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tv   Bloomberg West  Bloomberg  August 4, 2015 8:30pm-9:01pm EDT

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emily: disney shares lower an extended training despite great box office results. what investors want to see from mickey. activision blizzard reports a strong demand for games like call of duty. we look at the optimistic outlook for the rest of the year. plus alibaba names a former goldman sachs partner as president. we look at goldman alumni intact. tech diversity coming up. all of that is ahead on bloomberg west.
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first to our lead, shares plummeting in extended trading after a disappointing report. you cover has seen, you'll been following this quite closely. last quarter it was down, and it is down even more. >> the big revenue type number is gross. in the second quarter it was up about 25%. that is slower than it was in the first quarter, which could be why we see investors telling off shares right now. when will reported its results they made some changes to algorithms. are we seeing any results of that algorithm a change? >> that specific question like on the call and i will be paying attention to that. the company has been promising growth, especially in international markets.
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they have this global expansion. they are not eating a larger percentage of sales coming from the international markets right now. they're looking to really convince investors that the new ipo growth story is the one they should be buying into the e-commerce world. emily: what about counterfeit goods? this is a problem that etsy has been fighting. >> it is something that has been pointed out. they saw a lot of counterfeit goods, and etsy got this question last quarter of a call. but with a continued to say is we are a marketplace. we do not make any determinations about whether something is counterfeit or infringing, but we do get complaints and their final correctly, we will take down things. last year they took down 176,000 different listings.
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they are probably nervous. we've seen it was alibaba, with ebay, they do not want to have bad brand recognition because the sellers other marketplace are not putting up things that are ok. emily: by some estimates, 5% of all merchandise on etsy. thank you. shares down more than 12%. but with more earnings, disney beat estimates with things like the avengers and insight half it we went to good julie hyman. what is going on with this? julie: on a revenue basis it looks like some of the parks revenue missed with some analysts anticipating. the parts numbers were better here in united's eight, and weaker internationally. particularly at its hong kong operation. that may be why we are seeing some disappointment expressed
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here. even the profit beat estimates by force of the share, sales up 5.1%, came in just shy of analyst estimates. there was also some weakness at abc-tv. that is part of the issue. you have to put all of this in context as well. i was looking at etsy shares today, it has been going into this report. the disney was trading at a record today. when you have expectations like that, and an elevated style rice going into an earnings report, the earnings report has to be perfect. or better than for the stock to get going up at this rate. emily: what about espn? they lost to some of the big names. what are we seeing? julie: the company said some of its ad revenue was not quite as strong at espn.
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but what people want to hear about is this over the top offering. are we going to have any espn offerings separate from cable offerings? there is no news on that yet. we may get some questions about it on the call. emily: you will continue to watch the headlines. thank you. moving now to activision blizzard, shares surging and the committee raised its over your outlook. we now are joined by our expert. let's run through the digital strategy. that is always a big question when we talk about the evolution of these big game makers. how is activision doing on digital? >> digital versus mobile, they are doing very well. what we saw was another big increase, over 80% of their revenue now coming from digital.
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that is smart. the mobile strategy still needs a lot of work. they are beginning to look at other ways to roll the mobile out. certainly through this new potential big hit in my opinion on the guitar hero rerelease which will be on smartphones. it is a good move for activision, long-term. emily: what about the games? it is all about call of duty for activision, but ea has a big star wars game coming this quarter that everybody is excited about. can call of duty stand up to that competition? >> i do not think so. i think that this star wars is really going to be a big hit. i question whether call of duty can truly be able to meet that type of level of success that star wars will get. i would expect call of duty to be another good release, but there is a question about fatigue. the game that i have seen so far promoted does not seem to live up to the hype of the developer who is considered a very good developer. they have been doing this for about three years, developing
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this game. i think it will do well, but whether it will beat star wars i am skeptical. emily: do they have another big hit under their belt? >> i think the hit will be a combination of guitar hero live, which is very interesting with millenials. it allows people to become a rock star in first person brady see the audience can we see the real time, and it is realistic. and skylight or will be a big hit with kids this year, especially on the 20 side. emily: what about china? we saw a record monthly active users in china. how well is activision physician to take advantage of the market? >> i think they're being very smart on the china sign. call of duty online is being played now in china. i think there is some 3 million people signed up. china is the biggest market.
