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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  November 12, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EST

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♪ >> welcome to the latest and greatest addition of this is bloomberg. ♪ -- welcome to the latest and greatest addition of "best of with all due respect." we begin with an analysis of the presidential race, and the result that shocked much of the nation. you cannot make up this plot twist, the presidential race ended last night with one final, plate shifting earthquake. hillary clinton woke up yesterday virtually certain that she would be the 45th president
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of the united states. so did the rest of the political world. instead, this morning, the democratic nominee and a room of grief stricken friends and campaign members with tim kaine at her sign. she publicly conceded the race to donald j trump and wished him well as the soon-to-be leader of the free world. donald trump going to be our president. we go him an open mind and a chance to lead. our constitutional democracy enshrines the peaceful transfer of power. , weo not just respect that cherish it. many of you are at the beginning of your national, public, and political careers. wins and setbacks, too. this loss hurts. but please, never stopped believing that fighting for what
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is right is worth it. to all of the women, and especially the young women who put their faith in this campaign and in me, i want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion. [applause] to all the little girls watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams. according to the ap, michigan, new hampshire, are too close to call. based on the results from other states, it does look like hillary clinton won the nationwide popular vote. donald trump's expected surge in the florida and the rust belt was enough to cook -- two -- to solidify the world vote.
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those extra cherry to the night or republicans, as they achieved a majority in both the house of representatives and the senate. the president elect called for the -- president obama called for the nation to unify around the new leader. president obama: everyone is sad on the day they lose an election, of the day after we have to remember that we are all on one team. we are not democrats first or republicans first. we are americans first. we are patriots first. we all want what is best for this country. that is what i heard in mr. trump's remarks last night. that is what i heard when i spoke to him.
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heartened by that. that is what the country needs. at the, you and i were victory party, and we saw the from apprehensive to shellshocked. so to questions, one is what the heck happened yesterday? and the second is how many people missed it so totally? i think people do not understand that donald trump had a chance to win. second is that when the incumbent is below 50, you would assume that in a normal race tanger will get a lot of the undecided vote. i think a lot of people just do not read the polls that way. the last thing is that there is a human element to politics. theseot stand it with
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websites with aggregate polls that say his chances are at 13%. all they are doing is looking at polls. they are not watching the candidate and talking with voters. if you did that, you saw it was a changed election. candidate that was calling for change, and another that was a creature of the washington establishment should >> -- established in. >> donald trump got -- was a creature of the washington establishment. >> donald trump got fewer votes than mitt romney in some demographics. hillary clinton underperformed barack obama in certain demographics. she underperformed with millennials by a lot. most importantly, to my mind, the big old work against donald bulwarkcoalition -- big of donald trump's massive
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coalition was that she was going to be the first democrat in history to win white, college educated voters overall. she failed at that. she was was the win by a dozen points. winning she ended up college educated women and losing college educated men. withnly improved on obama white college educated whites by three points. >> i think the lack of enthusiasm from her place apart. part of it is that people do not see it -- did not see her as anything more that the same old establishment figure. i cannot prove this yet, and i'm not sure if i ever will be, but i think having a lot the conversation at the end being about director comey just reinforced people's view that this would be another same old same old. want to bey do not
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in the white house. ♪ >> stay tuned as two of bloomberg's best political reporters join the show. ♪
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♪ >> welcome back. are two women and superstars, or colleagues that have gone through the entire presidential race covering american residential politics -- presidential politics. , who has covered the clinton campaign in new york, and jennifer who has covered donald trump. an incredibly emotional event today in new york. i was at the event for hillary clinton, and a lot of her supporters were in tears over what happened.
