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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  December 26, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm GMT

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tributes have been pouring in for archbishop desmond tutu, nobel laureate and veteran of south africa's struggle against apartheid — who has died at the age of 90. the president of south africa, cyril ramaphosa, has said that the passing of desmond tutu is another chapter of bereavement in south africa's "farewell to a generation of outstanding people who have bequeathed us a liberated country." new coronavirus restrictions come into force in scotland, wales and northern ireland — as the uk's devolved administrations try to limit the spread of the omicron variant. uk ministers have proposed that pubs in england and wales should be allowed to stay open for an extra two hours nextjune, during a special bank holiday weekend to mark the queen's platinum jubilee. after 70 yea rs after 70 years on the british throne.
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thank you. now on bbc news it is the travel show with a look back at 2021. hello and welcome to the travel show. there is no denying that 2021 will not go down as a great year for travel. hotels, airlines, tour operators and all of us that wanted to get away have had to cope with ever—changing rules and restrictions
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to do what we simply took for granted two years ago before the pandemic struck. so this week on the show, we are looking at 2021 and some of our favourite stories of the year. and it was a year when us started changing the way we think about travel. in a moment, we've got about travel. in a moment, we've got a report from mike in kenya about how the pandemic meant that many kenyans could now afford to take a safari holiday for the very first time. first up, though, sustainability was a big topic this year and that is why back in august, i took a voyage on a ship that is hoping to change the way that some cruise passengers�*s travel. the golden horizon weighs a whopping 8770 tonnes and took five years to be built in croatia. it is taking me on a 160 milejourney be built in croatia. it is taking me on a 160 mile journey to the isle of wight off the south coast of england before heading to the mediterranean and croatian coast. captain,
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permission to come on the bridge? permission granted. look permission to come on the bridge? permission granted.— permission granted. look at this. this is really _ permission granted. look at this. this is really high-tech _ permission granted. look at this. this is really high-tech and - permission granted. look at this. this is really high-tech and yet i permission granted. look at this. i this is really high-tech and yet you this is really high—tech and yet you are a captain of a sailing ship that has five mass and 42 sales, it is like a combination of the old and new. , , �* , ., like a combination of the old and new. , , �*, ._,, new. yes, it is. it's not only the sale that _ new. yes, it is. it's not only the sale that we _ new. yes, it is. it's not only the sale that we need, _ new. yes, it is. it's not only the sale that we need, we - new. yes, it is. it's not only the sale that we need, we need - new. yes, it is. it's not only the sale that we need, we need thej sale that we need, we need the steering and the engineering in the ports. we need all this equipment to make the navigation of the cisse. ba; make the navigation of the cisse. by using the sales how much fuel are you saving? ii using the sales how much fuel are you saving?— you saving? if we utilise them in their full power, _ you saving? if we utilise them in their full power, then _ you saving? if we utilise them in their full power, then we - you saving? if we utilise them in their full power, then we are - you saving? if we utilise them in | their full power, then we are only using to produce energy for the rest of things like cooking and lights and things. it can be up to eight tonnes per day of a saving on the energy. tonnes per day of a saving on the ener: . ., tonnes per day of a saving on the ener: . . ~ , ., energy. there are 136 cabins and suites over _ energy. there are 136 cabins and
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suites over the _ energy. there are 136 cabins and suites over the ship _ energy. there are 136 cabins and suites over the ship four - energy. there are 136 cabins and suites over the ship four decks. l suites over the ship four decks. this will not be a cheap holiday, but what they are offering here is very different from one of your mass—marketed cruises. making things run smoothly takes a lot of skill and teamwork. the wonderful thing on this ship especially on a sailing ship is that when we have a lot of wind or storm, we all need to work together and rely on each other because we sometimes have to go up on the rig way up there and unfurl the sale. if the semi system does not work. that creates a lot of bonding. but the only thing that counts here is your skill. d0 only thing that counts here is your skill. , ., ~ , only thing that counts here is your skill. ,, ~ , , skill. do you think this is the future? this _ skill. do you think this is the future? this is _ skill. do you think this is the future? this is true - skill. do you think this is the - future? this is true sustainability. and it is also _ future? this is true sustainability. and it is also time _ future? this is true sustainability. and it is also time proven - and it is also time proven sustainability. sailing ships have been around for hundreds of years
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and now we are coming back to something that we know already and developing it a little bit further. i've got one more thing to try before i head back to land. i have one more thing to try before i head back to land. just come here. so, one leg. and that is to check out the view from the top. you are going to climb, 0k? i will keep the tension. step on this all the way up. 0k. step and then step. and then step. look ahead. and then step. it is actually a lot higher than i thought. i will be honest with you, it is scary and it gets narrower. 0k. and this is the worst bit, for sure. hold on to where? this? and this one. this is also good to hold because it is not slippery.
