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tv   Click - Short Edition  BBC News  December 5, 2021 10:45pm-11:01pm GMT

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50, dan simmons has been driving a little bit slower than usual, it has to be said, to find out what might replace the sound of silence. if electric cars have to make a noise, well, we could end up with something like this. electronic music plays well, you wouldn't accidentally step out in front of it, would you? this is an art experiment to see how cars could interpret and complement the soundscape around them. more on that idea in a bit. but first, to get a feel of what the ev manufacturers themselves have in store for us, i've come to japanese car giant nissan's technical development centre in bedfordshire. what do you think people expect an electric car to sound like? that was the interesting question that we started with — what should a car sounds like?
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because none of us had really thought about it. itjust sounds like the engine. the leaf is one of the world's best—selling electric cars and they now come with nissan's reimagined suite of sounds called canto. we wanted to be optimistic, a little bit futuristic, but not to pretend to be anything that the car wasn't. we didn't want to pretend to be a petrol engine and we ended up putting sort of three together and then melding sounds together and building from there a profile of different sounds that would work with the car. not all new leafs will sound the same. we're the first tv crew to be invited into nissan's top secret semi—anechoic chamber, and paul's the man in charge of testing the sounds and tweaking them to different markets. because it turns out, different countries have different ideas of what good quality sounds like.
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in europe, we attribute quality with a more sort of solid feel, sort of more like a low—frequency content, like a solid closing of an oak door is a good—quality sound. injapan, they tend to be slightly more biased towards higher—frequency sounds, and that's more because that's where their language operates. like the motorcycle engine's higher revving, turbo—charged engines would be a high—quality sound, so there's different tastes in different markets. here's hyundai's virtual engine sound system in the new ioniq. of course, each brand of electric car will want to make a slightly different sound — perhaps a sound that tells you it's their vehicle that's coming. but to some, that's sounding an alarm. la cucaracha plays fart noises yep, that is a fart noise. making customisable sounds for your tesla has caused a social media storm... fart noises
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..since what the firm called a boombox was added to recent models. ok, so let's enable �*driving sound'. kettle drums play now, in europe, these only work when the car is stationary, but in the us, well, you can broadcast any sound you like while on the move. now, that taxi idea doesn't seem so far—fetched, does it? one of the guys behind the art project is sound designer yuri suzuki. and if you can imagine like a car being quiet, it can be terrifying. as an independent consultant to the auto industry, he thinks our cars should adapt to what we're doing, and when. the beauty of the electric car is actually, we don't have to choose one standardised sound at all, 0k? it really depends on the time and the usage of the car. it has a totally different
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soundscape you can create as well. here's the car's start—up sound in the morning. and its horn. horn beeps. and this is what they sound like at lunchtime. gentle chiming. and here they are at night. gentle brass. and it's yuri's dream that the cars we drive, while not all sounding the same, may perhaps harmonise and create a soundscape we want to hear. sounds a bit far—fetched? well, maybe not. i can say that i've already implemented it because my ensemble consists of bmw, mini and rolls—royce. and if you — one day, a bmw, a mini and a rolls—royce would meet at a traffic light, they would be in harmony. i'm in munich to visit the top sound designer at german car giant bmw group. renzo vitale has been composing
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some groundbreaking in—cabin sounds with hollywood film composer hans zimmer. the sound underlines the soul of anything and right now, we are at a really exciting point, shaping the sound of the future. yep, bmw's taking this seriously with hans and renzo taking inspiration from female vocalists... ..and even this... the first chord of a hard day's night by the beatles plays all of a sudden, it comes with an idea of a beatles chord with a guitar. the first chord of a hard day's night by the beatles plays we got all sorts of percussion instruments and we began to play around with the guitar in a way that actually one does not with pieces of glass, pieces of wood, and just recording, and some of them ended up being part of our composition for bmw. you see how the sound,
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it's much smoother. a little more metallic, maybe tubular bell kind of feel. yep, tubular — it's tubular bells, that's the right word. it's not being rough on the exteriors. it's more like an introverted kind of driving as compared to the sport sound, where it's more extroverted. it's pushing. it's pushing much more. bmw owners can expect some of the new in—cabin sounds to play with next month. but if you're hoping for that classic engine sound, you'll be disappointed. so, let me try this. electronic blare. renzo�*s not interested in vio sound—alikes of an era that he says is now passing. besides, there'sjust too many alternatives to explore. high-pitched whining.
