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tv   On the Move  Bloomberg  February 4, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EST

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you' wchg b. aer thxcdestat. 7 llion israncs. almo double the estimate. whetr w a x ed o not takirosis. budiapalo the gi number, 13%n eiwa is year to a int inim wre they canayut reha50 ofhearnganfrci, it illbo t bins o al managemen it is doing quite nelha you. alanemt, we' bak thdeildoshtl >>oongorrdt ,an. thank yosouc we'll wait for b. topn ju aoue ines earnings? >> what erneasxpti. on theacofrot warnis r b.gan she, sadas
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e es lki fwa tth from b. lesst othengy sto ange to peag. yoreating st >> am watcng bt. th he meactorot afte2 2 yes lse atheamti they mighbe unr esre because they have anund a she le aut 10% ofhe estg ar. lle ck in a bito tell u wt es going. >> youe okgt ian maet erar sloff has been heavy d ss isolated on jan. inorctn st asheiki s yteay the nikkeiasye u7% a % creion.
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loofeoe llge,t wasneed >>hisano fever. we'll hamu me t corrti ter inheroam >>rain in le pitn if t u. imeed. ahead of b.m.w. we'll break the numbers down and get the ster thxpte au lein the.sast st weaerr setng el gngn t ste frci? tnkouo ch th toke a dn0.. he otf rpatne. wel talkorabt e llf. wave pros. yosatheear autole stda les e w ismpte stkshiorng
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s t llf t s. anas awe. t'lo at thftse 100. moow f tts th ia ftda ooss. vewe l. les lk ouas aite bilar. righowthstngt perfmi mor currency in the rlrit n ithe auie dollar up 7%. thbies pinlmt seve mohs th lveat a2.. thiss ou t nnces. heou tk wn t stliurnc er&diotakth n kehat aten lht. th asidoarops on e. wjust hed at t hg ngnd iroin11fr
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thdember hhs it is w teng creio joinus nowota saty ahi iesenofce thk u mh for jni . ngenandog rrtion, e kkei and dng corctn,ashi ord? iupsen e sef jan,robl s ia ffulas jan yo ve dfiltitti. eyadeay odunas ye. weavaew eves t nt up o mthandeebtly -- lileittrge yoaonmpon taxuty in a cole omonthsnd gerr econth wke aou veittheltions is ween which is really tdo wi tyo u have got tuiowhe y m fdth nuea perdetebeme nt sgendhaea its
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ug a hacod ar s ug hd. >>owonrnreoubo a rrti? ske to l our es, eyidt edict a corrti a ctainlynoso icy. ihi wn u aart thats 5 wh t fce and weight of eoly hi ityou are vnebl at is to d wh pa ngon inoal ie w atou e bemi qte akitas awa lot of mneyrori t risof th igog aecllf e rks. ine data s s n prle ionly remrewh y ve tub. otrwe ey lk roh d in iislloio ok rit w u' having a siatn erthe things a lger suris but ppl
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ar nserg emor clrly an u verots o e blfr ltea u ul eilgi bk50 t dow jones gai ts yr d ilbe in a very hlthy upend ifou lk lg-rm chts t bis oeain, u t coanies whic-he ralishe pceovin so cpaesaot ofnd nstutsavshe ic movement tthautstried e.s. gwt >> he dt r it a whil $2.9 trillionwid f e marketin nt >> it is mnto aurise. >> is gngocoin? >>t y llonnua ltl bi lge i ulsuggesth th tn bet onheer iisoi t contin o n, veor y beooking athcoosioof ei ptfiondakg a rdooat wchecrsay
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bexpedndy ati an whe ith mey intoe liidedir. suesth wldeth ddhtositstnoca p.'s. emerng mke? >>otecsarily evma mke he en coidedveald. wh you suaonikth whe moneys mi o oth ui mke, t fsthis atreoi tco o a the ones aterrm vy stng last arnd maybe ha the stueioblse fdants. >> iisheim f iesrs rle. wel talking abo his votendtrgrps d gog roh lo of the nk an ao some of e ch oc. res lo at wh ees congp " t me. sasison dand for46it ch dig.
