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tv   First Up With Angie Lau  Bloomberg  May 25, 2014 7:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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thailand military leaders find a new prime minister. growing optimism. japan's fuel gauge falls to a 16 month low. back to the nba. you may be looking at the l.a. clippers. coming to "first up" asianve from bloomberg headquarters. our top story, thailand military leaders are expected to name an
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interim director to stabilize the economy. the king has approved thursday's cu. protests continue on the street. what is going to happen? >> that is when we will see this. he is a military ruler. it was an intense weekend. we sell troops spanning out into the major districts. this removes the last institution in the country and get the rulers leeway to implement laws. you do see protesters and the military there as holding the lines. through theeir way street.
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are running high. they enter military rule. the man in charge is taking further steps to consolidate power. they were not limited to bangkok. on whether they would be the major cities. >> we are taking a look at what could be civil unrest. this is why they have stepped in with what was initially martial law. the growing middle class and social unrest have political reforms. been calling along. they've been having a nondemocratic counsel.
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what they have is a nondemocratic system. you have had 100 feet connected to the old government. we understand she is still in contention -- contention. and academic called in over the week end. they should not incite unrest. aid heren has cut off relationsd military isships. this week we will see a new constitution. there was the army warning that they will do this. it may be a case of all bets are off because of escalating violence.
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>> and whether or not they trust the general into whatever something else means. it is a. the economy has already seen weakness. we're looking at some of the tourism numbers. they see the impact. it is not only bangkok but nationwide. ona little bit of a pickup whether or not this will continue the momentum. it seems like both sides are trying to engage.
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they are trying to make sure contingencies are in place. >> the traditional versus the growing middle class. what it boiled down to. >> it is a social conflict. the urban elite. until now they have not had a voice. >> thank you for that. itshe ukraine has held presidential election with a chocolate billionaire claiming that three. the had more than 55% of votes. the turnout was about 60%,
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albeit lower. he said he wants this with the russia. >> earlier we created the agenda. they have a huge price to come in. the same as the ukraine. >> it surged and the new elections. the far right groups did well in the u.k. they show the political groups that blame this. integration. it is the first amid has when a nationwide election. .> joining a banner year
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optimism faded among investors in japanese stocks. they are trying to turn things around. .e are talking about fear >> it is too early to talk about fear. >> it looks like it is waning. it is the most interesting piece we have. there would be the cost of options. they have been reestablishing itself. it is about a 16 month low. >> that is only two markets for japan. >> perhaps it is something that may be good times ahead. first you want to take a macro context.
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perhaps they describe it. this is what you want to focus on. a.have this is that in only restaurant staff and other workers. confidence among people on the thatd giving us hope perhaps we could see a turar naround. maybe this has become much cheaper. the market has got to be performed so well. 11%.s come down 10% to it has basically flatlined. it has not done much now.
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boj pumping in more liquidity. >> the most popular, but think we first have to clarify that. there's still a little bit more. it is about a 200,000 difference. the most popular options. they have it early in the morning. among those are the most popular
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ones. 225 is above 13,500. what this tells you is it tells you more. you can come up with what the big options tells you. more than aing forecast. >> they are putting money where their mouths are. let's take a look at some m&a news this morning. there's growing speculation that the drug industry's biggest ever deal [indiscernible] they bid for astrazeneca. saving $117 billion offer may be abandoned for now. they have reject the bid. pfizer has a decline to say if it will fly again. an indian court has removed a stay.
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it raised suspicions of insider trading. marketmes when regulators continue to investigate the allegations. general electric says it will use operations and france after agreeing to expand the deadline. >> new zealand's is fractionally higher. 85 u.s. cents. we're also counting down to the opening of japan, korea, and australia. the nikkei two to five was closed on friday. they are pointing to a slightly higher open this morning.