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give any sense of why hillary clinton or anyone else thinks she must -- lost? >> at think it is a combination of factors, but i think part of the reason why they believed she lost is that it is a change year. also realized she could never get past the likability and trust issue that has followed her since the beginning. in one candidate represents change, and the other one does not, it is every hard to win. blackalso hard to induce voters if you are not black. it is also hard to compare yourself to barack obama if you are not as charismatic as barack obama. >> tell me about what your experience was of being at the trump event last night. >> it was a long time coming. all of these fans were waiting around, and they thought it was
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going to be a goodbye or farewell event. they waited, they waited, and they waited. there was an open bar, so some had a good time with the drinks. there was a cake in the shape of donald trump. ,hen pennsylvania was called one outlet had called wisconsin and another had called as a vineyard. the crowd knew that donald trump had one, but no one had called it yet. people were just buzzing with excitement. when it was finally declared, there was a lot of emotion. upple were just crazy pumped and high-fiving. it was very emotional. many were stunned. they said there were not expecting this. they blamed us, the dishonest media. thatparticular, they said i declared he would not win. the were so many that were not expecting it. >> emboldened by that victory, you could have imagined in much more different speech -- a much
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more different, bold speech. why not take his big victory and talk about the wall or the immigration been -- ban? why go so soft? >> he is talking about campaign community for a while. he has wanted to see a republican senator bring everyone together. that is one thing he chose to use. it really is no different from what he has been saying all along. it is just who he is. >> one of the things we noted at the hillary clinton event was the sheer grief of a lot of folks that were there. particularly among female supporters that felt crushed. tells about what you sent among sensedupporters ---- among those supporters?
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group that were diehard hillary clinton supporters, and there were others that were not diehard. they may have begun as bernie sanders supporters, but were so angry with donald trump in the groups that he had called out that the disenfranchised, muslims, gay americans, and they thought a clinton win would be a snuffing out of his tactics. when they lost that they did not see it coming -- all of it was when they lost, they did not see it coming, and all of it was turned upside down. there was just a fear, and they could not understand what was happening. >> we have interviewed her team all along the way. they spoke about the pressure of losing to donald trump, a person that they felt they could not lose too. thoset the sense that people will stay involved in politics, or is this a jarring experience for them?
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>> i think they will stay in politics. i think it will double or triple their resolve. it is a devastating loss, and not only just for hillary clinton. is also because this barack obama's legacy that is now in jeopardy. not only because she was supposed to inherit it, but he also double down. he put all this chicks in the basket. she was supposed to be the air to all of that -- heir to all of that. so now there are a lot of what is being asked -- what if's being asked today. >> we spoke earlier about what a donald trump administration look like. give us a couple of little nuggets of what you might be hearing of who will do what. >> they are talking about what next steps will be taken. they've not yet talked about who will do what.
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as i understand, there have no major names that have been announced until next week. donald trump do not want to waste the money on a transition. they have shelved this. there plans for the next few weeks are a little half-baked. today is just about regrouping. >> we have heard that reince priebus might come up as chief of staff. >> are a couple of other names as well. -- there are a couple of other names, as well. political nail in the coffin was supposed to be had for chris christie, but now i think he's what you get a huge job. >> newt gingrich was not on stage. i do not know why. >> rudy giuliani came up later, so i do not think it was the most strict of choreography. just want to thank you both. it is glad to have you both here, and to work side-by-side you throughout the race.