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mo saroiusex weavannterview wh the oinheou o p.♪
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>> wco bk. i'm franneaca loon iss n e ve wee inesntth
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trading sessn. the estksha wre wahi vy osy. b.exed aly estimate its e t bgeairs the eopnndes inof.2 its hpeby hheeain d alanagemt. manus cranny ionherod d llave me ts or thughout the proam ar atg titefoth ur quartutal a idg this mni. thc.e.o.oi u n wh re on s mpy' rul. sin,hank you for cinin ta to mebo wt y cld ha deetr. eris conrnn rales that y eha ido? irodeofhawath greaye for us. ll year, earnis 2. itas vy od yea ale saw somere - int
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e mpyndur lenes ipd or 10 billion chips ntni arm pcees. itigigs howrolyur tenogi a udn wide ngof products sales were go. a t igpored ch sis e telnger ll royal ia thing th pelerexpssing some coerabt. yay own four ow ant s en gr oybo . ars yayrenu oy ew abou1% >> wt pa a lef e ipne 5 savg? are that iju o odt thatsethe technology. >>its grt pdu. >> but iju one oaas mber of pdus aas mbf rks. ge see.
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you're counting seinalo of these ipesns seyo arg o. >> i'm wearing o. iss bi thnogtrd. its intompt e y li t ntwoea, re ar fe ar yes, it is an ierting me a seeina mberf plio oheumr odts tt op a personin wh ts cago. itas tellth eloon of produs goingn er op a eerenng. op a tin ffen in. ryowow. ve l cost of electroni coectoour phone and to the cld vy ffenwa. thk 'lee l o peme tio with a t ffen products. >> ii speak to youn four or fiyes.
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he speak tyoma mebereha bowuc yrevueill be on es smtatesristwatches? iis harto say. thmaet rerowos miocontrolles hu maetod. we estat iisoi tro abou $ bli. he asab mke sre outoy. wexpt atart sreo grow. we think thais gngo profitab. hi autesrs the ral a- tse dic arsoewthwath s ty seethin. t thnolog -thgs tecoly ate e thsees of procso h entrongly lend erhe last f yrs i t bt sliroct in ifou wil he enot odegn
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acvity going onrothe licenses. erisbo 1 mpie th heacfrs is technogyrous >>e inth t mkeis ll at. thehi a l ct. eolesreasve >>s er athing u e rtully cited ou m tskg toenrs anhi. >> tnkhe wat cegy i intoe ieresti. kindf sortof assiste deceo ephone. all e tns devis are relyinrein tsf emeixpimte thn ffrent ways. llou how much walkg u veon ia y. whheyou'relohi il siinatoude wn they all inra i wn it wl bementesng
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>>haabt e factha 'reeg rrtis. willt pa y aal orreouecsi pof >> d'thi a cpa i recessioprf. that islsdo, tite at h tafct . ahbuyoreutng ed. tt w whapeord better through wnrn historically tha se t bunesses. wh iooatnyloown i keo srto meumtess, u okt e longer the trn f bein pce ssi chlogy in rend mor vis is up d d u ngert uffte tnkou smu f joini usod. m holdis.e. mi uonhe ogm,.s ps tite shesre si othne. skeitth bank's c.o
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wel head eopfoalth deilne. ♪
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>>elmeack to n the ve i'rancinlacqua. wi uis the cef iesen ccs iesen management. u're an inst .m.
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dooueeooal? wne okt.m.,e reallyoofove-dve oppouniehi y uoc sovae cpaeshage yoself hp. e ame wlde compan like vive endi. its-vind iiky he rangn tbune. th ibeusbacay going back to the point you were making earlier. yoprer - ale is retilyhe i rmofts i. toment. s slht dfent ecysm.
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thk athe issuehawe ha,hequti, w pod do o wt binquie ts in ats keise. thwawereddssg e ri a t eirme tt 'rinod i al ung pofoo sunc bau at e met irebl chp. wwillalabt nk ne. e mpye'wahing clely is u.s. manus crny iurh th all the del a. a ro headle nbe hoditheanchievet? >> yh. i inth i aebe cae the t le soue e estimates. th g aaxcritutdi't t pvions inheouh arr. eto iup 3 the arehewo drirs its authe bins
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al magen eyrelmt tt 13 lel. the giumber th.b. ent metohe busesof weth magen hbre down e ogphfohe -me binsroh se tre rostol pfoan of as. i thk igera iis hoin pttwe. also gd sus swzean in ro, hadso swdn t four qrt. paiay st. ro t boardndla b noea, emecas. welshad vy ro peornc alst bli. ov treweeaed -
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>>ofrci wn uoo toheuses iis the stouh qrt sce00 nenemoy to t bkju de 6 lln is fnc as pif ldshehae. wethanemtrofitsp 67 nely $5 billi. my conce is th h been tohuaer e n y g t cen t ad eyidt keanmo ovio ithfourth qute do tt s oum re fo20? e oisreo do aea wi t rulor igog ttake te work t e titi iue >> trere alsoo nyeg ises foexpl t f pbe anprre? >> wl,oearoess. 'rstlt e ar over e ocs. igog te time two thugthsss.
