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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  April 24, 2022 11:45pm-12:01am BST

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investigation into whether he misled parliament with what he said about party gate, which was originally he claimed no rules being broken, which we know now is not the case because he has received a fine from the met police for at least one event and potentially there could be more. and that many fines have been handed out. so, you can see people like steve baker, who is sort of a very prominent backbencher who played a key role in a lot of brexit fighting and was instrumental in kind of a lot of those backbench organisers coming out and saying this is... we cannot thwart the prime minister any more if that is a kind of a sign of the service with and also you are starting to hear more organisation around behind the scenes which could be a problem. around behind the scenes which could be a problem-— be a problem. afraid we are out of time to to — be a problem. afraid we are out of time to to jump — be a problem. afraid we are out of time to to jump in _ be a problem. afraid we are out of time to to jump in but _ be a problem. afraid we are out of time to to jump in but apologies . be a problem. afraid we are out of l time to to jump in but apologies and thank you both very much for talking us through that stuff across a lot of the papers. thank you for that. that's it for the papers this hour. next on bbc news,
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it's the film review. hello, and a very warm welcome to the film review on bbc news. and taking us through this week's cinema releases is anna smith. good to see you, anna. what have you been watching? well, if you're a nic cage fan, you're in luck. we've got the unbearable weight of massive talent, in which the actor plays a comical version of himself. next up, playground, which is a rather more serious belgian drama about bullied children that takes place within a school. and finally, happening — an award—winning french drama set in the 1960s.
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and the title alone of your first choice isjust so brilliant. tell us more. well, i loved the idea of this as soon as i heard about it. so, two guys write a screenplay about nicolas cage, or a crazy version of him, and persuade him to star in it. the idea is that nicolas cage is down on his luck, or this version of him, anyway. and he's ailing in his career, things aren't going well with his family. he decides to take an offer from an eccentric billionaire, played by pedro pascal, to appear at his birthday party. so, he gets paid $1 million to appear at this guy's birthday party in majorca. what could go wrong? turns out the guy is suspected of kidnapping by the cia, and nic cage must go undercover and help the cia. problem is, he's getting on really well with his host, and they have a great bond. and they have a bit of a party together, ingesting some substances. let's have a look at a clip. grab it!
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then we will both die, and i could never livei with myself after that. so, you let go! you let go! they scream. goodbye, nicolas cage. i'll never forget you, man! i'll never forget you. now you get the hell out of here. you go home! mrcage? javi, buddy! hey. where'd you come from? oh, yeah... ..turns out we could've just walked around. - yeah, i guess so. what is going on?!
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it's very funny, i have to say — that is one of the funniest scenes, but there are many. this is a movie in which i was consistently laughing. and it's either doing crazy comedy like that or, very often, it's riffing on movie cliches — and more importantly, nicolas cage movies. so if you are a fan of things like face off, con air, moonstruck, even, there are lots of references, some explicit, some not explicit. even if you're not a fan, i have to say, this is just a funny movie about a hollywood star having a bit of a bromance. it's actually quite a sweet buddy comedy in the end. ok, i mean, iwas wondering, do you have to have encyclopaedic knowledge of his back catalogue to get all the jokes? i think it helps that he is a cult hero for a lot of film fans, and those are the people that are going to get the absolute most out of this. but still, i would say it's just a great comedy to watch in a cinema, laughing along with a lot of people. it's not maybe as clever as something like adaptation, which nicolas cage starred in, or even being john malkovich from the same director. it's not that kind of intellectual kind of comedy,
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but it is very funny, meta, self—referential hollywood comedy. and he is terrific at sending himself up in this. oh, well, that's good, he would need to be. interesting, thanks, anna. well, goodness, in the current climate, we all need something to laugh about, don't we? the second choice, my goodness, a very, very serious, very different... this is a very impressive, i think, debut from a belgian film maker, laura wandel. it's set in a school. it's about a young girl who starts going to her own brother's school. and they have a very sweet relationship at home, that's the impression we get. but at school, her brother won't speak to her. it turns out he ends up being bullied, and she is trying to protect him very sweetly from the bullies. she, being an innocent seven—year—old, thinks, "i'll go to the teachers, i'll tell my parents." unfortunately, this only makes things worse for her brother, and a very complicated and difficult dynamic ensues in the school — especially when she gets friends who don't want to speak to her brother. and it's one of those films that really takes you back to those school days, and that feeling in the pit
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of your stomach, you know? and it's all shot from the viewpoint of the young girl, and you hardly ever see the adults, apart from when they crouch down to her height. yes, and that's really interesting. and in terms of how it's made, it is really clever, as you say. and again, remarkable child performances. i mean, extraordinary — but oh, god, i mean, ijust had a knot in my stomach for the entire film. and i got to the end and i thought, "this is really clever, but i never, ever want to see this film ever again." well, i've seen it twice, and i do think it was worth it — for myjob! it is traumatic, and it is one of those films that, as an audience member, i probably would've hesitated to go, but i'm really glad that i saw it. and i think if it's a subject that resonates with you, you'll be interested in the way it's treated. and also, there's some real—life applications here — i mean, the way that adults can bully each other, or nations can bully each other — i think there's possibly political allegory in there, as well. so it's a very intelligent film. yes, it is, it's...a hard watch. i can't lie about that. it's upsetting.
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no one wants to see children struggling, and especially in a school environment. and that's. .. anyway, clever. very, very cleverly made, but tough. film number three this week, happening. happening — so audrey diwan, the director, she's a french director, she was actually nominated for the best director bafta for this film. it's based on an autobiographical novel by annie ernaux, set in the 19605 about a young girl who is a very bright student — she wants to become a writer, she's got lots of promise, she's having a good time. she goes to the doctor and gets the news that she's fearing. let's have a look at the clip.
