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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  November 25, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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>> i'm mark halperin, and i'm john heilemann, and with all the respect to jennifer aniston and lisa kudrow, we sit here and curse each other every night. ♪ >> on tonight's mainstage, chuck schumer singing the own mama care blues. and the dnc might just get no sleep till brooklyn.
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but first, the fallout from last night in ferguson, missouri for some the grand jury declined to indict officer wilson in the shooting of michael brown and the city erupted in protests and looting and fires and ways to teargas. al sharpton appeared in a press conference with micro-down -- with michael brown's family. the way he approached -- under criticism was the way he approached the proceedings and how he announced the decision last night. next i've never seen a prosecutor holder -- >> i've never seen a prostitute or hold a press conference to discredit the victim. [applause] where he went out of his way to go point by point in discrediting michael brown, who could not defend himself. >> mark, there are many questions about this case, but i will focus on this one right now. do you think mcculloch, the way he handled this thing from start to finish made things worse? >> yes, having the thing at night, they said they did not
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want to have the announcement when kids were in school, but doing it at 8 p.m. central during darkness was crazy. and the way he did it, if you go point by point, -- i think giving the information the way he did was fine, but in general, given the suspicion of him in the ferguson community and given the way he'd handled it overall up to that point, i think he should have gotten some pr and strategic to buy -- advice before unveiling this decision. >> this is someone uniquely challenged in dealing with this case because of his history, a lot of animosity with the community as it were, deep ties to the police force. i think people don't understand what grand jury's are supposed to before and what the role of prosecutor is in general, which is not to seek justice. the prosecutor is supposed to go in and get an indictment. they present selective evidence and then an actual "room with an actual jury of your peers is where's -- is where justice is supposed to be meted out. in this case, mcculloch decided
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that is not how a grand jury was going to work. he was going to present all of the evidence and not seek an indictment, but let the grand jury have its word. that was a mistake. he was trying to maybe get out of political accountability. the process was really screwed up and i think that a lot of people who are complaining have a right to complain. >> the argument remains about whether he was perfect. i think the way he handled the grand jury was actually reasonable in the sense that if you look at the evidence as presented and you look at the decision of the grand jury, it's not clear that a trial would have served the community well. >> well, it may be, but at the same time i think a lot of people, including michael brown's parents, would have liked to a cnet trial connected with a full defense of officer wilson -- would have liked to have seen that trout conducted with a full defense of officer wilson with a full jury so that people could judge it. >> the guy is an elected prosecutor and rents profits and
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has no sensitivity to the nature of public opinion and the importance of doing things not just buy the book, but with a feel for what voters want and what the public demand. i think he failed miserably yesterday. >> i do, too. one of the key point here is, i do think however just was decided, it was going to be unpopular with some part of his constituency. he has been elected time and time again. saying that he was going to let the grand jury late -- was going to lay out all the evidence of met the grand jury make up its mind was abdicating responsibility. as a prosecutor, he is supposed to seek indictment. that is what prosecutors do every day in america. >> sometimes they don't take it to a grand jury for some you could argue that he went further than he had to buy going to the grand jury and letting them decide, rather than looking at the facts like prosecutors do all the time and not even taking it to a grand jury. president obama spoke last night
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about the events from the white house. a stark contrast between the president calling for calm and growing anger in the streets. the split screen brought home that the president is removed from the event. should the president now go to ferguson? >> i think he should. this is a unique moment. he is the first african-american president. he has been most of his six years in office and he is very waded into racial matters -- and he has a weighted very carefully into racial matters and not want to get into polarizing debates. with no election left to face, he is uniquely situated to talk about this issue and go to ferguson and say much of what he's already been saying, but say it there and on a platform that would make it hard. >> it -- that would make him heard. >> it is clear that he's going to go.
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he didn't want to go until there was a decision. now he is going to go. and he will give a great speech. i thought his speech last night was great. it is a tragic event. loss of life is horrible, but i've a feeling that ike a lot of tragedies in this country it will make a difference not just in ferguson, but in communities across the country. and the president and other politicians with the exception of a few in missouri has done a good job of trying to keep the balance of individually birdies and people's need and search for justice. -- individual liberties and people's need and search for justice. >> i think it is the right moment for it. it is a thing that has inflamed a lot of people. it has a lot of complexities to it was a president is uniquely situated to speak to it. >> do you think he will do it before christmas? >> i hope so. >> i bet he does.