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we do want to talk with you again soon about what president obama is likely thinking. >> thank you both. only combat, we will talk about what lies ahead for both parties after this. ♪
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♪>> burton in now is bill a fetching pair of new glasses. is a man withudio a great smile and twinkling blue strategistical media and coexecutive producer of the circus, mark mckinnon. bill, i will start with you. you know president obama pretty well. he devoted a lot of time, effort, and energy to try and pick killer clinton up on his big, broad shoulders and take
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her across the fifth -- and pick up hillary clinton on his big, broad shoulders and take her across the finish line. how is he doing now? >> he felt that hillary clinton would be a great president who would carry on some the things he has been working on. one thing we all know is that the electorate is a much different thing than we thought it was when we woke up. there's so much anger out there. there is such a feeling of independent miss to what -- of isttentiveness to what causing that anger that democrats will have to do some soul searching to find a way forward here. >> mitch mcconnell and donald trump are already talking about the first thing out of the gate in january is to repeal obama care. that must be a chilling thing for barack obama to hear that. >> yes, no one wants that. for the americans that could lose health care because of that
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or the access to health care at all because of previous conditions, i think people are very concerned. i think president obama is very concerned about it. that is why he signed it into law. it is true that it did have some problems, but the problems can be fixed and people do not have to lose their health care. but i think that mitch mcconnell and donald trump will throw the baby out with the best water bathwater, andhe that will leave many americans out in the cold. >> we know that the bushes do not support donald trump. so, they are angry about that. now, donald trump is elected, and they are supporting him. is this making people cynical about elites? >> what i am really struck by is that -- we had the shock in the surprise of the election itself, one thing that everyone talked about was that donald trump was
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going to lose. they talk a lot about the disarray of the republican party. 24 hours later, the republican party is in better shape than it has been since 1928. they have all three branches of government for the first time in almost 20 years. it is interesting to think about what kind of republican party it will be. it is anti-trade, pro entitlements, there is going to be a big infrastructure built. that is the one thing they can seem to agree on. there is a spending bill, but i remember when that went south on bush. >> if you are to call together and democratic anchors or strategists -- thinkers or strategists, and they need to create a new democratic strategy and direction. who would you choose? >> i would probably add in dan
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jones. i would add in any state officials -- any red state democrats. >> are not very many of them. >> well, the new governor of north carolina. i think that we need to be a to the fact that there is a lot of -- we have a big problem with middle-class, white voters that we have not paid attention to. the obama coalition is never going to be the obama coalition again. we have to grow our share of electorate, and that has to include more middle-class white voters. thatfew like i was hearing 24 hours ago from the republican party. we mentioned before, there's a bit of an irony to run as a populist, and then you move to the white house and you have to be president. withoes that play out donald trump riding in on that rhetorical horse? yes to keep the faith with the
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that he has to keep the faith with the people that voted him in -- he has to keep the faith with the people that voted him in after saying he would shake up the establishment, but now has to run the place. how will that play out? >> with paul ryan, how it will make or break the first 100 days, it is the relationship between donald trump and paul ryan. >> i mentioned before, the idea of normalizing donald trump. how a lot of your colleagues and people in the press -- you say that you cannot treat him like a normal present. he's being agreement at the white house -- green lake at the litte house -- green tomorrow at the white house. should he still be treated like a normal person? treatednk he would be with some level of scrutiny by
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mcgrath. i think that is true of -- by democrats. i think that is true of donald trump. i was in college when jesse ventura was elected governor. i think he did a good job of trying to take the job search late before he spectacularly failed. i think donald trump will do the best he can do to do the normal things that a president elect would do. >>, give you a article example. an you there's the ongoing legal suit with trump university. should democrats be jumping all over that? or should they give him a honeymoon? >> i do not think anyone deserves a honeymoon necessarily. i think if you broke the law, you should be accountable. that includes trump university, and i believe the irs is looking into his foundation, and there's the fbi investigation into possible ties with russia.
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>> do think the democrats should be doing research on that, pushing it out there, and trying to hurt him politically? i not arguing one way or the other. i'm just race about your posture? -- three us about your posture -- i him just curious about your posture? . i'm not sure. i think if you broke the law, then he should be held accountable for. you say in the real world, but you are talking about washington dc. politics happen in d.c. every single day. if laws are broken, i think people should be held accountable. i think that will be the case for president elect donald trump when the chips fall with these investigations that are happening behind the scenes that we have not heard about. >> you think he gets a honeymoon just as a matter of fact?
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at least the short variety that a variety of residence get -- presidents get? >> not necessarily. there is that infrastructure bill coming through. but, i think there will be as far as the nonprofit sector -- at this point in the country, they have said they do not care if it is a democrat or a republican. it is want to get some problems. --ive it until christmas they just want to get some problems solved. i give it until christmas. >> before the election, we said that democrats have albums with certain segments of voters. problems with certain segments of voters. i think there are legitimate questions to be asked, and they should be asking them. if there is progress to be made,
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then democrats need to find a way to get a out to those people out to thoseid people that do not like they are getting attention rum -- from the capital. >> who should be the leading spokesperson for the democratic party come january? >> i think nancy pelosi has a strong voice. she will be out there. there will be a hope coterie -- whole coterie of voices speaking out. i think will be a variety of spokespeople. i think we are going to be auditioning a lot of different people to be the spokesperson for the party. that will go on for a good four years. schumerl not tell chuck that you failed to mention him on that list. -- i totallymet
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meant to say chuck schumer first. >> coming up, white house secretary josh earnest talks about the transition of power after these words from our sponsors. ♪ wow, x1 has netflix?
