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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  January 16, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> with chris christie and "with all due respect" leave us kids alone. >> happy national figure newtons day, football fans. the oscar critics protest and the obama cameron protest, but first, the supreme court is all in on gay marriage. today the supreme court accepted for cases on supreme court -- on gay marriage and whether they
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can refuse to acknowledge same-sex marriages performed in other states, in other words, it could be a historic decision. the cases will consolidate together in april with a decision likely in june. given that timing what is the impact on the 2016 presidential race? >> i would be shocked if there were not five votes for this maybe even six, kennedy might go along with the liberals, they beat even roberts. this is really going to impact republicans. they are going to have to decide if they are going to overcome this or be more like jeb bush or say i don't like this but live and let live and we navigate what has been a historic sweep of public opinion. >> one of the real things for the republican -- one of the real secrets for the republican party, which is not a secret anymore, is that it moves
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dramatically so that it takes it off the table. the matter where you go, it puts the issue back in the middle of the public discussion and put you in an uncomfortable discussion where you could be on the wrong side of the public or the wrong side of the republican base voters. >> rick santorum that will oppose it if the court overturns it, but people like my cut be, rick perry, i don't think they are going to want to take up this fight. they can read the demographic data just like everybody else. >> as the baron make it ladies -- barenaked ladies liked to say, it's been one week. and now want to president obama. >> on your last question, i have no comment. [laughter] >> romney has had a rough week, with republicans dishing him on background and almost no one in the outside -- almost no one in
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his inner circle expressing support. i wonder if he can turn this around with his speech. the way things are going right now, it would have to be one hell of a speech. i am not saying he is not going to run, but i don't think he is going to commit all of the republicans who are less than enthusiastic about this. what do you think -- this. what do you think? >> there has not been a lot of excitement at this meeting, a lot of nuts and bolts, he explains what he is actually doing and he can't just come in and make this a meet and greet, and he also needs more people to come out on his behalf and he needs people to come out and support him who are not related to him or on his payroll. number three, he needs eric byrnes who could talk on his behalf and not make this about fundraising or about poll
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ratings, he has to have a rationale for us to get excited about him. >> i can't imagine that he is going to announce anything tonight, but he needs some court -- some sort of rationale, the same thing that hillary clinton does not have. that is not good for mitt romney or his people. >> he might make a clear tonight that he is running. >> that will be big news, and we can talk about that if it happens. so chris is one of the leviathans of the republican bracket and scott walker also spoke at the republican meeting a last night, and christie is speaking at this hour, outside of that, is there anyone out where you are? >> the two guys that we heard were ben carson and they did not set the room on fire.
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they were talking about isis and their willingness to die, but the speech did not blow people away it did not continue the hot streak, and walker last night at dinner was fine, but did not have an overall national message, but i think that his low-key style plays well to a lot of settings in the room last night, there were a lot of national media outlets, but i don't think anybody really lit that room. had he been magical and set the room on fire, i think that would have been great, but he did not do it. >> scott walker always reminds me of tim valenti from two years ago. when you get in the room with him, it is not that he is not a good guy or a good performer, but republicans need someone who is an all start to get hillary clinton, and i can't imagine they are going to get scott
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walker with their hopes and dreams. >> he talked about how to buy a shirt at kohl's with coupons and discounts to get it down to zero or less to get the short for free, it was a nice story, and again it shows that he is a very relatable guy, but i think to play in the big leagues, he has to step up in his game and get new advisors, it probably did not hurt him last leg, but it did not help him. >> in this environment he will have to fight amongst the big heavyweights. and president obama and david cameron had a share of play dates at the white house today and yesterday. it shot off with a charming press conference that barack and davey go together like bangers and mash! >> thank you very much barack. >> david is a great friend. >> barack is a great friend of
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britain. >> how comfortable the u.s. and the u.k. are as friends. >> we see the world in the same way. >> thank you for your friendship. >> marked we were watching this on television and talked about this before, but what struck me about this, there is a very political context for david cameron, he has another campaign in may, but the atmosphere of this, they seem to like each other even though they are from different ends of the ideological spectrum, barack obama is trying to help david cameron out, but what struck you about this special relationship today? >> again, the president does as we said earlier, the president does not have great personal relationships with a lot of world leaders but he has that with david cameron.