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this is strengthening slightly. waiting.still abenomics is dead. find out why. ♪
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[indiscernible] what effect will this have on earnings? we will find out on tuesday. a jump in jaguar cells help them beat estimates. can they do it again this quarter? analysts are expecting an increase in profits. will be in thety spotlight on friday. japan's prime minister is to
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keynote address. rising tensions in the child china sea -- south china sea are expected to be on the agenda. japan will be in the news on friday week that consumer prices for april. this came into effect at the end of this month. expect prices to have risen three percent. let's take a look at the key data out this week. we are joined now. let's start with this. thatis a critical figure will utilize the effectiveness of abenomics. this will give us an
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indication of this. we were talking about the, the fear gauge. this tends to be in the export sector. there is a small and
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medium-sized enterprises. is one of the reasons why people are a little optimistic. >> you are not as optimistic. explain. changeink a lot of the that you see in japan in terms of the acceleration of growth has really been driven by the bank policy and some of the fiscal spending measures that were introduced at the end of 2012. awfulally has not been an lot of change in terms of economic reform. as diligent asen pushing through as the agricultural markets in particular. the real infusystems. seem to be there. you have seen the governor of the bank of japan making this. from needs to be action
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the government as well. >> let's move along to china. this has meant that the manufacturing figures have contracted less than expected. >> the pmi numbers were actually white encouraging. they weree markets. beginning to stabilize. there were signs that the supply goods to their customers. thinking numbers are quite encouraging. >> i want to move to india. we had the meeting with pakistanis.
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they are completing their fourth weekly advance. what does this mean for india? is it a new age? >> it certainly could be. these are being very pro-market. they could really transform the growth rate as investment in india and for the economy as a whole. i think the numbers are coming to build be very good upon. it'll be really in court for the finance minister. financetant for the minister. >> we really need a strong anent minister. there are a couple of candidates out there. we are not sure who will be there. we need someone who was read at
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the commissioning and rolling out an infrastructure project. the subsidies program and reducing red tape in terms of businesses in closing down businesses. they deliver those kind of policies that have strong leadership. >> all right. that is what the world is waiting for. getting back on the court. -- yo ming may be heading back to the nba. stay with us. we will be back in two minutes. ♪
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ming may be heading back to the nba. he is not saying either way. is it anything is possible. there was a service by that name back in the rudy's. as for him possibly buying the l.a. clippers? somethingere's substantial to the rumors. he did not swot the notion away completely. he added anything is possible.
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that is true for these aging kid to attend the first ever semester at the new afterschool that teaches dribbling and jump shots and teamwork. they say it does a generation of kids. >> including myself. they are being surrounded. he said don't take offense. why are you doing this? why have you not taken your riches and gone off to greener pastures? why are you doing this? i learned so much.
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it is also how to be honest with other people. one-on-one this on places. they have to win their very young. >> as does the nba in china. he is now a shoemaker. china is just basketball crazy. >> the biggest challenge is heaving up with demand. player development. partnered also has with the league to run a more elite training center.
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>> we certainly need to be beneficial. if we can get another tiny one. >> perhaps they will go there. won't be this middle-aged american with a cricket shot through the >> will you make this jump shot better? >> it is too much of a gray-haired. >> this is his bid to own the clippers longshots. >> wait for it. then again, so was the nba. they entered china 40 years ago. bloomberg, beijing. >> nice shot. manchester united
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a wine is part of selection and hong kong. they raised $3.8 million. are on the bottles t-shirts to capitalize on the popularity. unitedd manchester before retiring. stay in touch with us hear it for all of these stories, this is even easier than staying in touch. you can follow me. next, protesters decide this. the latest on that. ♪
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a beautiful start to the week. right and clear skies here in hong kong. we're 30 minutes away from trading. mobile and online, you are watching "first up." royal approval. the king supports thailand 's oup.