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you might have to pull me. 0k. all right. victory! that was a little bit frightening. the view was well worth it. this has been such a different experience to being on board a bigger and more conventional modern cruise ship, and it is hard to compare the two experiences. clearly, nobody is suggesting that sail power will take the place of engines throughout the entire cruise industry. but the golden horizon and ships like her will open up more sustainable options, and that can encourage more traditional cruise lines to up their game when it comes to things like emissions and waste. which hopefully can be a win for everybody.
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hello and welcome to kenya's maasai mara. one of the best game reserves in the entire world. and for good reason. local tourism authorities say that nowhere else in africa has wildlife this abundant. in 2020, when international tourism largely stopped, a lot of high—end resorts had to come up with new ways to keep their rooms and theirjeeps full. there are not many nature reserves on earth quite as well—known as kenya's maasai mara. this is the final destination everyjuly and august for all the creatures involved in the great migration from the serengeti plains over the border in tanzania. there's around 1.5 million wildebeests alone, with a large number of zebra and antelope
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species joining the journey. can we get closer to the elephant? do you want many? we want many. yeah, that would be good. this is wild, guys. one, two, three, four, five. 11. 11 lions. this is wild! they are just looking at us like, what are you doing here? it is only 7:30. is it yourfirst time on safari? yes. 0k. and how do you feel being on safari? excited. we are excited. and we hope to do this again. why did you come now and not before? just because of the high rates. and now we can afford the rates. that's why we are here. last year saw a huge push to attract more kenyans to go on safari in their own country. normally this is an expensive trip, but prices have been dropped by almost
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half at some resorts. 0ther luxury hotels offer tantalising package deals. and this is one of those places. in pre—covid times, a stay here would put you back a little bit. during the pandemic, there were special deals offered to local tourists, and they have been a big hit. but some people are beginning to ask questions about the future. 0ne pineapple mint for you. thank you. sorry, i spilt a little bit. no worries. what happens when borders reopen and wealthy foreigners start to return? harriet is a kenyan travel writer, and she sees trouble ahead. if prices go high again, i think these hotels will not have learned their lessons. i think the covid experience should have taught them a lesson in that they would have made fair prices. we do not need to use them when we are down and then dump them when things are good. there are some who will have
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learned from the lessons, probably some who would have diversified, understood the kenyan market, what they like. even the social media pages. it will make a difference having a kenyan or black people in there. changing times in kenya. let's hope that prices stay reasonable there so that local people can still enjoy amazing wildlife in their own backyard. next up, we are off to dubai where, like everywhere else, social distancing and safety measures were still things to consider this year. so we sent lucy out to explore the ways that you can enjoy the great outdoors without a mask. this is dubai aquafun, the brainchild of a young emirati entrepreneur called ahmed ben chaibah, who claims that it's the biggest inflatable water park in the world.
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against the backdrop of hotels and skyscrapers, and a short 25—metre swim from the beach, you will find a course made up of over 70 floating blow—up slippery slides, swings and other obstacles, all designed to test your stamina, balance and bravery. and after a bit of undignified clamber on board, i am ready to accept the challenge. it is a little slipperier than you think. come on, lucy! almost. i think i have been in the water. i was just about to say, i think i have been in the water enough. 0.5 seconds and i did not
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even touch the obstacle. here we go! boo! that's what you've got to look out for. you might complete the obstacle, but the slipping at the end. every time. every time! something tells me i may have spoken too soon. i challenge anyone to get over this thing and stay dry. i'm unfit, yeah. i'm trying my hardest! but, most importantly, this is so much fun. three, two, one... all right, here we go! woo! how can you not love the slide? i think i'm ready to get off now!
