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tv   BBC News  BBC News  February 1, 2023 10:30pm-11:01pm GMT

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atlantic is where creeping from the atlantic is where the milder air starts to work into the milder air starts to work into the night. outbreaks of rain brought by that weather front to the northern half of the country, most of it across the north west of scotland, so heavy across the western highlands, quite windy, mild wherever you are, driest across the south with some clear spells. thursday, lots of dry weather for northern ireland, southern scotland and into parts of england and wales, and into parts of england and wales, a few glimmers of brightness, most rain confined to the north and west of scotland where it will be windiest but very mild, ii of scotland where it will be windiest but very mild, 11 degrees as north as the highlands, 13 across the south. this other weather fronts will bring some light, patchy rain to northern ireland and scotland. elsewhere we will see the clouds break, we should see quite a bit of scotland for northern ireland into the midlands, wales and southern england. temperatures up to 1a
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degrees in some spots across central and eastern areas, 11 or 12 across parts of scotland. into the weekend, mild air for saturday but the cold front sinks southwards, introducing much fresher air on sunday. a big area of high pressure should make things dry and settled. mild with cloudy weather, patchy rain, sunnier for all areas on sunday that feeling noticeably colder. thanks, stav. and that's bbc news at ten on wednesday the 1st of february. there's more analysis of the day's main stories on newsnight with kirsty wark, which isjust getting under way on bbc two. the news continues here on bbc one, as now its time to join our colleagues across the nations and regions for the news where you are. but from the ten team, it's goodnight. good evening. this is your update
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from the bbc sport centre. manchester united are into the league cup final, after a straightforward win over nottingham forest, which saw them win 5—0 on aggregate. they came into the game having already done most of the work from the first leg and came close to extending their three goal advantage when wout weghorst hit the post in the first half. just after the hour mark they brought on marcus rashford and he was involved in the move which led to fellow sub anthony martial scoring. and rashford would go on to set another one up when he put the ball across for fred to tap in united's second on the night and fifth in the tie. they're heading to wembley for the first time in five years where they'll take on newcastle united. celtic and ranger both match each other tonight and the partnership. they both won 3—0. so look at keeping it on top. ten game unbeaten run with two of the goals. celtic scored 3/2 goals to defeat
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livingston elsewhere at dean's miserable runs, b in 3—1 by saint mirren. kilmartin at the bottom side dundee united. saintjohnson as well one. their third and final one—day magic in south africa. archer took —— six or eight feet in the format as they go towards a world title defence later this year. in south africa's diamond country in england baton performance that eventually sparkled. the opening spell dazzled and to avoid a serious clean sweep england needed to dig deep. and just butler they have one of crickets most precious gems and milan wasn't told a long sign jewel most precious gems and milan wasn't told a long signjewel in most precious gems and milan wasn't told a long sign jewel in their most precious gems and milan wasn't told a long signjewel in their odi crown. the latter won the race to 100, soon followed by his captain. posting 346 england had them dancing
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to their tune. after 100 of his own in the second odi he knows all about rhythm. after bright start from south africa's captain it suddenly deserted him. losing him was a body blow as was this from jaw fraud archer. if the end when quick hasn't shown his england return a six wicket showing was more like the archer of old. in a country that knows diamond, england have a priceless wand. thanks to him a much needed win. good for england there. the welsh rugby union plans to include at least five women in its 12—strong board afterfacing accusations of sexism and misogyny in a bbc wales investigates programme. the wru chief executive steve phillips resigned on sunday. his replacement or chair are now also expected to be female. the proposals will be decided at an extraordinary general meeting next month and needs 75% of clubs to vote for the resolutions. four months on from the collapse
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of worcester warriors, administrators say they've appointed the clubs former chief executive jim o'toole and his business partner james sandford as new owners. the process has taken almost six months since o'toole made his first offer to buy the club from the previous owners last august, well over a month prior to the club entering administration. their consortium, atlas will now take over the running of the club. the most successful career in american football history has come to an end. tom brady not for the first time, announced his retirement from the nfl. but now he insists it's for good. the quarterback�*s time in the sport was longer and more trophy laden than any other player, winning the super bowl a record seven occasions. hugh ferris has more. in a country were team sports arcing. , are king tom brady is america's superstar individual. it's notjust his seven super bowls that stand alone, unmatched the quarterback holds at almost every relevant record in the nfl.
