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tv   BBC News  BBC News  February 28, 2022 1:30pm-2:01pm GMT

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our correspondent, emma vardy, joined the air crews on manoeuvres. radio comms: one-two established. policing the skies. we're over poland at dawn, about 50 miles from the border with russia. radio comms: number two, l when you're up on number one, if you could keep pressing forwards. there have been growing fears of russian aggression against other eastern european countries, and nato is taking no chances. our role as a tanker is essentiallyjust to extend the range of the typhoons. they've got smaller fuel tanks. and after their next refuelling they'll be off on patrol? they'll come up to us, take some fuel, they'll go off and perform their mission. nato patrols in eastern europe began after russia's invasion of crimea in 2014. now they've been significantly stepped up. while these fighterjets are up so close to russian airspace, they're also able to gather a lot of important information on their radar about what russian military planes are in the air and what they're doing.
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nato has ruled out sending troops into ukraine, but wants to demonstrate there is a strong presence ready to defend the region. the raf says these patrols are a robust response to the escalating crisis below. there is a very human element to it, we all feel that, we all watch the news. we have been launching around two additional flights a day from the uk, and additionalflights as well from cyprus. so it has been a really significant increase. the typhoons are armed with air—to—air missiles. if there was to be a russian military incursion into a nato country, these fighterjets may be cleared to engage them. but for now it is hoped the increased presence will send a clear message. emma vardy, bbc news. let's look at the weather with darren bett. hello, it is a cloudy picture for most of us through the rest of the
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day, more rain developing in england and wales. in the north—west of the uk it has been very windy but that storm, that deep low is heading northwards up to iceland, and we will be left this weather front here. earlier on in the day that brought light and patchy rain but over the past few hours it has been getting wetter in the south—west of england, wales, through the irish sea, the heavier and steadier and will push into northern england and parts of scotland and heading to the east and midlands. the far south—east, drierand east and midlands. the far south—east, drier and may be a bit brighter and it will turn brighter and chillier across the north west of scotland and northern ireland as the rain clears. could be an inch of rain in the brecon beacons before it moves away overnight heading across east anglia and the south—east with rain lingering there in the english channel. quite a contrast in temperatures tonight, south—eastern areas with the cloud and rain, it will be mild, whereas further north it will be much colder, —2 or —3 in scotland, perhaps northern england and northern ireland as well, mist and northern ireland as well, mist and fog patches. that clear and cold air is under the area of high pressure that will still be around
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tomorrow but we still have the weather front bringing tomorrow but we still have the weatherfront bringing rain, particularly through the english channel but the thickening cloud and patchy rain will probably work further north into more of southern england through the day pushing some cloud further ahead of it but still some sunshine heading into north wales and northern england, scotland and northern ireland a few early showers in the far north of scotland. after the chilly start, further north the temperatures will reach nine or 10 celsius. moving into the night and into wednesday, we have this rain in southern areas, continuing to head northwards as we move into wednesday morning. ahead of it in scotland we will have clearer skies. that means a frost, down to “4 or minus five celsius, but through the day we find after the early brightness and sunshine, we find the cloud moving further northwards, by this stage the rain is light and patchy, moving up into the central belt of scotland, affecting northern ireland and northern england, further south in southern england it may become drier, ii southern england it may become drier, 11 degrees here. across northern parts of the uk it will be a chilly day on wednesday after the cold start with the cloudy and damp
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weather moving on. out of the west weather moving on. out of the west we have this weather front coming in from the west bringing rain on thursday, mainly to northern and western areas. we could get late sunshine across wales and the south—west. that band of rain clears away overnight and by the time we get a friday most places will be dry and bright with some sunshine. that's it from me. back to you, clive. thank you, darren. that is all from the end of the team in kyiv, as hopes remain for at least a ceasefire from those talks taking place between ukraine and russia on the belarusian border. now on bbc one it is time for the news where you are. have a very good afternoon.
