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tv   Bloombergs Studio 1.0  Bloomberg  August 6, 2016 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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in every single poll and he has been for months. the good news for him is that that 40% i don't think is likely to go. he said he could shoot someone on fifth avenue and a 40% is not going anywhere. 40% is not going to be hillary clinton when you look at the electoral map. how does he go to the 45% he needs, at least it is going to be competitive these sorts of statements take them off message and do not bring new voters into the fold. my boss went up against him 15 times and he did great. should hillary clinton one other candidates on the stage -- want other candidates on the stage? >> as the other candidates get , it willbers up to 15% be difficult for the others to meet. if they do, they deserve to be on stage.
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if they don't come it should be one-on-one. mistake hele biggest made was skipping the debate on the eve of the iowa caucuses. mark: still ahead, gene sperling talks about a competent issue for the democratic nominee. tpp. statement. -- stay tuned. ♪
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>> running us now is gene sperling, and economic advisor for the clinton campaign. that is joining us now. joining us now is gene sperling, the economic advisor for the clinton campaign. president obama made a full throated argument for why the tpp is in america's interest.
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are you know in disagreement with your president on this issue? gene: it's always hard when you are the child and mom and dad disagree. i think president obama come , he ising he does directed towards helping workers and that's what he believes. on this issue, i think hillary clinton is in the right place. we have to put our focus as a behindf progressives investing in manufacturers, ensuring that we don't have a tax code that encourages outsourcing and inversion. she sees real challenges with this and i think she wants to put tpp in the rearview mirror and be focusing. these are two great people i'm honored to have worked with. they disagree. i think trade is always a
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difficult issue, but as we say, i'm with her. the secretary clinton think globalization is good for american workers? of the great challenges of our time is to make sure globalization and technology are being shaped by our policies in a way that strengthens the middle class. -- feels that we have not president obama came into office wanting to focus on those issues saving thefocus on country from a depression. she will have a comprehensive plan on infrastructure, manufacturing, higher education, both for people on four-year
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colleges and apprenticeships and other skills or coding if you talk to her, you would say that she thinks the single focus we have sure theseto make forces, these powerful forces are being shaped in the way we strengthen the middle class as opposed to hollowing it out. unfortunately, that is what we've seen over the last 15-16 years. i could describe what bill clinton thought about the new economy in about 10 or 15 seconds, putting people first would be the first words out of my mouth. do that for hillary clinton right now. what is her theory of the global economy? focus all of to our tax trade, manufacturing and linel policy on the bottom
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of whether they are creating good, high wage jobs in the u.s. we cannot assume that just because something might be good for the profit bottom line of a ispany or individual tha necessarily what is best for middle-class people. that is the lengths she will put all of her policies through. what are the things that are not just good for gdp or the --ductivity of one company what's good for strengthening the middle class and providing greater security in a changing economy? that includes health care, pensions, paid family leave. the secretary clinton think the u.s. should have more manufacturing jobs or move towards more of a service economy? >> we should have more manufacturing jobs. she has a make it in america
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plan. economy.nefits to the we have to have a modern manufacturing plan that recognizes strength in the supply chain. saving the big companies, it was saving all the small businesses and suppliers. that creates a web of strength that makes people want to stay in the united states cannot not leave, and makes more people united states, not leave command makes more people want to come to the united states. making the tax code more patriotic. right now come of there's lots moving profits and jobs overseas. you will want to change the tax code to reward people in hard-hit communities.
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that will not be a side point. that will be her single focus. gene sperling, we love having you on. john dickerson tells us his favorite historical campaign stories and talks about his new book which launches this week. ♪
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back with our old friend, john dickerson. with a new book today. thank you for sticking around. an incredible array of good stories -- a fantastic read.