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warstl wkiital eutriesndegulators this matt. thk e ocs llta me the nne ws >>e llonnutoorll the paies. he an intert osees t relvthe isesuilynd swtlndakprerctn eris nesry t iue fthmaets could t finstatn eal ensuasinf lor nodyno t awetoha quti jt t. y wk .b.,ou nuisp %il >>oo kw. an smu. nucrnyit e te o u.b. gns a tt b mor sptaln thbas. u.b. wlt name, u id l o t bkshe- wltmagents ffenbune. i n'acal he ytng
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rely -- nate ouweth magent in rmf e sissmol. ouak e acnym, fed inme tt sissas - t. the ggerothat siness t aorreiloced nk maorayoteucssl. innyas iis siss th ps pil ruimes, guto erng pbele uso lie ictuallno the be pceo vetoave an aocio we he e eedom to ve toavone. erar couplofan 'rloint. geray is sector n high on our wh st >>llight. thk u so mh. chf instntffer rereom mpieonhe
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mo. th wod' bbies pte fituarter profi aer wrpi ua t-yr rnou progr. e mpy ski trae catabys ny as 2miion w ar. e li oc rai i t deste agrin to -ana u.-- th seowr k.f. andaco l tpeanalys. f. h entrglg in cha. m s rk oexnding meinmaet a bstg sas iruiand fnc congupnuernenc ai meed hgs on to its sales le.
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at tt'congpex ke i ghhe. 'ronheov" ♪
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welcome back " the move m fnce cq, ooers euroaneauaerhe i loon wee mut io e euperang sessi. jonathaner iat thtoh reen. jo >>thseofcoins. yocan sethdaofbyve . u thinthe ss a big a ryve heavy session or asia. as, fialn rrti de e ngenowinon ngsso.9% lanit on you sethniei dowov . e nke tto ixthha
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tee wn --anse dn. leme justa autap wi y. let's ha a lite t ntt. stea a 57% sur f t niei weaven'teegas keha sie e97s. we und to get aulac evtually lemeustalk to yoabt atart. itooed corporat at we have seen wi doarenst actss a mpate ugoris avsicong fro erng rks. ifein sonr paseen heen continues t stngenits down ltle bi taybuif itoe w kns atou hpewi janequy mks >>ho knows. wl oninou the are e oombertop helis.
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u.b.s.hi execuve says the recent selff y orde. iouldayhaho-tm it oka tt bovdo buclrlotllerng marks have the se osct going fwa. >> u.b. ptefourthuaer ofits ateastat a s sreargain >>kraine'sopsions ekg aramta ve. the. aus dcuin teia a tth uai i fms n geren e poti lde sd s rt m bwiintoaka she t per anauraa'ceraan sial a pert of sad boowg -- peri of ea borrowg st thauie claimed athe ba atenefut an earlier fenctot ing nmftay gh
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myo-ch othpulse" is inohneurg. thrently raisedras. yohaan a-sr nel yeery domexuse r ew wh ihe feeling in-- inrvws wh ithe feeling sth afca >>et me lkbouthajo s lkg ou whatrmtias tki aut the rongen tt e ei aacoflobal policycoordinati. theovernotoavcentral nk of coored w talkingbo ts e he y. this i atisppitenuer here sthfraha s on the same subjt. >> iis vy poan questiecsewh t ute
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states and thecomi we i e heato haveris,hiis veyes w. inyvi, s sulbe priated or better understood. wh'sapni temgi rks is the ntmuti ov t csi i conseen a tina ffenfo. uavonfr cre cot deficits tisl deci t -- rht nowt fosi omein - emeing rks. wh wwe ath dth to veris,t t mgi maetthcrteso banctohelol tlk ensurihe weeturns w att eversed, and n'foet ites of wh th a ath hine he is -heht oth crisis, u dugcatainows.
