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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  August 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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mark: i'm mark halperin. john: i am john heilemann. with all due respect to democratic party unity -- ♪ >> good evening, sports fans. we are at clear lake iowa, out in front of a historic surf ballroom. we are not here for music. we are here for the democratic wing ding dinner. 2000 democrats in attendance and more than 1000 chicken wings will be eaten. four martin o'malley, hillary clinton supporters, there will
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be speeches all night. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, the last time they were together, three weeks ago, cedar rapids. in the last three weeks, it has been nothing but good for bernie sanders coast-to-coast, except for in iowa, where hillary clinton has maintained her lead. so over the next three days, what does bernie have to do to make up ground? mark: one quick correction, 10,000 chicken wings, you said 1000. john: bernie sanders has risen in the polls. the latest has him not doing as well. three days of events, side-by-side tonight. he's got one event on sunday. i think he needs to show that mojo off. a big crowd. he needs a performer tonight and at the fair.
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john: it will be bad if the crowds are seen as minimal impaired to the huge crowds he had on the west coast and in atlanta, seattle. i also think there will be a time, not that he us to go negative, but he has been restrained in terms of contrast. he's got to go more there. mark: at the fair, it is a venue that is good for him. he won't see this this weekend, but they need to use these organizing opportunities to collect e-mail addresses. the clinton people are investing resources in building an organization. there is still the question how much is sanders willing to do the hard work? john: a lot of organizing. our second topic has to do with hillary clinton explicitly. we've had news reports that have rocked the democratic world. one news report says that al gore and his supporters are trying to get him in the race. there is some movement in al gore's world. we also know there is some
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movement in joe biden's world. but the new york times and the wall street journal say that biden is making phone calls now. a question i have for you, who is more likely to get it? -- get in? gore or biden? who would be more problematic? mark: biden is likely to get in, but gore would be more problematic. i think he would be unbounded than joe biden, who is friendly with hillary clinton. i think everyone in the party, they don't trust going into the fall, into the winter, with hillary clinton as the only establishment choice. i think the vacuum will be filled by someone. could be biden. won't be al gore. could be someone else. john: i like that analysis. there is part of al gore, whom i spent a lot of time with, you are right, he hates hillary clinton. he does not like her at all. he would like to take her on. he hates campaigning. that is what held him back in 2008.
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if he could get himself over that how, he might have enough to get in the race. i do think he would be a huge problem for her. mark: despite what the polls say, biden would help hillary if he got in the race. it would be bad news for him. it would be an incredible story and would get a ton of coverage and make common cause with bernie sanders. john: i was talking about the calls for biden to get in in iowa. he says it is down the middle. there are establishmentarians. they would otherwise be hillary supporters, but they are progressive activists, so it might draw for both sides. mark: a lot of support in the state. our bloomberg colleagues had a good scoop, talking to an attorney for the denver-based company that was managing hillary clinton's private e-mail
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server. that person said that hillary clinton server and its data were migrated to another server and that data still exists. this comes at the end of a week with developments. if this is true, that the data exist, how big of a story is this? john: pretty big. i do not think it is incremental. some company in new jersey could have this data. if the data is out there, republicans are going to do everything to try to find it. because of the classified information controversy, they will have a lot of, the predicate to get the information. mark: later we will play some jeb bush going hard after hillary clinton. hillary clinton, perhaps to change the subject, went hard after jeb bush on iraq.