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they were talking about a certain veto if congress doesn't work with him, and the president wants of these negotiations to go forward and he wants a strong unitary executive to back these negotiations without interference from his point of view. >> unitary executive, words of george w. bush. we are going to move forward to the speed round. mark, i am going to talk very fast. first up is the oscars and the snub of "selma," and the nominees in all categories are dominantly white, are they right? >> historically this is an unfortunate thing, but it is fine, the performances that were nominated were all good, and i think it is unfortunate, but i don't thing anyone should have a big problem with that. >> i am not surprised, it is very striking about the whiteness, at the same time, you have years of like this sometime, there is not very much
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diversity not much in the academy administration but you can't enforce diversity over creative arts. >> it is not ideal it is not ideal, it is not a great thing. >> and isis with ye olde founding fathers. the terrorists are willing to die for what they believe in. >> is a politician would say, that is not the words that i would use, i don't think it was a big deal, i think that carson has made claims that were a lot bigger than that. >> i agree with you about this i think that there was something true about this, but is this guy going to eventually impale himself and are his gaffes going to kill him at some point down the line? >> he is going to need to become
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a lot more disciplined if you want to become a serious candidate, but people don't really care about what he says. >> and the nfl conference championships are the doubts about it right mark? >> they are right about seattle, if they don't lose a home, and if they are wrong, the patriots are going to win. >> i agree with everything you say. coming up, we will have two bloomberg politics superstars. be right back. ♪
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>> money, money money! yeah! joining us now we have bank
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reporting on mitt romney and chris christie. julie, let's start with you. tell us about the big battle for the gop establishment donor class. >> they are all over each other's her, and the donors are a little bit wringing their hands about what to do at this point. i think getting into the race early signals to donors that they can sign-on with a candidate, and the donors that i am talking to this week a sickly are on hold until we get a sense of who really is going to be in the race at this point. >> do you think that jeb's trip up to boston may have spurred romney? >> oh yes, it definitely did. if you look on twitter, scott brown was tweeting a photo of
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him, these should be romney's people. >> julie was just talking about the fact that it was possible that bush actually provoked romney in some way by going onto his home turf and not just talking about his bunglers, what he think about that? >> mitt is a competitive guy and that boston encroachment by jeb bush gave him the lake up to go to romney and say, these people are right in your backyard. mike, you talked to one republican who raise money for romney in the last cycle, and it would be interesting to see a romney-jeb face-off. >> the effect it is going to have on candidates will be editing, romney raised $70 million, and jeb just took 230
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million just by entering this. and then there are donors who just want to go with the winner and without a clear winner without a clear front one runner -- clear front runner, it is unclear as to where to put your money. christie is in this conversation as to what he can raise, and so eight 10 million two 50 million situation makes scott walker a lot more competitive. >> the other thing that it is interesting that i heard down here from one republican is that those numbers are the static numbers, and they say that the money out there is greater because of the senate cycles, so many new donors came in to compete and to give on the cycle to help the senate candidates, and the inverse are super pac s. >> that sounds smart and
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write to me, and the way that mike talks about it, it makes a wonder about how jeb is going to rack up $100 million in the first quarter. that sounds pretty difficult. julie i want to come back to you, mike bender just talked about chris christie in his answer to mark, i am curious about whether you think things are shaping up right now. if you think they are going to be in this race, du think there is enough room for chris christie to run a well-financed bid? >> absolutely, and he had a big win this week with greg washburn deciding that he was going to step away from the rnc finance committee, and he decided to run for president. i think that is huge. greg washburn is very connected and raises a lot of money, and let's not forget that chris christie had the home depot
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founder in his pocket, and so he is really writing an enormous check. >> does christie have a home turf advantage here in new york and on wall street? does christie have an edge there? >> you would think so, but christie has a major problem and that is because he is a sitting governor. a lot of these donors are off the table because he is still in office and there are sec rules about pay to play and who can raise money while they are still in office. >> mark, julie just mention the words that you know very well, pay to play. how much do you think pay to play will affect christie in this cycle? >> this is a potentially huge problem for christie, as well as for woody johnson who may stay loyal to romney and whom he ran finance for last time. what is the status of the building of that operation as they start to wrap up on the
