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tv   Charlie Rose  Bloomberg  February 3, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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bzisoan arup yea n cos ds nesi h bn big pa oft. its my tt he t de pgrs. bl teisere and he d the adhings hli. mri a gre wan ty ila eafoundaon thashld be ou, t an mino mething rerkle a veiv. is goals dmacay du t nbeofhirein e rl w die beforth arfi yrs old he is worried caeheea mys ou the poo d erputi mmehe progress th the sject of a tt th w read da 'm eased bill teon isroam >grt bhe.
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>>ouavsa se maab thingsn isetr. u a tstg e ople y wa tre. banmeur t wld is tt tn h er en eoe veonr d althier. nio a n me lf-sufcit. ta authe y tnke a a wree eot theneto e th ser hdr yrsgo evyby s or 30ofiddibereheir fih birthdays. miclhaen ia al pa othe world. ro, enal t ute tas,ft t w,apan ca io ats ll. he thiri wldbu mo othwod s or. wehohtf the wt d e soetbl a tn thishi wod. iidotnow mu authat haen tre ihatoinh my fd
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otrwe dsould srt --tae. sothg ke that. itasheich anth tse orouri. ea, ost cntesy dlae ve mod u steoe ven midd inmeouri. az, xi, aind mays. cotrs tt tegoryo ng rei a. ig,utheg use ei own tatn tir n soce th get new technogsnde n cuouage on the reing orouri. lo tdeishawere finishg isobofetng evy uny to th lel i20yes,t lle ss
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an0. e rlis wonrful. e tt wi wl come cegy. ilbeou cditions. laloedfra. i azeat howhigo wsbo t pgrs t rld as health and ngit evy aec how reallru agnscoonwiom rllhos op bk. itiv tm neti vw o thprre gngn. thk ats debilitang. peoe ve hd me plniwhmendnd a enngon t w war eyhi prouri a just dtid d that he t deucprre. grzkwoiebecauspele n belie tt ere has be chae d athere can beveorchge
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erdo that sian ce om omgrthe mhs om thpo wl wa bpo. a eight- renid wr's e thcongro borvehemys i t voedn isor >>ou belvehe >>es ouo lpute nt fo pr,hesh y t wot mmsi tt ndio. o y inis a ha improd? t n aeainpie ne. bad thin a hdles o nato,arques there araalecasin death aninea ilira. wrellfen
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suenome bi annouement. tk econtra of going mecoit i19 and gng w,hiis pr uny. pplare carryi js war arou. eoe,utt molyide co a mdl cls. ty ve lof wo tdobuth a tin care othsees eyrempvi ecationnd xaon cepupn u. fldyoinhe arsengho headlesnd atadew itayak y tnkgo, have n made this progres >> if pplbeevth prre is beg deth lluprtt. >>bsuty. atapnein xi hped vtn. hoyogeedatn gh
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adouetnfstcte? w y eurth ks have enou tctn? maksu that the peisanthreurs e er the uniegeouofhi poverttr. youridha sh d tritio a en iyoarab t edat tm,ouilst kwlge tt d aosfes ke nas,ot hdo. ts ti tt eraronbilliopelen e plat,he is exeme port a y pntuthayo coeris pmaly wh e bottom bli ppl haiseryowa tfos ur aenon. atheamti, d wa y tooncthe two, erydys
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lkg abouincome iquit eco itainabout , e esenisalngbo it. it,opisalngbo thpridt is talki aut . 8f e cht op ha amuch mey aheotm 50ofhelobal populati. cne tse peleayhaifheur-- stamxale >>f ose nbe -ani' su tr's me nsucth th fl atscoect,f atak y fl athe or areotmpving tir veho, a tt jt otr ame mislein pele really countss that yo ildrenurveyoha enough nutti, u e tete
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avaulyyoca frerora , mole phon heuryo 8, unmes nbeon meys reorheoo igog b vcis. s that u' jt ne to dilchl dou$1,0 dt. omeoneitd a network -0000 - th o-$0,0. the nuerf op starvg the planets y re ia attith mht ke youlo itig me you in tt grinthwethf e world isothensrer just diriti, ats at th ialabt. ifrent cntesanav dierent taxationaw on the
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si otangheicor th wld note ryarul buth inowh igog geth wld- that is not e imything atilmo t world rwd. bett ecaon if cldakaw a tt al and ge tpo opr impre e education syemedation would be00 memo perl. th u e vepi pp's palies the par shnsnd do in. they oo pfeio a dohis. ido n ld op t s atasonwe. itoenoenurage themo do mo oit iyolook aalthe cotrs d e erng ergg to e dd class means is that yogebeerduti a health. yorebltoo ren rms ofonibe toncomy
