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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  December 18, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> i'm josh green. >> i'm john heilemann. you are the real poppa bear rest in peace. hello, sports fans. the three white guys are jeb, chris, and brad. first, remember when the republicans said they would sweep in a new era of bipartisanship? that happened thanks to north korea. we heard from important figures
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from politics and entertainment speaking in unison. president obama encouraging people to go to the movies. the last two republican candidates piping up, and mitt romney telling sony to fight. rob lowe said, "hollywood has done proud," while bill maher said that the nation was thrown under the bus. you are a policy man, washington man, person of the beltway. what can washington do, if anything, to pick up this problem? >> it's a crazy situation. who would have thought kim jong-un would be the uniter not a divider, bringing america together. it presents an interesting problem. this is a nation that barely has electricity, already
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economically isolated. the usual tools that you would apply to a rogue nation you cannot with north korea. there are a couple of things. maybe they can lean on the chinese to interfere with financial transactions, stop some of their diplomats, but it is hard. >> cyber terrorism is a form of economic espionage in the government is taking it seriously. is there something the government can do to help sony? new yorker magazine said the government should step in and say we will subsidize sony if there are losses on the film. what about that idea, the government trying to subsidize somehow help free expression? >> i don't think you want government jumping in and backstopping the private market. they need a policy response, the same way that you would have a policy response for a terror
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attack. the reaction from sony the uproar in the u.s. will only encourage further attacks. we need some kind of policy to implement to stop people from doing this. >> sony is taking a lot of heat, but if you were sitting in their corporate office right now facing the legal liability if something went wrong at one of these theaters across the country, you would be seriously concerned. now, onto vladimir putin's annual press conference. the president of russia spoke for more than three hours, showing everybody that he has his country under control even as the ruble topples. he said other countries are affecting this. >> our bear needs to chill out not to chase the piggies. a little bit of berries come a little bit of honey, and maybe he will be left alone. i will never let him be. i will chain the bear.
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then they will extract his teeth and nails. after they extract the nails of the bear, then he is not needed. then you can stuff the bear and turn it into a taxidermy bear. we are protecting our sovereignty. >> chain the bear is now one of my favorite phrases of the year. the you imagine president obama doing a press conference like that? vladimir putin, strongman or madman? >> strongman, but with a real problem. >> you can define this either way. >> there is a third way. he has a problem. the ruble is collapsing, the price of oil is collapsing. the russian economy is hugely dependent on oil. on the other hand putin is hugely popular within russia because of the situation in the ukraine and this idea that
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rushes being persecuted. -- the idea that rushes being persecuted. he referred to the u.s. as the little piggies. he needs to cast the blame on foreign adversaries, and that is what's happened. >> also, people laugh at "chain the bear," but the truth is his whole strength in russia is built on the notion that he is a strong man for a big powerful superpower. the bear, although it is clumsy and weird, it is also really resonating probably with russians, saying we are a strong and defiant country, we can make it through this, do not try to threaten us. >> or you will have to contend with our top leader riding his steed and doing all the other things that vladimir putin does to project but she's no and all the other things -- to project machsiismo and all the other things that he does. >> is there a chance that he is
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the bear? >> i have no idea. he lost me. maybe a shaved bear. >> that was a bad metaphor. i love the press conference. jeb bush is leaving his job as an advisor to barclays, which is something you have to do if you are running for president. josh, you are the resident expert at the moment, having written the story. last week talking about how governor bush might have a mitt romney problem because of all of his financial dealings in interests. here is the beginning of getting rid of the romney problem? >> absolutely, jeb bush has two mitt romney problems. one come in the piece in "business week" it takes a look at the fact -- my cowriter, talented, financial. he has opened three funds, including 13 weeks ago. not the action that you would take.