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well, now that i'm thoroughly soaked through, it's time to dry off. but i'm not heading back to the beach. instead, perhaps it's time to feel the wind in my very wet hair. how is this for a socially distanced experience?! these are the dubai hero boats, your own personal speedboat that lets you cut through the warm waters of the gulf at speeds of up to 50km/h. after a short instructional and safety tutorial, you'll stick to a vast, but designated course accompanied by a guide who's on hand to ensure that you stick to the rules, whilst getting a high—speed and unique view of the dubai beaches and skyline. as far as rides go, this one is awesome. it is super easy to drive, and brandon's nearby for safety just in case. you know, yeah, you could go pretty slow, but the real fun
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begins when you crank up the engine and, more importantly, you do it with no mask. well, there's no doubt that the star of our show in 2021 was a little blue electric van that we drove across the uk and ireland to test out how practical it was to travel sustainably whilst rediscovering attractions closer to home. and wherever we went, the van was certainly turning heads. and we all had an absolute ball. this prototype is a reimagining of an old iconic morris motor. it's the first vehicle built by the company since the 1980s, and it's all electric. now, the original morrisj type
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came out in 19118 alongside the classic morris minor, which was the first british car to reach a million sales. so, what we've done is stuck some portable hand controls on the car so i can drive it with my... with my hands, and because it's a van and there's plenty of room in there, we've just stuck my wheelchair in the back and away we go on our uk road tour for the travel show. there's more to the cairngorms than just walks and wildlife. adventure companies offer zip lining, canyoning and something called white water tubing — riding one of these rubber rings downriver. i was hoping to give it a go, but the conditions were a little wild. so, what was the issue about the tubing today? the river's too high, it's in flood, so it wouldn't be safe.
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we couldn't actually stop you, you mightjust keep going. where do the rapids end? um... the north sea. 0k, yeah, that's an issue, isn't it? well, i might not be able to get out on the river, but kevin insisted i had a go on one of their longest zip lines. i'm feeling a bit more nervous. i mean, i was quite chilled out about this, �*cause i'm like, zip wire, everyone does this, you know, kids do it, and now, looking down into that gorge, um... my nether regions have got a little bit tighter. two hands on top. and then i'll go? yeah, when you lift your legs up. i don't wanna do it! you're fine, you're fine. all right, here we go. 0h...bleep! screaming woo! whoa! ha ha ha! woo!
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there she is. scarbados! glinting in the sunshine. scarborough is the uk's oldest beach resort. this is where you come if you're looking for the proper old—school seaside traditions. got the ice cream parlours, you've got the slot machines, you've got the beach, the sea, the smell of fish and chips out the window. after a week in scotland, the electric van�*s still holding up well and getting a lot of love here on the south bay. how you doing, guys? you all right? good! how are you? yes, really good, really good. we're travelling around scarborough and yorkshire. take care! 0i, it's you off the tele! how are ya? i'm all right. you? yeah, good, good!
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we're filming for the travel show. you're actually on camera there. look — come here, come here. look, look, look, look! say hello! hello. laughs if it's seaside traditions you're after, this is the place to be. the harbour bar's been in scarborough for 75 years. these days, like all of us, it's doing its best to follow the covid guidelines, with customers kept safely in the fresh air. i'm looking for your biggest, most extravagant and spectacular ice cream, yeah? i'll make the knickerbocker glory for you, then? is that the one? yeah. it's flashy. and tasty? yeah. you know something's really good when you're sucking as hard as you can and you just can't get anything out. it's ridiculous. the shop's been open since the end of the second world war. giulian started working here when he was 12, and he's the third generation of his family to make and sell
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ice cream in scarborough. we've done 75 years, so we celebrated at the beginning of august. now, how confident are you about the future? 0h, very confident, yeah. i think scarborough's... scarborough will do well. uh, therese and i have been talking about starting a family. laughing. what's in these knickerbocker glories? is it something in these? therese, did you hear that? idid, yes. i'm worried. i think giulian said twins! i leave the city for the rolling hills of the brecon beacons, less than an hour's drive from cardiff. the national park is home to over 1,000 farms largely dedicated to livestock. and with over 250,000 visitors a year, one particularly savvy farmer has developed an interesting business model — trekking with sheep. he's checking me out.