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at llismo pplin thmilela. >>h's gh >the e manyeoe o oelieve atorgn aid t rk. ma pplbeevthe couponnd btewa as snica respoibitormpvi al, d osar tedes,ecsa elements r cotry todvcets ony. ate have ne vcis, redungeaesgeinpolio ar eraditi, ats y kids can devop phycay d ntlyndave cntes tha gono okike wean d tfoign a stwh iwaco wre paen, wi n sckp r l he eig dla atavbe snt
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doarth he en ent. mend d ha talreom h wspd e ne imour alyc ali, yi wdootavtoe ckedntth. heres y. udtu ind athe fei a ia maably small rctage. rw h t lge a buetbuits oy 0% ty e emar th dthmo. were ltl b ls an 1.. hi tt eoe is0%r %. if we we sending thatuc ovse, en wouldaywo he loofroem iis it were 2%. > y tnk gd mb wld tbrg roernt
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e 2.? tres loth i hetheled. y d'seth jt tes nbe. tk yoov t peens u vead from ina aicto l o ac iwhich veeethgs rsan ihabemeor th nbe. h bommore tn 5%. a ll mes dfencin wa l fef uavae. >>f u a nd mother tr's chd yind vain wl'veeegin ahi tsa tirif laa ug oevt mt, you cannot havthexrice and t e ditetohe us mendisn nziaitou olstauterit w. th a seeinwhat it isik
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tooron fm. its in trehahes u deta tt is ha. h doueevain cd? w y g fmeeducatn ne if the rdsreothe, w y g o tre , t u n rdly cut back ce cko e ndful cotrweiv , -anan tnks thk yarth hinso chifcuy? i n ce w chhery in schl. theyilnolen ou nuitn. >> delme ds t an erputi. bie aesbui hain- mh
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beevsouch, b ia't ree ulgeinvolved. thfodaonasui sll coaro w gelar. h wgrlar. weethe peoe who re voedn ntceio dvat f h y imov al, me oltalyhoose to have we chdr. thon pceinhewod without hethndig he dn gwt -- al a hh puti grth ba tres mh iloo deh isoanples that so wenayavmo chdr tn they would otrwe veitut ctrepon he urartsanto lstwohireurve eyon 9chceth ty
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will havtoavque fe kidso t aterhi obabily. eahyachaki a --nlsath ks are t dthcu atdo a rtod e rt ra dps e's degrhidide. a peengef e puti is rng come. ats enheourys liedp to ts dd iom stus. iquite beneficial. wldsw ate intoncasinopatn. a past thepe. weav t mt mb ounr veear-ol tt e rl wi er ve althe inead w tin th eh yr med and llg out- ramid and llg oo ssha10 lln.
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>toy oujas rkan hi book on e nasae d w iluced yo >> it was a mind blowing thing to learn that the mines in asian days was about dk. bo dtaywa y. ththghth tng we llg ar e eaf w owdgan neinntn s ren. enheth srt i pntg dedintoin haatho ohis eyavnocop thhe tenies th we onabt . eyad m tngou the s see athe cod scoverew tng,e ulbud beeror. atinetth w o loinathe wldhaheed fu ts nsth wshld
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sen. ith aean atou ha tse bchrk 1yes c edite poo? ihi ts gaveinet erpeleo t e e ogssactual ialstik olayhethamic bl, en ask aut the hoth ty e rewa othroem tn e odhis atre ppin havea ncn ou rtnliner othr geroty b ao tmsf ngerinstnt > atbo pli unrsndg r esises u n ita tt a caurmyttti. > i d't ow c cre see
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tse ewe op le od m n basasto reaas d wsbuit gesou basionhi y sulma desis. >>alabout ois at op me. mae sulspd sson meu a me neon ob hlt spe y he oni o th. aute clcys ea i ve chon ines it is rdo mpe. h aonru erhe lk autoweoe n avoi bldns d w rong t inin i iable to crterawo wi a val ste
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haim o t w pp tbepeinmyon. wod t nto pe a philthpiabit ty vehe cfinc tt e neisel sntnde can owheth iwos, in gera ats ga sre eaoforptn d t bknthe tngho personal pasure ty wl veme amounts >>heyolo athe al that yhave and beyon hin brd nsth iis poib, ens nesry me osbl ouenon accountabily, , lle wwt wks u t tre
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>> you havo ndcice yohave defined aalia cce. u haveo pre eat an co. hien a aossh down cause it d n he ou fuin omouofat eiha aunliab o fa. tt meutf eiha aunbelievable evt. efft. starting point. deve ste wre you are ilngp theocal ste > whats e lae betwn e o? vain, olg sts to get vcis reyrod op w ndhe >>heigstaris the liry thscncwaso undfunded thate sntbo0%f r moy tt w tl.
