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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  August 28, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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>> i am lizzie o'leary. --and with all the respect, we thought it was demon sheep who had you all freaked out. john heilemann the demon sheep. john: posts of a marketplace weekend is a guest hosting. lindsey graham lectures and trump economics, 101. world has been
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fixated on hillary clinton's e-mails, but two stories have changed the subject and not in a good way. the washington post printed a story yesterday about the close aide of hillary and today it was reported that bill clinton tried to get the state department to pay statements in the congo and north korea. ed henry asked hillary a three-part question about bill and her e-mail. here is how she responded. >> i will answer one of your questions. about the process that was set up in my years as secretary of state was for any request that my husband received to be sent to the state department to be vetted. he did so.
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john: my question is this, which of these two problems that she has, the e-mail server and these other problems with her husband, foundation, speech giving and a money making is the bigger political problem for her? >> if you are a reporter, never ask a political person three-part question. really, from an economic sense, the money is always in the thing that draws people. it is consultative. voters have a hard time following the foundation, the donors, president clinton, asking to give these speeches with a hefty price tag. $650,000. .ohn: for a speech in the congo that sounds like a lot of money to a lot of people. >> it is. john: i have always thought that the foundation, the speech and moneymaking, and the tangle with
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the state department is a bigger political problem. i will slightly advise on. talking about the federal bureau of investigation investigating you, that raises the potential criminal charges against someone in this involvement. i think that the fbi's involvement raises the stakes on the e-mail. but this story coming back has a lot of people nervous because it is something that a lot of people around here thought it was behind her. >> there are numbers attached to it, we like that as journalist. john: and bill clinton. he is a huge asset to her, but sin -- but sometimes can be a problem. until now, we have only heard a little bit about what comes platform would look like to now we're trying to get a better look. here are some of the proposals he discussed in the past week, ranging from his dance -- stands on -- to the wall in mexico.
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to payuld say, you need a tax. with every car, truck, part that comes across the southern border, you will pay a tax. this is a tremendous burden of the country. people who are making hundreds of millions of becausea tax, right now they're paying very little. we have companies that are leaving this country to go out and get money. let that money come in and tax it at a lower rate. i know the greatest negotiators in the world. if i put carl in charge of japan, and of these trade deals. walk away, let them. they know that they do have a chance. ofok, so as a matter politics, trump economics might be appealing, but does this make sense? john: i love hearing the words
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come a president trump come a come out of your mouth. the second thing, there was someone who wrote this great article today going through what we know about the economic proposal of trump, building up the military, he will not cut entitlements, he does not count for very much -- he says that he will be the biggest budget buster in the world, but i defer to you on this, because you are an expert on finances and business. series ofdget busting policies, but there is not a coherent line. this is the left of barack obama on carried interest, saying that he will tax hedge funds and wall street on a normal level, but also lower the rates. that is to the right. some of this stuff does not have a particular through-line to it he in terms of free trade,
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does not make sense. point i was just going to ask you about, is there anybody in conventional business, the world of economics, that thinks that putting a 25% tariff on goods makes economic sense. >> no. john: no sense, under any circumstance? >> it would start a trade war. john: ok. it has been a wild week for wall street, stocks first in freefall because of concerns on china's economy, they have bounced back. at the same time, obama noted in his beach yesterday, the gp figure for the second quarter has been revised to a blistering 3.7%, that is up from 2.3%, so lizzie i turn to you. i am a simple man. i keep money in a mattress. looking at the start that stock
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market going crazy, and i look at gdp growth going strong. how do we match these up with what is happening in the real economy? >> the gdp looks backwards, the stock market looks forward and that is that on companies -- .ets companies the economy is not the stock market. because is interesting you are suggesting if it is for looking, that was a just -- forward looking, that would suggest that republicans who want a change, that the situation would be getting worse. but the market is divorced from the real economy and that matters to voters. >> it does and when you talk about the people who would benefit from the overall market trends, that is not your average voter.
