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tv   Bloomberg Markets Americas  Bloomberg  February 26, 2020 1:30pm-2:00pm EST

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conference from the white house on the coronavirus out right. he will be accompanied by top government health officials. the white house has emphasized that the outbreak is firmly under control in the united states. the centers for disease control and prevention has offered up more dire predictions. more than 81,000 people globally have been infected. the president's news conference is at 6:00 a.m. new york time. can watch it here on bloomberg television. house lawmakers worn pentagon leaders their plan to divert billions to pay for the construction of the u.s. mexico border wall would be an enormous mistake. congressman byrne's said the defense department would be undermining its own efforts to get funding by sending a message that it has money to spare. the center gone -- the pentagon said it is slashing billions to free up money for the construction of the wall. the european union says more people are taking legal paths to enter europe. increasing numbers of people are applying for asylum rather than entering without permission.
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more than 700 14,000 people applied in europe last year. that's up 13% from 2018. much of the increase is attributable to migrants from countries that have these of free travel arrangements with block. says hisuterte country's forces can fight insurgents and muslim extremists without any help from the american military. he was defending his recent decision to terminate a u.s. security pact and also said he would stick to his pledge to not travel to the united states. he made that decision early in his presidency when he was enraged by president barack obama's criticism of his deadly anti-drug crackdown. global news 24 hours a day on air and on quicktake by bloomberg, powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in over 120 countries. i'm mark crumpton. this is bloomberg. ♪
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shery: i'm shery ahn. amanda: i'm amanda lang. we are joined by our bloomberg and pnm bloomberg audiences. here are our top stories. shery: markets are whipsawed on the back of their biggest today lost since 2015. investors are looking for any sign of stability as treasury yields hover near all-time lows. concerns linger about the spread of the coronavirus. health officials are saying americans should prepare for the virus to hit the u.s. donald has announced plans to brief the public. signs the chinese economy is struggling to get back to work as the virus outbreak it continues. we will walk through the numbers that could point to a contraction.
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we saw u.s. stocks fluctuating between gains and losses. managing to hold onto those gains. .2%.&p 500 gaining energy the only sector that's under pressure right now as we see oil prices at the lowest level since december of 2018. we continue to see concerns over oil demand globally as we continue to see infections of coronavirus rising across the world. secretary of health alec cesar confirmed the 15th case in the united states. take a look at what investors are trying to do right now. we have seen gold rally. it is gaining ground in today's session after falling for the first time in six days. still very near that $1700 level.
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that is not just the price of gold that's rising. it's inflows into gold back etf's which is the longest run ever as uncertainty rises over the coronavirus infections. record low treasury yields, negative real rates. not to mention whether the fed will be forced to act in the first half of this year. amanda: it may just be a store of value. is the read of the value breath of the market. you are looking at the number of stocks trading above their 200 day moving average. we are still above 50 but this may say more about how overvalued the market was in mid-january when it was 80% above the moving average. this is of course at yesterday's close. the world is watching.
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new cases confirmed, brazil confirming its first coronavirus case across latin america. a 61-year-old in sao paulo infected during a recent trip to italy. the world is kind of bracing here. what has the reaction been? subdued.een relatively today is a bit of an off day. it's the end of carnival. the markets open only half a day today. the markets did fall heavily. so far there is no signs of real worry or panic or anything like about the fact that brazil is pretty much exposed to trade with china and given the supply chain disruptions, what are we seeing on the ground in brazil especially when it comes to the hit on the economy? >> it's really too early to say.
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far,ne case confirmed so he's at home. they say he's doing well. there are 20 other cases that are suspected that they need to do further tests. they are in summer months now so it's warm weather and the health minister said we will have to see how the virus reacts in this kind of climate as well. shery: a lot of stress in the market with investors particularly worried about the epicenter of the virus. won't lety's politics the situation get out of hand. >> the idea that you are going to have this wave of defaults i think is pretty unlikely. one of the major problems we have seen year after year even by the most sophisticated wall street players is they go into china and think they are dealing with the commercial financial system.
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they think the risk models are going to end up panning out. u.s. andrkets in the europe -- essentially comes grinding to a halt. we have seen the rush for yield in this very low yielding environment. what are we seeing now? >> up until this point all of the negative yielding that we have globally in the ranks of $14 trillion has really prompted so much demand for high-yielding high income assets. we have seen so much issuance this year up until this point. we have now seen three straight days of no issuance in the u.s. so companies are being so much more conscious of how the virus can impact how they would want to approach that market.
