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tv   Occupied  BBC News  October 22, 2022 9:10pm-10:00pm BST

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our city is being occupied. i start to film to record history as it happens. to film to record history as it happens-_ to film to record history as it ha ens. ., ., . ., , to film to record history as it hauens. ., ., . ., , , happens. how the invasion changes my ci . and the steady drive to turn for for ukrainian city into a russian one. this is our family life. this is ourfamily life. our lives under occupation. this is our story, at the centre of the war that is changing the world.
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my i'm a i'm a local journalist. i'm a localjournalist. i was born in kherson, i grew up in kherson, and i have lived here all my life. my and i have lived here all my life. my wife lydia is an artist and photographer, and we have a five—year—old daughter. on march the 1st, the russian forces entered ist, the russian forces entered kherson. there had been fighting around kherson for days.
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every day, we hear explosions and sirens. they're taking our city. everyone is scared. bleep . it's a big risk to get my camera on. we move our mattresses into the corridor, where we are protected by extra walls. and we play games to keep my daughter calm.
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rumours are everywhere that local officials have sold us out. letting the russian army into kherson city without a fight. for the first few days, everything freezes. schools are closed.
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government buildings abandoned. factories and offices empty. most people lie low. my city has changed. for decades, ukraine helped feed the world. now, the war has cut off our basic supplies. people are worried.
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for more than 300 years, ukraine was part of the russian empire. and then, the soviet union. our
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religion, language and alphabet share the same foundations. many people still speak russian as well as ukrainian. in 1991, as the soviet union crumbled, ukraine held an important independence. in my city, kherson, 75% bracket. the last 30 years, i independent ukraine moved away from russia and closer to the west. now the russian government want to take back control. kherson is important to them because the region connected by land to crimea. the part of ukraine they annexed eight years earlier. now we are surrounded by the russian military.
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all chanting. horns talk. the russian soldiers seen confused and now have to react.
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explosion. horns honk. all chanting.
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both laugh. gunshots. in the first weeks of the war, i start going to an orthodox church of ukraine on the island. a district of kherson. i've got to know the
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priest. he sings. he runs the community centre, providing free medicine, a cafe and a mobile hairdresser. father sergei has been working out as a front nine ukrainian military priest since the start of the conflict with russia in 2014. cut off from the rest of
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ukraine, medication has stopped coming in. father sergei risks his life by crossing the front line to get urgently needed medicine. across town, is our family home.
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i grew igrew up i grew up here with my sister maryna and my brother. maryna's pregnant. she came last night with vitali, her husband. we had come to be with them. because the russians enforced a new core few, we stayed the night. because the russians enforced a new curfew,
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vitali works on a fancy private estate where he manages a hotel, stables with horses and a little zoo. it's a luxury complex, one of the best in the area. now, it's close to the front line and is dangerous to go there. when they were to leave, my sister maryna is checking the prices of the church to get people out of town.
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two weeks into the occupation, and father sergei is burying a ukrainian surge soldier.
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some are worried that honouring the dead ukrainian soldier will be seen as a provocation by the russian military.
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all singing. for weeks, all singing. forweeks, the demonstrations continued in freedom square. i attend some of them, film and leave.
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on march 21, as ahead home, everything changes. bleep.
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all chanting. ukrainian reports on a growing list of local people who have disappeared. some are taken from their homes, others from the
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protests. some are released. some never come back.
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the following morning, i cycled to the church. but when i arrived, something had happened.
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had i arrived five minutes earlier, the russians would have seen me, too. and if they searched me, they could have found my videos. i too could have found my videos. i too could have found my videos. i too could have been taken away. the fact that someone as well—known as the priest had been abducted, shows that no one is safe. i am worried about his mobile phone. i am in his contacts. did he have a chance to delete his text messages with me? i need to be more careful. i delete his messages and anything that could compromise me. that evening, the
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father makes a new facebook post. he looks tired and not his usual self.
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the reality of this war is impossible to process. we pretend
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life is normal to protect sasha. but even the centre of town is deserted. how much does sasha understand? what will she remember? will it change her?
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with kherson cut off from ukraine, goods are only coming in from pressure. prices are going up. familiar food pressure. prices are going up. familiarfood products pressure. prices are going up. familiar food products are disappearing. but russian television tells a different story. the russian media talk of plans for a referendum. they want to create a
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pure russian republic to legitimise their occupation. it weighs heavily on my family.
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my my brother—in—law vitaly has been getting visits from the russian security services.
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my my pregnant sister has more pressing concerns. since father said he was released by the russians, i rarely see him at the russians, i rarely see him at the church. when he is there, he is a short tempered. but as the week goes by, he stops going to his church altogether. when i call his phone, he tells me everything is fine. after weeks of silence, he does
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another post. he had escaped kherson and wanted to put the record straight. the video he released after being filmed by the russians was alive.
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cut off from the west of the world, we only have access to information through russia. we are worried they will soon monitor everything we say and everything we do. wanting to rebel, lydia and i break into and everything we do. wanting to rebel, lydia and i it eak into and everything we do. wanting to rebel, lydia and i it happens to be
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we now see our city in a strange new light. even the mundane has become dangerous. that night, russian media announced that the next big plan for kherson.