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and there is a disconnect there. john: if you were hillary clinton, would you rather have a down market and of real economy, or the real economy trending downward, but the stock market booming? >> for the people she is trying to reach, you want 18 people feel that the economy -- tangible feel that the economy is doing better. john: she needs to make the argument that she will be an extension in some modification of barack obama's policies, so if gp is growing, that is a better argument for continuity. regardless of the stock market. but you know more. >> i like you deferring to me. john: up next, a republican presidential candidate who says the donald, " trump's brains out." that is lindsey graham and he will be with us when we come
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back. ♪
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♪ us from new hampshire, the south carolina senator and moonlighting comedian, senator graham. good to have you. >> i will be here all week. john: we have been talking about the situation with the market this week, obviously up and down and people blaming china and other economy. -- and their economy. others, he said we should downgrade this to a working dinner. and trump said that barack obama should have him -- give him a map. would you think about this proposals related to china? lindsey graham: i don't care if we have a state dinner, i think we would -- we should
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communicate to the china that we want a good relationship, that manipulating currencies is bad for the relationship. is intellectual property theft and that will jeopardize the relationship. we will be hurt, but you will be hurt more. change your behavior and enjoy your wine. lizzie: can you give me something concrete that you would change in u.s. policy toward china, because a lot of those things you talk about are already in the policy. lindsey graham: i would declare them currency manipulators. lizzie: and start a trade war? lindsey graham: no, start a level playing field. i think that they intentionally manipulate the value of their at the expense of american manufacturers to create -- compete in the world marketplace. i have votes for currency
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manipulation bills. john: i will ask you about donald trump. it is in the unavoidable question. there is a poll that came out about south carolina, had donald trump leading the way in your home state. he mocked you as he often does. it you fired back and you called him an idiot. you said that he would be his brains out if he became -- if he came to south carolina. i enjoy those kinds of things. --you think -- it appeals maybe that is a stooping to his level. do you think it helps your cause and do you think it helps the tone of the debate to fire back in that way? cannot takeam: you yourself too seriously. at the end of the day, i think the problem with mr. trump is his policies do not work. he is not going to destroy isil
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by taking all on with the iraqis, you will turn everybody in the east -- it will isolate friends in israel in -- and jordan. donald trump's policies would help them. that would be his undoing. lizzie: donald trump has been gaining traction in part because americans like what he says economically, i'm curious, we have these figures that are positive, what is your assessment of where the real economy is right now for most people? lindsey graham: i don't know what he says about the coming. i have no idea -- about the economy. i have no idea. all i can say is that the next president ought to deal with long-term spending, which -- the economy is stagnant because policies in place make it hard to create jobs, but the next
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president needs to dust off adjusting the age retirement for social security, address the mass retirement of the baby boomers that wipe us out by 2040, where all the money goes to interest on debt, get as in a room-- get us and deal with the liabilities of this country. that is what i want to do, bring us together. john: let me ask you another political question, there is a story and political talk about your home state. talking about the buying that -- andficials down there governor beasley, haley, my -- market stanford, who have not endorsed you. the story says they do not want to endorse graham, but they are trying to give him space right now, but they will not be with him. do you think that that is a true
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assessment of the situation, why are those people not with you and is there a chance they will be with you by the primary? lindsey graham: at the end of the day, how i perform in south carolina will be determined by how well i do outside of it. people are incredibly kind to me there, i have a great owner base, i won a primary, and it is all about immigration. so at the end of the day, what will get me through south carolina is to perform well in new hampshire and iowa, and i don't do well there it would be a campaign that needs to be recessed. i feel good about south carolina, there are smiling faces, i don't know how mr. trump fits into that model, time will tell. lizzie: senator, i am in economics reporter, but i see you as someone who has a strong voice on national security, but you are destroying a phone,
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slinging insults, how for you is this worth it? lindsey graham: it is fun. he gave out my cell phone number on national television. so i had fun with it. at the end of the day, we will get serious. this is the silly season. you have scott walker talking about destroying i sold today -- isil, but there is a no plan there. there will be nobody left in syria to help. if you do not understand that we need ground forces in syria, you are not serious about isil. john kasich is a great guy. he said under sequestration, it did not bother him at all. but it bothers me, we will destroy the military. john: i knew you wanted to take that shot at governor casey. thank you. we will be back. coming up, we had an exclusive
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tour of the campaign headquarters other trump earlier this week. we will show you what we found after these words from our sponsors. ♪
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john: earlier this week we got oftour the campaign offices mr. trump. this is what we found. hi, how are you? have you worked on a presidential campaign before? >> no, a governor campaign, but nothing like this. day? what do you do all >> i make sure everyone has what they need. stuff,with the secretary basically make sure everything is running. mark: where did you meet mr. trump?
