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tv   Talking Movies  BBC News  April 8, 2022 1:30am-2:01am BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines will follow at the top of the hour, after this programme. and the oscar goes to... hello from los angeles. i'm tom brook, and welcome to our talking movies oscars review special. today, we'll look back at the highlights of the biggest night of the year for hollywood.
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of course, some great movies were rewarded, but a shocking incident involving one of the world's most famous movie stars ended up defining the proceedings. laughter. oh, wow! will smith losing his composure and slapping chris rock in full glare of a global audience changed everything at the 94th annual academy awards. keep my wife's name out of your...mouth! anne thompson was in the auditorium when it happened. there has never been anything as shocking as that. _ ifelt like i had been punched in the gut. | it was really frightening. all over la and around the world, will smith slapping chris rock after he made a joke about his wife was the subject of animated discussion. movie fans on hollywood boulevard were still talking about it several days after the event. they did not think it would harm the standing of will smith. he's will smith, i think he will snap back. he got a little irritated, someone was talking
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about his wife, she's going through a serious situation, i think him and chris had some energy back in the past and he never talked it out with him, and i think itjust clicked and he snapped. i think there was a better way to handle the situation- if he was upset. he could have spoken - to chris rock off stage and it took away from a great night for the academy. _ after the incident, will smith gave an emotional acceptance speech for winning for best actor for playing tennis coach richard williams, the father of venus and serena williams in king richard. you're going to be the greatest of all time. it was a meandering speech in which he tried to explain his behaviour. to do what we do, you have to be able to take abuse, you have to be able to have people talk crazy about you. in this business, you have to be able to have people disrespecting you. and you've got to smile and pretend that that's ok. there were those who thought
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that smith was just protecting his wife in the face of a tasteless joke, but official hollywood was not amused. the academy stated it had issued disciplinary proceedings against will smith and that in mid april, it might take disciplinary action. the day after the oscars, a chastened smith offered a more fulsome apology, but the damage had been done. oscars 2022 had been scarred forever. from the moment it happened, it distracted from the show itself. poor director of summer of soul, ahmir "questlove" thompson, gave a moving speech which no one was listening to, they were looking at their iphones, at the video footage to figure out what happened. will smith's behaviour at the 94th annual academy awards left me feeling rather sad. sad that a man on the brink of receiving the biggest accolade in his professional life lost control. it was a public spectacle, but also a personal tragedy.
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and the oscar goes to... 0k, coda! but now let's move on to happier terrain with coda, the story of a hearing girl growing up with a deaf family... i can't stay with you for the rest of my life. ..winning for best picture, best supporting actor and best adapted screenplay. # you're all that i need. coda is the first film with a predominantly deaf cast to win best picture. troy kotsur, who won for best supporting actor, hoped oscar night victories would help to better represent deaf people. translation: ijust want to make a connection - gives hollywood more room for storytelling, to think- outside of the box, to be creative, to tell stories. i everyone has stories to tell. we have such a rich history in the deaf and disabled i community and the coda
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community and we've - been through a lot. right now, it's a wonderful opportunity to tell- these stories and this isjust the beginning. | but why did coda win? prior to the ceremony, it was seen as a three—way race between coda, the power of the dog... and belfast. i would argue that the power of the dog, with the most nominations, was the finer piece of cinema, but that coda was the more emotionally satisfying film. the power of the dog, _ the western, was a hard—boiled, tough art film. it was not a mainstream movie and therefore, i i knew something else - was likely to catch up with it. the question was, - what would that film be? would it be belfast? would it be king richard, the movies that moved . people, that people loved, or would it be coda? - of course, the victory for coda was also significant because it's the first film from a streaming platform, apple, to score a best picture win.
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netflix had hoped to have that prize with the power of the dog. the streamer failed again to get best picture, as it had in previous years. the best actress prize went to jessica chastain for playing the late tv evangelist tammy faye baker in the eyes of tammy faye. it's all part of our mission to help people. anyone who feels like they have been left out, god has a plan for us. she was rewarded for an excellent performance and, i think, her impressive body of work. nominated before, she has never won a trophy. this is the first time i have held an oscar. i am friends with eddie redmayne, i have been to his house, everyone was like, "oh, look, his oscar" and they picked it up and i was like, i cannot pick up his oscar, i felt superstitious. oscar night brought good news for the lgbtq community with ariana debose winning best supporting actress for her stand—out performance in steven spielberg's west side story. she is always eager to identify herself as a queer performer.
