to james anderson. here is how he treated 0llie robinson. england's leading fast bowlers were post towards exhaustion in the effort attend the indian innings. when they started paying shots like this, it really got painful for england. paying shots like this, it really got painfulfor england. 367 had for india, but do not completely flat in england's made. the opening batsmen began their second innings looking composed, even a comfortable. that 77 without loss and anything in the south london sun is still possible. joel wilson, bbc news. after yesterdays european heroics at the solheim cup in ohio, team usa have dragged themselves right back into conention on day 2. they won three of the four morning foursomes to get within a point of europe. adam wild was watching.
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by by now, it is clear to all there is something special special about the solheim cup, that is exacting what team usa now needed. europe beginning the charge that they began on day one, going up early with all four morning foursomes. usa struggling were you would not expect. the best ranked going from bangkok to basin. this is one of your�*s break—out star is winning the match with a four holes still to play, it was brilliant. —— bunker to basin. danielle became the unofficial cheerleader, winning a point back and the crowd brought to life. that was loud, but this from lexi thompson on 17 was something else. usa roaring right back. jennifer winning usa's third point of the morning. golf can be great theatre and this was quite a
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performance. the united states roaring back. well, i'm joined now by our golf correspondent iain carter. iain, as we've just seen, a great morning for usa — how's it gone since? momentum in such a huge factor in these matches, whether it is the solheim cup or men's ryder cup and that momentum very much with the united states at the moment. they are ahead in three of the afternoon matches that are going on at the moment and in one that they are not a head in, it is all square. and the other three matches, the americans are ahead. three up after nine holes against celine. in the third match, mel reid struggling with a little bit of a neck problem. they are one down tojennifer and in the bottom match daniel doing the damage again. they are one up through six against charlie and emily.—
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charlie and emily. many thanks indeed for— charlie and emily. many thanks indeed for that. _ british number one dan evans is in the fourth round of the us open for the first time in his career — now he's looking to reach his first grand slam quarter—final. but he faces an uphill challenge against second seed daniil medvedev. he's gone a set down but he has just broken back in the second and it is now 3—3. dan da n eva ns dan evans trailing, though. time now for some of today's other stories. primoz roglic has retained his vuelta a espana title. the slovenian won the final stage time trial to claim the last grand tour of the yearfor the third time in a row. britain's adam yates finished fourth overall. belgium's lotte kopecky won the final stage of the women's vuelta, with britain's anna henderson claiming third. dutch rider annemiek van vleuten took the overall victory by more than a minute and a half. at super league's magic weekend, england international george williams came back to haunt his old club as he scored warrington�*s winner in a 10—6 victory over wigan. earlier, wakefield defeated huddersfield.
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no doubts about it, dawe after the damp squib in belgium last weekend, there was plenty of sunshine and partying as formula one returned to the netherlands for the first time in 36 years. red bull's max verstappen gave the fans plenty to celebrate by winning the dutch grand prix ahead of title rival lewis hamilton and his mercedes team—mate valtteri bottas. nick parrott reports. formula i had a festival atmosphere. max verstappen�*s fans hoping to cheer him on to victory from pole position. the last time limit hamilton was alongside him at the start, they went on to collide, but try as he might, the briton could not spoil the party. switch tactics with an early pit stop, no good. valtteri bottas stuck to his plan. mercedes tried different tyres for
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hamilton, but it was the same result. he could not catch it was the same result. he could not catch. in. the dutch fans went delirious as that man one, returning to the top of the driver's championship. hamilton's any consolation, an extra point for the fastest lap. the excitations _ point for the fastest lap. the excitations were _ point for the fastest lap. tue: excitations were very point for the fastest lap. tte: excitations were very high going into the weekend and it is never easy to feel that. —— the expectations. i was so happy to win here, to take the lead as well in the championship, just the whole crowd here, it is incredible. we needed the strategy to be on point and it_ needed the strategy to be on point and it was— needed the strategy to be on point and it was not quite perfect. then we just— and it was not quite perfect. then we just came out in traffic, so even than _ we just came out in traffic, so even than before — we just came out in traffic, so even than before that was perfect, it would — than before that was perfect, it would have still been hard to have -ot would have still been hard to have got back— would have still been hard to have got back up, so we gave it everything. got back up, so we gave it everything-— got back up, so we gave it everything. got back up, so we gave it eve hinu. , ,., ., ., , everything. first up and now leads hamilton by _ everything. first up and now leads hamilton by three _ everything. first up and now leads hamilton by three points. - everything. first up and now leads hamilton by three points. king - everything. first up and now leads hamilton by three points. king ofl hamilton by three points. king of the netherlands will be hoping he is not the only dutchman who can wear a crown at the end of the season. what a show, just as it was here. a ceremony of lights, fireworks and dancing has closed