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>> i met him when i started working here. mark: what was that like? >> nerve-racking, but he is incredibly nice. this is where corey works. mark: this is where trumps campaign manager works. he is from new hampshire. the do your job sign. mark: corey, this is where you work? >> this is it. >>mark: you have worked on how many campaigns? >> 40. i have a balcony, it doesn't get better than this. this keeps me going, the monster. pipes, a little express this -- mark: this is where you stay, this is the headquarters? >> 100%. we will take over the floor and have room to grow. additional space if we want it.
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we take at market value. mark: not cheap. >> not cheap. mark: but you have a good backer for the campaign. john: this is not a shoestring operation. to everybody, we run a campaign like a business. we make sure that when waste and money, we are turning on our investment, we do not waste. not every candidate has his own helicopter or airplane. it is a little different. >> we try to -- everything. the pizza just arrived. mark: every campaign has pizza. john: more importantly -- >> this is where all the mail is. it gets sorted. these are the things that people send in. mark: wow. john: this is just a fraction. >> the mail is right here.
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this is today's mail. mark: how many pieces per day? >> three or four of these a day and fedex packages. mark: does everybody get a response? >> yes. mark: you are the four hardest people -- hardest working people in america. what is on the pizza? >> margarita slices. mark: that looks good. pretty good. i would love that. i am doing scheduling and making phone calls, doing the mail. mark: have you ever worked for a campaign before? >> i worked for city council. mark: what inspired you to work here? >> i think mr. trump had a different view of politics, i'm a political science major, i know a lot about politics so i think it is refreshing, his take
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on american politics and how this actually goes. i want to make a difference. if your office is on 5th avenue, you might think, not a normal campaign. we could be anywhere though. >> that is true, that is what i like. i don't need all the jazz that comes with it. mark: yeah. of -- ink this is more mark: i'm not saying that you should lose your job, but that girl is so on message. every thing she said. >> amazing. mark: every sentence ended with make america great again. i asked, what are you having for lunch? >she said pizza, make america great again. i didn't notice that -- people just send this stuff? >> i got in pennsylvania made this flag and asked us to put it in the office.
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mark: are these is suitable for wearing? they look big. >> they do. mark: have you ever worked on a campaign? their lives working up to this, how did you get this job? >> i showed up and said i will do anything. mark: you are wearing a tie, is that office policy? >> yet, i think everybody wears a tie. mark: in vermont, they would be probably wearing tie-dye shirts and ripped jeans. did you come here because you knew somebody? >> i love donald trump. i watched the announcement from my work and i said i will go work for that guy. i e-mailed and showed up. i don't know -- mark: i don't know you can see in here, this is padlocked. this used to be the space for the apprentice. >> this is where the apprentice
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was. once we branch out, we might go to the floor. mark: this is the floor where they found it? is everything still there? you are working one floor below are the magic happens. right here. >> yeah. at theet's take a look table. this is the famous board table. covered backup, but again, you inuld have campaign meetings here. we have office supplies, , buttons,phone covers make america great again. trump, you are hired, the famous hats. this proves this is headquarters for the campaign, the one piece of food we saw, a monster. john: we will be right back. ♪
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john: sarah palin did not like the questions we asked about the bible earlier this week. they can go -- fans ."
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bibleur fantasy that the is at their favorite book, we will do that. i am thinking lizzie o'leary for being here. lizzie: until monday, goodbye. john: goodbye. ♪
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alix: calm returns to the equity markets as oil advances for a second day. treasuries suffering the biggest weekly decline in nearly four months. joe: but the question is, "what'd you miss?" is this a'


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