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tv   Newswatch  BBC News  December 18, 2021 3:45am-3:58am GMT

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politics department about this, but no—one was available. politics department about this, instead we were given this statement. in a pre—recorded address shown on sunday evening on bbc one and other channels, the prime minister declared that there was a "tidal wave" of omicron coming. he started his statement like this. over the past year we have shown that vaccination is the key to beating covid, and that it works. the uk was the first country in the world to administer a vaccine. we delivered we delivered the fastest rollout in europe, and we have begun the fastest booster campaign too, with over 500,000 jabs
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delivered yesterday alone. given that no new restrictions or regulations were being announced, some viewers were confused about why broadcasters had given the prime minister the airtime to make his address. here is martin burgess—moon. i'm just wondering why it was on, interrupting prime—time tv on bbc one, when basically all he was doing was confirming the spread of omicron, and also plugging the booster jabs, that everybody should have a boosterjab, which is what we have been told for quite a while anyway, and are continuing to be told. it seems a bit of a pointless exercise, and as far as i could tell at the start he seemed to be plugging himself, and basically going on about his success in rolling out the vaccines and so on. and i was wondering, with all the problems he has been having with these alleged christmas parties and also the upcoming by—election,
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was this an exercise really just to boost himself? and it seemed to come across more like a party political broadcast. so i was wondering, seeing this was pre—recorded and obviously there was no chance for a journalist or the public to put questions to him, or question why this emergency broadcast was necessary, did nobody watch this and take a look at it first before it was broadcast and think... this just seems a little bit dodgy? well, we asked for an answer to those points as well, and we were given a statement. it pointed out that the bbc news channel showed reaction from other parties following the prime minister's statement, and that responses from the leader of the opposition and the first ministers of scotland and wales were also broadcast this week. and a bbc spokesperson also told us:
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on last week's programme we discussed whether distressing details of the death of six—year—old arthur labinjo—hughes and other recent murder cases should have been shown before the watershed on the early evening news. that debate continued this week after the news at six reported on another highly upsetting case, the death of the 16—month—old star hobson. star hobson was murdered when she was just 16 months old. today the two people who should have loved and cared for her, but instead were responsible for her death, was sentenced for their crimes. these two callers to our phone line did not think the level of detail included in that report was appropriate for an audience at six o'clock.
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with regards to the murder of the little girl, i just wanted to say that i think the bbc has got this really wrong. if you are driving down the motorway and there has been an awful crash, people slow down and have a look, which is just awful in itself. but this is tantamount to the bbc representing somebody stood there, slowing the cars down and saying "have a look, have a look". i am just horrified that so many young families are watching and hearing this in the early part of the evening. please, please can the watershed on bad and awful news be placed please, if it has to be at all, in the ten o'clock news and not the six o'clock news. hillary nichol there. but other viewers had a different perspective, with norma emailing:
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the bbc issued this statement in response. finally, this weekend sees the final entertainment show, strictly come dancing. breakfast viewers, even those who don't watch strictly, will have become familiar with the somewhat controversial progress in the competition of dan walker, who was knocked out in the quarterfinal after his argentine tango. but even in his absence last sunday, the dance show was still on the agenda on the breakfast sofa.
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the glitter ball trophy is now in touching distance for rose, ajay, john and reese. so let's have a look at some of the highlights. music. applause. that dance belongs in the final. - applause. what a way to close the show, that argentine tango... i was mesmerised by that. it was incredible. a number of viewers have contacted us over the past few weeks about the prominence they thought strictly has been given during breakfast and across bbc news. sarah jenkins wondered: and shirley added: breakfast told us that as a magazine show they regularly feature a variety of entertainment shows,
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and added in a statement: thank you for all your content this week. if you want to share your opinion about what you see, read or hear on bbc news on tv, radio, online and social media, email:. or you can find us on twitter: you can call us: and do have a look at previous interviews on our website. that's all from us, we are off the air over christmas and new year, but we will be back in three weeks time to hear more of your thoughts about bbc news coverage. goodbye and happy christmas. hello. scotland and northern ireland have the lion's share of friday's sunshine, even these areas are likely to turn cloudier as we go
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on through the weekend. a weekend which will for most places, bring plenty of cloud. despite that, it will be dry, it will gradually turn cooler as that weekend goes on, as well. there is an area of high pressure right across the united kingdom, giving plenty of settled weather as we go through the weekend. but trapped underneath that, there is a lot of cloud. now, where there have been clear spells overnight and into the morning, in scotland and northern england in particular, this is where we will wake up to the lowest temperatures and there will be frost in places too. but there will also be some sunny spells and fog across the eastern side of england in particular, dense in places, some patches lingering all day in a few spots and thick enough to be affecting travel. in terms of where we see some sunny spells, scotland, northern england, westernmost parts of wales, far south of england, maybe a few brighter breaks in northern ireland at times. temperatures mainly around 6—10 celsius,
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but there it will be colder, fog lingers and there will be parts of scotland that stay just above freezing all day long. as we go on through saturday night, again, its way out ——where you have those breaks in the cloud, particularly into parts of northern england and scotland, you'll find the lowest temperatures that create the risk of seeing a frost going into sunday, picking up the areas in blue here. where you keep the cloud, though, temperatures will not fall too far from where we've been during the day. but that cloud will be back again on sunday and again, there's a risk of seeing some dense fog patches in places to begin the day. in terms of any sunshine on sunday, notjust the higher ground in scotland, northern england and wales venturing into the hills you're most likely to see some sunshine through the valleys below, may well be stuck underneath cloud. and overall, it is trending cooler on sunday and getting colder still as we go into the new week. now, high pressure will eventually give way as we go deeper through the week. but then the big question mark about how quickly these weather systems from the atlantic, or indeed if they will at all, move in and provide a change to more unsettled weather in time for christmas.
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so, colderfor a time next week, more widespread overnight frost. but if you're looking at your app and the forecast online, yes, it may look as if it turns unsettled just before christmas, but there's still a lot to play for in the details.
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this is bbc news. i'm rich preston. our top stories: concern across europe as extra measures are announced to combat the growing threat of the omicron variant. as cases jump sharply in the us, the country's top health official warns of the risks of not getting jabbed. clearly, unvaccinated individuals are really at a higher risk of serious involvement, including hospitalisation. british socialite ghislaine maxwell, who's on trial on sex trafficking charges, tells the us court she won't be giving evidence. more pressure on borisjohnson, the man appointed to investigate whether government christmas parties were held during lockdown last christmas has stepped down from the role after it emerged a party was held in his own department.
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hundreds of thousands displaced and at least 12 dead


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