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-he fie y a pmalyevelopg olg sts r cces >weavtouyheacne emselvesndheweavto y the primy al ce work w cesutf e liry vaccine invenng n rs bina distraught tt kw rk a gti tm t erto op w nd em thbi nuers are in deler ifouo t ndhe upstrea veio y wl neret to e liry >> is that aoninefrt the ner a pointt ic yo s y foundhayou ne? wha did that our unti wl dis0 ar
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afr itr searnd i304050 arfr n. i inglal health and feio dea tse obmsanarlye lv dunghatifre. >> pol has been partully d. u e ttg money from other op n w a cinon arwiif. th s they support it, ma ihaen fnn bomrgcaos a lot of pplha jne ty e t lyivg ne th he lk totr op. 13itas gd ar in me ys iwaththdeath had no cases. h t ouresonin rionin somia weexctneacye. th w aitispoti.
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theoninchlee, big chlee,s ner. nigea s ppedan cases a rhi tgethgs ghfor nigeria, ttrtoet ithfore the unrest 20 ectionsaus stctn ayroheth tivities. a close on that one. in pakisn,he he en me kiings. what are osabt? has beena deed t anf stne to doomhing b. though has a d te. uth isn our side. are tintoelthe ds t t raze buwe need to voices thatre , heusmleer
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cotrs athelo t weotthvain islamic delme nd loofide stears men bpa oth caai. tstn kian th i a reaobac. nd bakhrgh t psints mmteto lpg tt. , t he tople made a bakroh t. itho tt a n there heweavtoo he owhais true. ♪
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erics areoupending more ti lbyg ren lde than you havinheas t rent buetgrme
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c.weavsuesd at the u. gfr $0 lln a yearto20miioa arn lio. sntve$3 mli. w,ziny,n birtan that era $50 millionas cled itooks le e naia keys wi n lit usrohang ccs. h ds e unti wk thovnmt tms o programs d ovg at methinisorthoing and woh vi uto sca? >> t u. governme ith igston. iabt 0 llion ye. haisn pt for mar a aids. the malaria prograwacrte unr bush andt s ry pais.
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w fded even itoh me e taken t ld it. we have given a littlbit of vi. he neome work on ciumsi t sw at teagebo tseffted cotrs re llg you come o oth rightf-y get ciumse and-o t rccionwhh ts disease anisony lf tt s been a good rtrsp. e s.aseeamazing on dsndalia asomdo, t t as mu aweou le see. is about 20% off theea inctn te weti nd g t drugs t d t e suncupte it -- ought a b. sen is shing a t thyso t tt tls thatisxcing, b we will
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have tst t crs we will haveo epunng atrement for aonti. tlo athlast fe mosof the stest-growing economiearin ri. what doethat mean? t aic econoesidot owor lg time, even if ngit en. ere was a wholeooabout th. gdasotovg, but their lis rempvi. w ats anging. ev cntesike etop th we ry pr ve crsethr p lot. agricultal policies ha heedui abi frastrtu iheedui a t. thceraafricareblic, -alwh y he
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conflictn oslalocked tis in aic tt igog toake ti. osarve tghlaces. thcotacotrs e where wereeeg ow. ha.eria, >bowa? >th a vy prsi because they heanedhe farming and dionwethig we. eyndouth aicarth tw wealtes exce f aewpeal roam ty e lfufficit. >> le's initactohe it at. aryoopmiic about edatn? sim. tdistance between thesi untries in thenid at coins gw. ayheevua their
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ndachers, trne acrs e ltalntsi aun edatn,t anthatth e good at math, science, rein the diffence iseay en up. hedminisatn hasusd prra. tchs toet edback eyant to havobrvio studenturysthk theyan lpsay ok, t tchs that are doingel l're those around. it is slow. atbyta, you t veal in yr ty, the charte mome m g sonr. ccein tngha bn
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idlo tsein. >>alabt chnoed h ma pplthkth chlo ithe same for evyby. yoha bn frt sing noits t. peal ithe aas at yoarcoerd outes global health. tt lie is eally td ecaon stecsee vemang weit tmova t dsr -thteheis ilathe cenr. a gngo lp the acr wi tse pernazeleni tenogi. beginninn arvariou thgs heernn steth improv tt acr d lp b gd important it is sts poant th prary hethar rk w sthow up a me rehe ppesreea.
