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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  November 20, 2021 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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150,000 just that if you look at the 150,000 just that there have been the death rate among some minorities is two to four higher than the white population. there are many reasons for that. some can be health conditions, susceptible to, living arrangement such as many generations in the same houses, poverty and also doing to his gonna look into it which is the idea that these foxy metre machines that read a persons oxygen are not nearly as accurate for a black person as for a white person. the reason is after the pandemic they were predicting whether some one got oxygen machines are not. this is a pretty important investigation. front page of the sunday sign hugo, i'm not sure what to say. how's your night life? i'm not sure what to say. how's your niuht life? ~ �* ., ., , night life? well, i can't wait to be out and about _ night life? well, i can't wait to be out and about properly. _ night life? well, i can't wait to be out and about properly. the - night life? well, i can't wait to be out and about properly. the hobo| night life? well, i can't wait to be l out and about properly. the hobo is meant _ out and about properly. the hobo is meant to _ out and about properly. the hobo is meant to be — out and about properly. the hobo is meant to be people who feel they can't _ meant to be people who feel they can't be _ meant to be people who feel they can't be bothered any more with the hassle _ can't be bothered any more with the hassle of— can't be bothered any more with the hassle of going out. obviously if
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you've _ hassle of going out. obviously if you've been locked down for a while it knocks _ you've been locked down for a while it knocks your confidence and you -et it knocks your confidence and you get a _ it knocks your confidence and you get a bit — it knocks your confidence and you get a bit unused to going out. socialising is important and i hope that people will get used to it and start going out and enjoying themselves. i start going out and en'oying themselves.�* start going out and en'oying themselves. , ., , , ., themselves. i 'ust love my bed. you are themselves. i 'ust love my bed. you obviously — themselves. ijust love my bed. you are obviously a _ themselves. ijust love my bed. you are obviously a social _ themselves. ijust love my bed. you are obviously a social animal. - themselves. ijust love my bed. you are obviously a social animal. thanki are obviously a social animal. thank you very much. benjamin butterworth and baroness ros altmann, up next, �*it�*s the film review — goodbye for now. welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is, as always, mark kermode. where are we starting this week, mark? interestingly this week we have
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ghostbusters: afterlife, which is a new ghostbusters film. we have petite maman, the new one by celine sciamma. and we have king richard, who is the father of venus and serena williams. ghostbusters, the sequel. it's not called that. no, ghostbusters afterlife. we've already had the sequel and we had the reboot. this is directed byjason reitman, whose father ivan reitman directed the original. the story is a single mum and her two kids are evicted from their home and they go out to an old farmhouse owned by her now deceased father. paul rudd is out there. he's playing a seismologist teacher, who is out there because he is interested in the fact that there were lots of earthquakes although there were no fault lines. mckenna grace and finn wolfhard are the kids, who uncover a bunch of ghostbusting equipment which they fire up. here is a clip. fire it up.
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i've always wanted to do this. yes! uh...we should probably get out of here. you're an adult. yeah, and liable. you know what this means, right?
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your grandfather was a ghostbuster. i'm quite glad that wait was worth it. was it — was it? was to me. two questions. you saw the original ghostbusters. did you love it? idid. have you seen it recently? it's not as good as you remember. is it not. jason reitman says this is a family affair, a story about family. he also said this is a film that gives ghostbusters back to the fans, which seems to be suggesting that after the 2016 female—led ghostbusters, which many of the fans were up in arms about — how dare they they have taken the thing i love and changed it in a way, to now we get this. this is basically a bit stranger things. for most of the movie the first half of it, nothing happens. the second half of the film everything happens, and everything that happens is "remember that bit from ghostbusters that you liked? here it is. remember that other bit from ghostbusters that you liked? well, here it is again. you remember that sort of riffy thing that you liked?
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here it is, but slightly different." my problem is this. firstly, at least the 2016 ghostbusters, i think, tried to do something new. some people did not like it, i actually thought it was fine, but at least it attempted to do something new. what this does is go, we all love ghostbusters. ghostbusters is to be revered. fine, it had its moments. but watching a movie that just plods through all the old tropes by going over — but this time we've got a connection to stranger things and this time it's a new generation, and this time it's about family. is it, or is it really that ghostbusters has run its course? and it's probably time to just go, ok, i think we've had enough of this now. the thing that troubles me about this is it's so ordinary. and you think of it as a big franchise with huge built—in audience, and what do you do with it? you just go, there. as i said, it's for the fans. well, the fans kind of deserve it in that case. ok, let's leave that
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and talk about petite maman. this is a new film from celia sciamma. i think it's already one of my favourite films of the year. if not, it is in my top three at the end of the year. a young girl, nelly, has lost her grandmother. and she goes with her mother to her grandmother's house to clean it out, the mother can't deal with the grief. nelly goes out into the woods and finds a heart to her about and find another young girl who shares the name of her mother, and seems to share many of the experiences that she knows her mother had. so on the one hand it's a fairy tale. 0n the other hand it's a ghost story. maybe a time travelling story. maybe it's back to the future without the delorean. it's beautiful — it's so natural and so well observed. it's about bridging the intergenerational gap, about parents and children and grandmothers and that. and it's really profound. but it's a u—certificate film. anyone can see this film.
