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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  December 16, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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>> yeah, mark halperin? >> yeah? my prediction -- [speaking russian] ♪ >> hi, sports fans. lighting our menorah tonight. but first, you can hear them chanting in unison. explore, jeb, explore! now to cable news -- fox news.
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>> is there a point in another bush running for the white house? >> bush fatigue, what about clinton fatigue? >> that takes care of everyone except for rush limbaugh. here is an edited version of his hot take today. >> jeb bush is out telling potential donors, ceo's and the like, he is not going to compromise his principles like others have. meaning he is not going to pander to conservatives. he is going to show you can win the republican party nomination without securing the base. their wildest dream is to render tea party conservatives an irrelevant factor. >> ok, mark, we have an exploratory committee, rush up in arms.
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this was jeb's first move. what are his other moves? >> not quite an exploratory committee. it is a super pac. we talked the other night about how strong jeb bush would be if he got in. what was one of the big concerns about jeb bush, did he have the fire in his belly to run? coming out first, basically, the first guy to say i am exploring this, i may do this as a major candidate. most people thinking of supporting jeb bush are delighted. >> he says he is going to explore it. most people when they say they will start exploring, it means they are really in. he says he has not fully decided yet. there are a lot of places he has not been in 2014, including out in iowa. he has not been there, right? you know as well as i do the
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history of establishment candidates getting the nomination. this may be a different year. what will be the face of what the grassroots party does next year when jeb goes out there on the ground? >> no coincident he did this announcement on twitter and facebook. now -- start taking the names of bundlers. these other people -- if he starts taking the names of bundlers, he could have a real show for february 1 to say, look at all of these people who will raise money for me. >> in october, another crazy right-winger said we do not need another bush. i am curious what his reaction will be if he goes to places like iowa and here's a lot of negative noise. >> that is part of the strength of jeb bush. he will not lie back.
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jeb bush, probably in. rand paul says, the more the merrier. marco rubio calls him a formidable candidate. scott walker says it does not affect him one way or another. ted cruz says if the gop nominates a moderate, presumably someone like jeb bush, hillary clinton will win. meanwhile, a new poll has bush in place with -- second place, right around where rand paul is. romney leads the pack with 20%. but take romney out -- i bet you romney does not run -- bush does lead the deal, bunched up with rand paul, a bunch of others. what does that do to the rest of the republican field? >> they have to get out in force, especially the establishment bracket. i am with you. i think the likeliness of mitt romney running is pretty small. but someone like chris christie
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who has been running with jeb bush voters -- if they want to see christie and bush going for the establishment donors, it allows them to triangulate up those guys, push off those guys, take on a different kind of candidacy. >> as people except the deal for the last year, i think money is not sufficient. if jeb bush ends up signing a bundle or or trying to raise money, it would be a huge development. i think, despite my saying there will not be a front runner until someone wins iowa, i think he is a chance to be a front runner. these guys, some have been more active than others. they better get in, as you have said, because jeb bush could run away with the establishment category and the bundler category in a way that would be hardest.
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>> chris christie is the guy who has to be most nervous now. whatever time table he is on they are competing for the same backers. same wall street people. a guy like rand paul, he can raise all of the money he wants. a guy like ted cruz, he will raise his money with the tea party crowd. mike huckabee can go with social conservatives. >> it is great for hillary for one reason because all of the attention will go to jeb bush in terms of scrutiny. great for her because if jeb bush is the nominee, that takes the pressure off of the dynasty and that means an elevated policy discussion. >> and she does not look like the future, but he does not like the future either. >> it is bad for her because the populist wing of the democratic party is going to say -- >> they are more comfortable with warren. the ruble, the currency of russia, is in a freefall due to the following oil prices.
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the decline was so steep that car dealerships like volvo suspended business in russia. this is when you know things are really bad. at the white house today, they were talking of putin's grave. >> what we have said about this strategy has come to past. we have said the longer the sanctions regime is in place the more isolated the russians would be. it is president putin's decision to make here about what he wants to do to protect his people and the country he leads. >> we'll get that iphone to vladimir as soon as we can, by the way. josh earnest showing glee. is it too soon for the white house to be gloating this way? >> if markets around the world are having trouble, oil prices and sanctions is hurting.