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he was contacted by the ukrainian side for support and he has been assisting ever since. the chelsea owner, long seen as having close ties to vladimir putin, handed control to a charitable control over the weekend. the bbc understands the foundation i get to accept his offer with concerns around his legal responsibilities and whether commission rules will allow them to assume control. the president of the polish football association has labelled fifa boss make decision to allow russia to compete in the world cup play—offs is disgraceful. the world governing body said they must base the football union of russia without the flag around them. poland have refused to play the next month, with a place at the world cup in qatar are stake that at the swedish and czech fa have adopted a similar stands. they could face russia and
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the play—off final. the scottish fa have followed england and wales by confirming they, too, will not play russia and any level of competition if confit continues. the two nations are set to meet in august, and an amateur european tournament. the scottish fa have entered the ukrainian counterparts to send messages of friendship and unity. scotland also men are set to face ukraine in a semifinal in march. the women's team are set to meet in early april. england women could well face russia at the summer's european championship. russia are preparing to send around 70 athletes to the winter paralympic games which begin this week. call seven growing to ban them from the games. the intermnatioanl paralympic commitee are meeting on wednesday to discuss the matter. liverpool managerjurgen klopp has challenged his team to go and make history — and win a historic quadruple.
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the first of a potential four trophies was won yesterday — as they beat chelsea 11—10 on penalties after the game at wembley finished goalless. chelsea goalkeeper kepa arrizibalaga missed the crucial spotkick — after being brought on specifically for the penalty shoot—out. first time for this group but the ninth time for the club. which is very important as well. were obviously quite happy about the whole thing to know so the game, the atmosphere was outstanding. i really loved it. and after the game it was nice to celebrate with the people after a long time without having any reason to celebrate something without the opportunity to celebrate. and so i'm really happy about the whole thing. and so i'm really happy about the whole thing. meanwhile liverpool's rivals everton
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have written to the premier league — demanding an apology for the controversial handball decision — in their 1—0 defeat to manchester city. the incident caused outrage for all associated with everton — including manager frank lampard — after they were not given a penalty, when rodri appeared to handle the ball. the incident is part of a formal complaint made the everton�*s chief executive's denise barrett baxendale — about the standard of refereeing in recent matches. for the first time since november 2016, tennis has a new world number one today. russia's daniil medvedev now tops the rankings — replacing novak djokovic — who has held top spot for a record 361 weeks in total. it's also the first time since 2004 — that the world number one hasn't been one of djokovic, roger federer, rafael nadal or andy murray. i'll have more for you in the next hour. let's return to our top story. delegates from ukraine and russia have begun their first talks since vladimir putin ordered his troops to invade last week. the two sides are meeting
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at the border with belarus, but hopes for progress are not high, with the ukrainian president calling for an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of russian forces. fierce fighting has continued in many areas. ukraine's president zolodomyr zelensky has been speaking in the last few hours. he said the response to the russian invasion had been these talks, along with every other negotiation that happens notjust recently, before this invasion but throughout this crisis, expectations are low. president zelensky will go into them wanting to things. he wants a ceasefire and for russian troops pullback. that might sound familiar, mounted? russian troops pulling back, given that since last april those russian troops have been gathering in their tens of thousands across ukraine's borders and as well as on the shores to the south. that has happened and ukraine is entering into a negotiation whilst missiles and shells landed on ukrainian cities for a fifth day. that said, in a state of war, that this country finds itself in, that
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will be seen as a positive. the question is whether usher is hoping to achieve some kind of political concession, which most ukrainians in certain ukraine's leader has until now been unwilling to give. on the issue of nato membership are what has often been touted at the moment as possible neutrality, the idea that ukraine neither side is with russia or the west. but that only works, so ukrainians, if russia still also adopts a neutral start which, of course, it won't do. it willjust pull ukraine once again back into moscow is audit. so it's going to be interesting to see, you know, whether these worries about these russian troops that have been frustrated to this point. there is no doubt ukraine's defence that it is mounted has been extraordinary and surprising that the five questions around whether russia is deliberately not ratcheting things up in the aim of getting some kind of concession.