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the games greatest of all time even before he said goodbye, again. i am retiring, for good. i really thank you guys so much, to every single one of you for supporting me. my family, my friends, team—mates, thank you guys allowing me to live my absolute dream. i would not change a thing. it is exactly a year called it a day where called it a day where for first time but now his 23 seasons when the average is closer to three at the buccaneers after starting with two decades of unparalleled success with the new england patriots. his mark on the game over the last years cannot be measured. and i think only time will give us a true appreciation of his greatness and what he did,
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it is so out of the norm. nearly a decade ago brady stated his aim was to play to the age of 45 to some diversion but he has become the oldest quarterback in the sports history. longevity through to watch downs, chirp is. and a tub of avocado ice cream every retreat and his strict nutrition resume. he produced a movie and released it and has now announced his retirement to his 15 million plus social media followers and not leading to a drought that will pay him more than he ever made as a sports pin—up player. acreages of the $5 million contract to commentate on the nfl. with an american network. worth retiring for more than once. what an incredible career. that is just about it from us. all the latest on the bbc sport website. we will see you soon.
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this is bbc news. we will have the headlines and all the main news stories at the top of the hour straight after this program. lara: it is a pretty i spectacular view from earth's orbit. spencer: and there many things that have that view these days. a couple of space stations and thousands of satellites. and more and more companies want to put stuff up there. did you know that the closer you are to the equator, the easier it is to get things up to the right speed to go into orbit? that is because that is where the earth is spinning fastest, so as you launch, it gives you an extra whang. and that is why the uk
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space port is way down south in cornwall. and that is why it was there, earlier in the year that virgin orbit attempted the first satellite launch from uk soil. marc cieslak: the uk's first functioning spaceport is here in cornwall. we are creating a huge cluster of space technology. the global value of the space economy is somewhere in the region of $360 billion. to the uk it is 16.5 billion pounds every single year. newquay airport usually hosts small passenger and private aircraft but is now home to spaceport cornwall. rockets will not launch from the ground here. private companies instead will take advantage of the runway which is one of the longest in britain, and ideal for an innovative method of satellite deployment via a rocket called launcher 1, courtesy of a company called virgin orbit. it is no ordinary rocket launch.
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this converted 747 carries a rocket underneath its wing which has nine microsatellites inside. the aircraft will take off from here and fly out over the atlantic and ascend to an altitude of 35,000 feet where the rocket will detach and blast off to the edge of space and deliver its payload. the bbc has been granted exclusive access on board cosmic girl. this aircraft used to be a virgin atlantic airliner but it has been specially modified so it can launch rockets. in its former life this cabin would have been filled with rows and rows of passenger seats as well as galleys and bulkheads and they used to even have a bar on these aircraft. all that has been stripped out to save weight and weight—saving is really really important if you want to launch rockets. the squadron leader, matthew �*stanny�* stannard, is on loan to virgin orbit
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from the royal air force. he has already played a role in three successful rocket launches from cosmic girl over the mojave desert in the united states. can you take us through a mission and how it works? we get airborne from the runway behind us, and head out to what is called a race track, the point where we will drop the rocket. that phase is called captive carry, we're just looking after the rocket, making sure it is healthy, using launch engineers in the back and mission control on the ground. we commence about 2g, so if you are a passenger on this aeroplane, you feel yourself being pushed down slightly on the seat, and we go to about 35 degrees, nose up. and what we do is we try to transfer energy from the aeroplane to the rocket. by us going to that, the moment the rocket comes off it's heading off to where we want it to and not wasting any fuel. when we get to about 35 degrees nose up, we get to the right speed and the copilot will press the button to release the rocket. at that point the aeroplane is all the way over to the right side, and we're
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going to watch the rocket head to space. our system is portable. it is an airplane with a rocket and a few skids with equipment on it. so we can move it anywhere. we can enable space launch anywhere, any airport that can handle a 747. there is a growing space economy here in the uk. the uk has been a leader in small satellites which is where the satellite market has drifted to. some people may argue that there are many problems, down here on earth, lots of massive economic problems going on on terra firma, why should government and nations, why should people be concerned with what is happening in space? if you look at the discussion about climate change, how do we know about climate change? because we have seen from space, changes in our atmosphere. we can detect the chemical compositions and we are looking at where the pollution
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sources are now. methane is now being detected for the first time. while cosmic girl is changing the way satellites are launched into the heavens, this spaceport here in newquay could change the economy in this particular part of the world. the local council here has invested £5.6 million, overall the spaceport has a £20 million pricetag. it is a gamble for an area where mining and fishing were the traditional industries, now replaced by tourism. we're creating 150 directjobs related to this amazing facility that we have built here at spaceport cornwall and we plan to create another 240 jobs in the supply chain. this is in a high—tech futuristic innovative sector. we are trying to bring a new industry to cornwall to develop jobs in a new way and develop the skills base as well. the low earth orbit economy as i describe it is definitely one that is growing. there were 1700 small satellites launched into low earth orbit last year.
