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tv   Ros Atkins On... Chinas...  BBC News  January 22, 2022 6:45pm-7:01pm GMT

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to the australian open now, where british singles hopes are over. dan evans was the last of the seven players remaining, and he was knocked out at the third round stage in melbourne. despite competing well in a hard fought first set, evans was then outclassed by his opponent — canada's felix auger—aliassime — losing in straight sets. here's adam wild daniel evans... as singles go in melbourne. _ daniel evans... as singles go in melbourne, dan _ daniel evans. .. as singles go in melbourne, dan evans- daniel evans... as singles go in melbourne, dan evans was - daniel evans... as singles go in melbourne, dan evans was not| daniel evans... as singles go in | melbourne, dan evans was not a single brit left. the considerable talented canadian, evans immediately forced to face the music. although forced to face the music. although for him, perhaps too literally. the sound of a senior entertaining crowds outside the arena seemingly hitting more raw nerves than write
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against france's benoit paire. however, fifth seed andrey rublev is out after the russian lost to croatia's marin cilic in four sets. to the women's event now, where the second seed aryna sabalenka fought her way past marketa vondrousova to reach the fourth round. the belarusian recovered well from dropping the first set to beat the czech 31st seed — 4-6 6-3 6-1. she's bidding to reach the semi—finals here for the first time and will face kaia kanepi next. i really want to win it and 2 cents. i really want to win it and 2 cents. i think_ i really want to win it and 2 cents. i think that's _ i really want to win it and 2 cents. i think that's why i'm getting, like. — i think that's why i'm getting, like. so — i think that's why i'm getting, like, so much emotional on the first side and _ like, so much emotional on the first side and that's why i'm over trying and missing — side and that's why i'm over trying and missing a lot. after the first set when — and missing a lot. after the first set when you are losing for me are kind of— set when you are losing for me are kind of like. — set when you are losing for me are kind of like, 0k, set when you are losing for me are kind of like, ok, maybe i don't have to overhead — kind of like, ok, maybe i don't have to overhead it or, like, to panic earlien — elfyn evans' chances of a podium finish at the monte carlo rally are over after a crash this morning
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the welshman was setting a fast pace during the first half of the stage but he clipped a bank and was left stuck on a hillside. in fact you can see him here in the top of your screen on fellow driver sebastian ogier's on—board camera. the dangerous situation led to a red—flag from the marshals. ogier leads the rally overall going into the final day tomorrow. that's all from sportsday. manchester city still trailing i—o manchester city still trailing 1—0 against south hampton. you can follow all the sport. for me and the team. have a lovely evening. bye—bye. in europe, there are millions of cases of covid every week.
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in china, there are very few. and china's commitment to its zero covid strategy remains as strong as ever. translation: china's overall situation remains stable - and regional clusters of locally transmitted cases can be effectively controlled within a short period of time. and this is what effective control means in practice. they discovered three asymptomatic cases — three — and that is led, within a very short period of time to a city with overi million people being shut down. zero covid means lockdowns. it means testing on a huge scale. it means disinfecting public transport ahead of a busy travel season. it means quarantine camps for those suspected of having covid. as well as that, officials are warning against ordering things from overseas. they believe omicron may have arrived in beijing via infected mailfrom canada. there is even a hamster cull in hong kong after cases were traced to a pet shop.
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the virus may have first been identified in china but, as you can see, it very much wants to keep it out now — and so far, largely, it has. there have beenjust over 100,000 cases recorded in china since the start of the pandemic, almost two years ago. compare that to the us and the uk, where there have been tens of millions. and china's low case numbers have meant a low official death toll, too. here, you can see china compared with the uk and us with the us heading towards a million deaths, china is in the low thousands. in fact, there hasn't been a covid death in china for months and supporters of zero covid say that that makes the case. they also point to the chinese economy. official data shows that china's gdp grew by over 8% last year — that exceeded most expectations. there are, though, caveats. my colleague mariko oi explains. now, china's strict zero covid
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policy has meant that some major cities started to go back into lockdown from last month, due to the omicron variant, and we have yet to see the full impact of that. for now, though, china believes its zero covid strategy has worked, for the economy and for public health. but sooner, rather than later, it faces a decision — how long to stick with zero covid? and it may have its hand forced. we know omicron is highly transmissible and variants pose a challenge to zero covid policies. we've seen that in australia. the arrival of the delta variant forced the government to change tack. prime minister scott morrison abandoned zero covid last year, saying that australia would now live with the virus. or there's new zealand.
