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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  July 17, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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>> this is iowa. mark: i attended an event with governor scott walker a couple of blocks from here. jennifer jacobs from our partners and more he registries joining me for a classic two for this week. the democrats are having a hall of fame celebration this week.
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it is the first time that all of the for president are going to be at the same time. -- the same place at the same time. tell us what you're looking for tonight? jennifer: it could be a bellwether for the early energy in iowa. hillary clinton has gotten a wake-up call. she just put down 3.6 nine dollars downn and advertising. it will be interesting to see how this translates tonight. mark: huge crowd, they are activist. they care about the iowa democratic values. it the candidates of chance to reach them.
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is a chance to say to the party and the press corps of iowa in the here is what i stand for here is what i want to take the party entered country. -- and the country. jennifer: it will be very crucial. mark: 1200 people. this will be one of the biggest events that anybody addresses this year. my question for you, is do you have a sense, is embedded going to try to do something big tonight that changes the contours of the race? jennifer: it will be a lot of sharp elbows, but nobody will be exposing saying anything about the front runner. there will be a lot of subtle contrast. mark: they announced a couple of endorsements, they will see how much she plays up the establishments side.
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presidential candidates taking questions from the 2700 spectators. what you looking for? jennifer: they have this one-two punch with the democrats one night and then the very next day, almost all of the republicans. the emphasis tomorrow night will be very spiritual. it is not determinative of the issues of the entire field. one of the things they will be looking for is does this trip of people like scott walker or marco rubio who do not want to offend people who are in the middle? you do not want to say anything that will come back to haunt you. mark: trump is coming, and although he is taken positions on issues, how he does
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in this event whether it dominates it, he is just the reality of the week riding high in the polls. a lot of those people will be excited to see. i think ted cruz, rick perry and mike huckabee will be those that i watch. none of them have had a huge moment in iowa the cycle. this is a chance for them to show that they can be the consensus candidate. the other thing is rubio, who needs to find a place where he can win. he has right for this group on most issues and he also asks emotional questions. he has caused some of these candidates to tear up. we have seen some speeches, had a q&a we will see how they do on emotional questions. remember donald trump, when he
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demanded that the president releases college transcripts? >> he is the least transparent president in the history of this country. if he opens up and gives his college records and applications , and if he gets his passport applications and records, i will give to a charity of his choice inner-city children of chicago american cancer society, age research anything he wants. a check immediately for $5 million. mark: trump tower is not just a building. he is towering over the presidential candidates in most polls. it is no surprise like a swarm of nats, the press is going to the top. i asked him if he would release his grades.
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he made the point of trying to get him to release his college records and i was wondering if you would release your records. enni ->> i will certainly think about it. i was very good dude and. i went to a great school. you want - - - -you will not admit to doing it? >>mark: at this point, what is most likely to slow him down? his own mistakes or something else? jennifer: i have asking iowa republicans that a lot lately. and donald trump is really juicy as gratification television. the crime is solved in and out power. the people of all of love on the besler.
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people can like that crowd but there is difference between telling it like it is and being obnoxious. if it did not work for chris christie, why would it work for donald trump? mark: i think what will bring him down is eventually it will be time to pick a president and people are going to say, is this someone we want to send in a general election, and be commander-in-chief? he is not doing much to act like a serious person. he called for a boycott against mexico. they said they were no longer going to cover him as a political person. just by his own way of talking about things, at least some republicans are going to turn the other way. i do not think his mistakes have hurt him, he just does not play by the normal rules. coming up, choose your own adventure. we have bernie sanders, and in
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balls. dan balz. ♪
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mark: our guest is a guy who i met on a plane, a grandpa, and a senator. bernie sanders, thank you for coming back. it night for you and for the other people who want to be the party's nominee. will you be nervous settle? -- at all? >> somewhat. but i am confident that the message that we are coming, is that the establishment party and it economics are not working. mark: that your message.
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you of a cold tonight except to give your normal speech? >> i want all 1200 people including hillary clinton supporters to come out and put on my pin. that is my goal. mark: that is a lofty goal. when you get nervous, what happens? >> i get louder. mark: so you might do the monster on the state? ge? jennifer: you called the iran deal a victory for diplomacy. what if they were to renege? would you consider a military option? >> the president, we just went through a war in iraq. we went through a war in afghanistan. i am the former chairman of the veterans committee.
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before people start talking for going to war, you want to exhaust every effort to reach an agreement with the iran so they do not get a nuclear weapon, but to do it in a peaceful way. i resent the easy talk about war. i talked to veterans who came out without arms and legs and with ptsd. mark: most people run for president say that war is the last resort, but you cannot take it off the table. >> of course. mark: you would reserve that option, even though you put it far down the list? >> it is always an option, but after the war in iraq and afghanistan which caused us -- cost is so much in life and suffering, it is very much the last option. i applaud the president and john kerry for their extraordinarily difficult work in trying to forge an agreement with iran. mark: minimum wage is a big
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issue with the party in the country right now. you support a $15 national wage. a lot of democrats say maybe not that high, maybe $12. what you base $15 on? do you have a study? >> the study is what is feasible, what we can do politically, and what are the needs of the working people? what is a starvation wage, people cannot live on that. so many people on food stamps, and subsidizes this. $15 an hour is not a whole lot that allows people to live with a shrine of dignity -- shred of dignity. there are limits to what you can do. $15 an hour would be a very good start in providing dignity to people and cutting the level of
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poverty in america. jennifer: one of the things that your critics have said, is that they do nothing you get much done in washington. let's talk about a standard cabinet. who would be the kinds of people you would put in a standard cabinet? >> it is a little premature to be naming people but i think what we've seen over the last number of decades is both a republican and democratic administration is wall street. they will not be in my. there are great economist out there who are understanding of how the economy works. they can come up with ideas of how the expanse the middle class, how they protect the working people. i would not bring in wall street. mark: i'm sure you do not want to name names. >> let me win the election first.