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he'sjust checking, he's checking i'm all good. his problem is he can't really see very well because his hair is so long, it's in his face. meet patches, my new pal for the afternoon. do you want more food? i need to prove that i'm your friend. oh, it feels really weird on my hand! you've got a very warm tongue there, patches. come on! patches, you can have more food in a moment. the plan is to follow a trail around the farm with my fluffy companion. he's pretty obedient. sometimes he kind of veers to the left or right and i feel like i'm the one being walked. it turns out to be trickier than it looks. come on, patches. come on. so, nicola, since lockdown, have you seen demand for this experience growing? yeah, so a lot of people want to be outside in the open air. this experience, because we're
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able to be distanced, there isn't so much pressure on that, and people just enjoy being with the sheep and being able to stroke the sheep and actually being able to physically be around them. whereas normally, theyjust see them in the fields and they run away! when we first opened, it was quite slow, we didn't really have that many people. i think people were a bit wary. they were like, "oh, really? walking sheep? i've not actually heard about that before." we started it because it was similar to alpaca trekking, but with sheep, it is more native. and we, ourselves, we're used to looking after sheep, whereas alpacas were something a bit different and a bit scary. back on the road, i'm heading into cork city. here, old stereotypes of ireland's conservative outlook are once again becoming outdated. a growing drag community has emerged in cork. they've been through a difficult covid period, and tonight will be the first
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public performance for some drag artists here since the pandemic began. we're ireland's first drag house and we're now the biggest house. other ones are springing up, and now there's this incredible scene where, like, you see all these different styles of drag and performers, which we didn't have before. tell me about how the pandemic affected you and the whole scene here. specifically, we're queer people in the lgbt+ community, again, our space has been taken away. and for the likes of myself and the other queens, our work was taken away. yet it's taught us a lot. and what i've loved personally seeing is how resourceful queer people are. i haven't seen some of my friends in 18 months all in the same room. i haven't seen a proper audience in so long. but i'm ready to not do drag in my bedroom anymore! i'm very excited to go back on stage! just some of the places we went to, and some of the people we met thanks to our little
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blue electric van, undoubtedly the star of our show in 2021. well, that's all for us. coming up next week on the programme, another new face. steve brown joins the show as he explores japan and finds out what kind of effect hosting the paralympics there has had for travellers with disabilities. so i do hope that you can join him for that. in the meantime, from me, rajan datar, and everybody else on the programme, stay healthy, happy and hopeful that 2022 will be the year that we can finally all start travelling again. we'll see you in the new year. goodbye.
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hello, understandably there's always a lot of talk about snow at christmas and whilst there has been some, for many places there hasjust been rain. and lots of rain since christmas eve. this is the radar picture over the past few hours. this weather system has moved through, bringing rain but as you can see we have had snow in the pennines, the hills and scotland and there was this very wintry scene this morning from county durham. we keep a lot of cloud and further outbreaks of rain towards northern and eastern parts of england and on through scotland as we go on through the rest of the afternoon. a very brisk south—easterly wind running into mainly scotland and northeast england, adding an extra chill to things. it is still mild towards the southwest. here and into wales, it will brighten up gradually. there are still a few showers.
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we continue taking some rain, and some snow and sleet over the highest ground overnight. elsewhere the wind will be easing with a lot of low cloud and mist and fog around. while temperatures for many stay above freezing, you canjust see some blue in parts of northern england and scotland. and especially where you've got snow on the ground is where you will get a frost. into tomorrow, the northern and western isles having a cloudier day with patchy rain and showers around. another weather system taking outbreaks of rain further north. northern ireland, some cloud and brighter spells as well. the far north of england, especially scotland, away from the far north there will be some sunny spells to be had. quite windy with outbreaks of rain to the south. that will go into monday evening. tuesday, another weather system taking an area of rain particularly across central swath of the uk and windy towards the south of that. it will be quite mild here. temperatures around six or 7 degrees and scotland and 12 or 13 to the south.
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if you think that is mild, another weather him system bringing more rain across the uk in wednesday. it will bring some very mild air into the uk and that is transported northwards on the south westerly wind. blustery with rain, yes, but temperatures reaching into the mid—teens. quite wildly around the midlands. it will stay mild and wet and windy for the start of the new year.
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this is bbc news — these are the latest headlines in the uk and around the world. tributes pour in for archbisop desmond tutu — nobel laureate and veteran of south africa's struggle against apartheid — who has died at the age of 90. desmond tutu was somebody at the height of the anti—apartheid struggle, when nelson mandela and his leadership comrade is on the freedom struggle were locked up in northern ireland, rouse the faithful, inspired people. we'll have the latest from our correspondent in soweto . also on the programme. new coronavirus restrictions come into force in scotland, wales and northern ireland — to try to limit the spread of the 0micron variant. they were due to be 10,000 fans here at cardiff arms park here today to
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watch the festive rugby derby and they will have


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