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as top liking is seen ukraine's new president. the drug industry's biggest ever deal makes sales. soon. could make it greg petro has claimed the three and the election with exit polls show him winning in the first round with 55% of work. economy minister in previous administration. was about 60%.t he says he wants early talks with russia. let's get the latest in the election right now. we are joined now on the line from kiev. enqueue so much for joining us. what does this mean for the ukraine? >> people would say they are
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quite happy that we managed during the first round. hot issues to do with this in the east. expect thempeople to resolve this as soon as possible. know, there is a huge unrest in the each. april are still being killed there. >> hopefully he supported this. haveu can see, we do not any official results because the was on thesystem
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hack attacks all the time. that is why we do not have anything official. people see him as a person that can conduct it with different forces. he was in different camps. political we have to meet. he used to work with people who russianse at times with and total closer ties to the european union. one of his first talks is to sign the agreement with the european union as soon as possible. >> the challenges are great. he said he will not get up crimea and that this will be a locus toward stepping towards europe.
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both of those is a challenge to russia. >> exactly. he is for dialogue with russia. he is ready to meet vladimir putin to discuss what is going said the use. he foreign policy is not for discussion. this or the country. that is why you create compromise. he said he would never recognize crimea annexation i russia. allowingsident obama to show support for the election. thailand's military leaders are impected to name an intermin
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prime minister. paul allen has the latest. wasestoring peace and order one of the reasons given by thailand's military for staging its latest coup. they have had enough of seeing soldiers on the street. >> [inaudible] we cannot live like this. we cannot live in fear anymore. >> there is a defiant rally of about 500 protesters. they made their voices heard. some yelled at the military to go to the country south. among the thailand south they declare this over the weekend. a series of bombs killed three people. whether they are
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taking advantage of the recent chaos. thailand's military need to move cautiously. these demonstrations were small by recent standards. it processors become emboldened, this could grow. >> this leader will be sworn in as india's new prime minister later today. years of mistrust in the region. this will he attended by the pakistani army or. willegional cooperation association. only 2% of global trade your ad is according to two thousand nine figures. president obama has made a surprise visit to afghanistan confirming the and the u.s. operations. expected toy he has
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decide when the combat mission comes to a close. the trick comes with obama facing questions about this form policy and the growing scandal over the care of wounded soldiers when they return home. japan appears to be overwhelmingly opposed to nuclear power. the 95% a draft when against the. japan approved a strategy that includes nuclear power on april 11. has turned to be a media is heren with the pigs that are paying off. >> you want to see solid return so far this year, the tech space has been a good one. texts.seeing these
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really propelling the rally. these companies were listed in the u.s.. last month we talked about weibo was listed well. they have been good. russia when he compared them to the u.s.. ubs is saying the rally in emerging companies, text, it is poised to continue. if you look at the valuations, it gives you a sense of how to something is. you're looking at the emerging market text index. at 3.4 times. a lot more if vincent. the spread is the biggest discount since 2008. this was the last time we saw something have wide look at how ,hese two benchmarks have done
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you know so far this year what happened in march, we saw that a lot of these default because of the various herbal route you saw in the u.s. economy. we are looking at the white line. .he emerging market of close compare that to the information technologies for the global index. he said hard work stocks are poised to continue to rally. it is worth looking at these internet stocks. this is asia's largest internet company. as you compare that to how that trade to other u.s. stocks, it is steve. you are looking at, rejected earnings.
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they can look at sales or any forward indicator. they will post solid earnings and show room. it is so much more if vincent. emerging market stocks are cheap. they are taking a look at companies like $.10 and send 1.3 billion people in china. >> angel really play well for companies like alibaba was to go through with their listing sometime this summer. this is a good environment to be in. >> tanks. offer?ere be a new the spot lips after the -- the spotlight after the astrazeneca deal. do the u.s. markets react?
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su keenan take a look at what we can expect this week. >> the week ahead on wall street is going to be a holiday shortened week due to the fact markets are those on monday. we drove the s&p to a new closing high above 1900. it continues. we will get fresh earnings and a new round of economic data including the latest read on gdp . they predict the u.s. economy probably shrank for the first time in three weeks. datall also get the latest on rising home prices. s predict the rise has probably cooled. pfizer faces a deadline for the $117 billion bid. britishl offer for
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companies. they say it is unlikely that astrazeneca will extend the deadline or get into shareholder pressure after the biggest urged them tos talk to the drug maker -- drugmaker. consumer confidence. this is little changed. we will also find the latest on u.s. arsenal spending which they likely rose. next, the man dubbed the chocolate king is picked to be the next president of ukraine. the latest on that story when "first up" returns. ♪
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>> they have claimed that judy in the presidential elections. he won in the ours from with at least 55% or.