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i am an openly queer woman of colour and i think that just proves that there's space, there's space for us and it's a beautiful moment to be seen and i am really honoured by that. this is the time to think. about making a new start. i know nothing else but belfast. exactly. there is a whole world out there. belfast, a kenneth branagh semi—autobiographical memoir of his belfast childhood... and action! finally brought him, a seven time nominee, an oscar, a trophy for best original screenplay. i had hoped belfast would have taken home more prizes, but it faced stiff competition. sir kenneth had spent some time in la prior to the oscars in an effort to win votes for a film which is in many ways very much about him. this is your most personal film to date. do you think it has changed you? making it as a person, has it made it you into a better human being and film—maker?
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i think you learn from everything you do if you're lucky enough to be involved in work, notjust introspection, but challenges you to look at other people and learn from the way their own human development occurs. for me, belfast was about declaring who i am, where the creative dna comes from, where the actual dna comes from, the place, the people and the spirit and the values, if you like, of working—class north belfast in the late 1960s at a time of trouble. from there, i have gone on a long journey and it has been very privileged, but i'm very proud and pleased to have landed back creatively and personally in the heart of who i am, who i was and whether i like it or not, who i'll always be. and no review of oscars 2022 would be complete without mention of dune, the sci—fi epic directed by denis villeneuve which won six oscar trophies, more
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than any film. may his passage cleanse the world and keep the world for his people. it picked up academy awards for cinematography, editing, score, visual effects, production design and sound. of course, there were other prizes handed out on oscars night and many different nominees, including a young student film—makerfrom poland who gave us an inside look into his oscar night adventures. before this year's oscar ceremony, i was reading up on the academy awards, doing some research, and i came across an article about directorjane campion that pointed out that she is the most decorated female film—maker in the world. that made me stop in my tracks — that is quite an achievement. now she has a best director oscars trophy to add to all that decoration, what does it mean? emma jones reports. jane campion. three may indeed be
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a magic number. campion, the most decorated female film—maker in movie history, finally got her best director oscar. it's a lifetime honour, thank you. joining kathryn bigelow and chloe xhao as the third female film—maker in academy history to get a directing award. i'm very proud to have won tonight, for my film and for my crew and for my cast, but also just to be another woman, who is going to be followed by a fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth, and i'm excited by the fact that this is moving fast now. jane campion! this has been a coronation after she also won the bafta, the critics' choice and the directors' guild of america awards, where she was given her prize by last year's oscar winner chloe xhao. jane campion. although she got a screenwriting oscar for the piano in the 1990s, campion is part of a tradition of female film—makers who are only now really reaping rewards. it's a lifetime high,
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i have been in the industry for a0 years! i got close with the piano, but this is the highest honouring that i've received. jane campion. however, her oscar campaign was nearly derailed when she made this remark to venus and serena williams at the critics' choice awards. serena and venus, you are such marvels. however, you do not play against the guys like i have to! campion apologised for the thoughtless comment, as she put it, adding that she was seemingly... the remark doesn't seem to have damaged her standing with academy voters. jane campion�*s directing win here in hollywood is significant because it's only one year since chloe xhao won for nomadland and it goes to show that zhao's victory
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was notjust a one—off and in years to come, enough women might win enough oscars that we get to stop talking about whether a film is directed by a woman or not. there's a sense of completion in her win as well because, along with kathryn bigelow, she has been an example of a high—profile female film—maker working when very few got the chance to succeed. i hope some time, you might come to like me. her vision on 1993's the piano, starring holly hunter as a woman sent to new zealand for an arranged marriage along with her prize piano... inspired maggie gyllenhaal, who made her own directing debut this year. i do think there is such a thing as women's filmmaking and women's writing, i think we see the world differently and we express ourselves differently and i... i mean, there were people before her, but when i was 15, i didn't know about claire
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denis or agnes varda, so she was the first woman who i think was really honestly expressing herself that i had come across as a film—maker. let him out. i are you sure? he is not ready. go on, let him out! until the character of phil, played by benedict cumberbatch, came along in the power of the dog, campion focused on female characters including bright star, the story ofjohn keats' lover fanny brawne. my stitching has - more merit than your scribblings put together. and i can make money from it. and the thriller in the cut... do i know you? starring meg ryan as a woman who witnesses a sexual assault and becomes too involved with the investigating police officer. was it his right arm, or his left? even in the power of the dog, there is delicacy to her vision of phil, a misogynist and a bully, that attracted her cast. for me, it'sjust her film—making.