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they said are you running for president of trying to get rich? the other problem, with barclays, you don't want to be associated with private equity, and certainly not a scandal-plagued bank like our clays -- like barclays. stepping down makes that story, hopefully for bush, a little tougher for journalists like us. >> one of the most striking things in the week of this story is mitt romney being quoted in politico saying, you think i have a problem with this, wait until you see would jeb bush is doing with barclays. >> mitt romney came out and said, "i'm worried about --" supposedly, "i'm more jeb bush has a private equity problem." >> first you are saying that vladimir putin is a hairless bear and now you're comparing mitt romney to a big hairy troll. this is a very vivid episode. >> send all of your hate mail to
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me. >> it is all well and good for him to get off the board of barclays but it does not come close to addressing the problem. mitt romney was not running bane when he had that problem. the question, as you raising your story, who are some of these investors? the specter of shadowy chinese investors and vehicles that jeb bush has connection to, that is something people will want to dig into, his republican rivals, reporters, and democrats. >> before he launched his leadership tactic, what he did before was i will come out and transparently release 250,000 e-mails from when he was governor. interesting that he did not include his foreign investors in that list of things. >> will you be trying to find those e-mail soon? >> i have been. >> next, it is a chris christie christmas -- say that 16 times
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fast. the new jersey governor got an early president. -- an early present. he will not be named in the george washington bridge scandal. he will also talk with his family about running for president. "the wall street journal" is reporting that the game is on for him to get his donors in line. it will be interesting in new jersey around christmas time. the on the questions of should i run, should i not run, what are the other factors with jeb bush and donors that chris christie has to think about? >> the biggest thing chris christie wants from santa claus is a note from federal prosecutor saying you are not being indicted in the bridge scandal. in terms of things he can actually control, he needs to go out and gauge how nervous are my donors, are they going to flock to jeb bush now that it looks like he is getting in the race, or do i need to assert myself assert my primacy, watch some
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kind of leadership to keep pace with jeb bush and let people know no you don't have to vote for another bush. i'm here, i'm pretty clean. we have been getting the stories he has been dropped in this lawsuit. the is getting some distance from that scandal. >> i don't think there is any question chris christie will not be indicted, but the federal prosecutors are still looking at that case. the real christmas present would be no indictments. there are several people who could be indicted. whether he is or not, if they get indicted, the possibility they may talk they will end up in some complicated legal morass that will reflect on him, it is massive for christie. his whole front runner status a year ago, before bridge gate was built. people on wall street wanted him to run. those people have more or less entirely abandoned him. they are now racing for bush.
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i wonder, given all the questions about chris christie's temperament, how he will play in iowa and new hampshire, if you don't have wall street behind you, what is the christie candidacy rest on? >> it is a huge question. >> when we come back, more questions about the north korean hack attack. should we watch "team america" instead? the editor in chief of "the wrap" will be with us, next. ♪
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>> our guest tonight will not be able to watch the interview, so she will give us an interview. sharon, thank you for coming on the show. >> happy to be here. >> i was just asking, you just
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got a new peace online that talks about how sony bungled this from start to finish. do the anatomy of this moment how sony has screwed this up. >> well, actually, both within hollywood and outside of hollywood, just the brunt of the most little criticism right now. it is not just the analysis i'm making. it is a pure observation. they have gone from championing the rights to make a controversial movie to essentially putting at risk you know, the whole kit and caboodle of sony pictures by apparently not taking seriously the threats that had been the ominous, dark clouds on the horizon. they were getting e-mail warnings from north korea through the months of making
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this movie. the question is, who's judgment call was it to pursue the movie as planned? a lot of changes might have been made along the way. there is this question about how they reacted once they were hacked, which is devastating and presumably nobody could have imagined something as paralyzing as what actually occurred. i don't think there has been a hack in corporate history of this level, this magnitude, stealing the information leaking people's private employee information, private e-mail to that degree. but then they are also being criticized within hollywood by other studios for taking too long to make the decision about the movie endangering the very important christmas movie going experience. and of course their movie plays alongside everybody else's movies, and now they are also being criticized for having caved into the hackers and pulled the movie. but too late for some people's taste and not putting the movie
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out in some way, handing the hackers a full victory, if you like. so they are just getting slammed from every angle. >> is there anybody in hollywood who is defending sony, or is it just open season from every direction? >> today, i would not say they have any defenders that i see. the latest thing that i saw was having to explain his e-mails. who would really withstand the scrutiny of having their every e-mail pulled out of context and thrown into the public square? even those people who are maybe not as casual in their e-mail as some of the things that have leaked out or have been deliberately leaked have shown. you know, there is a lot of damage that could be construed in a lot of ways. i have had leaked e-mails out there completely taken out of context.
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it is not fair, but that is where we are at. >> sharon, your first answer, you said what was at risk was maybe the whole kit and caboodle for sony pictures. explain what that means. what is actually at stake, not just for the leaders, but for everybody involved? what is on the line, in terms of movies financing what the loss will be, but more broadly in terms of this studio's standing in hollywood? >> that is the question on the table. the movie itself, we published a story, you guys had a good story also, looking at the losses. the movie itself is about a $90 million loss right now. that is the cost of production cost of marketing. there are other losses that are estimated at having to rebuild the security of for structure, the digital infrastructure, the piracy of the five movies that were fully leaked online.
