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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  January 5, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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>> i'm john heilemann. >> and i'm mark halperin and with all due respect to chris christie -- ♪ >> on the show tonight, the boys are back in town. california gets recharged by jerry brown. but first, what does the fox say? mike huckabee's strengths are not just limited to giving advice to survival food pantries. he also does well in iowa. he got the most votes ever in
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the modern republican caucuses. just how important is it? what the huck? >> that is awesome. let's start with what is true. the iowa thing. a come out of nowhere triumph in iowa. the strength in the evangelical community is still strong, his show, the values and things he puts forward, and he may be the most talented republican in this field. >> and i am not saying they will all vote for him again, but if you look at other people seen as strong iowa candidates in his lane, people like rick perry ted cruz, rand paul, rick santorum, mike huckabee has to be strong. when they come after him for his
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arkansas record, can he take the hits? >> let's start with a strengths. one thing about 2008 that impressed me was the line he had which was, i am a conservative that is not mad at anyone. that was a powerful thing to say. he speaks to downscale voters. for those reasons, the obama white house in 2012 worried more about him than mitt romney. >> i got to tell you, if the guy runs the table in iowa, i think he can do it. if he built a team and he figures out a way, dominate south carolina, he is a strong candidate. the other thing about it is, he has as good a touch on radio and television and in debates is anybody else.
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>> here are his problems. first, he does not like talking to rich people. he does not like rich people much at all. you have to raise money. he can live off the land more than some candidates. but he has a problem with that. and he has a chip on his shoulder the size of gibraltar and it comes through. the counterpoint to i am a conservative who is not angry at anyone is he has a lot of grievances. >> he needs a really great super pac manager. he can make a lot of progress if he gets a super pac to do his bidding. you do not want to go negative. let the super pac do it. >> agree with that. he would be a real player, i think we agree with that. it is 2015, the year of "back to the future ii" and let's pretend that our pool is occupied by chris christie, jeb bush, chris christie, rick santorum, and here comes the former governor of arkansas. who is afraid the most of mike huckabee? >> rick perry -- he is going to be unemployed.
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rand paul and ted cruz, because they are in the senate, cannot camp out there. perry has to worry. the other thing, because huckabee is a pastor, has long-standing relationships with religious conservatives. santorum and ted cruz have to worry that they cannot dominate that group. >> rick santorum, with mike huckabee in the field, rick santorum is a hard go. i do not know if he will run or not. we have seen the bloomberg politics poll, how badly he has done.
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mike huckabee is so much better a natural politician. rick santorum, the way he can for you to tears, that is not huckabee's problem. ted cruz has made a lot of enemies. one other thing about huckabee he has not made a lot of enemies. >> he is a likable guy. if you have never been to a book signing with the guy, you do not realize how much is fox career in radio career have helped him. >> people are amazed us just going around, you walk through an airport, just being intoxicated -- >> jeb bush, here is another guy, plus huckabee, rather than intimidating people out of the field, he amps up the contest in that lane. the more there is a battle among the conservatives, the better it is for jeb bush. >> sure, if you are in the establishment bracket against mike huckabee, you've been pretty strong. he is a skilled politician. he is skilled with media.
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but he has so much problem with the conservative base and the establishment. on economic issues, tax and spending, crime and punishment foreign-policy issues. >> he learned his lessons last time. people on the left laughed at this. he has learned his lessons last time about having to defend his record in arkansas. i think he is one of the few people not in the establishment lane who could actually win and upset and become the nominee. >> wow, huckabee versus bush you go with huckabee? >> huckabee, i think it is possible. whereas bush would probably beat most of the people in the antiestablishment lane. huckabee is stronger than people give him credit for. [bell rings] a new lesson for republicans -- do not let your members speak at white supremacist meetings. for democrats -- take note of times when republicans speak at white supremacist meetings.