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the russian forces stepped up their campaign to rid my city of its ukrainian identity. ukrainian flags and symbols are removed. an to heroes destroyed. russian flags now fly over the main government buildings. including freedom square. today, the russian media announced that andre church act, a senior russian politician and part of putting the mac circle met kherson's new leaders. the message is clear.
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it is part of the build—up to the 9th of may, the most important day in soviet times, the celebration of the victory over nazi germany and the victory over nazi germany and the end of world war ii. for me, these are scenes from another area. people show their support for russia by wearing a ribbon.
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we stay away from the ceremony. but for the first time we see ordinary people openly showing their support for the russians. ifilm from a distance. it is sad that half of the population have already left kherson. now, my pregnant sister and vitali are getting ready to leave. the russian security services have
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taken over the resort and have threatened vitali.
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their decision is made for us.
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our journey ourjourney is our journey is dangerous. ourjourney is dangerous. there has been recent fighting on the roads out of the city. we have heard many reports that civilians trying to escape have been attacked.
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as we drive through no man's land, there is a real risk we will be shot at. it is too dangerous to film at checkpoints but i feel when i can. ksusha watches cartoons and sleeps. we are lucky. because we are travelling with ksusha and pregnant maryna, we are let through. others
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travelling with ksusha and pregnant mary to we are let through. others travelling with ksusha and pregnant mary to we a e let through. others travelling with ksusha and pregnant mary to we a e lett afteri. others travelling with ksusha and pregnant mary to we a e lett after three ers . of . occupied; freedom and into a lives.
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hello. it's been very mild recently across the uk and that mild theme continues in the week ahead, both by day and night. we start this forecast, though, with a thundery element to the rain that we'll be seeing on sunday. it's all down to this area of low pressure which will be extending its way northwards and eastwards through the day on sunday, so some heavy thundery showers pushing their way north and east, becoming confined to scotland through the afternoon. ahead of it, some sunshine, behind it, some sunshine, but also further showers starting to develop and wherever we see them they could be heavy and thundery. temperatures on a par with saturday afternoon, 14—18 celsius. and then through sunday evening and overnight we see another spell of heavy thundery rain pushing in from the southwest. as we start the new week
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it's going to stay very mild, as i mentioned. there will be further rain at times, low pressure never too far away, but also some drier spells and for some, some dry days as well. moving from sunday into monday, low pressure still very much in charge, still churning plenty of showers through monday morning initially across eastern areas. they'll start to pull away, leaving some sunshine behind but further showers piling in from the west as we head through monday. still the chance of a rumble of thunder or a flash of lightning. we'll start to lose that risk as the day wears on. still looking at temperatures in the range from 14—18 celsius, 11 celsius for the northern isles. as we head into tuesday we see a slight ridge of high pressure building, so for many a dry day but look what's happening down southwest, another system beginning to arrive and that will start to push some cloud into the southwest approaches through the afternoon. but for many it's a largely dry day, there'll be some spells of sunshine, likely to see some rain developing across southwest england, south wales and potentially into northern ireland by the evening. temperatures again in that
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range of 14—18 celsius. so then this system continues to push its way northwards across the uk as we head through wednesday. the isobars are closer together so a windier spell of weather as well through the middle part of the week but it's likely to be an overnight feature at this stage, so through wednesday that rain starting to clear away from scotland but following on behind will be plenty of showers, particularly in the north and the west. they should be blown through quickly on those strong south or south—westerly winds. temperatures 14—18 celsius and still no sign of any overnight frost. as we head towards the end of the week, we've got more low pressure systems approaching. those isobars still close together so wet, windy weather. on thursday it looks like most of the showers will be across the west of the uk, through northern ireland, wales, southwest england, into northern england and scotland. elsewhere a mainly dry day with some spells of sunshine. look at the temperatures on thursday. potentially 20 or 21 celsius across east anglia and southeast england and then by friday looks like this frontal system
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pushes its way eastwards, bringing showers or longer spells of rain to many, and still some gusty winds, particularly in the southwest. looks like the heaviest showers will be across western areas on friday. and then what we start to see is temperatures starting to come down because we see a subtle shift in the wind direction. this area of high pressure starts to build and we start to pick up more of a westerly wind. still be some showers around, particularly the further west you are but it looks like, as we head into the following weekend, that things will start to turn a little bit cooler. but all it is, is that temperatures are coming closer to average. so, in summary, it's an unsettled week ahead but still mild both by day and by night. goodbye.
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this is bbc world news, i'm tim willcox. our top stories... the uk's former chancellor, rishi sunak, looks set to officially enter the conservative leadership race after securing the backing of more than 100 mps. rivals of former uk prime minister borisjohnson dismiss claims by his allies that he's also reached 100 backers, with speculation rife he could enter the contest. the leader of the commons, penny mordaunt, is the only person to formally announce that she's running, but has fewer supporters. ukrainian officials say around a million and a half households are without power after the latest wave of russian attacks. and giorgia meloni has been sworn in as the head of italy's
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president's predecessor is mysteriously let out of the rule by


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