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while visiting from overseas remains limited, prime ministerjacinda ardern did say this last october. elimination was important because we did not have vaccines. now, we do. so we can begin to change the way we do things. vaccines. they are the route out of zero covid. vaccinate the population, then ease restrictions — that's the theory. and according to chinese government health officials, over 1.2 billion people in china have been vaccinated — that's nearly 90% of the population. we also know two of china's vaccines, sinopharm and sinovac have been approved for emergency use by the who, but there's an issue. when it comes to omicron, the reality is that china will be still reliant on its zero covid strategy. neither sinopharm or sinovac do give a high degree of support against the omicron or against the delta strains, of course, which we are still worried about. that's right. there is evidence that china's vaccines are not as effective as western vaccines, like moderna and pfizer. a top chinese official admitted last
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april that its vaccines don't have very high rates of protection. now, the same official later said he had been misinterpreted. but lynette ong from the university of toronto says this issue is real. so already, we have seen a number of reasons why ending zero covid isn't easy for china. it has succeeded in minimising covid deaths but it also does not want to admit the limitations of its vaccines and, in turn, those limitations mean its population is less protected. as well as that, because cases are low, china has a population without any natural immunity from prior infection. and because of all of these reasons — and others, too — a recent study by china's center for disease control concluded this, that if western strategies were adopted, it: .
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and so for now, keeping covid out remains a priority for china. and there are two other factors that are relevant to this. the first — well, that's the winter olympics, in beijing this february. china does not want any covid disruptions during this moment on the world stage, so foreign spectators are barred, tickets are not being sold, and such measures appear to be popular. translation: as bei'ing is china's capital city,h the prevention measures here are definitely a bit stricter. tickets not being sold is a way of epidemic prevention, so i support it. the other key event this year is the national party congress in october. it's held every five years — these pictures are from the last one in 2017. and this congress decides the future leadership of the chinese communist party and, in turn, the leadership of china. now, president xi jinping is already the most powerful chinese ruler since chairman mao.
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but in 2018, he abolished presidential term limits and this autumn, we are expecting him to be confirmed for a third term. that looks all but certain. but it remains a politically sensitive moment and president xi does not want rising covid cases to complicate that. he has, though, talked of life beyond covid. translation: we must do everything necessary to clear the shadow - of the pandemic and boost economic and social recovery and development so that the sunshine of hope may light up the future of humanity. and that is the rub — how to move clear of "the shadow of the pandemic" when that will involve letting the virus in with all of the uncertainty that comes with that. the eurasia group cannot see that decision being taken in the short—term. in a recent report, it concludes: and as we consider this, bear in mind what the world health organisation recently said about the uk.
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i'm saying i can see where the end is, i can see light at the end of the tunnel, but i really do anticipate, right throughout the world, a bumpyjourney ahead during 2022. "light at the end of the tunnel," says the who. president xi talked of "the sunshine of hope". but china and the west are in two quite different places. the west has lost many more people but it's edging towards a life not dominated by the management of this virus. china, with its strict lockdowns and travel restrictions, is not. and for all the political, pr and public health reasons we've considered, it's unlikely to make that move anytime soon. good evening. saturday may have been a dry day for the vast majority, but it certainly wasn't a desperately sunny one in most places. we had extensive cloud trapped underneath this area of high pressure. the high stays with us
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through tonight and into tomorrow, keeping things largely dry but often quite cloudy. so, large amounts of cloud in the sky as we head through tonight. where there are breaks in the cloud, they could well fill in with some patches of mist and fog, and where winds are light down towards the south, if you do have lengthy clear spells overhead, temperatures could get down to —3 or —a celsius and one or two places out in the countryside. it will be dependent upon the cloud cover and certainly not as cold up towards the north where we will keep a brisk wind. that wind will continue to blow across northern and western parts of scotland tomorrow with the odd spot of drizzle. for most, it is a dry day with a lot of cloud. some breaks for southwest england and wales. eastern scotland looks quite well favoured to see some sunshine with some shelter from this south westerly wind. the brisk wind in the north, lighter winds further south and temperatures generally between 5—9 celsius, may be getting up to 10 celsius in the north of scotland. now, through sunday night and into monday, our area of high pressure shows signs of declining. that would allow a frontal system to start to push in from the northwest.
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that will bring some outbreaks of rain on monday, chiefly across the western side of scotland, northern ireland, some of that rain maybe getting into parts of cumbria by the very end of the afternoon. but other areas largely dry, perhaps a slightly better chance of seeing some sunshine. light winds for pretty much all of us and temperatures between 6—9 celsius. looking ahead to tuesday, more of the same, really, lots of dry weather. could be some fog patches around at first, some areas of cloud, but some decent spells of sunshine and temperatures, you guessed it, again, between 6—9 celsius in most places. then as we head deeper into the week, well, we do see something of a change with more frontal systems starting to push in from the northwest. this time having a bit more life about them. so, could see some slightly heavier and more widespread rain sweeping through as we head through wednesday and into the first part of thursday. but most of the rain, i think, through the coming week will be
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across northern areas, not much of it getting down to the south. temperature 6—10 celsius.
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you this is bbc news. the headlines at seven: the first shipment of american military aid to ukraine arrives there amid warnings a russian invasion could be imminent. police will meet a conservative mp who's accused government whips of trying to "blackmail" politicians who've tried to oust borisjohnson. a man appears in court charged with the murder of an elderly woman and the attempted murder of her husband. the port of dover admits new customs checks have contributed to big queues on the roads. coming up later this hour, mark kermode joins jane hill to discuss the latest cinema releases and what's new on streaming in the film review.


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