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amanda: it has been a bit of a frenzy for parts of the credit market. worry? we need to what would you watch? we think banks lose confidence and that can get real really fast. when do we need to start thinking about that. widening spreads are which would tell you there is concerned. yields are near all-time lows. what we are hearing now is that dealers are looking around to see if potentially there could be a window as early as tomorrow. you would have to see a really strong solid credit that doesn't have a ton of volatility in it, is generally very liquid, well-known by investors and that would be a good vote of confidence for the market.
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amanda: i want to bring in cities chief u.s. equity strategist. obviously there are many moving parts. we were commenting on the energy market. this is one that has been front and center about concerns of global growth. on the some perspective longer macro issues and the shorter-term function of what's happening around coronavirus. side there's ay lot going on. the credit markets have been very unfriendly to the energy sector. particularly return on equity has been for in the past 10 years when you compare it to the general returns for the s&p 500. it is being treated very differently by the credit markets. they are being starved of capital which is forcing them to become much more disciplined
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about how they use their capital and becoming better stewards of capital. that's going to have to be true into the street. esg is also a pressure point for them. then you get the coronavirus and particularly if china slows down. of getting it's like a boxing match and they just keep getting hit. it's unfortunate that it's creating some interesting value in that area because people are just dumping it with abandon. for the broader market i think it's a little bit different. there are three things that have an impacting it. one is coronavirus. another one is some fears around his bernie sanders going to run to the top of the ticket on the democrat side. you could see that to a great degree with managed-care stocks. they are not exposed to coronavirus but boy have they been hammered. you can kind of discern it from
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the market. the third issue is that business hasn't actually been that good even before the coronavirus. companies are beating earnings but lowering guidance. well before we started getting more news i was listening to companies not talking about revenue growth before the coronavirus discussion. it has been a tough environment in the general economy and earnings story that is also weighing down here. shery: we are seeing treasuries rally after that report of possible virus cases near new york city. this the right response given what we are seeing in all of the uncertainty out there? we were seeing some complacency out there perhaps that everything will be all right. >> i would agree. we run a sentiment model called our panic euphoria model. don't get too caught up in the words. that's kind of a marketing
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gimmick. it's about looking at different inputs and confidence intervals. if you break into euphoria, you were talking about 70% probability of losing money in the subsequent year. the average drop is 9%. the median drop is 12%. it's a model we created going back to 1987. it was already signaling that investments were getting a little bit too happy. if you look at the household sector of the united states a are at 50 years hi in terms of their equity exposure. it's not like people are saying i hate the market i'm not buying it. they have bought the market. that's kind of why they want the market to go up. if you own a lot of stock, you want it to make money. pretty reasonable. -- bond funds have taken any
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record inflows every week this year so it's been a really impressive rush for those kinds of assets. that's been really impressive. when you look at it on a spread basis most of the people i talked to would classify what we are seeing now as a healthy and welcome correction. also not at all a buying signal just yet given how much uncertainty about the virus is still to be known. us.y: thanks for being with coming up, china slowly starting to get back to work as it battles the coronavirus outbreak. details next. this is bloomberg.
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shery: you're watching bloomberg markets. we have a public health announcement by new york governor cuomo. let's listen in. of the greater new york hospital association that works and coordinates all the voluntary hospitals in our state. beth garvey, special counsel. melissa derosa. dr. howard zucker. murphy,kobe and patrick department of homeland security. i want to thank them for their time. we have been talking this morning about the coronavirus. we want to give you an update and a briefing. was inioner zucker washington yesterday working with the cdc and getting a briefing on what the cdc had to say about handling this situation.
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clear that they will be working with the states and the states have a significant role in the coordination of the actual services that will be rendered. new york state right now has had 27 cases that we have explored. all of them have come back negative. there is one case that is still pending. cases ofe been 53 people nationwide who have tested positive for the coronavirus. i have said before that it is highly probable that you will see a continuing spread of this virus. it's highly probable that we will have people in new york state who test positive. is the front door internationally. we have people traveling here from all across the world you
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see how it's spreading an effect in different countries. italy recently. that will continue. i think it's highly probable and no one should be surprised when we have positive cases in new york. operating paradigm was always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. we have done that all across the board and it has held us in good stead. we are coordinating all the relevant agencies from the state. department of health, emergency management. port authority is here that runs the airports. working with the hospitals all across the state and ken rathke has been a great partner in that. we are also incorporating lessons we've learned. this is not the first time we've gone through a situation like this. remember we had the situation with ebola at one point.