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i think that they can whip up the nationalist frenzy and they control a lot of pieces. the fundamentals are really bad now. the bottom has fallen out. the central bank does not have a lot of cards to play to fix this. i don't know exactly what putin is going to do. the "wall street journal" says putin cornered is dangerous. >> there are two ways he could exercise power, right? economic strength and if that is crippled, you can still go to military strength. that is something putin has. there are things that he could do to whip up the nationalist fervor against the outside forces that people claim are trying to hurt russia economically. but this is dangerous. this is a situation where gloating is too soon because there are a lot of cards and they are very dangerous cards he could play.
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>> all right, more trouble at sony at the end of our a block once again. two companies are suing sony pictures for not sufficiently protecting the privacy. "gawker" uploaded a movie. it includes an explosive spoiler. we will not show it here. is sony's attempt to shut down the controversy doomed? >> if they did not worry about public appearances, they would go get stoned more often. this hacking group has issued threats to moviegoers and they are alluding to 9/11. i think there is a reasonable prospect they will have to shut the movie down. if these threats are real, as much as this was city is in some
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-- as much as this publicity is in some way good for the movie it would be disastrous for the movie -- >> what about not backing down in the face of threats for fine art? >> i believe this could be fine art, but i have got to say, it is a very delicate balance. there is a reasonable chance. there is no doubt sony is thinking about -- >> i do not know if they care about the first amendment, but the threats, you have the perspective of the lawyer talking about the first amendment rights. sony is in a bad place. all right, the jeb cannonball. what does it mean for romney for john, and for me and our travel budget for the next year and the known universe? ♪
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>> the political world has spent most of today unpacking jeb bush's announcement. our two guests tonight -- a former republican chairman in florida and a new hampshire republican strategist and absolute guru. gentlemen, good to see you. al, you were a supporter of jeb bush, correct? >> yes, i was party chairman and i helped him run for governor three times. we have known each other pretty well for a long time. >> what you know about the process through which he came to this decision? >> there are basically three components to it. family support, business to politics transition, and the third one, the one we are undertaking right now, going on a listening tour, talking to leaders of the party around the country and coming up with his own conclusions as to whether indeed he can run a primary
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successfully based on his vision, based on his problem-solving capabilities and based on the things he considers important for america. he began that tour. at someone in time during the process, he will decide whether he was to get into the recess -- process formally or not. we are certainly in the decision-making stretch. >> will you support him or are you undecided? >> i'm uncommitted. >> does that mean you might support him or you are supporting someone else? >> i think he is a very strong candidate. i have enormous respect and regard for him and what he brings to the field. i think it is a very good day for republicans' chance to win the white house in 2016. >> so if it were someone like
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chris christie or mike pence or rick perry, does this speed up your timetable or do you wait and see what jeb bush does before you rush in? >> you have to see what effort they put in the field in the early states and see how that shakes out. i have very little reservation about his candidacy. i think he is a strong leader and he is running for the right reasons. we will have to see how this plays out and if there is a place to fit in that organization, but i think it is a good thing for republicans he is considering this. >> there are people on the right who did not react with open arms to jeb bush's announcement he is going to explores this. what do you expect over the next few months from conservative corners of the party? >> if he runs, there are some who have had some kool-aid about where he stands politically, but
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those of us who have witnessed his performance as governor -- i remember grover norquist in 2006, for example, saying he was the most conservative governor in america. he dealt with tax reductions. he dealt with increasing the reserves. he dealt with education reform. he was the trendsetter in the conservative movement at the state level. those around the country who did not know him the way we know him and florida will get a better taste of where he stands. i think that they will be comfortable with them across the party. >> mitt romney -- what is the chance he gets in now? >> i think he has said pretty consistently it was his instinct not to run. he has said it as many ways as you can. i am not privy to his thinking tonight, but i think it makes it
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easier for him to stay in that position. he has someone he admires and respects and the race and at this point in time, i do not see him changing his decision and actively getting a candidacy going. >> the speculation about marco rubio, despite what his team is saying this does not affect his decision, that he will run for reelection to the senate, does this affect his decision making, jeb bush being his mentor politically? >> if he was anywhere else but florida, you would not even ask me that question. marco is one of the top five ranked candidates anywhere. his skill sets are amazing. he is the most promising young figure in the party. his ceiling is as high as it could possibly get and a young man of that stature and kind of reminds me of john kennedy -- >> will he run against jeb bush or not?