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amazingl wke cinba tgeintos tour sel. e sidegnf e rsnesyemth asement if you do notet atig, inowoin toy. anhi ee atouo, inudg wvaccines, llot veucimpact its e me lsoinotof r yomns cl a veme, ty y an yomrgas? arth aio the fm u? yoartainabout a prra th wl fe tiriten tmsfeah, pgrs that are oornies to ft th io e ddla. iavbe verimesd thovnmt ads d their wiinestoit dn d hear about oerouri inimarittis atre
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ing betterhath a dog. heargeinvain o o ruinthprarhethar syem. orhe farseors re odti. ag leo t ei year giveeah d rilte lileor pory,hais nefici. etop ia sehe t prio lat d n tsts. ominnd helus deneowgrulreet done. hhid e t t ppl fr theouatn. the attaedivyes o d now e vehiincredle e w immist i cayi tt oin gatay ty elikyowi b wi tm r e ngunan u e t yi tgea eerinoha the nds of probls, the
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yocagehem toay atntn. i veryap wh the reptn ateet ev o pio, where i am llg a tse op a yi, eyavtooor th he me rehi haen th te e ll >>o u t yusac peoplwa tsh tt ey cadohis oupoo? itsimportant to sw at esdias c be conqued. bua t dla c b spenon whole ran o dias tt e vi teib fts- fes. >>nftis see dines inhe hltpiur ty t ch, eyet esy. >>oteaasuc cntess
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ha dea, nc, urogal you veouri lend where they havbo athsa ti. th he ou mdlcls pelehath a srtg sediabet gp. isnyathierhawh y would expe. t eyavhu iecou diseas. >> gohe. >>nftious seases very low inexo. buthey have osievel th rivals ouow >> iinreinwh y ta authe nicenesofhe --heecsi obrgi porty into t mdlcls. comesitthe w al prle. s ttno vepmt ton pblem. everydyei i milence cntesbuwe tt te othe health
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prle a environmental obmsve bn rael trerenoh resoueshat yocapuon carboax itoenoha tbe coetio. wka wch ts ev me tre expl i ina. a yr kencha dealing withho iue h tdoititown instalatn. >>e n kehe.sathe leveofeah athi i thod a y,haa rrlyolteple. iteib. ane d't en knoth miak wwe min hemicals that puouthe atre a rl problem. ty id yoto aonr
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me dno eecuso ves st you want us to. >> this pollution issue rll habo tovnmt,n rmofxeti aivie, isercabl and the peoe, que cud i he want to cle uthco essns, thcaemsis. eyren acno i tnk iwi bque prsi, w icy they can ve olio ien otr richouri. befor, th and h we,e d inraeditth qte bi >sh is associeditth gera vy pressi. oththe seeshaweoronn in terlos,
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d she es lot on antocc okg leve icha e ryig tserehehr placewhe eyreotoing awe as you wod pe. >hodooueehe ality tourarndhe eno fm d poineconomto a dost eno? iavque poti vw tt. ty n rnhat sh arnd >> they a dng vy od job. heor wl oproth10 lel. th wl kehachge you mayret tuio you coroinre res u ve thnrac su taintohe geren leerth lookeat unieinheasndt
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well-informed atoongt e nbe- they will dohe st ve cntry has ge om eshigh-gwt pio. th have had mid ow. blsa -blz d ow. have d sil sff wldouhibo t lae twn sury d ivy? >> i tnk you can strike banc bwe. >>idouinthrit lae? >> dwieoe ulrend atheit com t opng trostfr hin ccs clratia,
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olic wpo of terris a he intest in cahi tse aiviebere they go to far. pracisbsuty poan doe ve ban? dunghehae ser rrisislso a ry prrie le it ds t t nelinhe s.ers n- framework he u and urpion earsnde >> i have alwaysad nate view owh hdi caoteehapotily t presidentoenowa thgornnt thave a o th.
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erhe nt ds, is loinfoso rogti. where should the g ershld bhe? >> anoxpt ts. nyt inthes ininc reas why you could t ndp gorng ency. the cos rehe, the fear we er i inevy solioasom allenges. reduthe goveren whh ghha bn my cic is a basomebod acr,anouav sn at eyave do f t lt anthda aivy ey havenged in, is vuae. u ghtoe leo evt abuses. you d n know they were indi pva?
