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tv   Bloomberg Pursuits  Bloomberg  September 22, 2017 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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♪ >> it isn't easy. anchor: welcome to "bloomberg pursuits," where you find information that helps you follow your inspiration. in this edition, utility meets luxury in three new suvs. >> immediate power, immediate response. anchor: master the offbeat etiquette of eating ramen. >> is totally cool to pick up
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the bowl and drink from it. oneor: and find out how master craftsman turns wood and stone into state-of-the-art sound. >> this is a very difficult, time-consuming, expensive product. anchor: but first, a guide to making the most of london. ♪ reporter: london is one of the most dynamic cities in the world. sites, it its iconic is also full of hidden treasures. with brexit looming, the city is on the verge of a total reinvention. i am travel editor for "bloomberg pursuits," and i will show you how to make the most of london. out of london's 37 million visitors each year, a whopping 9 million come here on business, making it one of the biggest
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business travel markets in the world. that means busy airports. dodge the crowds by flying into london city, a small under the radar hub in the middle of town. landing here means short immigration lines and zero traffic, shaking your travel time by an hour or more. until recently, business travelers had a tough choice -- booking a bland hotel in the boring financial district or staying further away in the heart of the action. not anymore. london's financial hub is suddenly cool, with two glamorous places to stay. the first is the net, the hotel and private members club designed by the soho house group. insiders say it cost more than $200 million to confirm -- to convert this 1920's bank. 252 rooms, nine restaurants. this is the place to see and be
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seen, to impress and be impressed. but if you want to escape the hustle, head to the rooftop. this view of st. paul's is instagram gold for london's work hard, play harder set, and it is only accessible to hotel guests and private members. party-work-repeat lifestyle is too much, the antidote is just a mile away. it the academy of an urban oasis -- it is the it to me -- it is itome of an urban oasis. even hanging out in your room feels like a treat. you can order your favorite type of pillow from an ipad or soak in a gorgeous gilded bathtub.
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londoners are punctual, so getting on their time zone is key. luckily for you, great coffee shops are everywhere in london. these days, they are more ubiquitous than a proper english breakfast. workshop, which roasts its own beans, is my favorite. order they are filtered coffee. you can feel free to bring your laptop. head to the east end for a work lunch at liles. it is worth the short walk. these are fresh from the farm in a salad with locally produced cheese. order it with the mutton broth, a clear delicate version of a heavy classic. here is a little psa, don't be afraid to order a glass of wine during a workday. is actually seen as a overly conservative move. with so much entertaining, you'll want to squeeze in a
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workout. in london it is hard to find good gyms that allow membership free drop ends, but one rebel is a real exception. everything will make you feel like a total rockstar. take that high into your most important meeting, with dinner at this russian inspired spot in soho. watching this juicy beef wellington get carved tableside is the best kind of dinner theater. whenever you are ready to toast your success, there is champagne button built into every booth. >> cheers. reporter: by now you've earned a day off. this is red church street in the heart of shortage. stop by modern society for indie
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clothing and jewelry, then round the corner for give double notebooks and travel sets in custom patterns -- for gift able notebooks and travel sets in custom patterns. when it comes to british food, i can't leave without trying the real national dish, curry. this talented indian chef is beef samosas. in this fast-paced city, things are always in a state of evolution. anchor: from this great destination we shift our focus to the journey. up next, hannah elliott takes a drive in three of the best suv's money can buy, one of them sure
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to be white for you -- be right for you. ."is is "bloomberg pursuits ♪
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anchor: ramin, the japanese staple, has gone global with dedicated joint opening in cities around the world. is a good time for a short course on the rules of ramen. >> we are going to talk about the best way to eat a bowl of ramen. most important thing is to eat it while it is hot. you need to eat it right away because the noodles are overcooking. it is a lot like pizza. if you are a real new yorker, you don't wait until the pizza is cool. you eat it and risk burning your mouth.
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ramen is the same way. don't fight the noodles. take a little less than you think you want to eat. you want to pull them out from the pile. otherwise you will never be able to slurp. easy on the toppings if you are a first timer. when you order your first bowl of ramen ever, get it simple. see if you really like ramien. then you can start dumping on the toppings and do the shop special. don't forget to hydrate. my whole face is swollen with salt. it is just the nature, so drink up. a with but in japan, it is totally cool to pick up the bowl and drink. remember, there are no real rules at the end of the day. you are letting your hair down.