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the paralympic games injapan. great britain's athletes finished second in the medal table — winning 124 medals, including 41 golds. andy swiss reports from tokyo. last but definitely not least. britain's final medal of the games was one of its most emotional. a badminton bronze for a tearful krysten coombs. earlier there had also been bronze in the wheelchair basketball. the british team finished with 124 medals across a record 18 sports — and with their leader full of praise. how would you sum up what this team have achieved? history—making. they've ripped up the stats and we put a marker down in terms of the depth of talent. and we are very, very proud of what we've achieved out here in tokyo. and so the end of a successful games for britain and an unprecedented one for the paralympics. despite being postponed for a year and held during the pandemic, tokyo 2020 has finally reached
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the finish line. amid a colourful closing ceremony, the british flag was brought in by boccia gold medallist david smith, while afghanistan's two athletes also paraded after being evacuated from kabul to take part. for all the competitors, this was a games they feared might never happen, so their gratitude to the hosts was clear. together, against the odds, we did it. the tokyo 2020 paralympic games have notjust been historic — they have been fantastic. to the people of japan — you made this possible. and after 12 dazzling days, the paralympic flame was extinguished. paris now awaits in just three years — a reminder of the struggles these games have faced. but they've happened. forjapan and for sport, the end of a truly extraordinary summer. andy swiss, bbc news, tokyo.
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so many brilliant stories that from tokyo. and dan evans hasjust been broken again in the second set against daniil medvedev at the us open. he trails one set to love and now four games to three in the second. lots to do for the british number one. that's all from sportsday. goodbye. good evening. for most, it has been a day of welcome sunshine and warmth. how warm? well, the last time i looked, we saw temperatures peaking at 26 degrees in parts of west sussex and we have not seen temperatures like that across england and wales sincejuly. there was some cloud and some rain around, some of it heavy for a time across the far north and west and this is the radar picture throughout the afternoon, affecting the far north and west of scotland and northern ireland. some of it heavy at times,
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but welcome rain here. some of the areas have got water restrictions due to the lack of summer rainfall. that weather front will continue to drift its way south out of the borders and weaken all the time. it is the dividing line between more cloud through the night to the north of that, but we could see some patchy mist and fog forming, particularly across south wales and south—west england. so a murky start here, but lots of early morning sunshine across england and wales is expected. early light patchy rain will tend to ease. there will be a little bit more cloud generally through scotland and northern ireland for monday afternoon, but those winds quite light and coming from a southerly direction for the majority of the country, so it will be warm with it, temperatures may well peak at 27 degrees. that is 18 fahrenheit. -- 80 —— 80 fahrenheit. as we move out of monday into tuesday, it is a similar story. still under the influence of high pressure, well over into the near continent, we have got this area of low pressure drifting in from the south—west.
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what that is going to do is feed in more of a south—easterly flow, so warm, dry air dominating the weather story through tuesday and that means warmer still for the majority of the country. quite a lot of sunshine coming through, even the cloud should start to thin and break through eastern scotland on tuesday, so temperatures here perhaps into the mid 20s but we could see temperatures peaking at 28, maybe 29 celsius in the south—east by tuesday afternoon. as we move into wednesday, similar story, plenty of sunshine around, but we do need to keep an eye on that low pressure down to the south—west. mightjust trigger off a few thundery downpours by the end of the day across parts of cornwall, so here temperatures not quite as high, but it is going to be another pleasantly warm day for many. i hope you can get out and make the most of it, because it does look as though the story will change from thursday onwards, but our week ahead is turning warmer. cooler with some rain, though, on thursday.
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this is bbc news. the headlines at eight... former girls aloud singer sarah harding has died at the age of 39, after being diagnosed with breast cancer last year. she was a girl next door that had got it all. she was identifiable by the audience that were going to buy her records. that was the beauty of sarah. the head of one of prince charles' charities temporarily steps down after claims he helped secure an honourfor a major donor. relatives of a female police officer in the ghor province of afghanistan have told the bbc that she has been killed by the taliban. plans to overhaul england's social care system are likely to be unveiled this week, amidst warnings that a rise in national insurance could provoke a "very significant backlash". and as the paralympics come
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to a close with fireworks, the queen congratulates great britain's paralympians,


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