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ukraine's president zolodomyr zelensky has been speaking in the last few hours. he said the response to the russian invasion had been overwhelmingly united. translation: russia did not expect such a solitary - and powerful response, but the ukrainians changed their history. the european union decided to supply us with its weapons — we are grateful. yesterday, i spoke to ursula von der leyen, president of the european commission, about the next even stronger steps. europeans understand that our soldiers, that our people are fighting for the whole of europe, as well as for all of us, for peace for everyone, for all countries of the european union, for the lives of children, for democracy, for equality. this gives us every right
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to do the following. we appeal to the european union for the immediate accession of ukraine under a new procedure. we are grateful to our partners for being with us, but our goal is to be together with all europeans, and, most importantly, to be on an equalfooting. liza grach, fled ukraine with her io—month—old baby and said goodbye to her husband at the border. she spoke to my colleague joanna gosling, and she explained how she was feeling. there is no description for the word how. i am not starting my day asking friends and family how they are doing. it is not the question. i ask them where they are. are they underground,
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or are they moving to the western borders, just to have a safe place. the right question is where. it must have been very difficult for you to leave. it was, it was horrible. but i was lucky. you i assume i was lucky, because we got this decision very fast, after the missiles come. i live in western ukraine so i had a short time to come to the border. but we didn't expect the war to start. on the morning of the 24th i saw a yellow splash from my window, shortly after seven o'clock in the morning, and there was a big boom and black smoke coming from our airport. we live close to it. we got the decision just to pack our stuff and maybe go
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for one or two days from the town, from the panic, just from the town and from the airport. just to move a little bit. and in a few hours my husband says, ok, you need to leave. this is no discussion, you need to leave. i can't describe how it feels like. it's horrible. you had to leave him behind? yes. this is the only right decision. and i had to take it, just because here or somewhere else farfrom ukraine, or evenjust shortly across the border, my kid has the privilege to sleep well and not to hear the bombs and the explosions
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and people crying. and she doesn't see the stress and it doesn't affect her. we see pictures here of your daughter. as you say, this is why you are doing this, you are protecting her and herfuture. yes. this is all for her. we were blessed to have this chance to be in a safe place right now. we crossed the border with slovakia. i went to do nothing, you know. you don't know what you are walking into. butjust after checking my documents i saw how many people are waiting
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there, and they were all around me, asking do i need a shelter, do i need to warm up. do i need anything, do i have someone to pick me up. and i never felt so devastated and so happyjust in one day. so much kindness from strangers, it must be an incredibly powerful thing to experience. yes. have you been able to have any contact with your husband since? will he fight, do you know? are we have no internet connection still. we are texting with my family, to see what they are doing, what are their plans. so hopefully i will have this
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connection in further days too. you said at the beginning your question is not how, to your loved ones. it is where. it's not knowing how they are and what they are enduring, but where they go. what's your sense? do you know how many are trying to leave and how many are stuck? during this, as soon as i crossed the border, and before that, we were always online on our cell phones, checking on our friends and family. where is everybody, how can we help? because we are already here next to the border, and they are not.
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we were finding transport, we were helping them to get to each other. so a few of my dearest friends, who also have babies with them, they said that when they got the information, that i cross the border and i am safe, this was the reason why they decided to do the same and leave their families and moved to safer places without them. it's the hardest thing, and the heart warmest as well because now i feel i am doing something. there are so many people in ukraine doing something and i am here. and i think, how can i help. and now i see that four families, a friend of mine, are also somewhere in hungary or slovakia or wherever, and we are coordinating. and i am looking for apartments for them, or volunteers who can take care of them.
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this is the one thing i can do and it fills me up that i can do something. you mentioned about the ways of communicating. is it getting harder to communicate? yeah, basically not because of the internet connection, but because of the time, the reply is too long, because sometimes i need to go to the shelter. this time of silence is very hard, when you see that the message is not to read, or it's not delivered. you start to think of things, but you should stay strong, and they should always reply, they will reply. what support are you getting there? can you give this
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once again, please? what support are you getting there now you are in germany? you are staying with your husband's sister, is that right? yeah. i got a place to stay. it was such a joy to hear from her, so she is the host of mine. she just dropped a message in a local chat, here i have my relative with a small kid. what can we do for her? and in an hour or so she got over 100 messages from different people, even from strangers. someone provided us with clothing for the baby. diapers. someone brought a stroller for her. by the end of the day, i'm here with my documents
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and with my kid, and i have everything i need just to be not just safe but also in comfort. here is a huge, huge community that even sends cars and buses close to the border, to bring people straight to the town and provide here, i would say not a shelter, but hosts who can... where people can have apartments, rooms orjust spaces, where people from my country can be safe. switzerland is to adopt all of the same sanctions against russia that the eu has adopted. the? same sanctions against russia that the eu has adopted.—
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the eu has adopted. they will also freeze the accounts _ the eu has adopted. they will also freeze the accounts of _ the eu has adopted. they will also freeze the accounts of vladimir - freeze the accounts of vladimir putin and his foreign minister as well as all those others named in the eu's list and this will happen with immediate effect so switzerland also adopting those sanctioned in line with the eu. also adopting those sanctioned in line with the eu. the football association has said no england team will play any match against russia for the foreseeable future. the sport's world governing body, fifa, has said all russia's international matches will be moved to neutral countries. it said the national team would have to play under the name "football union of russia". and as chelsea football club lost the carabao cup, ros atkins looks at the �*uncertainties�* that russia's invasion of ukraine has created for the club — which is owned by russian billionaire roman abramovich. chelsea have lost the carabao cup. another trophy in the roman abramovich era will have to wait. when he bought the club in 2003, his background was no secret. he was and is a russian billionaire, and oligarch whose wealth roots back to the collapse of the soviet union, a time when new russian companies assumed state assets.