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you want to have fun. get flashy, get noisy, get messy. but most important lee enjoy yourself. anchor: choosing the best suv is a complex task. size andto consider value. growing inith suv's popularity, it only makes sense to get some on the show. in this review we are going to compare three of the best rated luxury suvs on the market. this isn't going to be easy. 15,ot our hands on an audi a porsche, and a bmw. i've decided to spend a day with each of them to get a good look. way morehe audi q5, affordable than the other two
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cars we are looking at. this is like the iphone of luxury suvs. it is designed well, but also affordable. this is a four-cylinder all-wheel-drive seven speed automatic with cattle shifters, 250 -- with paddle shifters, 250 horsepower. you step on the gas and you are there. has by far the most futuristic interior of the three cars. it is clean, minimal. the sunroof spanned the entire width of the ceiling. it is really cool. plenty of room for five adults, a lot of headroom, but this is the smallest of the ones we are testing. a family on a trip might have trouble fitting everything in. there are other cars that are more powerful that look more distinct, but it is also really affordable. audi has kind of hit a sweet spot.
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so how did they add up? the immediate response may be feeling control. the horsepower was a little weaker at 252, and miles per gallon is in the middle of the road. looks wise, it is a little conservative. the smallest of the three, but with a sleek interior. the pricing is best at $41,000. bmw x5 hybride that gets 56 miles per gallon. this starts at $62,000. the electric motor and engine switch off depending on what drive mode, how fast you're going, all that. what you won't find out on the website is how big this car feels and how small it drives. it is a nice balance. clean andor is not as
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modern feeling, but it is also a little less full of buttons and levers and gauges. this does feel like it is the room he asked of the three. i think that that's the room he asked -- the roomiest of the three. the trunk still comes up with 36 cubic feet, which is massive. the handling was exceptional. 308 horsepower is middle of our range. an amazing 56 miles per hour gallon with the combined electric motor. it was sporty without being aggressive. at $62,000, it is mid range for our selection. the third car and our group is the porsche cayenne gps. it starts at $97,000. that is by far the most
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expensive of our group, but also the most powerful. was amongst the first of the luxury carmakers to introduce an suv. they really sets the standard. the engine here is a 3.6 liter ,-6 twin turbocharged engine 440 horsepower, almost double the audi. you definitely feel it when you push the gas pedal. the things you notice are the buttons and levers and knobs. if you are someone who likes that cockpit stuff to play with, you are going to love this car. the trunk was actually the smallest at 24 cubic feet, but a few -- but after you put the seats down, you will get by. it drives fast. it feels really luxurious inside. it is really striking to look at. it just costs a lot of money. powerful,as the most 440 horsepower, 434 foot-pounds of torque. 29 miles per only
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gallon. the downside is price. $97,000 means this car will dig deep into your wallet. the luxury suv segment is a competitive field. there are a lot of really confident players. these three are all excellent vehicles. however, after three days of driving, i felt the bmw checked the most boxes in terms of performance, agility, style, and value. was it the most powerful or fastest? no, but it was the most versatile and reasonably priced for a luxury suv. the 56 mile per gallon rating just pushes it above the edge. of this car has great value, and anyone would be happy to have it. anchor: coming up, the best in high-end audio equipment. headphones that feel as gorgeous as they sound. >> the cup pads are incredibly
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squishy. they feel really great on the side of your head. anchor: and speakers crafted from ancient material for the ultimate in modern audio quality. >> none of this stuff is convenient and a small, or cheap, but it does represent the best sound that has really ever been made. global news 24 hours a day, powered by more than 2600 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. is "bloomberg pursuits."
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anchor: ticking the headphones can be tough. you have to think about how much they cost, what they look like, how they sit on your head. and obviously you care about sound. plus there are tons of brands that make them. take care of wireless headphones that checks the most boxes for me are these. the sound quality is wonderful. the base feels full and satisfyingly funky.