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mrs. clinton: i do think it is a little bit surprising to hear jeb bush talk about this. he expects the american people to have a collective case of amnesia. particularly the fact that george w. bush signed the agreement setting the withdrawal date at the end of 2011. something else we inherited. mark: jeb bush has been on the defense along time on iraq. hillary clinton going on offense. john: she has gone after donald trump marco rubio, scott walker. now it is jeb bush's time. she likes to be on offense. i think part of it is to get away from these other discussions, that also she thinks it is a winning argument for her. mark: jeb is so vulnerable this, it could hurt him. obviously every day the e-mails
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are in the news and she wants to make news on something else. going after jeb bush on iraq makes news. john: and he gave her some grist for the mill as he has been defending policies of his brother. i get why he has to do it. it is going to lead to this kind of thing, not just from hillary clinton, but others. mark: she will be here tonight and tomorrow. john: she is taking questions from reporters at the fair tomorrow. i think a lot of it will be on e-mail. mark: a big day. all right, coming up, and day at the iowa state fair with the jeb bush as he walks around. first, the conversation with charles grassley about the fair, the republican presidential race, and the concerns that he has over those clinton e-mails. that is next after this word from our sponsor. ♪
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john: we are back here in clear lake, iowa. one of the things we were talking about was hillary clinton's e-mail trouble. earlier today at the state fair, i had a chance to sit down with charles grassley, asking about new developments in the clinton story and his level of concern. sen. grassley: this is not just a clinton thing. my reputation goes back to overseeing both republican and democratic administrations. i'm concerned about the enforcement of the law and the fbi doing a proper investigation, and most importantly the transparency the president promised. these e-mails should get to the intelligence community ig very
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quickly, because that person is the best person capable of deciding whether or not what is top secret and what isn't as well as whether or not the law has been violated. we've got to make sure the law is carried out. john: when you read about another server in which the e-mails had been backed up, is there something you want to call on secretary clinton to do about that, or is there something, what is the next step? sen. grassley: i will tell you what needs to be done and i will tell you what i have done so far myself. even before a backup server, i had written eight letters to the either the fbi or the secretary of state to get answers to a lot of these questions, some of them preliminary to what we know now. and secondly, whatever is available for e-mail, i expect to be made public in a presidency where the president
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in his second day in office said we are going to be the most transparent of any administration in the history of the country. we should not have to mess around. everything should be available according to the law and the law should be followed and the violation of securing top-secret information is a threat to our national security. john: last question on this topic. are you confident the obama administration, the fbi, their ability to undertake this investigation in the way that you think is proper? sen. grassley: i'm confident the fbi will do it. i have that much faith in the fbi director. other people, we have enough proof through the irs and other investigations, maybe this presidency thinks there is something to hide and they ought to hide it until they get out of office. john: i was going to ask you about the iowa state fair, how many times have you been here?
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sen. grassley: first came in 1961 or 1962. came frequently until i was elected to congress. i've been here every year since 1975. john: that is a lot. that is 40 years. sen. grassley: and i usually come for two or three days. i don't come for 10 days. john: you are here multiple days. what is the most striking political memory you have? can you remember anything particularly vivid at the fair? sen. grassley: there was a senator thompson running for president. john: fred thompson? yeah. >> he came here with all of the television cameras and every person that came here has with them, if they are running for president. we walked down the street. i tried to get him to shake hands with somebody, he wanted to just walk down the middle. the story got out that chuck
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grassley is running for president and he had a movie star with him. john: that turned out to be true. although that tells you something about fred thompson's campaign. the big story right now is the rise of donald trump. i think of iowans as sensible, down to earth, salt of the earth. what is it that has got iowans excited about donald trump? what is the appeal there? sen. grassley: i think it is the outrage he expresses. that outrage fits into what you think iowans are concerned about. there is a lot of cynicism about political leaders generally. there is a lot of distrust of washington, d.c. and i think that is what has -- is being shown in a trump candidacy. it also might be shown in the doctor or a couple of other people that are running.
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carly is another example. john: do you think donald trump could win the iowa caucus? is that a plausible outcome? sen. grassley: i think a lot is unpredictable. four years ago, we had michele bachmann when the straw polls and did very poorly. so i would not want to predict until maybe december. if you ask me that same question, i might be able to answer with more certainty. john: do you think arriving at a helicopter and then proceeding directly to the butter cow is a good strategy for working the fair? sen. grassley: it is a good strategy proceeding to the butter cow. john: with you take a right? -- a flight? sen. grassley: of course. john: have you done that? sen. grassley: i've been in a helicopter before. john: jeb bush is here today. is he a good candidate? sen. grassley: he says he's going to compete here. if he works hard, he would do
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well. john: why do you think he is so far not faring that well in the polls. he is down 5%. what is the explanation for that? sen. grassley: his last name is bush. john: that means what? >> well, i think that means americans, maybe they don't think there should be another clinton presidency, or another kennedy presidency. they don't like dynasties. john: you think that is a problem for him? it is the dynastic implications of it that put people off? >> yeah. he is a qualified person to be president of the united states. nobody should be judged by their last name, but i think that is part of the issue. i think he can overcome that. overcome it, he is already doing well. he has proven in a lot of his
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statements and speeches that he is going to follow the jeb bush line, not the george w. line. he is part of the family, but that does not carry over to policies. john: scott walker had been doing very well and the state and is still doing well. do you attribute that to the fact he is a neighbor, primarily? or do you think that he has a particular set of qualities that are a good fit for iowa? sen. grassley: both. that is not the most important things. two things, the most important is that he has demonstrated he is willing to take on the special-interests. not only that, he won in taking on the special-interests. and then his recall and his second election, so three elections in four years.