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oh, my goodness. and that scene is so pivotal, isn't it? because this is the early �*60s, and watching it here in 2022, and... the claustrophobia, again, this woman has no way out because of the law. yeah, i think the writing is so brilliant in this, actually, there's a line where she says she's got "an illness that strikes only women and turns them into housewives". and the predicament that she's in here is that nobody will help her — as he says, they could end up in prison. and i think that puts a real ticking clock in this film. i mean, it is almost a thriller because you're with her every step of the way, trying to see this rather desperate journey that she's on which, as you say, does have some modern—day relevance, i think. and it's beautiful performances —
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again, not an easy subject to deal with, but i found it very compelling to watch, especially knowing that it's inspired by a true story. yes, it's a hard watch as a woman, and she's at university and, you know, some of those women that she's in her literature lectures with are among those who are the least helpful to her. you think, "where's the female solidarity here?" this is the heartbreaking aspect of this film. like, it sets up herfriends — they're having a great time together, they have a lovely camaraderie, a lovely bond. and i felt that what this film is saying is that the law was turning these women against each other and making it so that they couldn't even help each other. and it ends up being a film about loneliness, i think — a very social young woman is ending up with nobody to turn to. it's very powerful. yes, "powerful" is the word, isn't it? very, very powerfulfilm, and of its time — you know, this is in the early �*60s, isn't it? so, yeah, really, really, really interesting film, yeah. two quite claustrophobic films actually in a row there,
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but very, very striking. so, best out? i've gone for something a bit lighter now. the lost city — this is sandra bullock and channing tatum in a kind of jungle cruise—style adventure. she's a romance novelist who's kidnapped, and he goes off to save her. he's actually her cover model who's a lot less intelligent than she is, and kind of ambles after her in a bumbling style. a lot of comedy ensues, various bits of action — and brad pitt makes a very funny appearance. 0h, does he? he does. i haven't had a chance to see this yet, but i've seen a few clips that left me bemused, really. i thought, "ooh, i quite like sandra bullock," but i thought, "i have no idea what this is really about, or what's going on." the plot isn't the main thing, it's more about the comedy, let's face it. but if you enjoyed films like romancing the stone back in the �*80s, that kind of smart repartee between the warring couple, that works. and also, it sort of gender—flips some of the cliches in that. so, you know, she's the smart one in this one. and sandra bullock being sandra bullock wearing
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an incredible catsuit, you know, what's wrong with that? she's very funny and yeah, very enjoyable. it's a light watch, but again, if you want something that is a bit of escapism in a glamourous location with a steady stream of laughs, i think the lost city's got it. yes, well, it takes us back to where we started — we all need something to make us smile at the moment. and dvds and streaming, there's a really interesting choice this week? yes, now on mubi is drive my car — which was a tremendous film, i think one of the films of last year, the japanese film that won the oscar and the bafta for best international feature. an extraordinary story, really. to cut it short, it's about a female chauffeur driving around an actor and director. but there's a lot more to this film than that — as you know, it's about grief, it's about family, it's about loss, it's about coming to terms with communication, or the lack of communication that we have with the people close to us. fascinating film. i thought it was a really clever, striking film. i love the way it was filmed — and i'm not going to help now because i don't even almost know how to describe it, but there's
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something very calming about watching it, even though there's a lot of — visually calming — even though there's a lot of turmoil in his head. and, as you say, he's dealing with grief. and i went into it as people might because it's very, very, very long, thinking, "oh, gosh, this is long." but, goodness, it doesn't feel it! and that's that's a testament to it, as well, i think. definitely, three hours — this is one of the few three—hour films i've said, "i'm glad that i watched it." and it earned every minute of those three hours. and i think it allows it that leisurely pace that you're talking about, you know, that means that you're drinking it, and you feel very comforted by it, and you're just totally invested in it. yes, really, and great performances. really, really beautifully made, isn't it? it's a really curious film, but really, really interesting, i think. good to see you, anna, thank you very much indeed. a real mixed bag today — and that's always a good thing. thanks very much for being with us, and enjoy your cinema—going, whatever you choose to go and see this week. see you next time, bye—bye.
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hello. after a largely dry and settled weekend, not much change in the weather forecast over the next few days. high pressure keeping things mostly dry. could be one or two showers around on monday, but there will be a little bit more cloud, although less of a breeze compared to the weekend. monday, then, largely dry for many areas. one or two showers move into parts of eastern england through the morning, and by the afternoon, with the cloud bubbling up, could be a few more heavy ones, but they will be very isolated across parts of england and wales. should be dry for scotland and for northern ireland. cool for the north east, ten degrees or so here, but further south, we could well see 16 degrees or so again. heading through monday night into tuesday, a bit more cloud again filtering in across the far north and north east of the uk, but with some clearer spells elsewhere, could be just a touch of grass frost to take us into tuesday morning. another predominantly dry day once again on tuesday. always a bit more cloud towards the east and north—east with the breeze coming in off a cool north sea. west is best for sunshine and top temperatures between about 9—17 degrees. bye— bye.
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welcome to newsday. reporting live from singapore, i'm mariko oi. the headlines... emanual macron becomes the first french president to be re—elected in 20 years. translation: from now on, i'm not a candidate _ translation: from now on, i'm not a candidate any _ translation: from now on, i'm not a candidate any more. - translation: from now on, i'm not a candidate any more. i'm - not a candidate any more. i'm now the president of everyone. defiant in defeat, marine le pen says she'll use her best results ever as a springboard for the future. translation: tonight's . historic score puts our camp in an excellent position to obtain a large number of deputies next year.


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