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associate now professor at the university of sydney specializes in international relations and or policy. thank you so much for joining. mean for this ukraine's relationship with russia? is this a good thing? >> yes. overall i think it is quite a good ink. i think relations will moderate. i think vladimir putin is a pragmatic leader. you would like that more. he would like to gain influence. i think the unity shown by is somethingers similar to them creating greater stability in ukraine. the business interest will draw
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them together. he has said in the statement that ukraine has chosen today to turn toward europe. was really the trigger of events that led to today's unrest. how does he get back to that first step. that desire to step toward this. well europe and ukraine have already pretty much settled the agreement that yarmulke which -- nokovich was signing. that would be one of the first steps to improve relations. in my mind, it is not really a choice between russia and europe at least in stock terms as
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sometimes stated. ukraine can easily keep strong economic relations with russia as long as russia is detergent from trying to create greater stability and control politics of ukraine. not everybody was able to do that. they are home to like 5.1 million votes. many of them were able to vote. does this to track -- the track -- does this detract? >> it it does. that is the problem with legitimacy. a survey done after the takeover showed that in eastern ukraine overall 70% of people report
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keeping ukraine united and about two percent of the russian speakers support keeping it united. ukraine faces a number of problems. one is dealing with the separatist movement that will continue. there has to be a combination of military and diplomatic efforts. as role of the oligarchs one. this is for the mismanagement in the past. to >> those are headed to the polls.
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and what ask about crimea. will not give up crime area. -- crimea. articulated a. >> ikind of action we see? asked this will be a long-term and i think the outcome will most likely be the aggressors occupation of crimea, while it they last a long time, it will never recognize. will never recognize the operation of crimea into russian it will probably not be recognized that european as well. the difficulty is the course they lost.
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what i will let you go. ukraine look like? >> it will have elected a new harlem and. it will be changing into a democratic, less current market economy. it is a stronger military and brighter future ahead. thank you so much. a look now at some of the other stories for you this morning. he may be ready to sell his
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stake. a $10. shares [indiscernible] they were halted ahead of the announcement. they will re-raising $550 million which will be the biggest stock sales since listing in 2002. it is used at 15%. hutchison is said to have won the eu approval. people familiar with the deal
7:52 pm
say it could happen as soon as wednesday. last year leak a shooting -- li kashing agreed to by its. gles.david in >> find out what our reporters are watching on the first day of the trading week. we are up to the stock exchange after the short break.
