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tv   Click - Short Edition  BBC News  December 29, 2021 6:45pm-7:01pm GMT

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it is clickmas! welcome to clickmas 2021, which is already looking more expensive than clickmas 2020. at least it is not a virtual party. but have we got a clickmas for you! i say it looks more expensive — it will do once we switch on the clickmas lights. would you care to do the honours? i have always dreamt of being asked to turn on the christmas lights and i will go one better than that. are you ready? definitely. five, four, three, two, one... tada! oh, my life! a clickmas laser? what could possibly go wrong?! and that is the best handwriting on click. by the way, have you bought all your christmas present? not yet. i still need to get some smellies for my dad and smellies for my mum. do your whole family smell? they do.
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i want them to smell better. i have a solution for you, but you will have to come with me to a christmas market. come this way. i warn you, the salesman is a bit of a wheeler dealer. rollup, rollup! i recognise that trader. it's nick kwek! hello, spencer. merry clickmas. and to you. what on earth have you got. this is the world's first artificially intelligent smart perfume. have a sniff of that. it smells like a mum, but not my mum. it is very strong. the idea behind the ninu is that it is one size fits all because the last thing you want on christmas day is when you open up a perfume, and you don't like the smell of it. with this thing, you can choose what you want it to smell like. really? you control it through a bluetooth connected app. how does that work, then? 0n the inside there are three
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different canisters each with its own unique scent, and depending what you select on the app, then it mixes each together to create your own bespoke whiff. and it can create up to 100 different combinations for every can. sounds like a good deal. so, do you reckon your mum's present is sorted? unfortunately this isjust a prototype. it will not be in the shops until next spring. then what are you here for then? i tell you who would absolutely love a place like this. dan? he loves christmas and he loves buying good christmas presents. he does, yeah. this year he has really done something special. he seems to be in germany. yes. i am on the hunt for the perfect christmas gift for you both. lara, you may have gotten something a bit sparkly but... it did not quite seem right. and, spencer, well, i considered
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a new look for you but, ultimately i wanted to sniff out something that might surprise you both. and with a bit of science behind it as well. and my nose has brought me here to munich. not to the shops around here, but to a start—up that has created this, a water bottle with interchangeable nozzles, and they have different scents. so you can have mango or cola or watermelon and it makes the stuff inside the bottle kind of taste a bit different. but what is inside isjust plain old tap water. christmas magic? well, according to the founder of the company, no. the product is a body hack, basically. because we copied how our flavour perception worked for a certain part and, so, when we taste something we will taste our basic flavours through our tongue
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or over our tongue but the rest of it is through our nose and it makes 80% of our flavour perception. it is a large part. and this part we copied with our product. when you drink from our bottle you will drink water and scented air and the scented air will let your brain think it is drinking something with flavour, even though it is just pure water with no additives, calories, sugar or anything. now, i know that may seem like quite a lot to swallow so i sent a couple of these bottles back to you guys in london to do a taste test. and i know that it's unlucky to say cheers with just plain water but it's all meant in the best possible taste. merry christmas. both: merry clickmas, dan! we got a couple of these bottles here. i think you need to try one. i will give it a try. take a sip and see what you think. here we go. what fruit does that taste of? mmm!
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it's peachy! 0k! well done — i'm impressed. you try yours. what are you getting? 0k, it actually just tastes of water but it smells of fruit. can you tell what kind of fruit? no idea. absolutely no idea. it's called grapefruity. i think it's a bit like fruit tea. i hate fruit tea. oh, well, that's gonna be a problem then. it's all in the smell and not in the taste. yeah, exactly. but while we are in the festive mood, i've got a little game for us to play. right. now, pictionary is probably my favourite game... i know it is, you are a monster. you know. indeed. but i can't draw — which, of course, is the irony of this — but the technology doesn't actually help with that. now, this is called the repaper and the way that it works is you can use any pencil by attaching this little item to the end of it or you can use the pen that comes with it, then you don't need the piece of paper. but it, of course, of a smartphone. 0h, right! go on, then. this should be good. so let me draw something for you. you're saying this could be good but you know what my drawing is like! it's gone wrong already. is it a banana?
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uh, not... a horse? ..nota banana. and i've clearly got this wrong, haven't i? but, um, there you go. is it — is it a nokia phone that was never, ever used because it wasjust the worst design in the world? it'll be it! anyway, this can be used for more sensible purposes. art or some sort of work. which this is neither of. go on. this is — this is the remarkable... it's the first remarkable thing i've seen today, let me tell you. yes, and seeing it's for more professional purposes, i'm going to hand it straight to you. right, so this is an e—paper. it actually feels like paper as well to draw on. right. i'm realising now that i'm just as awful as you. i tell you what, though, paper is quite cheap and i'm guessing this is isn't. that's very true. any idea? it is a sock and a bath. so... water, water and socks. and socks — yep, yeah. i think this may have something to do with the fact that chris fox asked us for our dirty laundry. yes! which is not as weird as it sounds. doing laundry is a time drain at the best of times especially at christmas when there is so much
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else to do so i'm helping the click team with theirs. but i'm not going to wash this myself, it is going to a start—up that helps to change the way we wash. according to 0xwash the way we do our laundry at home is wasteful but by stacking up lots of little innovations at their modern laundrettes they can make the process more eco—friendly. there are several ways this is supposed to be more eco—friendly. the first is over here, any heavily stained clothes get blasted with compressed air and water. so you are not using loads of chemicals in the wash. then the clothes go into these fairly standard washing machines and the secret i'm told is using cold water so that you are not wasting loads of energy heating up the water. how do you get clothes clean with cold water? use a special detergent that is automatically dosed from these bottles and that creates ozone which sterilises the clothes and then the final extra step is right around the back — there is a filter to take out any microplastics so fibre that comes off the clothes doesn't go
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down the drain. to put the service to the test i have this wine—soaked tablecloth — no questions asked — a gravy stained runner straight from the christmas table and a pair of stinky old trainers which are all off to go through the 0xwash treatment. of course washing is only half the story. the items go through this heated roller and folder which can dry sheets in seconds using less energy than a tumble dryer although at the moment the company does still use some fossil fuel tumble dryers, which it hopes one day to remove from the process. one other thing i have to show you is this japanese clothes steaming robot which makes it so your clothes don't have any creases on them and also don't shrink in the wash. now, this is why i have worn this creased jumper, before any of you comment on it, so let's getthis on here. that goes over the dummy. spinning around and now, to make sure the shoulders are right, we enter gym mode and beef... beef up the shoulders.