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sfleurncanla o competitens. now with t changanthov toorliatn t it statesnarcur,hear senghexa oose. thehaen he haif thadvancecomthksha ok,oue urow t wod'--heca o t merggmaetinhelobal econy such att ll pa on th rovy. in eiow bt test toake acunof wt ppinin the ergg rks. >>jill marcumangt car th picaks alan igrehat's ppininhe emgi mke. ancine >> this is ltlbiof fier poiing, it seems li ast ten happen smsikso oth
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obms of their ownakg. soh ri h bn livg yo i mnsor a long ti. u vencenealy re. th that tnkhe inrnatiol communitis cungare the ming stres i aedthfince mist o rehee' gngo ehe quk rolution toho ris. >>'mer hopel at will be e se ashe gernmen we have veed in lof mend energy a odlln yio brinthdiertro players geer cl t tdenis inlv tgi us e timum cooperation inrd thahe righttali sthheir open membersanfaly nst net om sbl envinmt dncasg exportg minseorhi ans moreorfo reeoe
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78 >> anneclrlthe e gnict ructur pbls that need to bea with this uny d theltis co u iwi b ierti w theyea wh os roem ba tyo reiv tnkou so ch loinfoar thein mh e fm utafca meed mphe izwor beme the world's number one xury c mak. ns nichols jnss to break dohemericasas gus. wh itola for the u.s. gus? cd weath affected ernebuchsl. th saw dblditumin jes d tck wt you would nto y en it is somethin to o. meed had -nong t. meed a pole sion fothye. th srt o iatrong
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oto y akover f b.w.orhosnuernen the unedtas. b.w.amin co. folledy xundheau. u ve higr mgi a t cs,f ur. countrs e ttgesrc intoho sto. rces hashenec.a. upout. it is under30,000 one the ass rcess up th he eryev pnt fothr lurvecl. wt ouheesofhe u. le >> they read. rpsilyshkilyad ofoue it wath cde wierin 14. m.asown. rdasown ryerthgh, s . il tryintoigeut why
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ryerasigr. oval stal. esons ds thisonnu in fruy? anne >> tha y smu. cong , we'lbrk dowth nuer t from.phi rning d nd out wt ne f big oil.
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wco bk. i'frci lqun nd.
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this is " t me" strming live on your tle pnend y ndow pne wl. he pulse" cin i abt mite weavanlltalineupf guests over thnewoou. firstweleafr t b. chiefxeti b dle pluswehe ionhe hlt ofommercl rl ta i rope. aenor wl ins. he a se compaesn e mo. toyota seesitfull-yrrot sing. thcoin t bstarng omehlexptsutf jan. altsstate toyota ene abt mh prot 23 as m.nd volkag coin. no sreelthmo or veea aer the stock was
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wnady fiveir. morgan snley said the deal uld ha a native iacon levo btoli, at leas inheeate. its tax rat at e meimas i etax co -weavbe tinan eye oomni t pt fewes. ismoin whave b. figures. he tta autheutok peter atsouta ob. ts moin >> ty ulopatsodl
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came in ltlbibeer iner othe enis,he reso ct su athen ofhe yr. so ahoh e adnewe le, tt saiy e snt ertheisily we tn ate e in ei co binse ve l tax tef25inhe arr bringinthyeown a lileitel tir gdae 5% ininutheuaty oth in nerothfincloi ofienot quite at we wld havexpte pers unfortunatel the e. ifosingn of main hesocinonhe naia. is also saying atapital diipneis centralo b.p.'s stte. ty steed more te? is iju bau they ve suth t wlendtr isfang? a t indusyacg simir su. veorar lki f n
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ovspend,apalffiey and fe ch ow b.p. aelpledositio re itguan f nt yr, which is bli t25 billion. gein 6 mir osoftsths d line with i 1 t20 taet. tt emt is o e the in tt 'r il lki f irernf opatg menm. we'r stilletng hints, sueson oth. itasosivcoared tla qute wnn e lff xi o e s.omreo stea sllantoeehaome thugmo phiclyefe we start to builth i >>he you look t g oil ke, etr es b. an hi boomf eisor higup th heeen through