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the special-interest took him on and he defeated them. john: do you think the social conservatives in iowa will coalesce behind a single candidate? sen. grassley: as of right now, i would say it would be fractured. maybe if you ask me in december, i will give a different answer. john: who has the best chance to be the consolidator of that group? sen. grassley: dr. carson. john: our thanks to senator grassley. coming up, jeb's eye view, after this break.
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mark: >> this morning we had a chance to hear jeb bush and we also got some time with him offstage. here is our day on the fair with the jeb bush. ♪
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>> what is the record of hands shaken in a four and a half hour period? mr. bush: i'm trying to break it. things are good. you're going to be here all 10 days. >> no, i'm only here two days. >> i have training on monday. >> duty first. mark: that was a little bit excruciating listening to that kind of smalltalk. it was a little bit awkward. ♪ mark: governor, what is it like to toggle between a foreign policy like yesterday and something like this? easy? >> look how pretty this is. very easy. mark: you say you like to focus on issues and not distractions.
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is this hillary clinton e-mail an issue or distraction? mr. bush: it is an issue in that it violated the president's own policies. as i understand it, it is 100 pages of information, a treasure trove of knowledge. this will keep them going for a -- for awhile. that lack of leadership is what is at stake. mark: he goes in here and they stop to the press. you've got this bunch of people waiting. very typical how the politics work. people are on edge like, where is jeb bush and what is he doing? he is in there walking around. not exciting. mark: what is the first car you own? >> first car i owned? it was a hand me down.
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vw bus. mark: was it like tricked out? >> no. ♪ >> governor bush, welcome to the register soapbox. [applause] mr. bush: thank you so much. what a joy to be here. i support higher standards. the term common core is so poisonous, i don't know what it means. hang on, sir. we will get you. you are next. don't let your head explode. right now we have 3500 soldiers and marines in iraq. we have no strategy. it kind of creeps up. we are responding incrementally to the challenges that exist rather than having a strategy. excuse me? we did not have to get out in 2011. it could have been modified. that was the expectation. everybody in iraq and washington knew the deal could have been
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expanded. now we need to do something else, which is deal with the fact we have islamic terrorists organized as a caliphate, and the way you take them out is to rebuild the iraqi military, provide arms and support to the peshmerga, to reengage with the sunnis, to be able to have a strategy to take them out. mark: he did it. he survived the soapbox. >> i think so. he toured this place this morning, seemed more at ease and optimistic and smiling. mark: there is this notion of common core, he said i don't know what it means anymore. i've never heard of common core. what is that? john: that is so confusing. let's not speak about it. let's speak about other matters.
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mark: some hecklers, some tough questions. i thought that he did pretty good. ♪ mark: he just held press availability while eating pork. are you going to do all of them like that? mr. bush: that would be fun. mark: governor, do you have any tattoos? did you ever get close? >> no. not that i can remember. ♪ >> working hard. >> if you're in town on sunday, i would love to take you to
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mass. i appreciate your story. >> it is an important part of my life. mark: getting elected one vote at a time, is that a challenge? mr. bush: it is a challenge, but this is how you win in iowa. mark: meeting people one-on-one, retail politics. >> you don't want to lob it in. you can't helicopter in and leave. you have to be all in. mark: our thanks to governor bush and the good folks at the state fair. more from iowa coming up next. ♪
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john: our weekend and iowa is just getting started. we are back at the state fair with more of the soap box, and mr. trump with the butter cow. tune in then. mark: thanks for watching.
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remember, we are on twice a day. until monday, back here in iowa at the state fair. thanks for watching. sayonara. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ get excited for the 1989 world tour
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