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let's welcome. we are looking at the open of japan. all right. we've got zapped right here to my right. >> in case she did not know where i was. samsung electronics, a number of stories impacting samsung today. is chairman of samsung
7:55 pm
regaining consciousness. how this has been a key issue in recent weeks. he had a heart attack several weeks ago. we will continue to follow that. samsung has its own smart watch. it is understood to be taking this to the next level. it includes a mobile voice call facility. merger monday. i am looking at a japanese shipbuilder. two stocks in focus. are planning to acquire this. they will pay about .128 shares. and a .4% it at about premium compared to their friday close. up.ou are
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hise is already hedging that. >> we all know sony has had trouble with the tv business. it is something they need. they are close to selling it. they are forming to ventures with shanghai oriental. exchange, there are two ventures. make, produce, and to sell. which version of the playstation and when they are going to sell it. well. it is something to look forward to. you can only buy it in the free trade zone. >> 1.3 billion betting on growth there. thanks. that is the verdict. is highlighted and based on news events. we will check it out. show, next hour of the
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much more from the political turmoil in thailand. this is "first up." stay right there. ♪
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what the army. -- >> the army. >> the billionaire declares victory in the ukraine. to a 16 month low. welcome to first up. i am coming to you live from the asian headquarters. on streaming and on there is an interim prime
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minister expected. the approved critical is the proof that they are -- who they are going to choose. >> absolutely. they will choose someone who represents their interest. led it be someone who last week. endorsement of his status as the head of the government. we have seen the general consolidating power. he remains a democratic institution. there are street protests in bangkok and shanghai. protesters held the line at victory monument. there were no major clashes that resulted in any serious injury or death. there. some jostling
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there is concern that this could get out of hand and the military would take further control and seize power. >> absolutely. that was not how it was characterize when martial law was first enacted and said that it was a coup. he was frustrated that the two sides were intransigent and on moving. could be seen as a critical thing. what are the next steps for the military? >> you could call it a power grab inherently. this puts the rich and the poor against each other. it deepens a long-running political conflict. let's listen to paul allen. restoring peace and order was one of the reason for staging oup.latest clu
8:03 pm
>> we need to vote. we cannot anymore. gatherings of more than five has been banned by the army. some yelled at the military to go to the south. a smoldering muslim insurgency came to life again over the weekend as a series of bombs exploded, killing three. it is not clear if the bombings were linked or if the insurgents are taking advantage of the recent chaos. moveilitary will need to carefully. the public demonstrations were small by those standards. the tension was further raised
8:04 pm
in this divided country. paul allen, bloomberg. unrest continues and people are looking at things like that. thailand, being marked off the tourism list. >> and has a huge impact. the tourism is associated. the money flows in from around the world, especially this time of year. we are moving toward summer holidays. people will be traveling there in their summer vacations. anecdotally, take a look at some of the numbers. a lot of chinese travel. there is lost revenue because of these protests. you extrapolate that. that is one week. you will see a massive hit to the economy. >> that is when we saw the
8:05 pm
nascent street protests and now we have a real life coup d'état. the impact is exponential. hong kong,ries like there is morning. it is a black travel warning and they tell the hong kong residents not to travel there. there is a travel advisory for other governments. you willical sense, see airlines cancel and consolidate flights if this continues. there are not the people to fill the planes. there is a real world impact to what is happening and it is hitting the average citizen in the pocketbook and the wallet. they are the people who work and the hotels and hundreds of staff that you do not necessarily see. >> perhaps democracy is worth
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the price of all of that sacrifice. once we will watch. >> we have all of these stories. a lot of us are on it. you can follow us. over to the ukraine. contentiousld a presidential election with a chocolate billionaire claiming victory. they are avoiding the need for runoff. a foreign and an economy minister in the previous administration. is lower in the separatist east. they say they want early talks with russia. >> the earlier we create the agenda, the better it will be for the people of russia. the russian people pay huge price for the crimea.
8:07 pm
the same with the ukrainian one. surged and there is growing anti-european mood. well in theoups did u, france, greece. nations show support for political growth and blame the eu for the economic divide. -anti-immigration national front finished first and it is the first time they have one a nationwide election. let's check in on japan. the nikkei is climbing. demonstrations have been to the yen weakening. the yen continues to fall. ofgot that report last week an improving outlook for chinese manufacturing.
8:08 pm
all right. we have a banner here in 2013 for japan. in japanese stocks. things are turning around. that is what the signs show. david is joining us and we are talking about a lack of fear. measures thendex cost of insuring against future volatility. this is a 16 month low. that it is slowly starting. it has dropped 37%. that is 16% lower. in a macro context, there is
8:09 pm
concern about the negative impact. people are taking it in stride. you have a measure of sentiment and workers in japan that it a record one e sales tax increase kicked in. it gives investors more to hold onto. from a trading perspective, i think what is more important right now, the markets dropped. this is a fear gauge. we are now over one year. this is the peak back in february and we are just about there right now. as you mentioned, the nikkei had a banner year. this year. the steepest drop among the developed world stockmarket. it is cheaper for you to gain exposure to a rally. it is cheaper.