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activision realizes it and their trade to take advantage. i think they're being very smart about it. they need to move faster on what is the smartphone side. they are likely going to go there. it would not surprise me to see them by a, and for instance. they get the free to play smartphone arena, and are doing quite well in that. emily: do you know of real interest in kabaam from activision? >> that is just conjecture at this point. but it is a strategic one that makes sense for them to get into the space and be able to get good traction. right now they are heavily in digital, but they do not have traction on the smartphone side. that is where the revenue in the future is really going to be. it will not be the console. it will be the smartphone in the
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tablet that will drive large-scale revenue worldwide. emily: thank you so much for joining us today. the scaler is growing the growing group of security unicorns. uber and airbnb investor join the round. >> we won't do it when the timing is right. we will try to act like a public company. we have a cfo on board recently. we are going through the process, we will pull the trigger when the time is right. emily: this is the third $100 million round we have seen this year. cyber security fundraising hit $1 billion for the first time in 2014. we will be talking about the
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future of cyber security all week long as we cover the black cat and security conferences this week. coming up, alibaba's ceo has a new report. and life after the international space station. social media's favorite astronaut flaxen returning from zero gravity. ♪
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emily: we're watching apple. shares extending the decline today, closing at their lowest level since january. apple entered a correction this week, the 10th time in 11 days. shares have been dropping since its earnings release on july 20 first. investors worried about iphone and apple watch sales. apple's main suppliers are also selling off, we continue to follow the story as it develops. now to the wall street migration to tech companies. alibaba has recorded a former goldman sachs executive. a 20 year veteran of goldman sachs is now president of alibaba, reporting directly to the ceo. one of the challenges he faces where is he going, we join our panelist to discuss. what do you make of this guy going to alibaba?
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he retired from goldman a couple of years ago. he has been on the alibaba board for a couple of years. what you think of his challenges and what he has going for him. >> it is interesting, because when he was a goldman sachs there were reports of the time that he could succeed lloyd blankfein as ceo. he certainly positioned himself to at least make a big impact of alibaba. his biggest challenges are expanding internationally. as you know, alibaba's stock price continues to decline with every bit of negative data coming out of china. the latest being manufacturing numbers that missed estimates. with alibaba only 10% of the revenue coming from international market, he needs to expand outside of china to
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show the resilience of alibaba. if the economy in china does continue to decline. emily: he is not the first person, we have the cfo of google, the cfo square, they are all former goldman employees. >> a third of goldman's employees are engineers. this is a company that deeply understands technology. they have invested drop-offs square, they invested in uber. they are super involved in tech and go where the money is. emily: i got a lot of heat for not being the lead on the ipo. morgan stanley one that deal. in the last couple of years we have the goldman becoming quietly and much more powerful investor in tech companies.
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what do you make of the fact that goldman has been able to do this? how big of a deal is it? >> it is interesting to see the big banks and their strategies. other banks by of these startups and service customers to the ipo's. they landed debt to the startups with the goal of being on their ipo. there is also its of unique ways of relationship building. goldman just hopes to profit both from capital gains on these investments as well as through the ipo. emily: to goldman's credit they have been pounding the pavement to get into these deals earlier and earlier. but to startups want goldman sachs to be an investor?