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finally, you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. ♪ >> welcome back. all eyes are on washington, d.c. today as donald trump continues his transition into moving into pennsylvania avenue. we have josh earnest with us. josh, it is great to see you. sorry we cannot stop by to say high when we were down there later today. you are the closest thing to a fly on the wall. give us your readout of the meeting. >> the president described it as a positive, productive meeting. the reason is that he heard from best the reason that he heard from the president elect -- the
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reason that he heard from the the reason het -- heard from the president elect in private was because you had all heard from him in public. they've been preparing for months for this transition of power. president obama is trying to make sure that the next president can hit the ground running. i do not think he was expecting to work with the president elect donald trump team, but that is who he is working with major sure that the transition is effective in spite of their differences. what you said something today that surprised me. -- >> you said something today that surprised me about donald trump -- about the presidents comments that donald trump is unqualified. you said that he still thinks that. >> i do not want people to be left with the impression that was just an deep rhetoric. the people -- the -- was just empty rhetoric.
10:32 am
the president was making of you based on his favoring of hillary clinton. it has consequences. office,ter he take president obama was quoted rather derisively as saying that they felt he was arrogant for saying that elections have consequences. elections do have consequences even if they do not turn out the way we hoped they would. the president is dedicated to ensuring a peaceful transition. that does not mean that the concerns he raised do not apply anymore. of course they do. the time for argument has passed. the american people have decided, and elections have consequences. >> josh, answer this as best as you can in a human way. you see a lot of criticism on the presidential campaigns. obamar, what president has said repeatedly about donald
10:33 am
trump is that he is on it suited and unfit forted the office of the president. i know he is committed to the peaceful transition of power. but what is he thinking in that moment? >> he is thinking that he has the responsibility to put aside personal, deeply held political views and put the interests of our country and our democracy. he is not the first resident who been put in this -- first president to be put in a situation was had to do this. president clinton had to hand the keys over to the -- the keys of the oval office over to president george w. bush. yet, president clinton tried to fulfill his presidential was
10:34 am
once abilities. president bush did the same thing for president elect obama. each critical of the previous administration. however, they do not like -- they did not let their personal disagreements with the new president elect to affect a peaceful transition. president obama is committed to doing the same thing. that requires them to put aside his own personal views. when it comes to the functioning of our democracy, even the president of the united states has to set aside his own opinions for the good of the country. >> let's audition right now. lose?d hillary clinton >> i think it will take a while to figure that out precisely. >> take your first stab at it. if you are a political analyst for the cable network, you do
10:35 am
not have time to punt. >> this is a very effective training, so thank you. there are several things worth considering. first, secretary clinton won the popular vote, and it is important not to overlook that view. she lost the elect world vote -- bectoral vote, but we would remiss to not mention that she won more popular votes than the other guy. one job at a time though. the second thing is that there are millions of people that voted for barack obama in 2008 and 2000 and 12 that voted for -- and 2012 that voted for rock -- donald trump. when you consider how popular president obama is across the country with longtime supporters and with republicans and , there ares as well
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just a lot of questions to answer. there clearly are people across the country that are fed up with dysfunction in washington, d .c. as much as i believe that should be laid at the feet of some , there are clearly a lot of people across the country that laid the dysfunction at the feet of the democrat. -- democrats. i think that is part of the answer, too. what do we do to more effectively communicate with voters that unfairly held democrats in washington for some dysfunction. it raises questions about what democrats are doing to make a persuasive argument to the people that voted for barack obama twice and then voted for donald trump.