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good. and then... that's me after christmas. there we go, release. ready to wear! oh, it's so warm! there you go! i need to get one of these for my kitchen! while the click laundry went through the wash i went to meet the founder who after getting tired of watching his rugby team's kit at oxford university decided to start the company. it's about £25 a month for a wash a week. isn't it going to work out cheaper to use a washing machine at home? when you take into account the washing machine you have to buy into the energy that goes into it, it works out about 10—15% cheaper. the big saving is on the time. you don't have to do it yourself,
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just take the pile of laundry and gets rid of it. two days later and my laundry arrived and i really cannot fault it, it really came out very clean, especially the shoes which came out almost like brand new. the challenge for the company is going to be convincing people to give up the convenience of washing clothes home, especially for those unexpected christmas spills, when everyone has had a few too many. that's it for the short cut. if you want more glam stuff, it's on the iplayer. g want more glam stuff, it's on the ipla er. �* , ., ., want more glam stuff, it's on the ipla er. m ., ., ~ ., ., ., iplayer. a bit of a milan ratio, reall , iplayer. a bit of a milan ratio, really. isn't — iplayer. a bit of a milan ratio, really, isn't it? _ iplayer. a bit of a milan ratio, really, isn't it? anyway, - iplayer. a bit of a milan ratio, really, isn't it? anyway, findl iplayer. a bit of a milan ratio, i really, isn't it? anyway, find the team on social media, youtube, instagram, facebook and twitter. thanks for watching. have a make ——thank you for watching, thank you for being with us
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throughout 2021 and a merry clickmas. happy clickmas. hello there. earlier today, we saw temperatures reaching 16 celsius in southampton, and also here in exeter in devon. it's very mild air that's come our way today that's followed a band of rain that's been sweeping away towards the northeast. it remains unsettled in the next few days, some rain at times, some stronger winds too, the main feature of the weatherjust how mild it's going to be as we head into the new year. now, we could be at 17 celsius across some parts of england in the next few days, bear in mind the average is near eight celsius at this time of the year. it could be the warmest new year's eve and new year's day on record. there is still some rain in the forecast, and after a brief respite, we are going to find wetter weather developing overnight as the cloud thickens,
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especially in western areas, and it turns wetter here. we've still got these brisk south—south—westerly wind, and temperatures aren't going to drop very much at all tonight, very mild. much milder than last night in the northeast of scotland. but tomorrow does start cloudy, we've got some rain around first thing. it pushes eastwards, but there won't be much rain for the eastern side of the uk. we will see the cloud thickening to bring some rain back into the south west into wales, perhaps the west midlands. ahead of that, though, could be some sunshine for eastern scotland and the northeast of england. quite a windy day again during tomorrow, very mild, of course, much milder than today across northern scotland where it's also going to be drier than it's been today as well. we will see rain pushing northwards and eastwards overnight. that should be tending to move away during friday. could lingerfor a while in southern scotland and the northeast of england, but the trend is for it to become drier and brighter on friday, and the winds will start to ease down as well. still very mild, not quite as mild, perhaps, in scotland on friday, but 16—17 celsius towards the southeast and east anglia. why is it so mild? it's because the air is coming all the way from the tropics, these southerly winds bringing in higher temperatures, a lot of cloud, ahead of these weather fronts, an area of low pressure that's
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focusing the wet weather more towards the northwest of the uk. you are going to be seeing in the new year, away from here, there's a good chance it's going to be dry, and all areas will be exceptionally mild. we've still got some wet weather to come on new year's day. more towards northern ireland, northwest england and scotland, that is pushing away towards the northeast. it's brightening up during the day with some sunshine, a few showers coming in. quite a windy day, i think, on saturday, but, of course, it will be very mild everywhere, 14 celsius in glasgow, 16 celsius in london.
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this is bbc news broadcasting to viewers in the uk and around the world. i'm jane hill. the headlines: the uk announces just over 183,000 new coronavirus cases, a record daily total, but figures have been affected by delays over the festive period. it's as borisjohnson says up to 90% of those in intensive care haven't had a boosterjab. experts say it's still not clear how bad this surge of infections might be. we need to watch the data for a couple of weeks probably, the other side of the new year, to be absolutely sure which way this wave is going. as record infections rates are reported across europe and the us, the world health organization warns of a huge strain on global health services.


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