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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 29, 2021 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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covid—19 infections — with just over 183 thousand cases in the latest 2a hour period. it comes as doctors and pharmacists warn of patchy supplies of covid tests. as europe and the us report record covid infection rates, the head of the world health organization says the omicron variant is straining health care systems and staff around the world. the european court of human rights, has urged russia to suspend the shutdown of the country's oldest human rights group — memorial international. the court said it needed time to examined the case the life of archbishop desmond tutu has been celebrated at memorial services outside his soweto home injohannesburg and during an interfaith ceremony hosted by his family in cape town.
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hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm hugh ferris. the headlines this evening. six goals on boxing day, six points clear at the top. could manchester city's advantage could be nine after tonight's games? he may well be playing tonight, but we hear from manchester city's raheem sterling about england. and how gareth southgate has made the international experience one to savour. the last couple of years, you can see the steps that we've been making as a team on the field off the field, but, of course, the most important is on the field. and the darts goes on despite another covid withdrawal and the defending champion claiming the tournament should be delayed.
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hello again. not only is the festive period a much—loved tradition in the premier league hidden amongst it is the half way point of the season. and manchester city have arrived there on the back of nine straight wins. if things go their way tonight, they could be nine points clear. they play at brentford and then again at arsenal on new year's day, as they attempt to negotiate this crucial part of the season, one that's become even more fraught with complications brought about by covid and injuries. we have long weeks, but now we have 29 and the first, the two away fixtures against difficult, tough opponents. but the premier league is like this, that is the most difficult competition when you are able to win it, because you play against all the big teams indifferent, tough circumstances and you have
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to solve it and that is why it will be no exemption in the next two games. well arsenal will be without their manager for that game against city on new year's day. mikel arteta has tested positive for covid for a second time, having first contracted the virus in march 2020, which prompted the shutdown of football at the start of the pandemic. he's now isolating but is still expected to undertake media duties ahead of the game. it'll only be a nine point lead for city if chelsea are as generous as liverpool were last night. they were beaten by leicester, so chelsea could go above them into second if they don't lose against brighton. that's no guarantee right now though, they've dropped points three times already in december and also have a midfield in particular depleted by those twin problems, covid and injuries. one test in midfield is enough
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because then they will play in 90 minutes from there out of nothing and you risk injuries. this is what we do in the moment. i cannot say more, and i cannot see how we are out of the cove at that at the moment, it does not feel like it, actually. england and manchester city forward raheem sterling says he's enjoying playing for england more than ever before, thanks to how manager gareth southgate has changed the environment around the national team, but insists he won't be satisfied until he's won a major international trophy. sterling was guest editing this morning's today programme on radio 4, part of which was an interview with his boss. i remember us talking about the pressure the team were feeling. but really a lot of the pressure on the team when we took over was because of what happened he has a go. —— was because of what happened years ago. not your fault as a generation,
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but the generations before when the fans had been disappointed with the team and there was a build—up of 15 years and they were talking about it's 20 years, it is 25 years. that is not your fault, it is the failures of the past. so, i remember we did some videos of what had gone wrong in the past. you know, my penalty needed to be in there because, that is gone, how do we make our own history? we have talked quite a bit about doing things our way. from my first came in the squad to now, you can see, with the conversation with the boys, how enjoyable it is to actually come, even if it is camping in september or october, everyone cannot wait to come. speaking on text messages nowadays, i don't think it was quite that way previously. sometimes i think it was a lot more difficult, players felt a huge weight on their shoulders, but the actual thought process
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that you put into it to try and help us lift that weight off our shoulders and give us the best possible chance to win football matches, for me and the boys, we would like to say a massive thank you, for sure. the last couple of years with gareth, we can see the steps we have been making as a team on the field, off the field. of course, the most important is on the field, we want our hands on a trophy because there is nothing more important for me, and i think a lot of the lads will agree, there is nothing bigger than winning a major tournament with england. much mind that via bbc sounds. chris woakes has given his backing to england captainjoe root after their hopes of winning the ashes ended in melbourne. both root and coach chris silverwood are thought to be under pressure after the abject display in australia, for which woakes has admitted the side were underprepared. england are 3—nil down in the series with two to play, and woakes says now is not the time
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to feel sorry for themselves. as a group of players, we have to take pride in what we do. obviously, no—one means to perform badly, no—one means to lose the way we have. we're trying extremely hard to put things right. but i think that's test cricket. it's called test cricket for a reason. it's really difficult, especially when a team gets on top. you have to show some character. that's what we have to do going forward, show some character, show some fight. it's not like australians to pull their punches at times like this, so cue their own version of a postmortem. former captain ricky ponting sez this engalnd team is the worst he's —— former captain ricky ponting says this engalnd team is the worst he's ever seen tour down under. and a member of the current australia team david warner belives it was the way england began the first test in brisbane that was their downfall. they didn't start well. when we go to england, you have to start well.
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if you don't start well in the series, you are up against it. last time we were in the first test, it is in great position, the confidence and your chest gets pumped out and you have that belief. —— last time we were in the first test, it put us in great position, the confidence and your chest gets pumped out and you have that belief. it is really crucial you start well. formerjockey freddy tylicki has called for harsher punishments for those who ride dangerously to make horse racing safer. tylicki was paralysed from the chest down following a fall five years ago. and last week a high courtjudge ruled that fellow jockey graham gibbons was responsible. harder punishments for reckless riding would be much the way forward, simply because when you punish a jockey for doing a manoeuvre in a race that should not have been done, then the jockey gets x amount of days to be on the sidelines. that would send the right signals out there. i think it'll make the sport overall a cleaner, safer environment, then.