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orbit�*s maiden uk flight took place injanuary nine, 2023. the plan was for launcher1 to deploy nine micro satellites into orbit. things did not work out like that though. after a successful takeoff the rocket launched from cosmic girl, and as it reached space it all looked good but at an altitude of 180 kilometres the rocket experienced an anomaly, and the mission abruptly ended. its satellites never achieved orbit and the rocket components fell back to earth in what is described as an approved safety corridor. cosmic girl landed safely. orbit�*s next launch will be back over the mojave desert. it is investigating what went wrong in the skies above the uk and the company says it hopes to attempt another uk launch later this year. the uk space race is now on. two conventional vertical rocket launch facilities are being built in scotland. the prize of getting a satellite into orbit from uk soil is still up for grabs.
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while on our recent us travels i got hands on with some of the latest kit to make your house a smart home. for some of us wanting to smarten up our homes we do not want to add a lot more devices. certainly not ones that look obvious. so the mui board here is based around the idea of calm technology, something that has functionality without being in your face. when it is launched later this year it will be based on the matter platform that can be connected to different smart home devices and then you have the choice of which ones you want listed when you bring it to life. you could have a weather forecast, if you want to set a timer for your lights to go off you can do that by drawing a line here and you can see the time going up and then watching the line disappear
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as the lights go out. i don't know about you but i cannot start my day without coffee. so this is of particular interest to me. it may look like an ordinary pod machine but the morning is all about making gourmet coffee and getting it just right. using this dial you can select the temperature, pressure and amount of coffee that you are making. there are a couple of presets but otherwise you can be absolutely specific about what you are after and you can also do that within the app. and if you were wondering how you will know what settings to use, an assortment of coffees from around the world have their instructions programmed in. there is momo coffee, roasted in korea. it should be brewed at 92 degrees. let's put a pod in. this one will vary the pressure depending on what the coffee needs. sometimes it has low pressure at the beginning and builds up
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towards the end. and now for the big test. the flavour. the taste is intense, kind of nutty without comparing it to making one in my regular pod machine i guess it is tricky to say. oh, no, i spilt my coffee! lucky i have this robotic vacuum and mop here. florio, do your thing. florio: robot is repositioning. like other similar robo cleaners, this mop and vacuum in one maps out its route, using what it calls neural vision navigation. so some cameras and sensors collect data for an algorithm to make sense of. it then sends a floorplan to your phone where you can make sure it's right and set any rules you may want for each room. oh, kitty, you will be all
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right on the floor won't you? and of course, it has the obligatory obstacle avoidance. it managed to move really closely around her without even stroking her fur. it also has a dynamic scrubbing function, the equivalent of a bit of elbow grease and when it detects a carpet or rug it will automatically lift up the wet clean function by two centimetres and moved to vacuuming. what is different about this device is there is no dirty water that needs to be cleaned out and in fact it automatically changes the pads on the mop. and you can even assign it to do that room by room. meanwhile, it is time for some food. i will be testing the pronto pressure cooker which also has an airfryer attachment which goes on top. this is just an aesthetic prototype at the moment so it doesn't do anything, but the idea is when there is a working one it will make the food crispy as well. the whole system is connected, there is a device here as well as the option to use
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the mobile phone app, but there is a whole range of recipes and you can even have live cooking lessons. so for the sake of filming i have put this to the test by making some saute potatoes, its multiple cooking modes mean you can bake bread or roast a chicken, saving the energy of a full oven. and it is done. in this particular instance it is probably not really any more useful than a frying pan, in fact probably more hassle, at least there is a lot of versatility in what you can do here. and it still looks tasty. so whether it is for eating, drinking, resting or cleaning, there are some of the latest devices that you never knew you needed. i'm afraid that is all we have time for. the full—length show can be found on iplayer. see you soon. bye— bye.