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ijust wanted to be a part of her type of storytelling and the way she portrays people in, like their ugliest places and somehow, what she wants from people, is, you know, theirtrue, authentic, all the ugliness, all of it. in one sense, jane campion was dancing on her own at the academy awards. the power of the dog didn't win any other oscars, although it was nominated for 12, but it was still sweet victory. for only the second time in history, a japanese film won for best international feature in the category that used to be called best foreign language film. the prize went to drive my car, a three—hour epic which has mesmerised film critics, cineastes here in los angeles, movie fans and, quite obviously, academy voters. drive my car isn'tjust any japanese film,
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it's a three—hour drama about the staging of a play by anton chekhov in hiroshima. its characters confront painful subjects like grief and adultery and it features long scenes of its two central characters sitting in a car and just talking. it's based on a short story by renowned japanese writer haruki murakami. not your typical oscar fare, but its universal themes were able to bridge the cultural divide. translation: i think that what people resonate - with is the diverse history of having some pain or grief but still needing to move on and keep on living. i think that reflects a lot on the original story of haruki murakami's world, and i think that is what people are really resonating with. the oscars triumph of drive my car could generate new enthusiasm
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forjapanese cinema. casual filmgoers know about samurai movies, horror flicks and godzilla. but drive my car is a rare contemporary drama from japan that breaks through to a global audience. it could create more opportunities for films like it to be made and seen. translation: i would be very happy if that was the case. - i do really think that after parasite, there's been more interest in asian films in general, and i hope through this being a japanese film, people might think that there are more interesting japanese films and by looking at these films, people might find something really interesting. the success of drive my car is partly the culmination of years of effort from the academy to diversify its membership geographically to make it more inclusive in its choices, and it surely represents a milestone for the film—makers and their home country. the doors of the oscars
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now seem fully open to non—genre asian film—making, a significant difference from how things were even just a few years ago. drive my car's victory at the oscars is proof of that. the oscars' famous red carpet sprang back to life this year in what we all hope will be a return to more normal times. it is of course one of the most media—saturated fashion runways in the world. looking at all the fashions on display for talking movies was emma jones. the image ofjessica chastain in custom gucci, clutching her oscar, proof that fashion and film go hand in hand. this year was a return to an oscars carpet crammed with celebrities, most visions in couture, younger stars like timothee chalamet, zendaya and kristen stewart looking edgier but still expensive.
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and it was also a return tojudging, not the best actors, but who wore it best. nicole kidman in armani prive, perfection. zendaya in valentino, i loved. and then penelope cruz in chanel couture. that dress, that gown, i should say, was perfection in 360 degrees. it fits the tiniest person. who wears what on oscar night is a result of weeks of discussions between stylists, stars and a brand. la stylist alexandra mandelkorn dressed saniyya sidney, who plays venus williams in king richard, for the oscars red carpet. the teenager wore armani prive. how much is the red carpet worth to the fashion industry? priceless. i mean, the oscars red carpet is fashion�*s biggest stage and it's international. the whole world is watching. the buzz now generates first
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on instagram, and the social media site makes the red carpet more significant than ever to media figures like raya abirached, who, as a lebanese movie show host, attends every year. we kind of feel that subtle pressure to be more visible on instagram, to have the beautiful, big dress, the big designer, the huge jewellery and all these things. it could be argued that it's such a serious time for the planet, it is maybe not appropriate to celebrate fashion and glamour so much. but it's notjust the movie industry that was devastated by the pandemic, the fashion industry also says it suffered and has really welcomed a return for business as usual. although this ceremony turned out to be one of the most talked about ever, images of the outfits are often the ones that viewers remember the most and since fashion, like film, presents a fantasy, the business and the art of the red carpet remain intertwined.