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in response to last weeks ruling the british horseracing authority said that... the full transcript of the hearing will also allow us to consider any of the other relevant matters which were raised over the course of the hearing." to tennis now — and novak djokovic has pulled out of this week's atp cup in sydney heightening speculation he could skip the australian open next month. the world number one is yet to confirm if he's received the coronavirus vaccination having previously expressed his oppostion to it. all players and staff competing in melbourne must be jabbed or have a medical exemption. but andy murray has been practicing at melbourne park, where the first grand slam of the season begins in just under three weeks�* time. he was handed a wildcard to take part in the event where he's previously reached the final five times. and defending and two—time champion naomi osaka will be there — she also practied on wednesday — after taking a break to concentrate on her mental health over the past
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few months following her shock third round defeat to cananda's leylah fernandez at the us open. osaka won the australian open in 2019 and 2021. one of the most famous names and voices in american football, john madden, has died at the age of 85. as a coach he won the super bowl with the oakland raiders and after retiring he became an icon of the broadcast booth. and if you've ever played the video game madden, you'll know it was named after him. nfl network reporter melissa stark worked alongside the man on abc's monday night football. he obviously was a hall of fame coach, hall of fame person. his players loved him. he had so much energy and so much passion. he was a larger—than—life figure. if you live here in the united states, he really is football. john madden changed the game. it's a better league, it's a better world because of him. find better world because of him. and
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instantly recognisable figure, but also instantly recognisable voice, because he was the guy that revolutionised that colour commentary position in the booth. he was the first one to get one of those styluses out and start drawing all over the screen. i those styluses out and start drawing all over the screen.— all over the screen. i know, he was crazy with — all over the screen. i know, he was crazy with that _ all over the screen. i know, he was crazy with that and, _ all over the screen. i know, he was crazy with that and, "boom" - all over the screen. i know, he was crazy with that and, "boom" and i all over the screen. i know, he was| crazy with that and, "boom" and his energy, and at first he didn't want to do it because he didn't want to get into broadcasting. he didn't like it, i'm not sure if he didn't respect the possession, but he thought, ok, he realised he wanted to do it if he could make it as good as he wanted it to be, and like he said, he changed edits, and he perfected it. he spoke to the average fan, and, you know, he cared so much about football and be cared so much about football and be cared so much about the players and loved the game, and thatjust came through and his energy into preparation. he was one—of—a—kind. iiap
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and his energy into preparation. he was one-of-a-kind._ and his energy into preparation. he was one-of-a-kind. icap to the point where he was — was one-of-a-kind. icap to the point where he was so _ was one-of-a-kind. icap to the point where he was so successful- was one-of-a-kind. icap to the point where he was so successful that - was one-of-a-kind. icap to the point where he was so successful that he l where he was so successful that he was getting played more than the players, which is an extraordinary thought at this time, i'd imagine, but in the video game came along, it was originally named john madden nfl football, now it's known by millions of people around the world just as madden, and it brings an billions of dollars. it madden, and it brings an billions of dollars. ., , _, .,, , dollars. it does come it was genius. it's funny because _ dollars. it does come it was genius. it's funny because when _ dollars. it does come it was genius. it's funny because when i _ dollars. it does come it was genius. it's funny because when i was - dollars. it does come it was genius. it's funny because when i was part l it's funny because when i was part of this broadcast, i was actually on the game, my voice was on the game, so little kids knew who i was through that and not through my sideline reporting on television. you know, my kids have played it and love it, and the players, they love it. you want to be on the cover, you want to be on the cover of madden and you love playing it. and that time many —— taught so many people about the game, so many people who learned about football through playing the game is incredible and helped grow the sport as well. the memories ofjohn madden, the nfl legend who has died at the age of 85 today. a third withdrawal due to a positive covid test at the pdc world darts has led the current champion to ask for the tournament to be delayed.
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dave chisnall has followed three—time champion michael van gerwen and vincent van der voort in pulling out. but the 2021 winner gerwyn price. price said he felt the tournament had been "devalued" following van gerwen�*s withdrawal adding... and he's come to the conclusion the only answer is to postpone the tournament, admitting that it isn't the best option — but an option i wouldn't disagree with." but the tournament goes on, and one man making the headlines today is alan soutar. the scotsman — who is a full—time fireman and also trains guide dogs — has made it through to the last—i6 after beating seventh seed jose de sousa in a thrilling match at the palace. and in an all—english tie, callan rydz has knocked out tenth seed nathan aspinall, sealing the victory with a io—darter to book his place in the fourth round. the 23—year—old rydz is yet to drop a single set at the championship this year. and there's three more games to look forward to later tonight — gary anderson takes on ian white,
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defending champion gerwyn price plays dirk van duijvenbode and then jonny clayton faces michael smith. that's all from sportsday. you will be able to follow the football, of course, via the bbc sport website and indeed radio five live. two games in the premier league, a 7:30pm kick—off involving chelsea and an 8:00pm involving manchester city. thank you for your company in sportsday as ever, get to see you, goodbye for now.
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