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also, mitch mcconnell gives the president a morning and barack obama hits the road for the pre-state of the union address. >> look, i will be contrarian about this. i think the president has the upper hand and the reason is republicans have gotten very used to being in a posture of reflexive opposition. they have gotten good political benefits from that in operas. they have not had to legislate or govern in any meaningful way. the question of whether these guys can get together and move a positive agenda -- there is no evidence. >> and there are tons of things on the calendar that could trip them up. deadlines. the other thing they may have to deal with is -- republicans may not be feeling the benefits of the improved economy as much as
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they would like, but the press is getting the message the president would like them to get. the economy is, in a lot of ways, getting better. at if the economy continues to improve -- and that is and if -- if it continues to improve, they are in trouble in terms of crafting a message. in the short-term, they will have to scramble. >> i think that is right. i think the president, in some ways, barack obama, a lot of things that have tripped him up the last six years are being hemmed in by having to balance a lot of political and public policy objectives and concerns. right now, he is sort of lame duck, sort of free from all of that. i think he may be strongest in these two years where he does not give a crap about anybody. >> josh earnest talked about this at length in the briefing. what this front and center. it shows their ability to set discord within the republican party. as strong as boehner and mcconnell have been so far, the
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will really be tested now. who will be the leader? a need stronger voices in the front, public side then boehner or mcconnell have been. [bell rings] >> they will use every possibility to make the republicans not improve their image. now, mayor bill de blasio called a press conference, but they also address of that cops have turned their back on the mayor more than once as a sign of protest. >> they were disrespectful to the families. that is the bottom line. they were disrespectful to the families who lost their loved one, and i can't understand why anyone would do such a thing in a context like that. >> the selfishness of that action. the selfishness of it. come demonstrate outside city
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hall. demonstrate outside police headquarters. do not put on a uniform, go to a funeral, and engage in a political action. >> those guys speaking strong words there. do you think bill de blasio, his refusal to back down on this issue, is that smart or dumb politics? >> on the merits, i think it is strong in a think the public may agree with them. but there is an iron triangle with the mayor and the new police commissioner, trying to bring peace. the iron trying to is made up of the new york post, the police, and some elements of public opinion that just do not like the mayor. the only way to break that triangle is they have got to get opinion back on their side. it may be tough. they went into a two hour meeting with the police
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leadership -- >> the top issue -- the union forces have really overplayed their hand. for a lot of people, turning the back, cutting into new york city, cutting at this work stoppage -- >> it is an ugly way to win this war. to wait for cops to die to get the unions back on their side. that is a big mistake. if there's one thing that is official in california other than plans for stadium, jerry brown, really the governor and has no plans to run for president at this point, as far as we know. governor brown proposed his ambitions and said by 2030, he was california to reduce by half the amount of gas used by vehicles and behalf on renewable resources. what can brown do, not just for california, but for the u.s.?
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>> the most underrated politician of all time -- he is an extraordinary figure. this environmental cause has always been 20 with this fiscal discipline. he was an early backer of the balanced budget amendment. he gives it the ability, i think, that fiscal rectitude gives him the ability to be more liberal on an issue like this and counter it in the name of economic sanity, not just good progressivism, having a better planet. >> will look at all of the governors' speeches this month, and the environmental movement in washington, it is a little bit stymied. brown can lead the way. that will be a big deal for the country. and again, one in every seven americans lives in california. >> he sets an example of the
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environmental movement in terms of how to train big, but do it in a market friendly pro-business way. all right, so coming up, if mike huckabee does run for president, could this man be his guardian angel? he is with us, when we come back. ♪
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>> hey, is this heaven? >> no, it's iowa. >> the iowa caucuses are still months away. mike huckabee is at the bottom but we imagine that corn stock will grow. our next guest has one of the trickiest names in politics to
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spell. bob, things for joining us from. >> des moines happy new year to you and your guests. >> happy new year, sir. >> are you friends with mike huckabee? have you talked to him at all? if so, what are his concerns? >> i did talk to him. he has been a good friend for quite a long time. his concerns that he is sifting through, is this the right time for him, is this the right time for his family? does he have a place in this field? with his fox tv show, i think he has shown that some of those answers are clearing off. alexei you know politics, you know iowa. we talked about the votes he got into thousand eight. i loosely some of those people may no longer be ireland's, but do you think he has a chance -- may
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longer be in iowa, but do you think he has a chance to hold onto some of those votes? >> it is a mistake for anybody to underestimate mike huckabee not only in iowa, but across the country. he has a likability factor that is second to none. obviously his time on fox news every weekend, and people's living rooms, that has been a good thing for governor huckabee and sets them up well should he decide to run in 2016. >> you know the iowa caucus system inside and outside, and you have a pretty good idea who might get into this game. purely politically, give us a handicapping of the republican
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field in iowa as it prospectively stands? >> i think it is wide open. you guys have heard all of the names all the way from mike huckabee to rick santorum, the past two iowa caucus winners, to ted cruz, bobby jindal, ben carson. >> i understand it is wide open, but who are the two or three front runners? >> senator ted cruz has really got a foothold and i what. people like him. -- in iowa. he is not playing politics as usual. however, there is a caveat to that and the caveat is mike huckabee. if huckabee gets in, i think he will be a clear front runner in the hawkeye state. i think ted cruz has a good organization here and rand paul does as well.