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>> earlier today, charles schumer dissected the democrats midterm drubbing. he admitted his party made mistakes, among them, pushing a formal care act at the expense of the middle class. that he insisted that government ins -- government itself is not the problem. >> 2014 was not a repudiation of government in general, just another sign of the deep frustration is not doing enough to fix our country's and the middle classes problems. >> i have infinite respect for chuck schumer. do you think he made the right statement today? >> how can anyone wearing those classes that way be wrong? we always focus on the middle class. the fact is, the economic message of democrats in this midterm -- minimum wage, equal pay for equal work, important issues for a lot of voters, but it is not a vibrant middle class message. despite from being -- despite
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being from across brooklyn, the message has always been about them in the class. and i think he was spot on. i think the president was right to get universal health coverage from his point of view in his first term. >> the message was that he should have done the photo care act first post a be wrote a book in which that was the central argument. you can debate that all day long. i'm not sure that was the central thing that happened in 2014. he did not get that much into what exactly the dynamics were. the thing i think he is right about is that democrats -- andrew cuomo has made this case, two for the democrats must talk in an affirmative way about government, embrace government but a kind of government that people find palatable, and not overreaching. >> you have to wonder why chuck schumer, the number two democrat in the senate, could not have been more influential as a >> you would have thought he would
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have had a pretty big megaphone. >> i'm just saying. we conducted a new hampshire poll and asked voters there is the midterm results gave republicans a mandate. here is what they said. we asked them, do republicans -- this is a sample of republicans and democrats and independent voters in new hampshire. 44% said no and 46% said yes. given that poll result in one key skate -- estate, do republicans have the kind of mandate that they are talking about? >> i dig it would be a huge mistake, the same mistake of 2010, in which they deem to victory in a midterm election. it is just like 2010 was a real victory. but the problem in 2010 is a top that just trashing obama was enough and it was not. i don't think anything they said -- they had no positive vision. and without positive vision, they cannot win in 2016. >> i agree with you, but they can invent a mandate.
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if they come up with two or three issues that are popular with the voters to my think they can drive their agenda. if they said lycee, we won, and now here is -- if they simply say, we won, and now here is mandate. >> monday never striking in this poll, when we asked -- one thing that was very striking in this poll, when we asked people about whether they were to vote republican or democrat to my republicans had leads on trust cut into gridlock, those kind of things. but they were only one point behind democrats on the question about "cares about people like me." that is the thing that dominated in the election of .12. >> this is last night at the sewed. -- last night episode. >> i'm talking about it again. >> up next, at a time when the country needs a little love, we are going to go to the city of
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brotherly love right back with the mayor, michael a nutter, right after this. ♪
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>> joining us now, the mayor of philadelphia, michael nutter. he told us recently that the town of ferguson botch this tragedy so badly from start to finish. you've gotten criticism across the board about how this was handled, but one of the main things you would have liked to have seen differently -- you have any idea how things could have gone so long from your perspective? >> i think there are many answers to that question.
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you have to start with the actual incident itself. there was obviously some kind of confrontation. the officer was called as a result of someone stealing some cigars from a store. there was the scuffle, the fight, where supposedly michael brown hit the officer in the face, gunfire, and then michael brown goes away and the officer gets out of the car and chases him down the street. i think there is a moment right there where clearly, the officer has to think -- take a second thought about what am i doing at this moment? where is my backup? do i need to chases person? that is that. i'm then there is the killing, 10 shots -- why he shoots in 10 times is not clear from last night asked from the prosecutor. but then you go right to the prosecutor. this is someone who is a sworn officer. i'm sure he tries to do his job to the best of his ability, but you cannot escape the fact that unfortunately for him in his life experience, his father was a police officer killed in the line of duty. it is impossible to believe that those thoughts are not somewhere still in his mind and in his
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consciousness. then he calls for a special prosecutor. he should step back and allow someone else to deal with that particular case. the disaster of announcing the grand jury's determination last night clearly should be on the lap -- the top five list of all-time demos policy -- dumbest public policy decisions made and the circumstances and potential for violence -- and i know they claimed they had other reasons and certainly, you don't want school kids out and all of that, but that was a disastrous decision. the list goes on and on. like i'm a little surprised you only put it in the top five. >> i'm not sure what the other four are at the moment, but it ranks up there pretty high. and then no indictment. after all of that. a good prosecutor can invite -- can indict a great for not being sweet --a grape for not being sweet. i'm just hoping that the
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department of justice, their investigation not yet being complete, that it will lead to a different conclusion. but i like the normal hams -- >> i like the switch from normal ham sandwich metaphor to a grape. just on what you know, do you think there is any chance just as a matter of justice, not as a matter of process, that the grand jury which the right conclusion in this case? which is to say, there just convict the officer in the shooting? >> i think it is tough for us at the moment. there is a volume of information out there. the issue is that if you talk to people in law-enforcement, how was the present -- the evidence
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presented? what really happened in a grand jury room? it's not just the words on the sheet of paper in terms of the transcript will stop it's also the actual presentation -- in terms of the transcript. it's also the actual presentation, and what kinds of questions rast of the officer. i find it interesting that the prosecutor last night in his presentation never gave us reeling from eight as far as what happened between the confrontation at the car and then 10 shots out in the street in broad daylight with someone who is unarmed, allegedly lunging at you. there have to be other options that an officer can take in the circumstances. that part was not mention and was completely glossed over. then we went into shooting and then the full-blown grand jury investigation.