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scratchy sounds or whispers have a very satisfying texture. the materials are excellent. all of the soft parts are she in this -- are sheathed in this letter. the ear pads feel very squishy and don't have the firm grip some headphones half. they just takes one touch to link it to your phone. the volume button is also the laws and skip ahead but that you can feel very easily without looking. it remains charged for up to 22 hours. the bluetooth range is remarkable. i walked an entire city block away from my phone and had no disruption. it will skip a little bit, that's how you know you are at the end of your range, but a whole city block where the range is pretty good. fair warning, all this quality comes at a price. if you're looking for a good pair of wireless headphones it
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is going to run you between $120 and $500. $499.91, right at the top of the range. but for the build quality, the easy technology, the great sound, and the overall handsomeness, these are worth the investment. anchor: to close out "bloomberg pursuits," a regular series we call made, because to appreciate an object of luxury, you have to go back to the beginning and see how it came to be. ♪ >> my name is jonathan. i am the founder and ceo of oswald's mill audio. we are in our brooklyn show room surrounded by all of our products.
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we are really an outlier in the high-end audio world. we make everything from the signal source in terms of analog -- that his record players, which would make out of solid slate. we make our own line of tube amplifiers. we're the only company in the world that makes comical loudspeakers -- that makes conic al loudspeakers for venues. we make everything so we have total control over the sound. one of the first phases to our products is coring the slate. this is a very special slate because it is very soft, which, from an acoustic standpoint, is really desirable. it dissipates vibrations and residences extremely well, much better than harder slate. when they are cory and that's when they are -- when they are quarrying the slaves, they
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cleave off sheets which break off and then are placed on a truck or taken with a gondola into the main fabrication part of the quarry, where a huge diamond saw with water is used to cut these irregular pieces of slate. andlast stage is honing putting a very fine edge or bevel so that it doesn't chip. we use cast metal in a lot of different products. all foundries have a furnace. you put the solid metal into this that and it becomes mobile, -- becomes molten, just like in the movie "terminator." cast, whichough then goes to the finishing
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processes. that it has to be welded. after that is accomplished, then it goes to be powder coated. curederally is baked and into this super hard, durable finish, much better than paint. all of our loudspeakers have steel stands or infrastructure. all of those elements are powder coated. the mill is essentially our laboratory. it is our reference, listening space, where we can put elements , evaluated together them, and decide what direction we want to take with new products and technologies. there are things we have never surpassed in terms of sound quality. waysndustry has moved in that aren't about the ultimate
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sound quality, but about size, convenience, and cost. none of this stuff is convenient, small, or cheap, but it does represent the best sound that has really ever been made. all of our loudspeakers are made out of pennsylvania hardwood. which martin woods guitar, the world's best acoustic guitar company, that they use. i know they are totally great woods. at that point it comes into our woodworking shop, where it is cut into boards of various widths to be joined together for amplifier enclosures, horns, all using meticulous hand done ry that allows the wood to expand and contract in your home like a living thing.
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this is a very difficult, time-consuming, expensive process. we are the only company in the world that does this. know else makes loudspeakers makes no one else loudspeakers using wood. the parts come from the wood shop, metalworking shop, powder facility,r central where we do the final assembly. most of our equipment is very big because it has to be. sound waves can be miniaturized. it is physics. it is very old-school. this is not mass production. the components that we use are simply the highest grade possible, aerospace level stuff.
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really ourase is installation of the equipment in our clients' homes or wherever they are going. if you have an amazing system and you put elvis on, it is frightening. it is like he is right there. ist the system is doing taking the energy that came out of elvis, literally. sound waves are energy. it is taking that and reproducing it so perfectly that you have this uncanny feeling that somebody is there that has been dead a long time. that is what amazing sound quality is. you can find more films from our made series at thanks for watching "pursuits." this is bloomberg. ♪
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♪ announcer: from our studios in new york city, this is "charlie rose." charlie: jens stoltenberg is here. he is the 13th secretary-general of the nato. he is also the former prime minister of norway. nato is the largest and most powerful military alliance in history. since its founding in 1949, the organization has significantly redefined its role. its primary focus after 9/11 has been combating terrorism. and increasingly inserted russia and north korea have become a priority for the alliance. the secretary-general recently declared "the world is more dangerous today than it has been


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