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mafaurg restructuring. h tt ofit warningro el mef e ral ob. he py tch upn terms of thr restructung >>haisru th a nouerrmg the seor weavhath f sete. to aumhe rovery ul srp tn lo of he coans. we're ei tm sta canned - mon. loofheecery islrdy beingrid in. we think trereom particularsss thom o e rivals,orxaleshell lling them. th thi qrt wre tuly wehi 2014 rul cldom inlitly better. wehink tres itaitf
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uiingogn tt orgazaon. a olloofoo profabity in stam era andhe, icis neonheab or e xt uple oyes. prpsorhe- preference for shell -- >> tnkou tehuon aemde wll bspki th b. ie exuteob duey abou his mpy' late rul. de rk isomtoheigst wi turbineanacre st night theomny rhe oufit quarterly prots nc 21 d aouedla rseapal. dad eeisn copeag. shesre down. tt stecse of the upcongha se? >>heha aoued sre sahaisoi tbe0%f cata th is hangn toti mome down in the share
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pre,bo 5.5%. it has bn littleit elier toy. ghnodoabt.5 th iastkharo fiveollast yr. w the second best performing stock in the stoxx 600. the ason we mit see sre ic wkns bau oth 20uince becausitam oua tt b lht thorasatea 6ilon renufo01 no t mkewaoongt 5 lln renuafr 20. ataianof ameca rrl ncpuoua tend sa bn akss sd e as f tts th thinkhe o rest r20reooonrviv t c.ooid seemr en t tnaun walrdyn ac hodid that do th? >>ea heidoth. heea o-ar
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tuarnd wepo thiarerod dheaith ts a rnarou. its cplednd y c s atecse ey areacin thblk thha quarrl profit. atheha mag tdond th iwhoue eiuc eashe icerrmces eyav auay t ei xe cos bomhi le 48or 460 milon euros more than they werxpti t do they we peing to d 4 miio eur. doo tt,heylosed faors, dungheab foe aut 30% wh whaows mu ern coanwhh n tinto aas wre me lt.
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david ted. a us w mi taoel sedp sechs'or deil nt. ♪
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>>elcomeacto " t mo." m fnce cq he nd. no iisor ccedaod aninigvethocsi,
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'rloinatnega t lp reahehaesbi data. theyre tpi t paerfiinow tha mabrn thnppnd aminy may help sechs findur cali heepts t w iis inno ojtshaar thin lae ous da. r mehingshecabe anyz withomte yocage pgrs atil ale that ndf ta t footr inyone a hunyend hanra. tres ero prett adept pottinpaerns i ta gars th iwhe ga le ours rely cesn cae op e pyi aam it ia gd,unamand ll be gdamg eerncbu yore ao alinreat st obe a wrehe
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ou. eyret e meim otngrrs t.n. caer pies. ty lyava lit nuerf- hohthawe cano g tusds o peop tpl t ge. >>st intoe o w towo? e east bicly somethg u n iyo wnimif wcageengh peleloinatheamda aianagnn lae sce,th cldeay work. >>larsolved ithe wes, pbl tt rearerhabewoinon r ea. loig lk ke tribu ays eorkingn .n. deo peal ueran getidias. iishe b wre'm plin pt aam and i'--he graphics are nttionhi >> iisomet mpte
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mngin more in t, one, . coleoi unowi re tsto. tsapgog pe u analys da? ty elt suld. th h protopeo gi wi ttheed cut t te do b/3 theyee bgeinthsas on tirayo rk ung this bi pe n ale g da. y t hne t thnog ate ven t k. have mbdg rl,duin al othe ch hsanse the we tdegnheam d also y a irehe noce gamerutthe e os o eetr. y tlathatr tn cay ushaganng bds onou w two? wt ou binse horehegeinth pli toe renvve
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>>t is ausesapicio b., s.p theomni he e pontl elngs ale g ta th affinitofr t esrong. s.p. iesni aobe ap th.n. r cin y n inty ecsn e ot th c auayha a coeral vue weou n t nk mt ouurrs cld anazehe at a atrmald missions a abthemanaifost the cpaesre harssg, longeoe to u tir atrmfor pite fe. >>mang sff thk u smu. caliydwi t les is irebl a. ayitblmbg t b dl jnss nt "e ls. u n ll a osn twte
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m fcq. 'rba i ju aoue mites wi "e lse." ♪ .
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s e obnig seofonnu. weavexuse teie wiou--wi sth ai's ntl nkhi a fan mist. of dps athco o drli cmb bge bk at esmates. u lleafr t c o ub eent ds hn mon rmane irertlyn lktouy ta ithcarang ries. lce "the ls"


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