8:10 pm
you look at a macro context and more liquidity. why not? as a fund manager, it has gotten cheaper and that is why we are seeing volatility come down. >> is this another way of saying that the investors are less behravesh? bearish? >> it is not to say that fear is not there. they are still buying and. 10 mostook at the top popular options out there. >> here is that. is narrowing.s absolutely. ok. we have possible market deregulation and a regional bank
8:11 pm
in play. >> a lot of these things. changes that are needed. >> even increasing the number of baseball teams to get more into the stands. >> it livens the regional economies. >> there you go. why not, indeed. general electric will keep nuclear options and agreed to extend the deadline. the french government had asked for the delay. the nuclearsed industry. let's take a look at some news this morning. that is growing concerns the big deal may stall. we are talking about the bid. today is the deadline. billion deal could be abandoned for now. they declined to say if they will try again. a court has removed a
8:12 pm
stay on a per -- a purchase. the deal was announced and it raised suspicions of insider trading there. market regulator continues to investigate the allegations. next, we get more on the political turmoil in thailand and the growing economic impact. you are watching first up.
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>> some of the things we will follow for you this week. quarter. what effect will this have on the earnings? we find out on tuesday. help the jaguar sales estimates.
8:15 pm
can the big automaker do it again? -- tata reports. their prime minister is going to deliver a keynote address to an audience of the exit the shills. rising tensions in the south china sea are expected to be on the agenda at the meeting. impacta will reflect the of that. prices are expected to have risen more than three percent on the year. the markets in the asia-pacific. the nikkei kicks things off in positive territory. cost is free much flat and fractionally lower there. chinesea, thanks to
8:16 pm
manufacturing data, is continuing to boost the sentiment. at the chieflook market strategist who joins us now from melbourne this morning. a lot of things happened and you have the ukraine and eu elections. we have the events out of thailand. let's kick things off quickly with thailand. in terms of what the mood will emerging markets, what does this portend? >> certainly. we have not seen too much in the way of panic selling. i think that we saw stress last week and it was in the equity market. and wek index was down
8:17 pm
will have to see how that plays today. if we are going to see weakness, it will be extended and with the equity markets. you know, i think that from a trading perspective, what i have been suggesting to people is around structures and the euro. i think there are big surprises today and, more so, what is happening in greece, i think that the euro-skeptic party hold well. led well. we could see increased volatility under a range of domestic areas. >> how much of that is a surprise that euro-skeptic momentum has been growing. look at the austerity measures. people are angry. look at the currency markets for the next year and they
8:18 pm
amalgamate the power base. think you are right. a lot of it is priced in. you see it in the asian markets and the euro has not moved. it was up a little bit today and i do not think we were expecting to see this. i will reiterate the fact that we could potentially see a bit of a sellout coming. party have told well and higher than what most had expected. it was suggested that there needs to be a shot election. where the s&p and it's in pieces
8:19 pm
are, there could be a snap election and greece that could -- syriza doing much better. exit. is talk of a gr keep an eye on the bond market. topics definitely a great insight. if you take a look at wall street, you see the momentum play their and despite low volumes, you have a record 1900.53, the despite the ukraine and tie line -- thailand. what does it say for the optimism over these concerns? >> is about the central banks and we haven't ecb that is going down unconventional measures.
8:20 pm
they are at risk that they under deliver. janet yellen and bill dudley pushed back on expectations and they are having a debate about an exit strategy. corporate america is in strong shape at the moment. saying to say neutral. they continue to. the market moves and will continue to be a painful trade. stay long in these markets at the moment unless the fed start coming more hawkish. you have central banks that are accommodating and continue to make equities the asset class of choice. are at the lowest levels in many years.
8:21 pm
that means picking up yield. >> yeah. indeed. that is what they are looking for. thank you so much for joining us this morning. headlines.ext, the we checked on the euro after the common currency has the biggest drop in months. this is first up and we are back in two minutes.