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>> he might consider exploring this on his own and see where it gets them. no harm, no foul. i think marco is deserving. whether he does or not, he will have to come to that decision, but he has certainly earned the right to make that decision. >> al, talk about jeb bush relative to other potential republican aspirants in that state? how does he compare to others? >> again, i think you guys parsed out earlier the geography here and bush occupies what tends to be the winning majority in a republican primary, which is the central right governing security, people like ted cruz and others tend to find more of the ideological right.
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sometimes there are two primaries. one thing that will happen, i believe, i think secretary clinton will run. i think she will get a very, very big vote among democrats. in new hampshire, they go where the action is. if the democrat side seems to be decided, a lot of independents will take republican ballots and that has a tendency to moderate the republican electorate. i think that will be a factor closer to the primary. >> al, will you and others be asked to start lining up bundlers now or will that be on hold? >> he is now forming a pac to have the resources to travel the country and meet people and support and fund his ideas and thoughts and ambition on our country. i presume they will start knocking on doors sooner, rather than later to start providing resources -- >> how much could you raise for
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him? >> i don't know, i am a humble cuban refugee. >> so, half a million? >> [laughter] i don't know. we also have a billionaire society now, which we never had before in american politics. as far as people like tom and i worked to create enough resources for a candidate to be competitive, you can have one billionaire and make our jobs seem rather modest. we will see how this process evolves. it is a new year in presidential politics and none of us really knows where it goes. >> what kind of reception do you think jeb bush will get when he heads out to iowa? >> listen -- >> i think iowa needs a strong voice of jeb bush to make a legitimate dialogue out there. i think they will welcome him, at least the primary organization because he broadens their process and makes it left -- less of a test of one piece
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of the public and party. >> al cardenas and thomas rath. thank you both. when we come back, crank up the volume to 11. ♪
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>> really big announcement this morning that was not on jeb bush's facebook page. the announcements for the 2014 nominees to the rock 'n roll hall of fame. our john heilemann pays a tribute. >> first up, green day. they almost single-handedly revived punk as an art form. they became a successful and establishment voice.
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joan jett and the blackhearts, who removed any doubt that women can rock as hard as the guys. next up, bill withers, an icon of soul who gave us "lean on me" and "just the two of us." paul butterfield and his blues blue with that harmonica. and of course, the godfather already inducted for his work with velvet underground, his solo work is truly ambitious. but perhaps the most deserved induction of all is that of richard starkey, a.k.a. ringo starr. his solo pathway may be slightly rockier than those of his former bandmates john, paul, and george. >> ♪ it don't come easy ♪ >> it will not just be an induction, but an award for his
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many musical gifts. >> ♪ oh, my my ♪ >> his top 40 hits broke boundaries and dabbled unabashedly with taboos. giving us some of the weirdest songs of all time. his vocal stylings were as pure as those of johnny mathis. >> ♪ mmm ♪ >> and who gave us perhaps the greatest christmas song ever written, "i want to be santa claus." >> ♪ i want to be santa claus ♪ >> merry christmas, mr. starkey.
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>> oh, my, my. >> what is your favorite ringo song? >> "photograph." ♪
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>> oh, yes, it is time for our all new "with all due respect" advent calendar. happy holidays to our jewish viewers on the beginning of hanukkah. best video ever. >> i will say it again. [indiscernible] we are on 24/7 on
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up next, "taking stock." ♪
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>> hello, i'm pimm fox and this is what i am taking stock of. the ruble plunge. this despite the central bank raising its interest rates. policymakers must be alarmed. >> it is scary when you do something that big and dramatic and it does not stick and gain traction. >> stocks in the u.s. recorded a wild ride. the s&p 500 lower after its biggest point swing in two months. and apple prevails.


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