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that's tens of millions of dollars in that. that is certainly something the studio could withstand, and i think there is also potentially a valid insurance claim they could make against the cost of the movies they may be up to recoup through those means. when you are really asking is what is the future of sony pictures is a business, and that really is something that we all have to think about. first of all, there are not many major studios left. there are six that are members of the motion pictures association that make all of the entertainment, the lions share of the entertainment that we consume around the world today. i would say that the current leadership is highly at risk to no longer be the current leadership at the studio, that is for sure. with new leadership at the studio, they will have a great deal of fencemending to do in the talent community. i think it will -- i think there will have to be a lot of assurances made that conversations that are had are kept private that deals that
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are made are going to be honored . the thing is when you are a studio, what you're trying to do is get the best materials first. you are trying to build franchises. you are trying to create relationships with movie stars and the writers and directors who make the great movies. you are competing with the other studios to do that. so there is significant damage to sony's reputation as a place to do that. and they will have to rebuild over time. >> sharon, one last question, there have been a number of people, including in washington, who have suggested sony should put the movie online or in paper view. they rejected that why? >> yes, quickly, i would say they need to get this problem behind them. i think they thought if they allowed any outlet for the movie to be seen, they were still at risk by whoever is out there
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making this threat, north korea. so i think the leaders of sony needed to get over this, get over and done. the best way was to not release the movie at all. >> sharon waxman thank you very much. when we come back, are you ready for some football analysis? ♪
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>> the san francisco 49ers have cut a defensive lineman after the police said they were investigating him with suspicion of sexual assault. if anybody a surprise, they have been not following the nfl. this is the worst year that roger goodell and the nfl have had, sex abuse, child abuse, lies upon lies. but since this is america, we will not stop watching.
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now we have would football means for americans and it's brazenly defined leader. >> we are sitting outside of the fortress that is nfl headquarters. roger goodell is in his office, away from the inquisitive questions from reporters or angry protesters. trouble from the game would video surfaced showing former raven star ray rice knocking his then-fiancé unconscious in atlantic city elevator. roger goodell suspended him only two games, half of what the league mandates for marijuana use. then in september, more graphic video surfaced, showing him punching jenee and knocking her out. this time roger goodell suspended him indefinitely saying he and not seen the video. >> i got it wrong in the
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handling of the ray rice matter, and i am sorry for that. i got it wrong on a number of levels, from the process that i led to the decision i reached. >> as the controversy escalated viking star adrian peterson was charged with beating his son with a switch repeatedly. another example that gave the impression of a leak out of control. the games went on and more people watched than ever. ratings are up 3% this season across the board. the nfl had 36 of the top 40 telecasts. the eagles-cowboys game one thanksgiving -- one thanksgiving was the most-watched show, the highest rating since 1998. where the rate's concussions, child abuse, or a midseason drug ring locker rate, nothing can derail the league. >> ray rice came in with a
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standing ovation. it is quick to see -- it is amazing to see how some people are quick to forgive and forget. >> the commissioner is really only beholden to the 32 team owners he has made up seemly rich. nfl revenue has increased 31% from 2008 to 2013. >> the bigger issue as a pertains to roger goodell is there are no checks and balances. he has concentrated all of his power at the top. even if he were forced to resign, whatever figurehead took over as commissioner representing these 32 owners over the interests of the players or fans would retain all of those powers and would not have to answer to anybody but themselves. >> roger goodell has been awkwardly silent other than a press conference that was held late on a friday night. he gave an interview that said, "i blew it" in regards to the
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scandals. later, he released a tougher personal policy. parents have said they do not wonder sons playing football. the winds of change may be blowing. >> roger goodell can ignore all of the screams and protests. we will not stop watching. the fact is, i am a green with the nfl, but i am is guilty -- i am angry with the nfl, but i am as guilty as everybody else. i'm at a bar and i am ready for some football. >> we will be right back with a special holiday message. ♪
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>> day 19 of the advent calendar, it is none other than bill o'reilly with an important message. >> i have been doing this about 10 years.
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as is the only year we have not had a store that commanded its employees not to say "merry christmas." the war is over, we have won. >>♪
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>> hello, i am pimm fox, and this is what i'm taking stock of. global stocks surge today in the s&p 500 posted its best daily gain in nearly two years a day after janet yellen said the central bank is likely to hold rates near zero at least through the first quarter of 2015. russian president vladimir putin is digging in. he blamed the united states and europe for his toughest economic was. president obama signed a bill authorizing tighter sanctions against russia bec


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