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hello there. february is the final winter month, meteorologically speaking. so what chance of any cold winter weather in our outlook for the week ahead? while not to at first. in fact, over the next few days it looks a mild frontal systems running to the north of the uk, bringing rain, particularly in parts of scotland. but wedged between these weather fronts, we have this mild air, this mild air being pulled in off the atlantic, which means it's also very moist air and that means extensive cloud for many places. that cloud actually squeezing out some spots of drizzle over hills in the west. and at the same time, heavy rain continues to affect northern parts of scotland. eight degrees there for lerwick more generally, highs between 11 and 13 degrees above what we'd expect on the 2nd of february. and then as we move into friday,
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well, briefly, this weatherfront drops southwards that will allow something colder for a time into scotland. but then on friday, the front moves north eastwards again, which will reintroduce the mild air. we will see some spells of sunshine developing, particularly for england, wales and northern ireland. a bit more cloud and some patchy rain for scotland, but temperatures between seven and 14 degrees and then we start the weekend in the mild air as well. again, quite a lot of cloud over hills in the west with the odd spot of drizzle. and then this band of rain starts to push its way south eastwards ahead of that very mild air. but behind it, something a little colder because that rain band is tied in with a cold front. you can tell it's a cold front by the blue triangles here and behind the cold front, the air will be turning colder. but at the same time as we get into sunday, we see this area of high pressure building strongly across the uk and with that area
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of high pressure building so strongly it means we should see plenty of sunshine once any early mist has cleared. so sunday, yes, a slightly colder day, eight or nine degrees, but a much brighter day with plenty of sunshine. now, this area of high pressure is quite pivotal to our forecast for next week. it looks like as we move into monday, the centre of the high will slide away southwards and that will allow a bit more clouds to get into northern ireland, western scotland, a weather system or weather fronts trying to push in from the west, but i don't think it'll make much progress running up against the high. now, there is some uncertainty as we move deeper into next week. let me show you why. this is one computer weather model. this is the european weather model. and this allows the centre of our area of high pressure to drift away eastwards. and what that would eventually bring us later in the week is a broadly southerly flow of air. now, this isn't going to be particularly warm at this time of year, but neither will it be especially cold.
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there is another computer weather model i want to show you. this is the american gfs model. and this one sends the centre of the high pressure up into the north of europe. and this would allow us to bring in an easterly winds, potentially quite a brisk easterly wind at that, and that would make it feel cold. now, this looks like an extreme solution at this stage. certainly, though, it does look like during next week it will turn chillier to a greater or lesser extent, probably not too much chillier. it should certainly be largely dry with high pressure close by, frost and fog are likely to develop. that's all from me. bye— bye.
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the court behind me came out with a short statement today saying it rejected the
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hello there there is a lot of settled and try whether to come for many of us over the next few days.
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welcome to newsday, reporting live from singapore, i'm karishma vaswani. the headlines. national and local leaders pay tribute to tyre nichols, the 29 year—old black man, who died after a beating by police in memphis. us vice—president kamala harris was among the speakers — she called on lawmakers to finally pass policing reform.. and as vice president of the united states we demand that congress passed the george lloyd justice in policing act. joe biden will sign
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