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and like all oligarchs, he's had to deal with vladimir putin. in 2012, a uk high courtjudge said roman abramovich had "very good relations" and "privileged access to" putin. a 2016 bbc panorama programme said a $33.5 million yacht was reportedly "given to vladimir putin" by mr abramovich. he denies having a close relationship with putin and when asked about the yacht his lawyers dismissed the claims as "speculation and rumour". meanwhile, his time in charge of chelsea has brought huge success. this month they celebrated becoming world club champions. but on thursday, russia invaded ukraine. also on thursday, labour mp chris bryant addressed parliament. he referenced a leaked home office document that alleges that roman abramovich has "links to the russian state and his public association with corrupt activity and practices". he said the government should seize mr abramovich�*s assets. a spokesperson for roman abramovich declined to comment. those comments in parliament
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were on thursday. on friday, chelsea's manager thomas tuchel talked about the uncertainty is russia's invasion have created for the club. "we should not pretend this is not an issue," he said. and while he prepared his team for the cup final, roman abramovich took a decision, releasing a statement saying, "i am today giving trustees of chelsea's charitable foundation the stewardship and care of chelsea fc." former premier league player micah richards asked a question many were wondering, "what does it even mean," he said. well, roman abramovich is still owner of chelsea, but he has relinquished day to day control. oliver holt of the mail on sunday was unimpressed, tweeting, "abramovich�*s statement was more significant for what it did not say. he did not condemn the invasion of ukraine." but everyone agrees the statement is connected to the invasion. it seems to be an attempt to distance the club from the awful situation.
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what it may also do is protect the club if any sanctions were imposed on russian—owned assets. that was saturday night. on sunday morning, chelsea put out a statement. it read, "the situation in ukraine is horrific and devastating. chelsea fc�*s thoughts are with everyone in ukraine. everyone at the club is praying for peace." there was no mention of russia, the country that has created the horrific situation. but russia questions keep coming up, as they did when foreign secretary liz truss joined sky news to discuss new uk measures on russian money. i've compiled a hit list of oligarchs, people who... is abramovich on it? i'm not going to say who is on the list. that's one outstanding question. another concerns the money chelsea owes roman abramovich. that stands at around £1.5 billion. if he wanted it back now, it's not clear how the club would pay. all of which is why losing the carabao cup is not the only thing chelsea is thinking about this weekend. now hearing from the head of the un refugee agency.
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this was justice this wasjustice minister so switzerland has also imposed an entry ban on five oligarchs close to putting so they will not be able to travel to switzerland. more on the crisis throughout the afternoon but now it is time for a look at the weather. it continues to be a cloudy picture for most of the uk. there see more vain developing especially for england and wales. the north west and windy. when the reasoning is that deep low pressure moves away and heads to iceland. we will be left with this weather front. light and patchy rain. particularly affecting england and wales as we
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head into the ovi evening. colder air arriving after the rain clears from scotland and northern ireland. could be an inch of rain following in the brecon beacons. we continue to see wet weather in the english channel. temperatures no lower than 9 degrees. a range of temperatures. further north with clearer skies, northern england, and scotland, —102 by this morning. cordova across more northern areas and underneath that have a high pressure, we have still got this weather front in the east and through the english channel on tuesday, bringing with it cloud and outbreaks of rain. the cloud is pushing its way further northwards into the midlands. mostly wet weather to the english channel to southernmost parts of england. a few showers in the north. we will have some sunshine in scotland, northern england, northern ireland in north wales and after that cold start temperatures could still make double figures. the wetter weather in the
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south starts to move northwards overnight, heading into wednesday morning. ahead of that cloudy down weather we could well have a frosty picture in scotland. temperatures down to —40 —5. ali sunshine in scotland but all of this cloud is working its way northwards. it will bring with us mostly light and patchy rain by this stage. into the central belt, it may turn drier and more southern parts of england. temperatures here waiting 11 degrees but a chilly day on wednesday for many northern areas with cloudy, damp weather coming in after that cold start. when the lid to the west we see another band of rain coming in from the atlantic. it brings most of the rain to western areas on thursday. some made sunshine across parts of wales in the south—west of england. that rain banner clears away overnight and we're with the drier, quieter day with sunshine around on friday.
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