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josh, that was pretty good way comes to cable analysis. you will need to be a little more piffy, if you want to make it on some of these networks. josh earnest, it is a pleasure to see you. >> joining us now to talk about trump and the hill is kelly o'donnell. kelly, tells about the sights and sounds of what was happening . kelly: i think it was very striking, because donald trump does not have a lot of experience of dealing with the inner offices on capitol hill. i was here when he was a part of a big anti-ironic deal -- anti-i ran deal protest. he seemed a bit more restrained and more of a lower volume donald trump. he met off-campus, near the
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capital, in a place where house republicans tended to get together. he met with speaker brian -- ryan to have lunch and continue a conversation that was started over the phone. paul ryan invited donald trump and melania trump to get a view that's a preview of the few they invited them to get a preview of the few they on induction day. he also had a meeting with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. as he was walking out of that, i asked him if he was ready to be president. ready." "we were he gave the double thumbs up that is famous on his campaign trail.
10:39 am
cacophony of aa media day. it was hard to hear. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell escorted him out and then came back to speak with us. he said it was a first-class eating and they are eager to get going on the transition on areas where they agree. so, for paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, it is about trying to plant with a new republican partner. they have a lot more experience than he does. >> did anything happen that made you take the might be some trouble here? >> not today. i think today was about trying to project confidence. it was about trying to be gracious. in washington, it will not take long for the problems got to filter out. today seemed more of a grand tour. mitchelluned as andrea joins our conversation.
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we will be right back. ♪
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♪ >> we are joined now by two great. chief correspondent for the washington post, our friend dan. also, nbc correspondent and msnbc anchor, andrea mitchell. hyped. is >> we are very hyped. you both are in matching outfits today. a rhapsody in blue. andrea, you have covered a lot of transitions in washington. what did you see today with donald trump's first day in washington, d.c.? >> i saw something that
10:43 am
encouraged the markets and me as a citizen. the fact that president obama was as gracious and forthcoming as he was about wanting a longer meeting, and donald trump responded in kind. i was anchoring live when the tape was played back on the oval office. it was extraordinary. was a lesson in democracy. said he would of liked the meeting to go longer, and that he was honored to be with president obama, and that he appreciated his counsel. present obama, i do not doubt that he took the opportunity to give president-elect donald trump a daily briefing to the likes of which he is not ever had before. it is what he will now get as the president elect. was just thinking earlier, harry truman did not know until he was president that there was an atomic bomb. there's a lot that donald trump
10:44 am
is likely learning about covert operations that we can only imagine. they are burdens that any president of the united states has every day when he receives that briefing from the intelligence community. >> there are a million stories now that they are trying to figure out -- what are you wondering about now for the next couple of weeks up to january 20? >> i am wondering the same thing all of you are wondering which will surround donald trump when he enters the white house? what kind of a mix is it? is it republican insiders? other some outsiders? what kind of flavor does that give to the donald trump presidency? i'm interested in the relationships he develops on capitol hill. but we are seeing in the days immediately after the election are some predictable but encouraging displays of
10:45 am
pleasantries and commitments to try and make the transition as smooth as possible. we still know it is a deeply divided country with protests in the streets and during the campaign. or is a lot bubbling beneath the surface that these first few meetings not really even begin to get at. that is what i am most curious about in the next few weeks -- how it begins to sort itself out. covered theou have clinton campaign very closely. hillary clinton gave her speech yesterday, but there has been a lot of silence from her, her people, and her friends. what is going on in that world right now he on the grief -- beyond grief? >> a lot of grief, and a lot of fear. at the concession speech, there was a lot of people with red
10:46 am
eyes because they had been weeping all night. they were absolutely sure they were going to win. everyone got it wrong. everyone saying, except for you guys, that he did not have a path. you laid it out in a way that no one else really did. kudos to you. the headline writers, we saw how newspapers made their headlines of madam secretary, and they had not even figure out the alternative headline there would -- they would post. i think right now they are trying to figure out the rest of their lives. for these people, it is personal. many of these people had in with hillary clinton for 30 years. have been with hillary clinton for 30 years.