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mark: it was a defense secretary who you thought did a great job at it treasury secretary? >> i can tell you some who did not do a good job. mark: what about once you thought were good? >> i can tell you that in terms of somebody who i would like to have on board, it certainly would not be donald rumsfeld in terms of secretary of defense. but i think in terms of if you're going to be looking at maybe secretary of treasury somebody like bob rice would be some of you would go for. mark: i know you did like rumsfeld, but is there anyone who has ever served, that you set that is the kind of person and, judgment, policy positions i like? >> the forecastle around in world war ii did a good job. mark: how about treasury?
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>> bob rubin would be the last person. he was one of the architects of the deregulation of wall street that is what wall street is about. not lloyd bentsen either. not a verya very nice man, but not my secretary. i think we will get people who represent the working families. mark: we flew in together, and i took a picture of you loading your own back in the gate check. >> waiting for you to help me. [applause] live on bbg television and streaming on your phone, tablet, and at, now on apple tv and amazon fire tv. -- [laughter] mark: do you have time to do all that stuff and run for president? >> i tried to live a normal life. i tried to get home whenever i can, to see my kids and my grand
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children and my wife. it is a pretty crazy world, but i try to make it normal. mark: you could make some campaign money and say go figure my dry cleaning. with that make more sense? >> that is one of the major issues. mark: we like people to get to know you. >> picking up my dry cleaning is one of the important issues? i am more focused on why the middle class is disappearing why we have massive levels of income and wealth inequality. but i will continue to try to pick up my own dry-cleaning. mark: but you could create a new job in america. [laughter] pick up your dry-cleaning for a week. last question about this weekend. 1200 people here tonight.
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young secretary clinton, we have not asked a lot about her. tonight, are you going to be listening to what she has to say? >> absolutely. let me reiterate what i've said. i know hillary clinton for 25 years. i like her and i respect her we disagree on a whole letter issues. i hope we can have a syllable and intelligent campaign -- civil and intelligent campaign. mark: she said some nice things about you over lunch. thank you for joining us this evening. coming up, the dean of the e-mail american press corps. ♪
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mark: our second guest tonight the chief correspondent for the washington post. happy to see you here. let's talk about the republican race overall. where do you seeing things a standing overall? >> donald trump donald trump, and donald trump. we're in a strange time frame. he has taken all the oxygen out to use a cliché. it makes it very difficult for anybody else, possibly with the exception of jeb bush to get any visibility, any traction. the good thing for all of them is is is july and not november or december. we will have to see what happens to mr. trump as the months go by. mark: is he doing well?
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jennifer: he is definitely getting the intention -- the attention. but wouldn't jeb bush not mind all of the attention he is getting, since he has stayed steady? mark: what you hear about the donor class? >> everybody i have asked the question, how long does this sustain itself, i think the hope of the establishment leaders is that it is a very short summer fast that he has read nobody is quite sure. he's obviously tapping into something. right now he as an attention grabber great people want to hear what he says, and he is registering with at least some segment of the population.
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at some point, people ask themselves, who do we really want to be president? at that point there is a level of scrutiny and judgment. mark: when perot was at his height, leading in the national three-way in 1992, the democrats did not have any idea that over time he would get crazy about the things he said. but i do not think it will hurt stroke the way it hurt a perot. jennifer: he is organizing a big picnic in iowa where they will be free food. walker was there on monday. >> he had a little pickup with the boy scouts and the gaze that he had to clarify. he has had to do that several times over the last four or five. the ending of the john doe investigation was a weight off
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his shoulders. we were just at this event that he had earlier, he had a big turnout. mark: those clarifications those he has had to do a couple of times what you make of that? is that bad luck, or that something about his skill level that causes them to put himself in that? >> it is his instincts. his combination of instincts and convictions the more he does that he other gets pushed too far to the right in what people think of him which is not really working wanted to be what he started off his campaign. the second is that continues to raise the question of how knowledgeable is he. he is pretty smooth on a lot of issues right now. spontaneously there are still moments where he is a little rough. jennifer: there is a thing happening in iowa --
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mark: i'm a man of solid conviction, and i do not waiver. he has painted himself as the antiestablishment figure. he has some credentials in that respect. convince iowa and republican and republicans around the country that he is anti-establishment? >> he is a reformer with results. that phrase from george w. bush's campaign. anybody who does not serve time in washington can present
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themselves from outside of washington. he can do that with credibility and talk with record he compiled in florida. he is presenting himself as not part of the establishment. mark: he will have a lucrative a hurdle there, and they are making a concerted effort is he cannot win if he's only a candidate seen as establishment bush. thank you for joining us. we will be right back with a tease of our lineup for next week's program after this. ♪
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>> very big weekend. tuesday john kasich announces for president and i will be in columbus for that. thanks to jennifer jacobs and the register for joining me. we'll see you on monday. until then sayonara. ♪
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alix: we are moments away from the closing bell. joe: i am joe weisenthal. alix: you are looking at stocks closing now. the nasdaq at a record high, nine out of 10 of the sectors lower, not really keeping track with the nasdaq. joe: the question is "what'd you miss?". is the housing market getting its mojo back? new home construction is at second highest level.


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