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qry tgejusto th iortion. u n t cot de ths ef e ans e esident is recommendin you do n sm ba ncn. t mada ar ruires cot de aminwith tt. that ia nicehrho. athendf e day, we shoul beblto thericyanstl cot o gerentobe outhe okg r d acto. >>ide nd ban? > i thinkecoly ll ntue to alnge us. akent pics mes t cy. nd h ls cer. eyavgoen to the point erth tstheole use as a whacre s opd cae tt.
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itilbentesngo e if th s. flsheamway abt at erwaa rrisatckn nd ith fm ipwe uthal furg haenancahing tse people. iisllbo, yru tt e de wl ud oply ane tp veme ruur that wl sicallytrots? us t u., we ghtoe le to dit it is not my area. l'goo meth things e reueioabt at thhethardecl if the prede clean , te, not neceary you toesn e st ia tt wa wldt veeebeer f?
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y kw op ith tenogyomni w cld veonthat? t sn- probls e ry unfortune. hago bk wth i cod veeen done bte tt is n aundamealss. a rs w ireri fm icso, g calledn t ma sure eyethe a toth. e y iue iwhheits atacveiv t w tt a uair towards eyog. wh y sl t old, u lose aotf ne thscy inhe iwi atapn? aenon to whether e bse s owr e cos deen.
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>>heoung wl gn up y aly lligup entllyou ha tpre ghndore peopleroou soouavtori hhe icafa twork. all the presav been market-dve tn u e t bjt th. urt pricefoth63 6ye-os, thededeit would be tooigh. dootnoifhedid th rit. oiso y to g r e eaf vi hlt people sign up. homa pplarsiinup o d not vensan? enilthat happe cae enheenits proportional to that pelehoikbamaca, but t nyeoe gn umae eyeeth igo. thk e way otr, gettg coverage is a goo thing.
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i inthe lle somein ni. he is an atmosphic crinio out te atg rit tradof its tckto have somethg s ctreral the are so my experimental elenndhe ideth h wod t rhtroth benng. iyocod din athe ba ohto ith cotrto advae our pgrs - mmwiouure deteug tbe cls he look veme eentu. iisotlladr od e edeoe thxpti. i ammmseinha i can tell y autarus thgs butveralli kehe.s spein
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i cate tm at kw. we neetoavmo agcuur spding. e needorexrte. idll n just tse expertselte reestative wne feign-policyxpts who e t stn ei coer that issueit athod autechnic exrteiv aerin dg, wt hp e or hould he iom li? fu, foodall ve sci .ics thatouavtoapy thcreria mighte right or on wod veomebody whis utl t sse o nhi shlde tesigr. ta wt a sndg t po d glo at it. itant rht
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itascculedvemany yes d t much colety ni ogmsana al discsivewhhepele wanted to bsmle the wteuthere. weeetoava scsi. i woy th ihabemeo a pplare fighting inhe cne pital. ooki'tlligence itn ll time wrego wnhe wne me undetain heri cntesreot ending whawere ty e okg utoige it out. ouan ju follown otep >>eoe e mid llf
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th wt r successi. it does not seem like the's been smartlainfo succesonf microft. omni a vy alngg r. thrus wt works in one hae, cnothk aecomny atasom textbook cef ccessi ing o aloze > i watrngo inabout wlt-ckd. [uger tt'tr. wha seen lot of peoe men at nbetw ouerdo wl lyecse outfemena tt 999 10 founds,e n hr eir names. bereomhi bom known
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e mpy iled t spot. bghret the ile tes tre. wh y pk suesr,ou nto ve a hhesues te thatangouer oa ia ccso wra csueditth bod d inngn at bjt. [lghr] >> do mrofteea un bi ges > miosoft success was wa a amfeoe. toythicay y that i ane d setng, at is ovsiliinthca is a dgeus model f t fure nds m opeople itasonrf pplthe. heew ldewi te ne
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dictn. atileitheresoon w drawonheecic senhs t ppl we emlv. he a mtie melth u ulgoow our hetie y' s h tbe grounded inecoly? >>heaso veecoly. ecic tnk orri setng frooutside thsees >wi y ce t ge? >> ave eit autt. wleowhago czy wl apealve. >>aualn vy ou >> you shoulbe i was withimn trt. heop f me. >>ha y f cin ado e u. i nt to thk u r ing . e u xt time.
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>th i"tinstk" for moayfebrua 320. amimfox. toy's theme is perfoan. a llf ter the super bowl ths&50drping t mt sie ne thdojos duri arage llorth 3 pnt a okt e econy ter erananacturing gw at thweespa ieit months anyu bnd imoaysoy oders llncagn y stumpe thheysryue. t fo tt,eaines fm


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