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and weused great concern went through that situation. we went through sars. ,e went through the zika virus the h1n1 virus. legionnaires' disease. we had to deal with. so we have gone through a number of public health emergencies that we had dealt with. and each one seems new and unique. but we've handled situations like this in the past and we are handling this one also. some specific actions we are going to take. we will be sending an emergency supplemental appropriations bill up next week to the legislature. additional $40 million as an emergency supplemental appropriation. watching new york governor andrew cuomo addressing
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the public health issue around coronavirus in that state. we are continuing to watch the growing number of potential coronavirus cases in the u.s. a day after the cdc warned that america should be prepared. that function live go on your screen will give you coverage if you want to stay with that press conference. we are watching market reaction to all of this. this is bloomberg. ♪
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amanda: this is bloomberg markets. i'm amanda lang in toronto. shery: i'm shery ahn in new york. the end of an era at disney. bob iger abruptly stepping down. >> it's a great time to begin this transition. i was going to be leaving the company and leaving my role in the end of 2021. so the board has been engaged in a process for quite some time of
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considering who best to succeed me. in bob shea for we have someone who not only knows the company well having run our important businesses including parts -- parks and resorts, we can't think of a better candidate to take over the country at this time. recentlyof why now, we completed the acquisition of 21st century fox and have been engaged in assimilating those businesses. brand-newployed a strategy with espn plus and disney plus and given the fact that our asset base and new strategy is in place, my next priority was making sure that our creative pipeline was as vibrant and rich as possible. it's as much a thing at the company particularly given the new strategy. in order for me to concentrate on those creative pursuits i needed to turn over the reins to bob so that they could
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essentially run the company day-to-day and free me up to do what i think should be the priority at this point. shery: that was bob iger. time for a look at the biggest stories in the news right now. new home sales in the u.s. rose last month to the highest level since mid-2007. they were up 7.9% to an annual pace of 764,000. the median sales price rose 14% from a year ago. in hong kong, parents who send their kids to private schools now want refunds. school-aged children are expected to miss about 13 weeks of classes due to government mandated shutdowns force because of medical protests. now tuition at some hong kong schools can run upwards of $20,000 a year. walmart is exploring the sale of a stake in a u.k. grocery business. the chain has attracted interest
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from private equity firms. last year's regulars blocked walmart's plan to combine assets with arrival. market missedng sales estimates. ceo marvin ellison has plenty of work to do. divisions, off closed underperforming stores and revamped operations. that's your business flash update. marketsback into the because we have seen markets turn. the s&p 500 looks like it's turning a little negative. we do have a public health press conference announcement from andrew cuomo. somean see we had seen positive action here. the s&p certainly on this day was moving higher. this press conference continues. a reminder that the function on your terminal is live go.
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the cdc warned americans should be ready for the presence of coronavirus on their shores. we are seeing businesses continued to express concerned about their outlook. we have pockets of strength in the u.s. housing market that may bode well for parts of the economy. all the charts, on the network can be found with the function g tv . live go is the function to check in on that news conference. from toronto and new york, this is bloomberg. ♪
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mark: i am mark crumpton with "first word" news. a 15th case of coronavirus has been confirmed in the united states. health and human services
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secretary alex azar says he was just informed of the latest case. he was speaking at a congressional hearing and did not provide any details. president trump will hold a news conference on the outbreak at 6:00 p.m. new york time. you can see that live right here on bloomberg television. congress is moving to overhaul surveillance powers for the first time in years. a house committee open a debate on the foreign intelligence surveillance act. president trump says the law was misused during the investigation of russian election interference. the palestinian prime minister urged the european union to impose sanctions on israel if it proceeds with plans to annex the west bank. he made the comments at a u.n. geneva press association meeting on the sidelines of his visit to a heat human rights council session attended by many foreign ministers since it began on monday. >> discussed also the reaction by the internation


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