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>> let's start things off this morning with the euro. a drop to late last year and the euro starts below 200 day average. europe intoata from the weekend suggests that the ecb may need to follow through on the actions next month. new zealand released new numbers this morning and there is a slowdown. you see that there. they came in at less than forecast for the month of april, which brought down the trade surplus. they were short of the median estimate. continue, according to the president. he expects the political crisis managersue and prompt
8:25 pm
to look at things like the philippines. billionped the one $1 in the last 15 weeks. $1.1 billion in the last week. 13626. still pretty weak. we are getting underway and that is what we have so far. take a look at the kiwi dollar. we had trade. 85 .35. a little bit of weakness. not a lot of movement. we have time. take a look at this. just below 102 right now for the dollar-yen. those are the stories this monday morning. >> let's check some other stories that make headlines
8:26 pm
around the world. a new prime minister for india. seeking to bridge the years of mistrust in the region. the pakistani premier and the of the regional cooperation association. it accounts for one quarter of and two percent of global trade, according to the figures. president obama has made a afghanistan toto confirm the end of u.s. operations there by the end of this year. the officials say that he is expected to decide on future troop levels when the combat mission comes to a close. it comes with obama facing questions about his foreign policy and the growing scandal of wounded soldiers when they return home. opposed to nuclear power. public comments on meeting
8:27 pm
electricity. 95% against nuclear. thousands of opinions were gathered. the energy plan was presented on december 6. japan approved a strategy that includes nuclear power on april 11. part of the wine collection in hong kong. the sale raised millions of dollars. one lovers and football fans bid. teachers capitalize on the popularity of british football and the most successful manager. he led in seasons.
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>> beautiful monday morning here. we are one hour from the start of trading here. could this be the start of another week of gains? we are two weeks into the gains here in asia and perhaps the sun is a bright hands of that. you are watching "first up."
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the feel
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clippers, the former all-star says that there is nothing substantial and he did not swat .way the notion completely he said that anything could be
8:39 pm
possible. that is true for these kids at the new afterschool program that teaches dribbling and jump shots. also, teamwork. some say there is a more generation of children here. they are known colloquially as little. -- emperors. >> the parent and grandparents. they never knew to share anything. >> do not take offense? why are you doing this? why have you not taking your riches and gone off like others in society. why are you doing this? >> at a boring life. -- that is a boring life.
8:40 pm
i have learned so much from basketball. i have learned how to be honest with other people and that is the key for a society. and you have to when you are. he gets on his knee and chats with them. he wants to leave a mark. >> as does the mba. how is this for a coincidence? announcese shoemaker a new brand of seeker. >> china is basketball-crazy and the challenge is keeping up with demand. >> china is part of the nba business. it is in merchandise and television rights. >> the mba has also partnered with the cba of the. nba has also partnered with
8:41 pm
the cba. >> if we can get another chinese player or more in the mba. >> perhaps it will be this player or this player. it will not be this middle-aged american with a crooked shot. >> can you make my jump shot j.tter? i have a crooked minded to go in the mba and yamane's bid to own the clippers may be possible. wait for it. it is a long shot. beijing.ngle in still, pretty good. we are going to take a look at
8:42 pm
hacking allegations against chinese companies and the indictments. you are watching for stop -- for stop.
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
have provenh shares to be a winning bets. areave the picks that paying off. >> the global tech stocks are developing. if you take a look at the companies that are listed, they are not doing as well as the chinese ones listed in the u.s.. you are looking at the emerging tech index that trades at 2.5 times their valuation. that spread between the two is the biggest.
8:45 pm
we know what happened this year. it has been pretty tumultuous. there is emerging technology stocks that outperforms the world stocks. take a look at the comparison chart this year. gauge ande world tech you are looking at the projected earnings. you can see that is the cheapest and i feel like i am always talked about linkedin. the emerging tech stocks are cheap and are undervalued. it looks like this rally will continue. >> all right. thanks. u.s. charged military
8:46 pm
officers with hacking into american firms. they are stealing information that would be useful to competitors in china. they are said to be some of the biggest state-owned firms. joining me now is eddie schwartz. he is the president of global solutions and oversees a team the largest wireless carrier here. thank you for joining us. let's take a look at the most wanted, in terms of the chinese hackers and looking into the government and military officials went into u.s. companies. what does that tell you? >> a great question. i think there is too much focus on that issue.