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is this a coup for them? or more per goldman? >> as a late stage investor, goldman has a great brand. it gives you a lot of credibility. the big brands are established before anyone has even heard of the company. in his first round and benchmark when you think of uber before goldman. as companies are heading to the ipo, they have this relationship with goldman. but you have to invest early to have a silicon valley cachet. emily: thank you both. in today's edition of out of this world, the italian astronaut an internet sensation samantha. she is fresh off a 200 day mission on the international space station. thanks to her stunning photos she has more than 500 80,000 followers across social media. she is now recovering at a space
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facility in houston. she recalled us with these reflections. >> it almost looks like a ship that you are navigating among a sea of stars. then he realized how far you are a check clearly -- you are actually from planet earth. it is really a collective endeavor. for me it was important to take a lot of pictures as possible to make it possible for people who have an interest to come along. what i really miss the most is weightlessness. being able to float, being able to let things float. it is like you're traveling together with us other gigantic spaceship which is planet earth. human beings, all of this, we
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are all astronauts on this planet. we take care of each other and our space station. we take care for the next mission. emily: how fascinating. still ahead, why the white house is holding its first-ever demo day to push for greater diversity in silicon valley. and google selects the best and brightest parts science fair. and we will leave you with this footage of a new hoverboards. it only float above a special magnetic truck. ♪
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emily: it is time now for the daily bite. one number that tells a whole lot. today's number is 20. that is the number of units between the age of 13 and 18 selected as finalists for the fifth annual google science fair. they were picked just an hour ago from thousands of submissions for more than 90 countries. this year's find spare theme was one question, what will you try? purifying water with corncobs and transporting ebola antibodies through silk. the white house is also hosting
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a big event today, with future innovators. entrepreneur startup founders are all meeting with the president, pledging to bring greater diversity to silicon valley. the investment is part of the first demo day, which showcases a startup, founders that came from diverse background. it is great to have you back here on the show. tell me about the conversation and the themes being discussed and why the white house is getting involved in this now. >> i couple of things. and the themes that we talked about was entrepreneurship broadly, and the benefits of entrepreneurship's to the economy, job creation, and how to spread that access. to all committed his quebec communities across the country outside of silicon valley, and to minority groups and women who
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do not typically have access. we are really here to shut it out. i think that the role that the president has in technology is shining a light on it so we can see how important it is i would allow for the best and brightest to stand out. emily: you are the chair of the national venture capital association. he sent a letter to president obama otto porter this was. the numbers are worse than they were 15 years ago. just 6% of women partners fdc firms. as a female, what steps do you think need to be taken? >> women are more studying so we are really a proxy and more representative than black and hispanic as an example. so sadly, as women we have it good. the kinds of things we plan on doing, one of the things we have is the no partners and in practice around recruiting.
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we are doing the ruby murray role, which is i have to have a woman and a minority in that final slate of candidates. by the time you see and filter through going to start to see there are great women and great minorities who deserve these jobs. the same is true brought up her doors. that is an example of the kinds of things we can do. emily: it is an interesting that you point out women and other minorities in technology because they are still vast differences between underrepresented groups. in light of the ellen pao trial, has this is you become trendy or oversaturated? has it lessened the impetus for impact? >> i think it is ok. it is becoming cool, let's get in the full and talk about this. i think the leaders in the industry, pagers, google facebook, intel, along with
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leader venture capital firms are taking advantage of that momentum. it might be over discussed, but now let's decide what to do to make a difference. emily: i understand it is also the president's birthday today. you guys sang him a song? >> we did. it was great. these entrepreneurs, hearing these great ideas, i do get helped that it was his birthday. he is looking for to the day he can have a smartphone, and take pictures of this kind of exciting event. he says he will be looking for a job soon. we are ready to employ him. emily: we will send our wishes as well. happy birthday, president obama. that does it for today's edition of bloomberg west. tomorrow we will be all over tesla and fitbit earnings. ♪
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>> from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. al: ben carson is a neurosurgeon who has authored books. one of the books was made into a television program about his life. earlier this year, he announced his candidacy for president of the united states. one fact cited by critics and admirers is that h


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