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what is the most relevant story in the book to understand what's happening in 2016? >> wallace in 1968. he tapped into a disappointment with regular, blue-collar workers and the elite. the fancy pants at leeds all these decisions that you pay for and we are not going to stand for it anymore. that wallace -- the voters always said he speaks his mind. said things other people weren't. mark: you get into one of the most enduring mysteries -- outside the union command announcing the union leader. union, denouncing the union leader. john: he gets on this flatbed
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truck, it is snowing, he starts talking about his wife. there's the accusation that he used the slur that he's talking about his wife. the editorial makes fun of her. he gets emotional. one of the accounts has him being like a face full of tears. that account took off and that was it in terms of everybody thinking he was in tears. john: you write about goldwater in this book. some people hope and fear that goldwater -- trump will be the goldwater or the selection. -- for this election. goldwatere was a stop movement, 19 governors, and they could not do it. if there was ever a stop x movement, you want to be with xp
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they have enough people behind them that they will prevail in this fight. -- you want to be with x. going into west virginia -- , saying hisfurious win in wisconsin was a catholic win. virginia fromt only 5% of the state is catholic. he runs from it at first and then realizes that is not working, so he starts to run television ads that talk about it all the time and grab the issue by the throat and take it on head-on commands of winning in west virginia.
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that ann's up winning in west virginia. up winning in west virginia. a big symbolic win. john: one of the great photo ops that went awry. mike dukakis in the tank. made ahe bush campaign systematic effort to tear him down. he was unpatriotic, too weak, far left, cartoony member of the aclu. gave a big speech on national security that day that was toppled, had lots of good ideas and the picture was supposed to match with that they're renting the photo op without the helmet -- when the tank was moving, he had to wear the helmet.
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everybody used the photo of him with the helmet on. both candidates were trying to prove they were men who can handle themselves. john: john dickerson, thank you so much. an incredible book called "whistle as they stop." -- stop."le we break down the trends in the digits, when we come back. ♪
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john: the polls have been coming in fast and furious this week. hillary clinton is getting a pretty solid bounce coming out of her philadelphia convention. today, there was a new survey from nbc news showing clinton -- anothertrump showing clinton beating trump 52-43. it seems pretty clear that clinton has gotten some edge out
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of her convention. what has happened to independents in these surveys? >> one of the things you want a convention to do for you is not just solidify your base, but also to bring in new people much to convince those that might have been straddling the fence to come on board and join the party. we have to see and then pulls to take a look at. conducted before and one conducted after. the polls the cnn published in july showed trump leading by 15 points. the poll published after the democratic convention had hillary clinton up by seven points. either werendents loosely affiliated with trump or had not really chosen a
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candidate yet. what they saw at the convention, for now, peers to have made them decide to join the hillary clinton camp. see when ito you comes to the breakdown of men and women? >> women who tend to vote democratic and the woman card that hillary clinton wanted to play at the convention, she is up 10 points with women. she has a strong majority of 57% saying they are supporting hillary clinton. men, by sixp with points. she did not hold those men -- pull those men over from trump. he states that he. it was more of those undecided i did they'd seen what they -- he stayed steady.
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it was more of those undecided they'd seen what they needed to. number is really, really lacking. he now gets 12% of the nonwhite vote. that is down several percentage points for him. that is the part of the electorate that is the fastest-growing. the one the republicans talked about after 2012. donald trump is moving in the wrong direction with that group. in the history of bounces, how often are they enduring? from is so different
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convention to convention, candidate to candidate. i've been thinking about noon's laws of physics. s laws of physics. you would assume the elasticity would bring it back into some main place where it is settled. to some homeostasis point. what happens with the campaigns next? you have august where it tends to not be an active campaign month. you would have to think the killington campaign does clinton -- you would have to think that the clinton campaign uses their resources. i'm curious what the campaign tees up in august. mark: thank you very much.
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thank you for watching this edition of the best of "with all due respect." you can listen to us on bloomberg 99.1 fm in washington. we will see you monday. until then, sayonara. ♪
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cory: this is "the best of bloomberg west." big byup, will uber win losing in china? more tech megamergers may be on the horizon. the billionaire on the newer making space history


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