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it's 72 minutes long. it is as close to a perfect film as i can remember seeing. it is absolutelyjust drop—dead astonishing, and i would encourage everyone to go and see it. if you say it's a children's film, that kind of does it an injustice. it is a children's film for children of all ages. parents will see one thing in it, children will see another thing. it is yet further evidence that celine sciamma really is amazing. just does not put a foot wrong. king richard is starring will smith, and this is all about richard williams, who is the father of venus and serena williams, who has been portrayed in the media as on one hand charismatic, inspirational, extraordinaryjob as a trainer, and on the other hand overbearing, self—serving. what the film does is as played by will smith — generally likeable, irascible,
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and certainly difficult to get on with, but attempting to do something under very difficult circumstances which not everyone approves of. here's a clip. what's going on? everybody ok? they got a call, said _ there was trouble in the house. ok, you all need to look around? it's a little wet for practice, don't you think? don't the girls have schoolwork to do? now i don't even mind you saying we're hard on these kids. - you know why? because we are. that's ourjob — to keep them off the streets. i so the interesting thing about this is, i think will smith is really good at playing this central role. and although it's serena and venus williams who gets executive producer credit, it's notjust something which says he's fabulous. we get a terrific performance from aunjanue ellis as 0racene �*brandy�* williams, the parent who has to stand up and say you have to talk to us, you have to make these decisions collectively. and also, as inspirational sports stories go, it's really is one of the best.
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but even i know the story and i thought it was told engagingly. yes, there is a certain amount of soft soaping some elements of it. but it is a portrait of someone who is driven and trying to do something — and bear in mind, trying to break into the privileged white enclaves of the us tennis scene, and therefore probably has to be as forceful as he is. you don't come out of it thinking saint, but you come out of it thinking ok, i can understand how that character was important in making all of this happen — even if at times there were arguments about enough is enough. i think that's down to will smith's performance. is this one of the best things he's done for a while? i like will smith in pretty much everything, even when his films are bad. the thing is, he is a very likeable screen presence. he made some very unlikable, terrible films, but i think this is pretty decent. right, let's talk about spencer. i heard you on 5live the other week absolutely raving about this.
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i loved it. have you seen it? you have to see it. i will. we are in that period where it's awards season, so all the great films are coming out now. kristen stewart is fabulous, absolutely fabulous as princess diana. three days over christmas at sandringham. it's a ghost story, a psychological thriller. a brilliant score byjohnny greenwood, and it is the absolute antithesis of that terrible film diana which came out some years ago and was just awful. this is brilliant, and if kristen stewart does not get award nominations and ifjohnny greenwood does not, there is no justice. in terms of streaming, what are you going to recommend? bruised is on netflix. it is directed by halle berry, who stars, and it's the story of a mixed martial arts fighter who left the ring some time ago, now is suddenly reunited
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with her child and discovers she has to get back into the ring. now, it's quite well directed. it's certainly got very, very gritty, punchy fight scenes. if there's a problem with it, and there is, it ticks every sport cliche in the book. but that said, there are things it does that are interesting. it's clearly very committed. during the fight scenes, there's an awful lot of rocky, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. it is not the most original film, given girlfight and more recently fighting with my family, but i thought it was fine. i think it's well directed, and certainly the fight scenes were very gritty and you can feel the fights. in terms of the every sport cliche, what do you mean? so you have to get into the ring because you have to win the match, but also what you have to do is win over your life, and you have to solve the problem for your child, and you have to deal
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with the issue... it is overburdened with stuff that has to be overcome, and also with no plot spoilers intended, rocky is the kind of thing that laid the template for all of these movies because rocky went, if you want to tell the story, this is how you do it. and it's almost as if someone has gone out to do that. how long ago was it that halle berry won her oscar? some time, and what happened after that was that the great career resurgence did not then come immediately. the interesting thing was that it played as a work in progress in toronto in 2020, at which point i think it had a score by terence blanchard, which it now doesn't have. it has a score by aska matsumiya, who is a really exciting composer at the moment. but it's interesting, it's well directed and it's just carrying too much baggage. thank you very much. good to see you. that's it for this week. thank you for watching, and goodbye.
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hello. certainly a colder feel to the weather on sunday but also a sunnier look to things and for many will be a dry and largely day. exceptions, showers in the north of scotland, more spread down the east of england. the old shower in the west, northern ireland and wales will get the lion's share of the sunshine. adding a chill the proceedings are making these temperatures feel a bit lower will be a brisk northerly breeze, strongest around the coast of northern scotland, gusts up to a0 mph and still windy overnight into monday with a few showers. cloud increasing in the north of scotland, patchy rain here, temperatures holding up and on the north sea coast on the breeze and elsewhere under clear skies, a more widespread frost into monday. lighter winds on monday, sunny spells for england and wales, cloudy skies in scotland and northern ireland,
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patchy rain in the north of scotland and temperatures rallying again by a couple of degrees.
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this is bbc news: i'm samantha simmonds with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. a second night of violence in the netherlands as new coronavirus restrictions draw protesters onto the streets in the hague. as infection rates rise across europe, there's unrest too in austria, tens of thousands show their opposition to plans for mandatory vaccines. the world health organisation says it is very worried about the number of cases in europe, as the virus once again becomes the continent's biggest killer. success today does not mean success tomorrow because no country is an island. in other news, the us secretary of state warns of "real concerns" about russian activities at the border with ukraine. we don't know what president putin's intentions are


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