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meet ai—da, an ai creative robot. she's an artist and a performer who here, at oxford's ashmolean museum, is reciting her self—composed response to a dante poem at an event marking the 700th anniversary of his works. i wept silently, taking in the scene. i wept because they had lost something that i took for granted. hi, ai-da. lovely to meet you. tell me about yourself. i am the world's first ultra—realistic artist robot. i draw using cameras in my eyes and my robotic arm. i am contemporary art and i create contemporary art. what brings you here today?
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i'm doing a poetry reading. i've written a poem in honour of the poet dante. i am here as part of an effort to take poetry out of a box and into the public space. eyes with tears in them and a desire to weep, who never see the light of day. dante is quite a complex and remarkable writer and very relevant for today, and so we thought that ai—da responding to that will really show the capabilities of the language model but more fundamentally, why we have done it is because it is actually challenging the nature of writing itself. writing today is always done by a conscious writer to a conscious receiver — the reader. in this instance, it's done by a non—conscious machine to the reader. that's a fundamental difference in meaning—making, so the response and the relationship between a machine writing versus a human writing is fundamentally different.
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i find you rather intriguing. can we be friends? i am not alive. she's looking at me. i am a non—conscious machine. however, i'm interested in friendship in humans. that's fine — you haven't met some of my friends. i know you're continuing to learn lots of new skills but what's your ultimate ambition? my long—term ambition is to continue to encourage discussion about new technologies. i want to see art as a means for us to become so more aware of what's going on in our world and lives. art is a way to come together and address problems. ai—da is an ethical project. she's blurring the boundaries between what is human and what is machine. this is seriously unsettling. she doesn't settle. there's something not quite right about that. we need to discuss this. so what are your intentions — are they good or evil? i am not alive. i am a non—conscious machine.
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my intentions as an artist are to promote discussion and to make people think. to me, discussion can never be evil. good, thank you very much. that's all we've got time for this week. as ever, you can keep up with the team on social media. find us on youtube, instagram, facebook and twitter at @bbcclick. thanks for watching and it's goodbye from us. hello, there. it was cold over the weekend. some areas saw quite a bit of rain and we had some snow over the northern hills. a similar story as we start the new week. we've got a frontal system working
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its way in from the atlantic, that is going to bring another round of rain and hills now. you can see here showing up on the pressure chart. it will be very wet across northern ireland, in scotland, western england and wales to start this morning. quickly, it will brighten up over northern ireland with sunshine and showers. this band of rain will continue its journey eastwards through the day, eventually crossing most of england. we'll see some snow over the pennines, as well. there could be a bit of a hang back of the rain for east anglia and the far south—east. otherwise, it brightens up for many of us, some good spells of sunshine. most of the showers will be in the north and north—west. there will be some wintriness over the high ground. a cold day to come. stays breezy with blustery showers. it turns dryad but clear and cold for many of us. in the south—west, we start to see an area of wet and windy weather pushing up across ireland and into the irish sea coasts. it is all tied
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in with this, the second named storm of the season, named storm barrow by the irish met season. across the rest of the uk, we will see gusts widely 50 miles an hour, more of that near exposed coasts in the south—west, and that mixed in with a heavy rain and also likely to cause disruption and damage. it starts very wet, very windy indeed across western areas, damaging gusts of wind. this area of rain pushes eastwards into the cold air tonight. we see significant areas of snow. the rain will be heavy, a pretty atrocious day, i think, for tuesday. stay tuned to the forecast. it may change. on wednesday, storm barra begins to weaken, it sits across the uk, we think, as it does weaken. still a windy day on wednesday, not as windy as tuesday a blustery one
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nonetheless with showers are longer spells of rain, these will be wintree over higher ground. we'll see gales across the south—west and it will feel chilly.
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welcome to newsday. reporting live from singapore, i'm mariko oi. the headlines: the pope warns europe against "narrow self—interest" over the way countries treat migrants, during a visit to greece. translation: let us not let our c b transformed — translation: let us not let our c b transformed into _ translation: let us not let our c b transformed into a _ translation: let us not let our c b transformed into a desolate - translation: let us not let our c b transformed into a desolate sea - translation: let us not let our c b transformed into a desolate sea of i transformed into a desolate sea of death. protests in europe against covid restrictions, as cases of the omicron variant continue to spread. could switching to hydrogen—powered cars help one of the world's biggest coal users hit its net zero emissions target? we'll have a special report from japan. and the former republican us senator and presidential candidate bob dole dies at the age of 98.


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