10:47 am
been an intern when she first got her job with hillary clinton. who hadad for the kids such stars in her -- in their eyes and such aspirations. hope for in it for a change. i really feel for them. posted in extorting her a picture on facebook of walking in the woods in intoaqua, and running hillary clinton and bill clinton walking their dogs. there they were out and about. hillary clinton is just extraordinarily strong. i thought her concession speech was profoundly moving. >> we wish we had more time to talk with both of you. thank you both good -- thank you
10:48 am
both. ♪ >> coming up, we will discuss donald trump's victory. stay tuned. ♪
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♪ updating from earlier, we
10:51 am
told you about a scoop by our colleague read john about howard dean. dean just tweeted on the topic. joining us now from los angeles to talk more about the aftermath ,f tuesday's stunning election we are joined by tavis smiley. have is, what you think of this what you think of his tweet? >> would think i've said about howard dean that i find that's one thing about howard dean that i respect is that he says that democrats really need one, defining strategy. he really advances and engages this notion of a 50 straight strategy. again, i think that democrats
10:52 am
could do much worse. you are a democrat, or you?-- arent' >> i've never said it publicly. however, i will say that i did not vote for donald trump. >> with the senate and house of republican majority, a full washington of republicans right now, what do you think? >> them aggressively to accept that donald trump is our next president. proteststened by the in the streets by the people who do not want to accept the particular narrative for what we want our country -- for that narrative for what we want our country to become. democrats have to accept the facts that if they could just move a little bit to the left, they can pick up the kind of energy and enthusiasm that might
10:53 am
have made the difference this time around. for my white liberal friends. -- i had a say this waitress, up to me at lunchtime, and she was just in tears. i cannot begin to tell you the number of phone calls i received over the last 48 hours from my white, liberal friends who fear this is a catastrophe. let me just say respectfully that black folk do with catastrophes every day. some might white liberal elite friends are so used to winning that if you lose on election, you feel like the road is closing in on you. i am upset, too. let me be clear, but misery must not have the last word number one. to explain -- for the white liberal elites that are asking how they will explain this to a kid, a real problem is how do
10:54 am
you explain to kids why there is no food in the fridge, why you are being convicted. we have to contextualize this in the right way. >> whited hillary clinton lose -- why did hillary clinton lose? >> i believe that the democrats ran an elitist candidate in a populist election. number two, you cannot take voters for granted. number three, they relied on this hill mary by barack -- hail by barack obama singer he would take it as a personal insult if black people did not vote for hillary clinton. i took that as an insult that black americans cannot have their own agency when it comes to their vote. never mind donald trump's misogyny, could you imagine that white women at that level would ever even consider voting for a black man who had talked about
10:55 am
grabbing them down there? that 50% ofway white women would ever consider voting for a black man over racism, sexism, in elitism on display. for a black man. it is racism, sexism, and elitism on display once again. containrms of trying to what democrats see as potential damage from a donald trump presidency. what is the strategy there? how you go about dealing with donald trump in the oval office? >> democrats have to get back to representing their base. the democratic party in many ways has abandoned their base of working-class, everyday people. if you take care of those people, they will take care of you. the bottom line was clear that hillary clinton's taste did not show up in the way they thought
10:56 am
it would in certain places. if you take care of people, they will take care of you. the politics will take care of themselves. i'm not in a position to offer democrats in congress and way to deal with this, but will say that there are some fights not worth fighting even if you win. however, there are fights that you have to fight even if you lose. onocrats will have to stand their principles. i heard this from friedman, "you can dance in a hurricane if you stand in the eye." you have to stand in your truth. even with a hurricane swirling around you, if you stand in your truth and you can make some advancement. would you like to see the protests continuing to the company missed ration -- through the donald trump administration? >> i think yesterday held accountable.
10:57 am
to to be heldhas accountable. you cannot run a campaign with the kind of racist, sexist, class is eyeing which that he classistexist, language that he used and then say overnight that we have to come together. we're just supposed announcing by and hold hands. sing are just supposed to kumbaya and hold hands. i hope he will be a better president than i thought he might be, but he has to be held accountable. >> tavis, thank you. >> think you are watching this edition of "best of with all due respect." you can find us on bloomberg radio. until monday, sayonara. ♪
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♪ emily: i'm emily chang in this is the best of "bloomberg technology" where we bring you the top interviews. market saw a big lefty after donald trump one the white house. we will map out how the industry is planning for the next four years. what a trump residency means for issues and tech from global privacy to u.s. immigration policy? chinese internet companies


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