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>> you left out rick perry and rick santorum. the two ricks. do you not put them in the top tier with ted cruz and paul and huckabee? >> what is interesting, huckabee has been here 33 times and what people like is a comeback kid. he has a great story to tell. he is going to have to prove himself a little bit. i am not sure if he is up with mike huckabee. rick santorum is point to be one of those guys who hangs around and looks for his opportunity. when he does, i would not underestimate him. >> it's very early in the republican polls and i know it is early and probably meaningless, but tell us about jeb bush and chris christie? >> you bet. jeb bush has a lot of access
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obviously. it is his name. governor bush. a lot of people in iowa over their story in politics to a guy with the bush name. but he also has issues. one will be the bush name. is there bush fatigue? two, amnesty and common core will plague governor bush for a long time to come. when it comes to -- go ahead. >> you were moving on to governor christie. i apologize. >> governor christie has been out here a few times with governor branstad. people getting used to the way that governor christie campaigns, will he be a candidate, will he not be a candidate? i have no idea. the most i have seen of him is at dallas cowboys games in jerry jones' suite. >> right now, what two issues do you think are at the top of the list of concerns for iowa
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republicans in politics? >> first of all, i think republicans are looking for a full spectrum conservative. >> not in terms of what they are looking for in a candidate, but what issues matter? economic issues, jobs? what is on the minds of voters what issues they want to address? >> i think limited government and economic issues like jobs, but another one that rises to the top very quickly is religious liberty. we see businesses under the threat of being sued because they do not want to perform same-sex marriage or allow their venues to be used for same-sex marriage. i think religious liberty will be right up there at the top as well. >> there are a lot of evangelicals who have tried to coalesce publicly privately behind one candidate. it was not until january
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february you all got behind rick santorum. is there a movement of front to do it earlier this time around or is it a wait and see attitude among your friends in the religious conservative community? >> i think we have to wait for the process to play itself out but we also have to be wise to what happened in 2012. we got behind rick santorum in december, but a lot of others, you're right, waited until january to get behind him. we all know that coalescing behind a candidate that we can raise up with our arms, let them be our standardbearer, let them be our champion, makes a lot of sense. but he reminds me of that song "it's easier said than done." there will be a lot of people in this rate. >> just one more question -- do have an idea when that will happen? october, november? when? >> if it is going to happen, it is going to happen in november or december. if it happens after then, it is
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too late. >> bob vander plaats, thank you very much. and check out on a story on evangelicals. we're not done with the show yet. are you afraid of --? spiders? mike huckabee has the cure. ♪
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>> each saturday night for the last six years, michael dale huckabee went into living rooms every saturday night. he ended that show this last sunday while starting a new and exciting journey. we put together a fitting obituary for the show that america loved it to love. >> what are you afraid of?
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spiders, snakes? ladders and high places? having your wife find out how much you paid for that new deer rifle? president obama just sounded like president oblivious. maybe he reverted to his old ways and got some high-grade weed and was just plain stoned. get yourself a fishing boat. it was so long he had met with a republican senator, he had to google gop senators to find out who mcconnell was. horseapples. >> spiders and snakes and huckabee, oh, my. we will be right back. ♪
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>> we are only on your television for half an hour a day, but we are on bloomberg politics -- 24/7. >> taking stock is up next. as we say on television, sayonara. ♪
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>> hello, i'm pimm fox and this is what i am taking stock of on this january 5, 2015 -- crude oil below $50 an hour, and an almost nine year low against the dollar. the market was bound to reflect the price decline and concerns over greece. >> the markets needs to pay homage or recognize these problems. if anything, this will put pressure on european leadership. >> today on bloomberg surveillance, he sees the trouble throughout europe.


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