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for oscar nominees, coming to los angeles to attend the academy awards ceremony can be a heady and unforgettable experience. to get an inside look at what it's like to be in the movie capital of the world for its biggest night of the year, we got in touch with a film—maker from poland who's been nominated for a short film. my name is tadeusz lysiak and i am a writer and director of the dress, a live—action short that is nominated for an oscar. it is just such an amazing time for us here in la, especially because the dress was just a student project, it was made to pass an exam in warsaw film school. our adventure here in los angeles actually began in february when we were watching the nomination announcements. the dress. cheering. it was just an explosion of different emotions.
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we were all shouting, crying, hugging each other. the dress is about a 30—year—old woman... it all changes when she meets this handsome truck driver. translation: it's very important for people i to see this, because it's about teaching people how to respect one another and love one another. we went to the oscars and it was amazing, all of it, even the experience in the car. we didn't win the oscar but we don't care, because it was such an amazing adventure for all of us. it's amazing to hear your name in the dolby theatre among other great names in the industry. so, we feel accomplished and we feel like we have won something.
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well, that brings our special oscars review edition of talking movies to a close and we hope you enjoyed the show. you can always reach us online at our website and you can find us on facebook and twitter. from me, tom brook, and the rest of the talking movies team here at the oscars, it's goodbye. # when you think that the mountain's too high. # and the ocean's too wide, and you'll never get through. # some way, somehow. # somehow you do. # some way, somehow. # somehow you do #.
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hello again. thursday brought us a mixture of sunshine and showers. some of those shower clouds were brought in by these big cumulonimbus clouds, thunder clouds. we also had reports of a bit of hail around, and generally it was quite a windy day, too. on the satellite picture, we've got a developing low pressure that's going to be bringing some wet and windy weather to france for friday, and we've got a trough that's going to enhance the showers and downpours. well, that's going to be swinging in from the north—west as we go on through today. so, right now, we've got showers mostly affecting northern areas, particularly in scotland where some are falling as snow, particularly over the high ground, bringing a risk of some icy stretches and a widespread frost as well. so, it's a cold start as we head into the first part of friday morning. friday, let's take a look at this low pressure to the south. the outbreaks of rain from this system just about grazing
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the south coast of england. wouldn't take much either way to either bring the rain in across southern england or equally keep it out to sea — one of those forecasts that's a really close call today. away from that, many of us start the day with sunshine. cold and frosty first thing in the morning. there will be widespread showers and thunderstorms that then move in across scotland and northern ireland through the morning and across into northern england, north wales through the afternoon. the showers really widespread across these areas. they will have hail, and some thunder mixed in. temperatures about 10—11 celsius, but the winds won't be quite as strong. so, if you're out and about, it might feel slightly more pleasant. onto saturday's forecast, again it's a rather showery forecast. the majority of the showers across northern and western areas, although tending to die away from northern ireland later on saturday as pressure begins to rise. we're looking at temperatures again about 9—13 in the south. the second half of the weekend sees this area of low pressure start to very slowly move in towards our shores
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off the atlantic. so, sunday, a nice enough start to the day with plenty of morning sunshine. the weather will then tend to cloud over from the west, and we may well start to see a few patches of rain, light stuff really, arriving in northern ireland before the end of the day. but as the winds start to turn more to a southerly direction, so it gets a little bit milder. 10—14 celsius for most, still quite chilly across the far north of scotland. next week, unsettled, a spell of rain followed by some showers — that's your latest.
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thank you welcome to bbc news — i'm rich preston. thank you our top stories. russia is suspended from the un human rights council looking into alleged war crimes — as harrowing details emerge of ukrainian civilians held captive undergound. there were people here, including dozens of children, who were living amongst corpses for hours, sometimes days. meet the new supreme court justice, ketangi brown jackson — the first black woman appointed to america's highest court. in israel, at least two dead and 8 people wounded after a shooting in central tel aviv. and time for a rethink? the new scientific discovery which could provide answers as to how the universe works.


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