8:47 pm
stand back and say, if you are a global or regional company, what are the threats that people are facing. moreriminals had become targeted in their attacks. there are certainly nationstates involved and activists. business,trying to do step back and say who are the people trying to hack me and what can i do to protect myself about this -- from this. >> and reflects what is going on. securehings that are not and that hackers are able to get in and hack away. terms, how do they protect the assets? >> a good point. we just released our seventh report and discover that the number of incidences increased
8:48 pm
and the number of times that companies have been breached increased. what we found is that, of all of these incidences, they have to focus on the specific market sector and certain types of problems that you have to focus on. >> ok. it depends on the sector. >> it does. if you are in manufacturing or why nato services, you have different ways you can protect yourself. >> yes. chinese are saying not to do with american consulting firms because they are fearing the reverse cyber security threats.
8:49 pm
an economy where we have to be realistic that threats can come from anywhere. they have to take the position that it will require us to work all around the world. they need to step back and say what is the potential landscape. as we said, what are the key things they can do to protect themselves? whether you are a chinese company or an american or european company, do these are tech you? paradigm, indeed. whereve the latest bill the edward snowden of their reveal that data was being passed along to the nsa. is it about protecting yourself
8:50 pm
out of thethrown water because we are exposed? the information around us will continue to grow. it is incumbent on organizations to realize that this has to exist in the cloud and in data centers. it is incumbent upon organizations to figure out how they do business with the u.s. and every environment. the threat.rstand every organization needs to think through and understand what are the risks and the steps taken to mitigate that risk. prepared are we for any huger threat? >> a good question. some large companies are prepared and i think there is a
8:51 pm
long way to go for a lot of companies. to readage everyone this report and talk to their board of directors or senior management to discuss. >> absolutely. it is all about awareness. like you for joining us. thank you so much. are goingup next, we to look at the stock exchange up"
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
>> it is monday. this is the top story. they thailand military leader is going to implement a like tool reforms and stabilize the economy. a royal command at 10:00 bangkok time. the protest party surged in the merkelns and chancellor
8:54 pm
lost one in germany. the results across the 28 nations show support and blame the eu or economic divide. the ukraine has held a contentious election with a chocolate billionaire winning victory. more than 55% of the vote. it avoided the need for a runoff. he was the foreign minister and economy minister and other administration. there goes the bell. there you are. welcome to the stock exchange. let's check in on the trading under way. >> i am doing technology. it is down. .5%. not true dramatic.
8:55 pm
-- two dramatic. o dramatic. we had the chairman suffer a heart attack. he has regained consciousness. his liver and heart is working. that hishopeful cognitive ability will recover in the future. it raises the spotlight and increases the spotlight on succession in samsung. we have local blogs saying that they are going to come out with a smart watch that has a simple art. you will not need to connect to the phone. it will be the phone. >> very interesting. who doesn't want a smart watch? >> where are you? a finishing off the we with nice one. the highest since november 28.
8:56 pm
a merger action that is so protectable. what happens with the company of acquired? the stock has a nice gain. the shipbuilding company is getting the number 10 company. the stock will be delisting. was soid the environment tough that they had to merge. >> i should get some credit. what am i talking about? sony. if you are in china, this is closer together. officially. officially, you may be able to get it. the joining venture partner will sell the playstation. they are not sure when that will become affordable. is reported on news
8:57 pm
events. very busy day. that is it from us for first up today. .. ..
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>> i'm john dawson. we are "on the move." wins royalcoup approval, but protests grow. game changer. it's only battling microsoft again as china relaxes the rules. success. taste of the chocolate billionaire claiming victory in ukraine. arethai military leaders set to name an interim leader today to


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