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finance side of the personnel? >> they are definitely hiring people they are looking for donors for the super pac, and would be campaigners and he talked to two dozen people who could be playing the role of a campaign manager, if it comes to that. >> john, there is a lot of focus on the finance side, and there is a call out for personnel, there are a lot of operatives here who are being courted, and a lot of people from the last cycle who'd don't want to be with mick who are being courted by jeb and buy some extent chris christie. >>this is a big deal. >> big deals mike and julie, thank you so much, but we come back, we have an interview with mike huckabee's water, sarah, and alice stewart at the rnc meeting in san diego. we will be back in a jiff! ♪
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>> look at that shot of the beautiful hotel del coronado. mark is out there in san diego and he got to talk to two vips alison stewart and mike huckabee's daughter, sarah. >> how do the huckabees view alice? >> we love her, she is absolutely part of the family. you don't get to be part of the team if you are not a part of the family. >> it is not a place that you usually find our crowd. >> if your dad is running, what would you said the chances? >> i would say it is pretty high, i don't want to throw
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numbers out there, we are not yen blurs, i don't even know the right terminology in gambling terms. -- we are not gamblers, i don't even know the right terminology in gambling terms. >> but the high. -- but pretty high. >> there was a consideration of him running, so we will see, so if i were a gambling person, which i am not, i would say it is high. >> what is one thing that your dad likes to do less than a raise money? >> let's see, gamble. >> gamble. [laughter] >> we have an arkansas versus arkansas general election. is arkansas ready for all of that contention again? >> absolutely arkansas loves a good story, and we have a lot of good places to e-commerce so we
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are ready for everyone to come down and enjoy a little bit of southern hospitality. >> we are ready to come back. there are researchers looking into the clintons background. there are people investigating. >> there are people may be two or three investigators, diving into dumpsters and stuff, we try to avoid diving into dumpsters. [laughter] >> how is the family dealing with this? is it fun? is it exhilarating? >> i think running for public office is a difficult process and luckily our family all really likes each other and we believe in my dad and we are going to support what he does and we are all on board and get prepared to going in that direction. >> are you ready for people to
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give you their resumes? >> i did not know that many people needed a job. i have seen a lot of resumes. the great thing is, a lot of people would like to be a part of it and it is great to see that. a lot of folks were on the team in 2008, so it is always good to be deceived with resumes instead of hearing crickets. >> far better than crickets. >> are your parents arkansans or are they floridians now? >> they are actually residents of florida but dean are raised in arkansas, you never get rid of that. it is certainly where we claim to be home. >> it looks like it is going to be a largely male field for president, does that tell you where the party is now in terms of power? >> i think the great thing is that we saw an opportunity and that the rnc has made a great
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effort in pain off to reach out to females and hispanics and the majority -- minority community, and it has made great strides since 2012. who knows what could happen, we could see two or three females in it. we have seen that the rnc has made great strides to reach out to folks who felt that they were not in the process in 2012, and a lot can happen in the next couple of months. >> do you think a lot of people will be running? >> i thought you said for president or for something else but obviously there are people who are interested in it, but there are females out there who have certainly been bantered about. i think there are a lot of strong women who have a lot of take leadership roles, whether they do not run for president diminishes -- president does not diminish that. >> in the state of arkansas, we
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saw the first woman and first republican elected to the attorney general's office in our state, so not only was it a republican, but a woman in that position. i think we are making big strides in that. whether we see 10 women or not in the presidential race, i don't think that that matters. >> you consider hillary clinton and arkansan -- an arkansan? >> well she is a senator from new york, so i think you would have to ask the people of arkansas. >> she has a strong base in arkansas of support, and some people say the clintons will always be at nine -- be admired and supported, and that will never change. but she has certainly hung her little hat out in washington dc. >> there are two arkansans that i have just run into here at the
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hotel del coronado. ♪
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>> sometimes we all need a little help from our friends coming up, we have more shows. sayonara! ♪
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>> i am mark crumpton in for pimm fox. this is what i'm taking stock off on friday, january 16, 2015. president obama and david cameron held a joint news conference today and provided a united front in fighting terrorism. >> we have seen appalling attacks in paris in nigeria. the world is a sickened by this terrorism. we will not be standing alone in this fight. >> russia had its credit rating cut by moody's. the agency says the country may be cut further.


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