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he had an opportunity last night to lay out a lot of things and he took a lot of things to do it to my and he should have, but that is a glaring missing piece in this whole tragedy for the bucks mr. mayor, i want to move to a different topic. as you know, your city is one of three finalists for the democratic convention in 2016. let me start like this. have you ever been to brooklyn? >> [laughs] i have been to brooklyn. >> what do you like to do their? >> i have not been to brooklyn enough to have that level of experience. i did have a nice time at the parkland center. but it took me a little while, to be honest, to get from manhattan to the berkeley center
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-- the berkeley center. brooklyn is a great place. new york, of course, fantastic city. and a new mayor and my friend, merten l de blasio -- mayor bill de blasio. i think we have a fantastic arena. the wells fargo center is superior in so many ways. an expanded convention center in downtown philadelphia. 10,000 hotel rooms and it takes about 12 to 15 minutes to get to downtown philly from the wells fargo center. we are ready. we have the logistics. we have the hotel rooms. and we going to raise the money. we'll give our delegates and donors a fantastic experience and make history with the democratic nominee in philadelphia in 2016. we are working hard. we wish the other cities the best, but my job is to bring it home for the city of philadelphia. >> mr. mayor, your friend ed rendell is on record as skeptical about brooklyn as a possible venue because of the outbreak of bed bugs here in the city. i'm curious when you hear you say that you think philadelphia will be better because of the birthplace of freedom in the u.s., are you saying that
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brooklyn hates freedom? >> [laughs] there are so many freedom loving people in brooklyn, you cannot even count them all. this would be a healthy competition. but i just think we have some other -- [laughs] some other great attribute that make philadelphia the right place to be. freedom, liberty, and democracy, the city of philadelphia. >> you are not the first person to start laughing on public television -- to start laughing on national television when thinking about what ed rendell says. when -- wouldn't she be better off getting nominated in the city that her husband was nominated in in 1992? and wouldn't there be some poetry? >> i love poetry come about i love the city of philadelphia. for us to have the opportunity to nominate at our convention the first woman, again, that is
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a history making kind of event. having clinton nominated in new york in 1992, and i was there at my first convention and a big bill clinton supporter then, and then having hillary clinton philadelphia -- hillary clinton nominated in philadelphia truly cements the relationship between philadelphia and new york. i think it works out well. but we were going to ask you for some thanks giving tips. we don't have time. thank you for coming on. happy holidays, mayor. >> only come back, democrats are narrowing their choices for the 2016 convention. only one of them, however, allows us to sleep in our own beds. ♪
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>> as we just discussed with the giddy mayor nutter, we are in the heat of the medical convention playoffs, democratic division. let's take a closer look at the final three.
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>> up first, columbus, ohio, home of the ohio state buckeyes, the birthplace of wendy's, and the world's most authentic recreation of christopher columbus's santa maria. >> next up, philadelphia. obviously come cheese steaks are fantastic. and the liberty bell, while cracked, is still kind of nice. and of course, there is the ceo of comcast, brian roberts. >> and then there is the home of bicycles, pickles, and whiskey and irony. >> who should get the nomination? >> there is no doubt in my mind who should get it. as a proud resident of the 718 brooklyn should get this. new york has a great record of electing presidents. there have been for in the modern era, the postwar era.
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jimmy carter, bill clinton, and george w. bush. three out of four were the tory us. -- were the tory us. -- victorious. >> i think that columbus is a great city, don't get me wrong. and i love ohio. but i think the hotel room situation and the fundraising situation, i don't think they will get it. the thing about brooklyn is new york has an army of police force. but there is the complexity. i know you can get on the subway and get out there. i've read about that. but i'm telling you, this notion of using the whole city and doing events in manhattan, it's hard to get around. the bridges and tunnels and subways, whatever. i think that the philadelphia plan logistically is good. and they had the 2004 convention
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ended a great job. i actually think brooklyn should get it, but i think philadelphia is going to get it. >> putting it in this state to try to win this state is a fools game for the b-1 to put it in a place for you can put on a good television show. -- is a fool's game. you want to put it in a place where you can put on a good television show. >> can shut down philadelphia. they did it in 2004. you cannot shut down manhattan and brooklyn. when it was in madison square garden and people could walk there or take the subways or pedicabs, great. but if you separate it by bridges and tunnels, huge problem. i hope it will work, but i don't think it will. >> it is going to work. >> no. >> please. no, sleep till brooklyn. ♪
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>> it's not every day an ex-president gets caught on a kiss can -- but when it's barbara and george herbert walker bush, it's been awesome.
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except next, "taking stock" and on bloomberg radio, sayonara.
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>> i'm julie hyman in for pimm fox and this is what i am taking stock of this tuesday, november 25, 2014. the family of michael brown responded to the lack of indictments for a police officer that killed the teenager. >> we object publicly and loudly as we can on behalf of michael brown, jr.'s family that this process is broken. >> the governor of missouri held his own news conference and said the violence last night cannot be repeated in ferguson. hewlett-packard is out with its earnings -- reporting fourth-quarter sales that fell short of analyst estimates. earlier this year, the company announced it would be splitting into two.


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